28 January 2011

Please Vote!

The Animal Rescue Site

My Pals the Bumpass Hounds are asking again for your help in their efforts to help the Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue in West Virginia.

Please click on the icon to the left, and after you have donated to the food for animals in shelters, click on the link at the top of the page to vote in the shelter challenge. (It sats :"Vote Here" or something like that)

When you click on that button, you will need to enter your favorite shelter. Of course, the Bumpasses and thier kittehs want your vote for AHGRR which is in some place called Capon Bridge West Virginia. And we would appreciate your vote for them too, because we know they need the prizes this contest offers.

So, at least this first time, vote for them. And then you will have to identify a picture of an animal for your vote to count.

And this is where it gets a bit tricky. They have some nice animal pictures. But they want REALLY SIMPLE answers. For example...a picture of a DOG is just that. DOG. Not, German Shepherd, or Wire Fox Terrier or...well, you get it, right? So also, a picture of a CAT is not to be called a kitteh or evil personified.

We think with your help we may be able to bump that Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue place back up to first place in West Virginia.

And if you have any questions, call the Bumpass hounds. They have a phone room all set up and they are on rotating shifts, 4 dogs at a time, plus Boru the Cat takes a shift and he will tell a joke if you get him on the phone.

Thank you

Gussie n Teka

26 January 2011

Mackie is HOME!

Mackie got to go HOME today!
His mom and dad picked him up after 4:00 this afternoon EST
and except for a zipper, a cone, and special instructions on
diet and activity, things are back to "normal' at his house.


Here is a picture of his zipper.

Man...that looks uncomfortable.

Everyone can now uncross one ( 1, uno) paw
The rest can remain crossed for the time being.


25 January 2011

reporting on my brother Mackie

Mackie had a visit with his Mom and Dad this morning. He walked out to see them!

This is good news, though his Mom says he looks like he has a zipper now from his chest to his belly button!

Tomorrow they will find out when he can go home.

I hope he does not eat any more socks.


24 January 2011

mackie update

1:53 pm

Mackie's Mom just posted this:

Just got the call that Mackie is out of surgery! The doctor said he is doing okay. His intestine was a bit more comprimised than he had hoped, but he pulled out a baby sock from him so i can put the fear of a mass or tumor aside. The doc said he did release a lot of gas and fluid from his belly, some of which came out of his mouth--he was intebated but there is a risk of pneumonia because of it and of course the regualr infection risk, but he did well in surgery and is in recovery now!
Melissa with Mackie, Finnegan and Ollie

our earlier post.
Mackie's Mom said that he is in surgery for a bowel obstruction which was discovered during a barium scan. Keep those Paws crossed please!

23 January 2011

Paws Crossed for Mackie please?

My brother from another mother Mackie is not feeling well, and is spending the night at the vet's place.

He ate the foot from a stuffie, and has not been feeling well since that time. His Mom and Dad took him to the VET and they have not found anything on the x-ray machine thingy.

He was one of my first friends in blogland and I am very worried about him.

Please cross paws for him and his pawrents and family that he is much better tomorrow and can come home soon.

Thank you
Gus Dagger W.ft.

note from the Muzzer: As far as we know, Mackie and Gussie are not really related, but Mackie's Mom and I think they look a lot alike, and they are also close to the same size. Mackie is just ten years old, so we hope this is not serious, even if it is scarey.

20 January 2011

Greetings, Doggies of the Internet

It is I again, Eartha Kitteh.

I have been living with this lady E. Rabbit for about five months now, and even if she thinks this dog named Gus is my uncle, and even though she has some weird habits like making me poop in a box and then taking my poop out of the box and putting it in little bags and then putting the bags in the trash, it is a pretty good set up.

So recently she had a three day weekend. I am not entirely fond of three day weekends because they cut into my alone time. I mean, it is nice to have her around and all, but I am used to having eight or more hours a day to myself. Also, we do not always have compatible ideas about how to spend the time. She thinks four a.m. is for sleeping and four p.m. is for playing; I happen to think the reverse is true.

But we did manage to find a few times we could agree were good for playing, and when we did, she taught me a game called "Fetch." Perhaps you dogs have heard of this game? One player throws a thing and the other runs to get it and brings it back.

I have to say, I am much better at this game than she is. When she throws one of my toys across the room or to the other side of thee couch, I run and get it and bring it back right away. But when I throw one of my toys under the couch or under the dresser, sometimes it takes her DAYS to fetch it, even though I tell her "fetch! FETCH!" with both verbal and telepathic commands. And sometimes she uses a broom handle to fetch them out with, which I consider cheating.

But anyway, she told a friend of hers that I could play fetch. And that friend said "hahahaha that's silly. Only dogs can play fetch."


Is she KIDDING? Does she really think there are things dogs can do that I, Eartha Kitteh, cannot?

Let's go to the tape:

See? There is your proof, world and doggies and people. I, Eartha Kitteh, am a CHAMPION of fetch.

My new goal is to learn more things that people think only dogs can do. I can already fetch and chase my own tail. Soon I will have all the skills that dogs have, and then I will be able to take over the world improve dog/kitteh relations for generations to come.

I have the assistance of a most trusted advisor.

18 January 2011


I know all y'all have met my muzzer.

And I am pretty sure that I have been most open and forthcoming about her quirks and oddities.

Like....she reads a lot.

And....she eats a lot.

And....she is short.

And...she is a sucker for the sweet puppy look I give her.

