30 June 2007

An early start on July!

Oh Beautiful! for roads that lead to lovely Santa Fe
And to the Oceans foaming waves where lucky doggies play!

America, America, A journey for us all
The open roads to forests fair
And cities that do call
In the home stretch to our road trip, Gus wanted to share some of his favorite places from last year, and thank you all for sharing his journey.

29 June 2007

Spa Update

Teka asked me to announce that she has installed a new water feature at her spa.
The first photo shows her hard at work on the sprinkler head, which is now MIA for the foreseeable future.
The second photo shows the water feature in action immediately after it was installed, and before muzzer disabled the system.
The fountain effect shoots up about 7 ft. into the air, and is deflected by the patio cover, which promotes a misting effect on the patio area. Unfortunately, the engineering was faulty, and when this feature is in operation, the rest of the system is virtually shut down and without water pressure. (including showers and toilets in the human dwelling.)
On a different front, muzzer has announced that she will be interviewing sprinkler repair people at any time, hoping to get this repaired before Dad gets home on Monday!

28 June 2007

I can't believe this

Jake and Just Harry (www. http://barkalotboyz.blogspot.com/ ) recommended that I consider offering "incentives" to doggies who are willing to vote for me on the DWB Awesome Blog Award Contest!

And you know....that didn't seem like such a bad idea, which was why I posted some stuff about food in St. Louis last night. Sort of a subliminal "incentive" you might say.

And then today, they noted that I am still trailing. They said "hey Gussie, the Toasted Ravioli sounded good, but maybe you should offer White Castle as an added treat!"

And ya know...I really thought about it! Me, smarter than the average dog, Gus Dagger w.f.t., connoisseur of food and drink, bon vivant, man about town. I actually considered endorsing White Castle as a ploy to get more votes.

Now, first I have to 'splain some things to people who don't know much about St. Loulis. My parents have a "mixed marriage" by St. Loulis standards: different high schools, different religions, lots of different things about this couple! But most important....Muzzer likes White Castle and Dad likes Steak n Shake. My sister E.Rabbit and E.Beth, who know who signs the checks in this family, are both Steak n Shake people. Me, I have never tasted a White Castle because Dad goes ballistic when muzzer talks about getting me one! And I feel I must agree...those little patties are square, they have lots of holes in them before they cook, they smell like onions. I ask...is this a hamburger or what?

Say nothing about "mystery meat" my friends. If you didn't raise it or hunt it yourself, in today's world of food and drink...it is ALL mystery meat. There is just something about a square patty with holes that doesn't work for this terrier.

So, however much I would like to win this contest, and however deserving I might be...I will not compromise my family values. I will remain true to Steak n Shake...and close with this photo of a family heirloom. The Steak n Shake hat that my sister E. Rabbit got for me!

(yes, yes, muzzer tried to get me to put it on, but it seemed almost like a sacrilege!)

Apologies to Gomer and Opie

Little Asta in NY told me my link to Gomer and Opie isn't working.

While I work on it here is the url in plain old typing.


with apologies to everyone.

Help me...E.Rabbit!

27 June 2007

Happy Blogaversary Gomer and Opie!

So, today while I was supposed to be working, I was really surfing my blog buddies. And hoo boy Wally had this neat thing on his blog. It was about his pals Gomer and Opie's blog and what their mom is doing to celebrate their blogaversary.

Instead of going out and buying Gomer and Opie a lot of delicious treats, their mom has set up their blog so that you can click on a purple dot and feed hungry animals, and if you leave them a comment, she will make another donation, and because I am putting this link thingy in my blog (only took muzzer half an hour to do it right!) their dogmom will make another donation to a doggy rescue group of my choice! Isn't she wonderful? I'll bet she can even cook!

So please go visit them and read about their 10K dogathon, and tell them "Gussie sent me"
That isn't part of the donation scheme, but I think it is neat!

ps...they came from a shelter here in Azrizona before they moved to Minnesota, so I kinda feel we have a link.

