30 April 2008

Which Celebrity Am I?

Lots of my friends have been going to DOGSTER and taking this new Celebrity Quiz! You go through a whole bunch of questions, and it tells you which famous person you are.

This morning, Muzzer has washed her hair and is helping me blog while waiting for it to get the the point where she mooshes the smelly stuff into it. (it gets ugly around here sometimes, my friends!) So after we found out that Ruby Bleu is most like Madonna! we decided to go over to Dogster and check it out.
Well, I must admit I was surprised and pleased by the results! Dogster says I am most like Mr. Al Gore, a man I admire, who also lives in Tennessee!
Here is what Dogster had to say about me:
"Al Gore : Saving the World
Always the winner of the pawpular vote, Gus Dagger is Al Gore!
Green through and through, Gus Dagger is super-careful about how he marks his territory and goes out of his way to cover his tracks. Though Gus Dagger is a lover and not a fighter, he won't stray from your side when trouble flashes its ugly fangs. Not bothered by superfluous detail, Gus Dagger can be counted on to report back to you with the facts at hand, no matter how nasty they may be. Not one to rely on his top-notch genes and breeding, scratching and clawing his way to the top is Gus Dagger's modus pawperandi."
Thank you Dogster, for the wonderful comparison. And I would have been a lot more flattered if it hadn't been for the fact that I think it was my truthful answer to the fat farm question that tipped the score in Mr. Gore's favor. Otherwise, I am certain that I would have been George Clooney!
PS..TekaToy is Amy Winehouse! could you have guessed?

27 April 2008

Hidey Hidey Hidey Ho! Hidey - Hidey - Hidey Hee!
It's ME old friends - Mr. Gussie D.
Wally says I gotta learn to rap you see
I can rap about my muzzer, I can rap about my dad
I can rap about the bestest time that I ever had.

See I went this mornin to a doggie pawt- eeey
For the Ann- i- versary of DWB
And I saw my friends, some old, some new
In fact I think I mighta seen you.

And we talked about our hoomans
That wasn't so bad
Then we talked about some politics
And man, am I glad

That my vote's decided - For my Pawty I stand
I would vote for Snickers, anywhere in this land
I would vote for Butcho, and for Joey too
I would vote for every other doggy too.

Cause the hooman candidates, I don't understand
They have made their speeches all across the land
And they don't say nothin that is news to me
So I'm votin' the doggie pawty you see.

Then me and Teka we will both fade away
And you'll hear from us some other fine day
When we bark for justice, and we take our stand
And we'll throw good parties all across our land.

So watch for our caravan - and Teka and me
As we make our way east to Tennessee
You can get excited - but don't be afraid
Cause this is the firstest rap I ever made!

And I gotta tell you - I do not have a clue
How to end this thing - but I am all through
So the rap ends here - and the packing's at hand
I am helping Muzzer - I'm her sweet little man

22 April 2008

My Muzzer is in SUCH TROUBLE

OK, you all know I haven't been able to get muzzer to help on the blog. She is a real mess with this move. She promised yesterday that she would help me tonight. So, I had this list of questions my friends have been asking to answer, and I thought that would make an interesting blog.

What does she do this morning? She gets me all excited and we go to the car and I get in the back seat like a good doggie. And I figure, I have a command performance at the store, because it is Tuesday, and I work M-W-F!

Nope. You know where we went, right? We went to see my arch-enemy...THE VET!

Now..I just went to the vet before my adventure at the PetHotel. So I figured I was good for a year, and maybe by the time I was due, she would have forgotten about it. Nope.

FIRST they took my temperature. And after that humiliating experience, they checked my heart and took me off to get weighed.

The good news is that I have lost a whole two pounds since last year! Wowsers. All that deprivation. All that hunger. All those treats I missed. All those green beans I ate. TWO POUNDS! Yippee

The bad news, I am still "substantial" In fact. I am more substantial than Jackson. I weigh a wopping 14.5 kg. (see his note on my last blog for a comparison.) Now, I told muzzer that I am sure I am much taller than Jackson. But the Doc still says I need to lose some more.

