13 March 2014

Interviewed by Fred

Our good pal Fred, the Bichon King invited me and Teka to be the PREMIER interviewees in his new project on his blog.

He asked us some pretty hard questions!  We did our best to answer the questions and fill in a bit of a background.   So, if you want to know how and when I started blogging, why I call Teka my nemesis, and where our name for the human female person who brings food (muzzer) came from, head right over to Fred's Blog and you can find out the answers to these and other most important questions!

That's http://bichonking.blogspot.com/ in case you missed the last two links!

Let's all support Fred in this effort.  Remember he has a lot of females depending on him!


08 March 2014

Update, Miscellaneous and TNT

 OK Furpals.
When last you saw this Dog Bed it 
was occupied by "you know who."
 I have since claimed it as my own, 
on a part time basis
and find it most comfortable. 
Highly recommend.
 And this is a redbud tree (we think) just
a bit down the street from us.
That, and the return of our special sunbeam
makes me feel better about the 
possibility of spring happening
sometime this year.

Gussie out.