30 April 2007


I, Gussie, would like to share some wisdom with all of you who read my blog.

Never, ever, ever promise to list a some one (or a some dog) on your blog while you are attending a wine and cheese pawty!

That said, I actually tied muzzer to her chair today and MADE her link to all the doggie bloggers that I REMEMBER promising to link to over the two day Pawty (my dog, where did all that time go?)

However, I am a bit fuzzy about some promises. So, if I promised to link to you, and muzzer did not do so, it is clearly her fault! Send me your blog url as a reminder, please.

And, if you never talked to me and never heard of me and your blog is linked to mine, that also is an error on muzzer's part. Send me a note and I will get her to fix it.

Note: above offer valid only to DWB members. Blogs displayed do not represent the beliefs or opinions of this Terrier, his humans, or his nemesis Teka.

Also, it is probably best not to let your nemesis eavesdrop on your pawty conversations. Teka now knows that many of the DWB members brothers and sisters also have THEIR own blogs, and she is lobbying for one of her own in a pretty obnoxious way.

Hope those who joined us at the Pawty had a great time too, and thanks once again to the instigators and facilitators.

29 April 2007

Yappy Anniversary DWB!`

From their desk-tops and their lap-tops
Some for hours at a time
Came my blog pals and blog pal-ettes
and Miss Snickers leibchen mein!

There was Buster and cute Janie
There was Bogart and Sunshade
Asta over, Asta under
It was such a fine parade

I saw Joey and his Tanner
Mistress Maggie, Master Butch
Of Course FuFu, Snowball, BooBoo
Lots of doggies, not too much!

Over miles and Across Time Zones
All enjoying wine and cheese
Til their Humans Said "Now Doggies
May we use the 'puters, please?"

Pappy's Fella from his Cella
Others from their homes up high
Used their noses and their toes-es
To greet friends from far and nigh

Raise your Glasses high in Tribute
To this bestest group of Dogs
For no matter what their breed is
They belong to Dogs with Blogs

Doggies come from far Australia
Marvin came from Scotland, too
Joining doggies from Maylasia
Singapore and ASU

Now our time is almost over
And our chat room soon will close
But we're joined by our vocations
and devotion to our prose

Thank you Opy, Thank you Brook Lee
Thank you Greg and Gruffpuppy!
Thanks to all who came together
See you all again real soon

Thanks to all whose names I couldn't
Fit into this little tune
I will work on doing better
On my rhyming skills real soon

Now so-long to all you blog pals
And to all my lovely gals
And to all you patient humans
Who can teach the dogs this tune

"Darlin' Clementine" American folk tune

Celebrate the Anniversary of

26 April 2007

In Honor of Bobbie "Boris"Pickett

I read on Yahoo that Bobby Pickett died today, and so I wrote my dad, who e-mailed back to tell me that it is also Duane Eddy's 69th birthday. I offer this humble effort to Mr. Pickett. I'm workin on the Duane Eddy thing!

I was sleeping on the couch late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For Teka from the couch began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise

She did the dash She did the terrier dash
The terrier dash It was a backyard smash
She did the dash It caught on in a flash
She did the dash She did the terrier dash

From my kitchen near the big garage
To the master bedroom where the humans sleep
The terriers all came from their doggy blogs
To get a their turn with Miss Snickers to jog

They did the dash They did the terrier dash
The terrier dash It was a back yard smash
They did the dash It caught on in a flash
They did the dash They did the terrier dash

The doggies all were having fun
The party it had just begun
The guests included Fu Fu
And Buster and Janie had come

The scene was rockin', all were digging the sounds
Tanner on chains, backed by his Whattsssup Hounds
The back door -bangers were about to arrive
With their vocal group, "The Fast Frisbee Five"

They played the dash They played the terrier dash
The terrier dash It was a back yard smash
They played the dash It caught on in a flash
They played the dash They played the terrier dash

Out from his crate Axel’s voice did ring
Seems he was troubled by just one thing
He opened the gate and shook his fist
And said, "Whatever happened to my Pennsylvania twist?"