A WEEK! Seven Days! Half a Fortnight!

OK, in just a little over 156 hours we will hop into the big white Gussiemobile (big only in relation to the green Gussiemobile, or the navy blue Gussiemobile) and point our noses EAST toward St.Loulis!

Oh my, I am so excited. See how excited I am?
No, really...St. Loulis is one of my flavorite places. There is Ted Drew's custard. There are Toasted Ravioli! There is marvelous thin crust pizza. Oh yes, and there is STEAK N SHAKE!
Muzzer will not let me pack yet. Even though I bring her my duffle bag at least twice times a day, she laughs and says "not yet, Gussie!"
When, woman, when?
I guess I can wait until my Dad comes home on Monday. He will understand the guy stuff about packin' and things. That is probably for the best. Teka would just pull stuff out and tear it to pieces anyway.
I have still managed to hide my stuffie that Asta NY sent me from Teka. hehehe. I am keeping it at the store! there is only one small hole in it, where the squeaker accidentally jumped out and committed squeakercide. And muzzer's friend Barb H. can fix him, she says.
I think it is only right that he be fixed. Since I am.
More tomorrow about my plans and travels.
I gotta make good on a promise to Wally in my next post!

26 June 2007

Blatant Self Promotion!

Hello all you doggie bloggers out there!

Did I happen to mention that Lisa and Dory nominated me for the awesome blog award on DWB?

Did I happen to mention that I would really appreciate your vote?

Did I happen to mention that the competition is very stiff, and I am in Third(!) place?

Did I happen to mention that I would like to win?

Well, I really would like to win, and I would appreciate any votes that come my way.

Here is the DWB Bone Zone Forum where you can go to cast your vote.

Remember, your vote is your voice, and vote early, vote often. ('cept you can't, cause DWB folks are very professional)

The competition is fierce with great blogs, so whoever wins will be very deserving.

Thank you for your confidence


25 June 2007

Some interesting stuff!

This is Tday-9 and counting.

See this neat little box thingy. Wally had one on his. He is rated "PG" or maybe even "PG 13" and I did my sissie E.Rabbit's and she got an "R" Don't know which posting they rated, cause some of them should be and "X!"
If you like it, you just have to click on the bar that says "click here" and they will rate your blog for you. It's kinda fun.

Online Dating

I'm making a list, checking it twice, Teka is naughty, Gussie is nice. Gussie dog is comin' to town. (had to slip that in there, plus it's a lead in to the next paragraph!)

Teka is naughty (today) because this morning on walkies, she tripped muzzer with the lead and took off running, leaving muzzer sprawled on the blacktop and me Gussie worrying about both of them. Other than a couple of bruises and contusions, some scrapes and a swollen knee, muzzer is fine just fine. However, she did make E.Beth come over and drive around the neighborhood to find Teka. All is well, Teka is back home and spending the day in the doghouse. I think she is lucky it isn't the crate!

Here's a picture of me, Gussie that shows just how happy I am today.

I am happy because Muzzer is feeling a bit better, because she was not really hurt today (she could've gotten run over...she was in the middle of the street saying BAAAD things about Teka!) and because it is Tday-9. The only bad thing about this was that we had to cancell my Groomer appt., and now I might have to go on my trip all fuzzy, cause there are no appointments left until after we leave town! OOOH, yucko.

But, muzzer will figure something out. I know it! Muzzers almost always do. They are bestest at that.

Here's a best wishes and lots of kissies to Butchy/Snickers' mom and Nanook and Pooka's mom. Neither of them felt good yesterday either. We hope they are all "gettin' better all the ti-i-ime!"

24 June 2007

Quiet Sunday

Hello doggies and friends. Gussie Here.
I must apologize for this short bloggie, but muzzer has not been feeling
well today at all, and so me 'n Teka have been taking care of her, and we
have not had time to even look at other blogs, or do much of anything exciting.