But we have had so many people ask why we have been absent from our blog, and others who have politely inquired to see if everything is OK, so I thought I should tell you what is going on around here.


Except, as part of "settling in" to our home in Virginnyah, we have all had to find new Dogtors.

Me and Teka have a new Dogtor. He is just about 8 blocks from our house, and I like him fine, even if he does do unspeakable things to my rear end.
And Muzzer and Dad have a new Dogtor too.

They seem to like him a lot, and he has changed some of Muzzer's meddy cations - and he also told her that her thyroid is not acting the way it
should, and he suggested that it might be that she caught it from me!

I am not sure I like him much at all!

Anyway...for all the time I have known her, muzzer has been a big fan of PEPSI! In fact, she is kind of addicted. Ya know.

But the Dogtor also told her that if she wants to lose some pounds, she might need to give
up the Pepsi Real and switch to a di ette soda.

So muzzer thought about all
the people she knows who drink the di ette stuff, and she remembered that Mumsie and a few others drink this Coke Zero stuff.

And so she has switched! And I don't like it.

She is crabby, she is short tempered, and she says I smell!

Plus, she has "too much to do" and never can help me with my blogging.

So, I am asking all my friends if they think this stuff could be affecting her "mentals", as Mango calls them. I think I must hide all her supply until I can research this a bit more.

Because while I am accustomed to her being short tempered and crabby, this is the first time she has mentioned that she thinks I smell.

Not a happy doggie


06 January 2011

Happy Epiphany - and we promise, this is the last one this season!

We Three Terriers from da' Burgh
Came to find the ultimate curb
New Yawk, Boston, even Lunnon
Concrete is all we seek.

Curb of yellow
Curb of white
Curb that looks so sharp and white
Some Misleading, Others reading
"Doggies do not stop here!"

Finally to Mayemphis we came
Found a curb worthy of its name
Right by Graceland
Near the pop-stand
Wonderous sight to see...

Curb of yellow
Curb of white
Curb that looks so sharp and white
Some Misleading, Others reading
"Doggies do not stop here!"

Lacey found some Elvis Perfume
Stanley got a funny cartoon
But poor Scruffy, just a Stuffy
All got some barbeque

Curb of yellow
Curb of white
Curb that looks so sharp and white
Some Misleading, Others reading
"Doggies do not stop here!"

Where then is this curb of renown?
Memphis is a fairly big town
It's in Midtown, near the Downtown
Right there at Gussie's door.

Curb of yellow
Curb of white
Curb that looks so sharp and white
Some Misleading, Others reading
"Doggies do not stop here!"

Five tired terriers sleeping in bed
Three at the bottom, two at the head
Where is Muzzer, Where is Fazzer
They're in the living room

Curb of yellow
Curb of white
Curb that looks so sharp and white
Some Misleading, Others reading
"Doggies do not stop here!"

Eat some breakfast
Head for home
Mumsie called here on the phone.
"Send them back here, Gussie you hear?"
Never the more to roam.

Curb of yellow
Curb of white
Curb that looks so sharp and white
Some Misleading, Others reading
"Doggies do not stop here!"

01 January 2011

Posting from Lunnon

We have been having a wonderful time in London!

Eric Square is the consumate host!

He even found a sale for the girls to visit this morning!

Here you see the ever-lovely basset ladies and Teka in line to enter Harvey Nichols - ready for the big sale.

Ummmmm ......yes, that is Lacie at the front of the line. She wanted to be first to get to some of the sale items, and she dressed to be able to try things on quickly. The bloomers you ask? Seems Mumsie has been kee
ping her in knickers since the last "incident" and she finds them quite comfortable.

Bouncing Bertie came down from Scotland for the day and tipped a few pints at the "Green Man" which is close enough to the shopping district so the ladies could find us, but far enough aw
ay that we did not have to offer opinions.

Like my kilt? When muzzer saw it, she thought it might be one of my Dad's family plaids. But my sissie "she who knows all" tells us that it is not th
e Davidson tartan, because it has no red. I like it anyway...and it was on sale!

Muzzer asked me to make a sentimental visit to this address for her. She goes every time she is in Lunnon, even though
Marks and Co. is no longer in business. She loved the book when she was an "itty bitty" and allows as how the movie of the same name was a "reasonable effort" to capture the spirit of the story.

We will have more to report later, but right now I need to go help Butcho figure out how to get all the packages on the plane.

a busy day, in London towne

Just wanted to fill you in on what
we are doing today!

We are meeting Eric the Square at
Sloane's Square, in the center of London.

Beautiful fountains, colorful people, a great
pub called "The Green Man" where Eric and I will
tip a few pints with our pals, and perhaps
play a quick game of darts.

Meanwhile, the ladies on the trip are going to:

Where I am sure they will set new trends
and make serious inroads on their
plastic cards.
We will join them for a quick trip to the
pet area of Harrod's, which muzzer assures
me I will enjoy. Do not, however, expect to see
me in that silly green coat.

Unless Miss Asta requests it, of course.
Pawsonally, I am saving my plastic points for
The Cheese Aisle
which is my very most favoritest place in Lunnon.

I guess it is a good thing we are flying back in an
open aire plane, because some of those cheeses
are pretty stinky. Especially my favorite Stiltons.


Gussie out.

Annnnnnd We're Off

So, after not too very much sleep at our slumber pawty last night, we are heading across the big pee to meet up with Eric the Square in Lunnon....and it will be pubs, pawty and shopping until it is time to head back home.