It's now the dash It's now the terrier dash
The terrier dash And it's a back yard smash
It's now the dash It's caught on in a flash
It's now the dash It's now the terrier dash

Now everything's cool, Axel’s part of the band
And my terrier dash is the hit of the land
For you, the humans, this dash was meant too
When you get to my door, tell them Gussie sent you

Then you can dash Then you can terrier dash
The terrier dash And do my back yard smash
Then you can dash You'll catch on in a flash
Then you can dash Then you can terrier dash

25 April 2007

Help me, Muzzer

Well, since muz-zer left town
I've been out doin' in my head
I don’t run much in the yard
And in the morning I just lay in bed
/ G - / C - G - - - / :

Well, muzzer, you look so fine
And I know it wouldn't take much time
For you to help me muzzer
Help me get some stuff in my blog
/ Em - / C A7 / G C / G - /
Help me, muzzzer, help, help me muzzer (6x)
Help me, muzzer, yeah, get some stuff in my blog
/ D - / G - / 1st, 2nd / C - / Em - / C D G - /

She was gonna type it out
And I was gonna help her make I rhyme
Come on, muzzer
But she let a business trip
Come between us, and we ran out of time
Come on, muzzer

Well, Muzzer I’m just a wire
I’m not gonna set the world on fire
But I need your help muzzer
Help me get stuff into my blog
{Refrain }
We’ve been busy doing lots of stuff
But without no fingers it is tough
You gotta help me muzzer
Help me get stuff into my blog
I know that Teka gets you up
Yeah, She wakes you up much too soon
We go for walkies very early
By the light of the silvery moon
But bein’ tired’s no excuse
My pup paws are just no use
You gotta help me muzzer
Help me get stuff into my blog…..
Refrain 2x

19 April 2007

Gonna have a Pawty!

It looks like all my dog bloggy friends are going to have an Anniversary party. Miss Sunshade is, of course, coordinating all the arrangements. We understand that FuFu the hamsterrier will be providing transportation. But, for those of us who have responsibilities on the home front, there will also be a "virtual" wine and cheese pawty.
So as soon as I found out about this, I went to the "liquor cabinet" in our house to see if me 'n Teka would be needing to lay in some supplies! Well, as I suspected there is a severe paucity of supplies in this house. My muzzer and dad are not well known for their party mentality! Occasional wine and toasted cheese sandwiches are more their style.
After much consideration, I decided that I would need to have Teka's help with this project, so I invited her to join me in my research.
We searched that cabinet thoroughly! We found some surprising things. One large container of Kool-aid. Must be left over from when E.Beth was taking care of the house last year. One chafing dish, marked "wedding gift, 1971, Uncle Eddie" which has probably not been out of the box since. A bottle of wine that is as old as E.Rabbit! Tonic water, Strawberry flavoring, but not much else.
So, we are planning a stealth shopping trip to the nearest wine shoppe. I hope they have a good selection of Ripple.

Teka says that this is what she will look like when the party is over.

Happy Anniversary Dogs With Blogs.


15 April 2007

AM ramblings

Me and Teka set out this morning for walkies

Along the way, we passed this really pretty park

Then we got to the ASU campus, and saw my favorite reflecting pool.

This was the first time Teka saw it, so she was pretty interested.
Here is a sculpture that is near one of the buildings on campus

And the big, ugly glass building in the background is where Dad has one of his offices.

This is the back side of the art museum on the campus.

This is the music building. Even very early in the morning, you can hear students practice

And this is Grady Gammage Theatre. Muzzer says it was designed by someone famous. Frank Floyd Blight or something like that. Me and Teka think it looks like a big pink cupcake. Yummy.

Then we walked to the bagel place, where dad was waiting! I think I am not in so much trouble any more.



14 April 2007

Uh Oh

I am in big trouble.

My muzzer is mad at me because I posted those pictures of her in her ratty sweatshirt.