What we did do is watch muzzer carefully so she didn't try to do much. Here is Teka, who is on outside watch. She is maintaining a careful surveillance of our neighborhood, and she still has time to chew on "her" tire. She can multi task quite well, which is why she will soon be an executive with her own doggie spa.

And here is me, Gussie! I am sitting on muzzer, keeping her quiet. I must've done an OK job, cause she feels enough better to help me blog, and said that maybe later we can visit all of you on your blogs. She thinks she will be fine tomorrow, this is kind of behaving like some 24 hour bug.

23 June 2007

Important Announcement

Teka has announced that construction has begun on her newest doggie spa.Located in the beautiful Southwestern Desert, the spa will be enclosed in a spacious, fenced yard at the rear of a dwelling. Doggies can be assured of their complete privacy while they relax beneath the only remaining climber rose bush. Teka previously arranged for the demise of several others as part of her master plan for this area. Located near the stand of eight citrus trees, there is also a surviving stand of pampas grass, which provides a natural exfoliant for doggies to rub against or romp through, desert rosemary and sage to scent the air, and a stand of aloe in case of sunburn.
Initial construction required partial excavation of a sprinkler system and several modifications to that system allowing for the ongoing production of ample supplies of mud and grit. This new pool is large enough to accommodate the belly of a medium to large dog, or the entire body of a small (15 lb or less) dog. Two doggies may share this pool, but there must be informed mutual consent.
The smaller pool is still under construction. It is specifically designed for quick pedicures or facials, and is deep and large enough to submerge the snout and paws of a Labradane. Travis, who is Teka's inspiration for this pool, was not available for comment at this time, but is considering attending the Grand Opening, scheduled for mid-August of this year.
Full disclosure requires that Teka inform potential guests that she has not received approval or funding for this project from the humans who occupy the home. At present, this is the only "rinse off" facility available other than a galvanized outdoor tub. Teka hopes to continue negotiations for improved facilities, including an outdoor wading pool and use of the inside European showers and Jaccuzi. These negotiations are currently stalled, but will resume as soon as she is released from the crate.
Additional plans include a spa menu with home made frosty paws in several flavors, shell-it-yourself pecans, and dead birds and lizards when available. Teka is also considering offers from several venture capitalists to franchise this concept.

22 June 2007

And it is all about ME!

I was reading Maggie's blog and she has this neat game going and I thought it might be fun to play along.

1. Your age? 3.25 years old

2. Your age when came to live with your people? Not quite 2 years old.

3. What color is the collar you’re wearing right now? Red Leather with jingly dog tags

4. Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with? Oooooh, My sister E.Rabbit

5. How much do you weigh? I decline to answer on the grounds that it might be embarrassing!

6. Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up? One of my own stuffies!

7. Do you like other Dogs? Usually. I tend to go in strong, and then see what develops.

8. Who is your best non-human friend? My friend Travis, the Labradane!

9. Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls? Squeaky toys

10. Do you like to be brushed? Nope, I growl and snurll

11. Peanut Butter or Cheese? hummmmmmm - tough choice! Peanut butter takes longer to eat, so the pleasure goes on and on.

12. Do your people cut your toenails? No, muzzer is too timid, cause I Hate it Hate it Hate it. I've only ever been muzzled once, and that was when the groomer clipped a toenail too close. But I usually suffer through it, snurlling a lot

13. Any formal education? No, I am strictly home schooled.

14. Couch potato or Energizer Bunny? You know, I can be either, depending on my mood.

15. Five nicknames your people call you . Gussie, Gus-Gus, Fuzz Face, Good Boy and,( sigh, blush ) "muzzer's baby"

16. What is your best trick? Trick, I do not do TRICKS. I have needed skills like Down, Sit, Stay and stuff, but Tricks are beneath my dignity!

