15 October 2012

Better than we thought

It started out raining and dreary

And me and Teka thought we might be spending the day 
cooped up in the car or in the room
But the humans got moving.  
And I made sure Muzzer did not drown in the
shower thingy.
Then I led my pack on another great 
Today we went to Woods Creek Park
and had a great time, despite a bit of drizzle.

This trail is 2 miles long, and winds
behind VMI and Washington and Lee Unversity
and then you can cross at this pretty spot
And go back along the opposite side. 
Whew...we were pretty tired.
But Teka still had enought energy to play

'Night all
Gussie n Teka

14 October 2012

Walkin', yes indeed

Me and Teka are Walkin' in Lexington, VA.
 On the beautiful campus of Washington and Lee University
Dad and Teka Take the Lead 
 Teka the Intrepid takes a dip in the creek.
It was too cold, so I took a pass.

We have had a wonderful day.
Wish y'all could be with us.

More tomorrow.

Gus n Teka

13 October 2012


 All y'all know that my Dad is a big fan
of the St. Louis Cardinals.

But did you know that my sissie E.Rabbit is too?
(So is E.Beth, but she is not as Rabid as the Rabbit)

As you can see above...he began indoctrinating
E.Rabbit very early.  That picture was taken at 
a game in St. Loulis in 1982.  
Muzzer was prolly at the concession stand at the time,
or maybe she just skipped the game.)


Here they are looking pretty happy at 
the game last night, where the STL Cardinals
beat the Washington Redskins in Dee See.  

They may have been the only happy folk in the

Dad sounded a bit sleepy this morning when he
called us, but we know he is still a happy camper.

Gussie n Teka
wearing their Cardinals collars for a few more weeks, anyway