I cannot seem to get her happy with me again.

I've even used the fox terrier smile, which heretofore has worked marvelously.

I think I am going to have to be good for a long, long time to get past this one.

I will keep you posted.

til then
contritely yours

13 April 2007

Gussie's Greatest Gripes

Good Morning Friends:
First, I must apologize for my delay in blogging. I have no excuse, except my lack of thumbs. Muzzer, you see, has been "busy."
She has been to busy to help me blog. She has been too busy to help me check pee-mail. She has been too busy to take pictures. She has been too busy to help me visit my beautiful Miss Snickers on her blog.
She goes to work and she comes home to sit at the computer.
So, this morning, I kidnapped her camera.
With Teka's able assistance, I took these pictures of her on the computer.
I am posting them for all to see.
Her hair is not combed. She has on an old sweatshirt with a funny bear on the front. She has her tea cup on the compter desk.
So I asked her what she is doing.

She says she is looking for a place for Muzzer and Dad and Gussie to spend some time this summer.

What? No Teka! OK Muzzer! You go.....

So, I must ask, "Ummm where is this place, and how will we get there?"

Muzzer says she has not found it yet, but she is looking for a place in a city with lots of places for Gussie to walk and lots of shops for muzzer to find. There must be parks nearby. There must be busses to ride, maybe even trains. There must be a biiiiigggg university place for Dad to go to the library. There must be St. Louis Cardinals games. And most important, there must be a place that will let Gussie stay too!

Do you know what that sounds like to me?

That sounds like St. Loulis! One of my favoritest places!

Now....maybe I can forgive her. Do you know where St. Loulis is? It is very close to Butchy and Miss Snickers. It is very close to my Aunt Marie and Uncle Ray. It is closer to E.Rabbit than Azrizona is, so maybe she will come to visit. It is close to my friends Steve and Sue, who let me stay with them in their hotel room when muzzer and Dad disappeared down the hall.

Maybe I can visit Re-re and Unca Ray. Maybe I can visit Miss Gracie, who lives with Steve and Sue. Maybe I can even visit Butchy and Miss Snickers!

Woooooooo-hooooo! Muzzer is my bestest friend. She can use my laptop any time she wants to. I will sneak in and keep you posted.

much loves


08 April 2007


Greetings Friends of Gus!
It is I! Teka!
The last time you saw me - I was wearing
the Dreaded Cone of Silence!
Evil Gussie convinced Muzzer to make me wear it for
10 Days!
I wil make him pay dearly for his transgressions.


04 April 2007

My Muzzer's Back!

My muzzer's back and she's really in trouble
(Hey-la-day-la my muzzer's back)
She sees me comin' and I get treats on the double
(Hey-la-day-la my muzzer's back)
She left me here alone and she went to St. Louis
(Hey-la-day-la my muzzer's back)
She's gotta make up for puttin' me through this
(Hey-la-day-la my muzzer's back)
(Hey, she went to see Aunt Re-re)
(And she didn't take me-me)
She was gone for such a long time
(Hey-la-day-la my muzzer's back)
Now she's back and things'll be fine
(Hey-la-day-la my muzzer's back)
She's gonna be sorry she was ever gone
(Hey-la-day-la my muzzer's back)
'Cause I am big and Teka is strong
(Hey-la-day-la my muzzer's back)
(Hey she knows I wasn't eatin'!)
(Now she's cookin' and she's beatin')
What made her think she'd get by with leavin home?
(Wah-ooo, wah-ooo)
I'm a big dog now and she really shouldn't roam
(Wah-ooo, Wah-hoo
My muzzer's back she's gonna take me lots of places
(Hey-la-day-la my muzzer's back)
At PetSmart and PetCo they're gonna know our faces
(Hey-la, hey-la, my boyfriend's back)
Yeah, my muzzer's back
(La-day-la, my muzzer's back)
Look out now, yeah, my muzzer is back
(La-day-la, my muzzer's back)