17. Do you like kitties? As prey, yes, as pals, probably not.

18. What did you have for breakfast? I am not eating til my dad comes home!

19. Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)? EEEW. Why would I do that? I just like to terrier-ize things

20. When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.? 2 weeks ago, she said I was FAT! and gave me lots of shots.

21. Where do you sleep at night? I have a very large bed with nice sheets, which I gladly share with my humans.

22. Do you like to swim? Too close to a BATH, no way.

23. Can you make puppies? Nope.

24. Do you give kisses? Yes, but only to my muzzer,E.Rabbit, and well, maybe to Miss Snickers and the Astas

25. Can you potty on command? Yup, please specify which potty before I start, Otherwise, you may not get the results you are seeking.

26. To Cuz or not to Cuz? I love my Cuz'. They are the only toy I can't seem to kill

If this looks like fun, or if you are just sitting there reading other doggies blogs, join the game!


21 June 2007

Look out Jackson, my Dad is headed your way....

Well, some of you may already have checked this out on your calendars, but just in case you have forgotten, this it T(rip) -12 days and 12 hours (and counting!)

This is also the day we put my dad on a biiiig airplane to fly to England. No, he is not going to see Jackson, but muzzer says maybe next time....and even though he is going to Scotland too, he is not going to see Marvin the Poet. He is just going to give some boring old lectures and papers and eat in the pubs.

So, this afternoon when muzzer came back from work, they packed his bags. Here is a photo of a few of the things they packed, with Teka "helping." In the first picture, you can see her little nose at the far side of the bed.

But in the second picture, muzzer walked around to that side and caught Teka napping! Ha. She was not helping. She was not folding clothes. She was not counting sockies or underwear. She was napping. But, she is pretty good at that, so we let her continue.

When they were finished folding and rolling and stuffing and cramming, Dad had one rolling bag (his favorite) and one duffel bag to carry. He should not have to do laundry or buy extra clothes, at least as long as the airplane doesn't eat his roll on bag.

And he also has to carry this big green thingy, which muzzer swears weighs more than I do! It has his books and his notes and his papers and his sunglasses. Dad points out that it does not have: A computer, A Blackberry, A cell phone,or An I-Pod. He quotes from his friend Michael C. " I have never had a legal pad and pencil crash in the middle of a presentation." Muzzer says they are Luddites!

And finally, here is a picture of me, Gussie. I am supervising, and doing a darned good job of it! I am now in charge and must take care of muzzer and Teka (dad said). OK. My first executive decision is.......Let's go get some ice cream!

20 June 2007

And yet another new buddy

Hey! We are multiplying like rabbits out there!

Here is the URL for another new wirey blog!


This is written by Jake and his brother Just Harry, and they live in Floribunda like Bussie and OzRomeo! There are no pictures on this blog yet, but Jake assures us he is working on it.

and hahaha Jackson,....beat ya to this one.

New wirey fellow in the blog world!

Hi dog friends and other readers.

Muzzer and I have found a (relatively) new Wire Fox Terrier Blogger.

His name is Lenny, and he is nine years old. He lives in Indiana, and has only been blogging for a short while.

Of course...Jackson got there before I did, but then,,,,,,he is a much nicer fellow.

Here is Lenny's Blog Address: http://wirewise.blogspot.com/

Go Visit him please, and tell him

"Gus sent me!"

Two weeks, Two weeks, Two weeks, Two weeks!

OK, I know I am getting pretty boring about this, but it is just two weeks until we leave for St. Loulis.

Oh, you already know that? You guys out there are so smart. I am constantly amazed at how much you know about me and my family. Sometimes you know things as soon as I do. You must have a great internal gossip source. I know....

It's Teka, right? She is always telling you stuff about me and muzzer, right? And all of dad's secrets, huh?



Is it E.Rabbit who tells you all this stuff? She has a blog too. But I am not s'posed to tell anyone about it. 'Cause E.Rabbit says stuff that muzzer is not 'sposed to read. But I get to read it. 'Cause I am her bruzzer and not easily shocked. Anyway, I guess you all read E.Rabbit's blog too, huh?



