26 June 2010

We interrupt this move......

A package came yestiday from my Pal PETEY! He and his Mom sent it because we won a contest they had on the blog a bit ago. We did not confess to them that we must've done our entry in the morning time, because our brain was so foggied we didn't remember what we said!

But...the package go here, and muzzer took a picture of it.
And then me and Teka gave it a very good sniffy. And I tried to make off with it, because even if muzzer didn't remember the entry, I did! And I knew Teka did not help.

There were lots of great stuffs in the envelope, and everything travelled very well - no broken cookies or nuffin.
My favorite was the rubbery Alley Gator . His picture did not turn out well at all, and Teka killed him pretty much on contact. But he was a handsome fellow, and in other circumstances, I would have enjoyed getting to know him.

There were also these neat magnets to put on the refridgerator - which is very good, because we have a new refridgerator waiting for us in VirgineeeYah, and these will look cool. We are saving them, because our refridgerator here has woody doors, and things don't stick too good.

And then there was this Card, which you can bigify to read if you are blind as an older bat like Muzzer. Who says, by the way, that she meets all those criteria! Hah. Trained that one good didn't I?
On a more sober note, we are asking y'all to bring on the power of the paw for my Dad, who is having surgery done this Tuesday on his Her Knee Yah. We know this is an easy surgery, as they go. We need to power of the paw to make sure that Muzzer doesn't kill him for waiting this long to get it fixed. OK? Thank you

24 June 2010

Packing - Day 8 or T - 22

Hi all Y'all!

Gussie here! Talkin' about the big MOVE coming soon to a home near US!

Hello Everybloggie...It is I, Teka Toy!
I am helping with the move too, so I got my picture on this bloggie! HaHA!

Me and Gussie have been busy helping muzzer pack! We have been most organized in our approach. Here is what we do:

Muzzer puts the box together with tape.

Me and Gussie examine and sniff the box carefully.

If necessary, one of us gets into the box for additional inspections.

Then we allow muzzer to begin putting items in the boxes.
Sometimes she wraps them in papers or that great bubble stuff.
If that happens, we investigate the item carefully, because we do not want her to smuggle food out of our house in these strange wrappings.

This of course, requires that we enter the box and perhaps tip it over in our effort at quality control.

We also do not like it when she packs our pillows from the couch, our throws or our stuffies.

When she does this, we take one item out of the box for every three she puts in.

This results in much shouting, and what passes for HOB language around our house. (Muzzer does not know too many HOB words, and what she does know are mostly Italian and Spanish. We really aren't learning much here.)

Sometimes she puts more papers in and we must help her remove a few. Then it is time for the TAPE! Dogs must be careful of the TAPE, because paws or furs could be stuck to packages! This results in yelpings and cursings.

Well, this is a picture of the boxes we have packed so far. There are 13 of them on the landing. There are another 19 downstairs in the basement. And at Dad's office, there are 34 boxes of books, with another set of 5 high 8 foot shelves and two filing cabinets to pack there.

Today they stopped and ordered more boxes. Muzzer says we are not half done yet.

The big question here is....Why do hoomans have so much STUFF?

Kisses to all
Gussie and Teka

20 June 2010

Father's Day

This is what me and Teka gave dad for Father's Day.
I think it may be older than muzzer!
It says
"When folks tell me I'm like you, Dad,
I almost burst with pride.
'Cause ever since I was a Pup
A Standing by your side
I've liked the way you faced the world
The things you say and do
And would be GLAD to be the CHIP
Off such a BLOCK -- as YOU!"

So Yappy Fadder's Day Dad!
We love ya.

17 June 2010

Packing - Day 1

Gussie here...reporting from the kitchen in Mayemphis!

Faced with the option of accompanying Dad to the office and helping him pack books, or staying home with Me n Teka and helping us pack up the kitchen, muzzer did the smart thing!

And the burning question of the day is:

If you have piles of silver stuff that haven't been used in two years ( at least!)

....and they have gotten badly tarnished in the meantime..............

Then should you polish them before you wrap them up to ship them.

Real World Response:

Just who are we kidding here...put it back in the bag and seal that box Gussie!

10 June 2010

Not MY Fault

Muzzer and her arm had a fight with the oven door yesterday.
It was not my fault.
It did not happen because I ran under the open oven door and push it up and into her arm.
Not Guilty.
Gussie Dagger wft

07 June 2010

A Poll

My sissie E.Rabbitt, the crazy knitter, thinks Teka needs a helmet like this one.
What do you guys think?
Leave a comment and let us know.
thank you

01 June 2010

With Thanks to E.Rabbit

For those of you who have asked for the recipe for the bisscotties...Here is most of what my sissie posted.

The recipe comes from the Rachel Ray feeds your pets site, and originally had carob chips in it, but E.Rabbit did not have carob chips on hand, so she modified the recipe to make. . . .George's Peanut Butter Pug-scotti

You will need: milk, whole wheat flour, chunky peanut butter, baking powder, and cinnamon. You start off by taking all the dry ingredients and combining them in a bowl.In another bowl, microwave about a cup of peanut butter for 5-10 seconds, just so it gets soft. Whisk in a cup of milk. This is going to take some doing -- the peanut butter was pretty stubborn, and didn't break down without a fight.

Then you add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients, and mix them together. You're probably going to have to get in there with your hands, and you're going to get dough under your fingernails. Don't eat it. I know it sounds like it's just flour and peanut butter, and it'll be fine, but it's completely unsweetened and pretty gag-worthy.

Take that ball of dough and shape it into a long, flat log. Yes, I know that making something into a long, flat log sounds horribly unappetizing. Sadly, that's pretty much the way every biscotti recipe describes it, and that's what it is. And then you bake it for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

Take it out, and then let it cool for 10 minutes. Then cut it into one inch slices on an angle, put them back on the baking sheet, and bake them for another 10-12 minutes.

Pop those suckers out and let them cool completely so your dog doesn't burn his or her tongue. And for god's sake, if you're going to try a piece yourself, don't do it now. Because if you do, twenty minutes later you'll find yourself thinking "maybe they're not so awful when they're scorching hot." But they are.

For humans, that is.