I reminded muzzer that Miss Snickers has a Thyroid problem, and we are checking for that, again. Which meant the blood suckers got me at the vet office too. We are also getting me one additional walkie, all by myself, every day. This might not be so bad after all. But I am still angry at her, and I am plotting revenge on several levels

Well on to my list of questions.

The Pet Hotel was OK. The food was good, they make a mighty fine Kong, and I had a great time in the playroom. BUT. They keep the TV tuned to the Animal Planet all the time !!! No Travel Channel, no Discovery, no SciFi, and worst of all, no FOOD Channel! That is my most critical complaint.

For those who asked, the house thing is moving much more rapidly than muzzer expected.

Our house here sold in three days! We have had the inspection, the buyers have their loan approved, the bank said there is no need to appraise our house because we are not in a "declining market" and we have very minor repairs to make. One of those comes out of Teka's allowance. We close here on June 19th and the new folks will move in that day.

The house in Mayemphissss has accepted our bid, we have gotten our loan approval, and we are waiting to hear if the bank will want to appraise that house. We still need to get it inspected and see if there are any repairs. If all goes well we will be closing there on June 26th, and taking possession on the 27th.

So, that means that we will be trekking cross country during the week between the 19th and the 26th. So all of you doggies on our route had better watch out! I am lookin for a place to "lose" teka!

14 April 2008

My New House!

My Muzzer and Dad went to Memphis this weekend, and all I got was this stupid house!

Not only that, but Muzzer came home smelling of two strange dogs that live there!

pee-ess...many thanks to E.Rabbit, who edited the picture so some stuff was blocked, and to E.Beth, who has lovingly informed muzzer of the number of sex offenders in the new neighborhood.

09 April 2008

I Protest!

OK...We just barely got back from the festivities in New York, and climbed out of Air Ruby. Let me tell you pals, there is no party anywhere to match that one that Scruffy, Lacey and BabyStan orgaized for the big welcome home Asta/Happy Barkday Ruby Bleu days this week.

Anyway....I was layin on the floor just kind of chilling out, and I heard this awful rumor. Well, actually, I found it in a note that Butcho wrote!

It seems Muzzer and Dad are headed for Memphis this weekend. And they aren't takin' me along. And they aren't leavin' me and Teka with G-Pop either. NOOOOO.

Me and Teka are going to be boarded at the PetsHotel! Now, I am reserving judgement. It may be an OK kind of place. But .... just in case. Can you send me some suggestions about what I can do to get even with muzzer if I really hate this place?

Do you know, they don't even have computers for me to blog?

Now I ask you...what kind of place is this!

Despondent already

07 April 2008

Toasted Ravioli

Folks have asked about Toasted Ravioli. Here is a picture for a basic idea. I asked muzzer to tell how to make them, in case doggies like them so much they want to make them at home.

So: Muzzer says

Make your pasta dough the same way you do for lasagna. If you don't usually use egg in your pasta dough, think about adding an egg white, cause it makes the dough puff up bigger.

Put a clean sheet on the bed or dining room table. Roll out the biggest sheets you can on your machine, and line them up on the bed to dry. keep the dogs away.

Make your favorite meatball mix (chicken, veal, pork and beef here) do not add breadcrumbs, but egg is ok. run it through the grinder another couple of times, so it is really mushy. keep the dogs away.

If you don't eat meat, use a recipe for stuffing that includes spinach and cheese.

Precook this a bit (I am scared to death I will poison someone.

Check the pasta for dog hairs. Take half the pasta to your work area and lay out flat. Put 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoons of the meatball mix spaced evenly down the sheet(s) of pasta. Lay another sheet on top. Cut with Ravioli cutter you inherited from your great grandmother. (or one you bought at Sur le Table)

or Cut round circles of dough, or squares. Put meatball mix on 1/2 of the circle/square. Fold over and crimp edges with ravioli cutter or small tined fork.

Do this until all pasta is stuffed and crimped.

Freeze any you will not use immediately on a cookie sheet(s) in freezer. Store in plastic bags.

OR Buy the frozen ones, it is easier! The only one who can tell the difference is my husband.

Mix Egg and a little water. Pour a bowl of milk. Put a little flour in a small bowl. Make a bowl of breadcrumbs, cracker crumbs or Panko. (I just started using the Panko crumbs and I love it! Fusion cooking!) Line the bowls up so you have: Milk, Flour, Egg, Crumbs. Keep the dogs away.