Well, Dad doesn't talk much, and I am pretty sure he doesn't hardly even read any blogs, much less post stuff about the family on one. So that leaves us with.......

Oh No. You are finding out all this stuff from reading MY blog! Ooooo. I am such a motormouth. And E.Rabbit says I talk too much and don't put enough doggy pix.

I guess I will have to be more discrete about what I tell you all......Loose lips sink slips and all that. Whatever that means.

Ok, so, barring all my unclever detecting, it really is still just two weeks until we leave for St. Loulis. And I am pretty excited about this. Cause Teka is not coming. Oh, yeah. You already know that too, right?

17 June 2007

Father's Day

Dear Dad:

Thanks for Sharing

And Caring:

Taking me lots of places

Teaching me about Baseball!

Wearing the tie I picked out

And all the rest!
Happy Father's Day!

14 June 2007

Puppy Pix and .......

A lot of my bloggie friends are posting puppy pictures of themselves on their blogs, and I think that is wonderful. I enjoy seeing their pictures and hearing about their early days.

Asta NY mentioned that rescue dogs may not have puppy pictures, because they came to their families when they were a little older than puppies, but that we should not feel bad, because our new families love us lots and we are all fortunate to be together.

For one so young, that was very perceptive and caring. So I want to say "thank you" for her thoughtfulness, and let her know I appreciate it.

So, even though I don't have "puppy" pictures, I thought I would share pictures of my first few days with my furever family, and tell you a bit about how I came to join them.

My muzzer was lonely in Virginia. Her dog Nigel had gone to wait at the bridge right before she and dad left on their sabbatical adventure. She kind of thought that she would be busy, and not get another doggy until she went back to Azrizona. But things change, and a small VA town is different than New Orleans, so even though she was doing volunteer work for Habitat and keeping sort of busy, she still had some time to spare.

Somehow, she convinced Dad that it was the right time to get their new Doggy. And she started looking on PetFinder, and watching a couple of rescue groups for their available dogs. She said she REALLY thought she wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog, because there was a beautiful one living just a couple of blocks from them, but Dad, wise in all things, convinced her that she really did not want a dog that weighed more than she did. Plus, they were living in a small apartment with a steep staircase, and their wouldn't have been much room for the two of them if they were lucky enough to get selected to adopt a Bernese.

So, she narrowed it down to Wire Fox Terriers and Welsh Terriers and she and Dad filled out the applications for each rescue group. Muzzer was worried about the apartment thing, but Dad kept telling her it would all work out. The WFT people did a phone interview, and called the vet that we use in Azrizona, and even called the friends listed as references. By then it was almost Thanksgiving, and Muzzer was going on a trip back to Azrizona to see her doctors and check in at the store, so she kind of figured she was not getting a dog for Christmas. So she was sad.

The WFT rescue group in Maryland called the day she was leaving and told her about ME. Muzzer said I sounded perfect (and she was right!) but that she was going to be gone for more than a week. But my foster mom said she would keep me until muzzer came back to Virginia and then they could pick me up!

The Friday after muzzer came back to VA, she and Dad got in the car and drove and drove, all the way to the northern part of Maryland.

On the way, they stopped for lunch, and muzzer had a hamburger.

Well, when this small person came in to my foster home with hamburger on her hands and breath, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. So I was very friendly with her, and kissed her chubby little cheeks and licked her hands. Being human, she thought I liked HER. And I did. But I REALLY liked that Hamburger flavor!

This is a picture of me in the front seat of the GussieMobile on the way to Virginia. I was a good boy most of the way, but I did come up front for a little bit so I could give muzzer some more kisses.

Here is photo of me on Dad's lap in our little apartment. We had some really good times there, expecially when my sister E.Rabbit came to visit for Christmas.

