25 March 2012

Tactical Error!

So, yesterday in a last ditch effort to send snow
to Khyra Khountry before Easter
the muzzer put all her winter stuff away
in boxes in the attic. And the boots went into boxes
until next year, and the gloves and scarves and
wooly hats went into boxes too, and they all went
upstairs to the attic closets.
And she brought down all of her
fashionable summer frocks
(see above)
and her shoes and sandals
and even her summer jammies.

So far it seems to be working.
Our overnight low is s'posed to
be right around freezing and we
surely have enough moisture to
send along with it.

Sigh. Good thing she kept
out her Bean Boots.

Miss Teka Toy

10 March 2012

Our trip to Virginia Beach

Teka and I had a great time at the beach! Here is a Smilebox we want to share with you:

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We hope you had a good weekend too!

Gus and Teka

08 March 2012


Tomorrow we are going to this Boardwalk
It is in Virginia Beach. Dad says it will take
about two and a half hours to get there.

Assuming Muzzer does not see anyplace she
wants to shop or look for antiques.

We are staying at a HO-Tell
Gussie says it had best have room service.

Thanks to our pals who told us about how many
towels to bring. Muzzer now has a stack of ten in the
back of the car! Does this mean we are going to have
2.5 baths every day that we are there?

We have packed our food, our treats, our bowls
our binkies, our jackets, our favorite toys
our treats (Gussie is in charge of this) and
our pillows for the car.

Muzzer has packed tweezers for pulling out
stickers and burrs, her Nook, her camera
and an extra set of jeans.

Dad is taking papers to grade.

Doesn't this sound like a fun time
will be had by all?

Ask our human sissies who
opted out of family vacations
about as soon as they could talk.
The Griswolds have nothing on us.

We will post pictures if the muzzer can
remember how that is done.

But we are only taking the Nook, so
pictures will have to wait until we get home.

respectfully submitted
Teka Toy Dagger