Preheat your deep fryer or put More Oil than is Good For You in a large pan. The oil must be deep enough to come at least half way up the ravioli.

Dip the ravioli into the milk, then the flour, then the egg then the crumbs. Do this any way you want, use bags for the dry stuff if that works for you. (I end up with clumps in the bag, not much breading on the breadee.)

Put one layer of ravioli in your fryer basket, or in the oil in your pan. Keep breading. Tell someone to keep the dogs away.

The ravioli will puff up as they cook. In the fryer, they will float to the top. In the pan, you have to turn them. Tongs work. They should be a nice golden brown. Lay them on paper towelling or whatever you use to drain stuff that is bad for you but you love anyway. Tell whoever is keeping the dogs away that if he/she doesn't keep them out of the way, there won't be any samples. Cook them all. Hide the ones you are not serving immediately once they cool by putting them in plastic bags or (recommended) spreading them on cookie sheets and covering with foil. They are good for several days on the lower shelf of the fridge, or can be frozen and reheated in the oven.

Most places in St. Louis now serve these with Pasta sauce and grated cheese for dipping.
My favorite is to dip them in melted butter and then roll in the cheese. My husband calls this Heart Attack on a Fork. But they hardly ever make it to the fork. I also like them with a slightly warmed pesto sauce, with lots of garlic in the pesto.

Good luck...there is always someone willing to eat the leftovers.


04 April 2008

I can has bubble bath Plz?

My loving sister E.Rabbit has entered a photo of me N Teka to the i can has cheezburger? site. Here is her photo and caption:

And here is where you go to VOTE!

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.


03 April 2008

Shhhhhh! It's a Sooo-prise!

Shhhhh....please keep this a seecrud! See you all there. Bringing Toasted Ravioli and poker ships. Some Chianti, Some Lacrima Christi, a few Cannoli. Wearing my gondolier hat.


pee-ess...I know gondoliers are in Napoli, but that's where my muzzer's relatives live.

01 April 2008

Five things, by muzzer and gussie

Right before they left for Rome, my urbanista pal and her Mommi posted this tag. They said anyone could respond, so Muzzer and I are responding today, because she is still pretty busy with stuff other than blogging, and she hasn't taken a picture of me in a lonnnnng while!

Her answers are in RED, Mine are in Gussie Green!

Five things on my to-do list:---which one LOL
1. Continue de-cluttering the house
2. Get Gussie a Grooming Appt.
3. Check on Memphis homes - every Day!
4. Alternate plan B. in case the house sells FAST
5. IRON!

1. Get my stuffies ready to move to Memphis
2. Check the DWB list to see if there are other doggies in Tennessee
3. Help Dad with the painting
4. Encourage Teka to get a job
5. Help muzzer handle the stress.

Five Snacks I enjoy:
1. Olives
2. fresh crunchy bread
3. Dark Chocolate!
4. Vietnamese summer rolls

5. Nuts!

1. Sweet Potatoes
2. Frozen Green Beans
3.Bully Sticks
4. Kongs with Peanut Butter
5. Eggy Toast

Five Things I would you do if I was a Billionaire:
1. Keep the store in Arizona so my customers have it as a resource
2. Buy an even Bigger! house so we could have company all the time
3. get a lot more doggies, and help the ones I can't adopt
4. Endow a chair in an unpopular discipline.
5. Set up a center where doggies can meet and play, and parents can trade tips.

1. Make sure doggies have good homes, somehow.
2. Have a lot more pawties like the stooper bowl so I can see my friends
3. Buy Ruby a new plane so she can take more doggies on trips
4. Get muzzer a massage
5. Visit all my doggie friends

Five of my bad habits:---but there are so many!!!
1. Pepsi
2. seldom exercising
3. indiscriminate reading
4. procrastinating
5. Not blogging enough for Gussie

1. Too much barking and growling
2. Taking too much space on the big bed
3. Not always coming when I am called
4. Letting Teka have her way too often
5. Growing at other doggies on my walkies

We think lots of folks have done this already, so if you haven't and you want to, go ahead. Love and kissies

muzzer and gussie