And here I am with Dad and E.Rabbit in the kitchen/dining room/living room of the apartment. I was pretty fascinated with that thing Dad was banging on....lots of noises coming out of it, more noises coming out of Dad, and e.Rabbit was trying not to laugh at the two of us. She is polite that way.

Note the waistline! Even my striped sweater doesn't make me look chubby.

Boy...I have really rambled on and on, haven't I. But I want you all to know how really happy I am to have my new family, even Teka.

E.Beth is sending us Teka puppy pictures, so in a couple of days, she will do her story.

Thank you for listening.

Oh, and I lost two pounds since I saw the Dr.!

13 June 2007

21 DAYS!

21 Days! Three weeks. 540 Hours! This time on July 4th we will probably be in the white gusmobile and heading EAST!
Oh my.

I have so much to do between now and then. I must make a special effort to keep on blogging, so my friends and relatives do not lose track of me. I must make a list of toys and things to take along. I must make sure that Dad gets to England and Scotland and back! I must make sure muzzer has stuff ready for the store so that the other Barb and Karen can get paid and stuff. I must make sure that there is enough food for my trip, and some to leave behind for Teka Toy. I think I need a new collar and leash. I must pack my St. Louis Cardinals bandana and hat. I must find a few good books for the trip.

Oh my.

And I am so excited about seeing Butchy/Snickers and Aunt Re and Uncle Ray and maybe my nephew Scott and his son Zack. And meeting the beagle who lives in the house where we are staying. (I think) muzzi says we MUST get along because he is letting me use his back yard! I hope he is not as high energy as Teka. I am looking forward to a little rest on this trip. Sheesh.

Oh my.

And if you haven't checked on my pal JACKSON, then let me just tell you that the news on the surgery seems positive, and he may even be home on Friday of this week. Keep those prayers and blessings coming folks!

Gotta go. Saw a cat in the yard.
note: gussie was so excited about the cat in the yard that he didn't check his figures. So this was originally published as "14 Days" When we got to work, we realized the mistake. I keep telling him not to count on his paws! muzzi

10 June 2007

Sending Love to Our Friend, Jackson

Everydog and person reading this please say your favorite prayer or intercession or blessing for our friend Jackson, who is having surgery this week.

He is a very special wire (all wires are special indeed, Jackson is just a bit specialler than most.) He is very brave and cheerful, despite some serious health problems.

Please visit him at http://jacksonsworld-jackson.blogspot.com/ to read his story and leave him some love and encouragement.

Thank you

Oh, Woe is Me!

Last night me n' Teka were playing quietly in Dad's work room. Then muzzer came home. And she had this big box with her.
And me n' Teka said...."Hey...There is a picture on that box of Snowball, or maybe Bailey or some other doggie that looks like them. Did muzzer bring us a new playpal? Or did Snowball come to visit?" But NOOOOO. Inside the big box with the pretty puppy picture was a strange machine. I, Gus Dagger wft knew immediately what it was! It was a floor beater and carpet screamer! But it is sooo big. Our Noni brings hers with her when she comes to clean. It is smaller and has roll-ey feet on it, so it is kinda fun to chase around the floor. This one is way taller. Almost as tall as muzzer! And it does not look like fun at all.

It has as sign on it's belly that says "Made for Homes wit Pets" Oh my. And another sign that says "Works like a Magnet on Pet Hair" Oh. Goodness.
Is this a new type of Gussie cleaner? Is the Damnable Diet not enough torture?
But Scariest of all was this sign. A "Turbo Pet Brush" Eeek. I am leaving.
Teka, hurry and pack your suitcase. Then this little piece of yellow paper floated to the floor!

Ahhhh. Relief. This IS a floor beater and carpet screamer! See. It even says right there on the yellow paper that is should not be used on pets. Me n' Teka are very happy. Together, we can beat any carpet screamer. We will make sure that it stays in the storage room with the carpet screamer that Teka broke all by herself. We will only let it out once in a while so we can have fun chasing it. We will not let it interfere with our doggy fun. We can relax and have a happy Sunday. We hope all of our bloggie friends do the same.

08 June 2007

26 days and still counting.....

My sister E.Rabbit made this for me. Muzzer says it should say "I haz cleverly conceled my fat butt in yr bubblez! "

Yes, dear friends, the vet says I am overweight. And I thank all of you for your kind words on my previous posts, but muzzer is not buying anything about chubby being the new thin. Mostly because the vet read her the riot act about all the health problems this can create for me...let's see, bad back, diabetes, liver problems, hip problems, and on and on. So muzzer selfishly wants to keep me around as long as possible, and I am on a DIET!

AND she has put up a sign at the store that says "Please do not feed this (fat!) dog." AND she is making my friend Barb at the store only give me frozen beans and carrots.

AND she says we are getting a new scale so I can be properly weighed! Next thing you know she'll be getting me a treadmill!

Sorry....I will quit the pity party and get on with my life. Soon. More later when I am not so sad.

05 June 2007

28 days, 12 hrs and counting

Oh boy oh boy.....We are leaving for St. Loulus on July 4! We will be "On the Road Again" and I will have lots of exciting things to blog about. Like, how many times does muzzer get sick in the car each day? And, how effective was Gussie at scoring a hamburger for lunch? And, did the lessons Teka is giving me make it easier for me to wriggle out of my safety harness? Wow.

Between now and then, we are also a pretty busy family. Tomorrow I see the vet. Add to the worry list the fact that I am getting some shots, and prolly a blood test. Woe is me. Must think of Jackson and be strong. Then, this coming weekend Dad is going up to Prescott for a couple of days. Prescott is the original state capitol, and a cute town. It is also much cooler than Tempe! But muzzer and I are staying home to take care of Grandpa and the store. Monday muzzer takes Grandpa to get his blood counted. I hope he has enough. I think I will put it on my worry list.

Then Dad comes back for a while, spends two weeks with me and muzzer, and then he goes to England for a long time. My friend Jackson invited him to visit, but Dad is going to wait until muzzer can go along with him for that visit. He is visiting friends at Oxford, then doing his
"dog and pony" show in Manchester and Stirling, and then flying back here on July 2. Hey, wait a minute....how can he do a dog and pony show when I am staying in Azrizona this trip???? Oh well, one more thing for the worry list.

Then, we spend a whole day doing his laundry, and early in the morning of the fourth of July, we get into the white Gussiemobile and leave. We will be blogging regularly....maybe even more regularly than we do now, and I will share pictures and stories and all kinds of stuff with my friends. But not food. Road food is my favorite. Steak n' Shake, here comes Gussie!
Final item for worry list for today. Miss Fee said she thinks I am looking a bit chunky. Am I really? Tomorrow we are visiting the vet, and I bet I find out. Oh..if I am chunky, can I still eat Steak n Shake? Will my friends like me if I am chunky? Oh my. worry worry worry. muzzer says I am becoming Eeyore. Note to self: who is Eeyore, and how can a Gussie become an Eeyore?
worry worry worry.

03 June 2007

Do you hear what I hear?

Dear Friends:

The most wonderful thing happened tonight! I was helping muzzer read other blogs, and suddenly, there was this joyful noise coming from the 'puter!

My pal Butchy and wonderful Miss Snickers have a video on their blogspot that shows them barking at another dog. Suddenly I was transported to Iowa, and I was transfixed.

I made muzzer play it over and over and over again. And I listened and listened to what my friends were saying. And it was so nice to hear their voices that I just sat there grinning! Muzzer thought it was pretty cute, so she grabbed the camera and snapped my picture. So here I am, listening to Butchy and Snickers across the miles.

Do you want to listen to them too? Go to http://butchyandsnickers.blogspot.com/ and tell them I said Hello!