29 July 2010

Furniture arrives tomorrow

Our furniture arrives tomorrow. No more wild zoomies!

But the worst part is that we will be out of touch (even more so than usual) for about 48 hours while we wait for Verizon to come hook up our internets and TVs.

Know that we are thinking of all of you and wishing you a great weekend.

gussie and teka

(me and gussie is having a spa day!)

28 July 2010

Some pictures of the new house

Me and Teka went to the new
house today. The Catses are gone! But there are lots of places to explore.
We Gots Steps!

We Gots Fireplaces (2)

We gots a laundry room!

We spent more time sniffing for the Catses.

Then got a drink from our travel bowl.

Hey! Dad...how did you get up there.
I bet you used those stairs. I'm coming!

Ha! Here we are hot on his trail.
Stairs is FUN!
I think I smell those Catses in here.

Teka likes the acoustics. Oh. By the way. This is the room where
I (aherm) christened the new house. OH BOY. Talk about a dog
in trouble.
More tomorrow.

27 July 2010

OK, so yesterday I gave my muzzer an advance on
her paycheck, and told her to go and get a charger for
my camera! Which she did. Clearly, she was feeling guilty. She brought me and
Teka home some totally cool toys. This Blue CAT
Which is now missing an ear, thanks to Teka

This Green Toothbrush thing...which we refuse to touch

This great red bone

From which I have removed the squeaker.
Great fun while they lasted. Now me and Teka
just fight over them to kill time.

We went to the University of Richmond today
and saw dad's office. Me and Teka are trying
to figure out what to say about this carpet.

Clearly not the best choice in our humble opinion.
And Teka and Dad spent some time sitting in
the sunshine, lifting their eyes to the hills
Or whatever.

25 July 2010

Heat Wave

The heat is keeping us incarcerated in this place!
Me and Teka are going stir crazy.
The best thing about it is the leftovers from brekkies
which muzzer brings back faithfully.

Heat records have been set here to welcome us to the city.
OK..Call it off. Enough is enough.

Plus....muzzer cannot locate the cord to attach
the charger to the plug, so we cannot charge
the battery and take wonderful pictures of our
tongues, which are three feet long when we come back
from mid-day walkies.

See what we have to put up with?


23 July 2010

We made it!

On Thrusday, Me and Teka got up early and
drove through West Birginnyah. See the fog.
It was very damp and rainy.
More fogs.
For some reason muzzer likes the stuff!

We got to a place called Tamarack, which is right
off the interstate. Me and Dad and Muzzer have been
here before, when we lived in Birginnyuh in 2006.
I like it lots.

Teka took a bit of time to appreciate the flowers.

And then we headed off. We got to Richmond in the
Afternoons. We checked into the hotel and had a good
night's sleep.

This morning we went to see our new house.
It was called a "walk through."
But me and Teka did not get to "walk through" it.

Because there is an elderly catses in residence.

He had best be making himself scarce
by this time next week!

gussie and
Teka Toy.

19 July 2010

for our friends across the Big Pee

see more dog and puppy pictures

watch for this starting in Lunnon on Sattiday

18 July 2010

Terriers Take the Cake

Hi, dog bloggers. This is ERabbit speaking.

Gus and Teka are on the road, so Gus has asked me to share something I found with all of you. It is from this website that has illustrations from vintage cookbooks, and it shows how to make a delicious cake even more appealing. . .

. . . by decorating it as a Fox Terrier, complete with wirey coconut furs!
I think Gus and Teka will probably need one of these to celebrate when they get to Richmond -- when I spoke with them earlier, Teka had found a dead bird. Not only is that not appropriate food for a road trip, but Gus says she wouldn't even share. . .

17 July 2010

Goodbye House

Today was the day we went away
from our house where we did play
Not having any furniture made it big and roomy.
Me and Teka Toy played hot zoomies.

Dad let Teka out the back door
Me and Muzzer washed the floor

Teka checked out one last rock
No fence box means no more shocks

Grass is green and growing high
One last run to say Good Bye

Arbor stretches overhead
Acacia blooms in white and red

Quiet place and time for thinking
Water is inside for drinking

Close the door and set the lock
Richmond: we sure hope you rock
Teka and Gussie
(and best wishes and crossed paws to Scruffy, Stan and Lacie's dad who is in the Hospital)

16 July 2010

What day is this ?

Our Movers are coming Today! Needless to say you won't be hearing from us much, but so far, things are going OK. We like the hotel where we are staying, it has a nice yard (We are in an industrial park with lots of grass and sidewalks! muzzer)

Today me and Teka are going to Doggie Camp, so we don't get in the way. We don't care, they gots a play pool at doggie camp.

Hope you are all well. Kisses to all, specially the DWB contingent in New Yawk for the Pawty!


12 July 2010

and SHE thinks this is Progress - or T-5

Boxes in the front room
Boxes in the dining room
Boxes in the study
Empty shelves and more boxes in the study
And seemingly, more to come.
Is there no end to this!
And now, for our math quiz.
If O = 6.25 H
and H = 15
Then how many boxes of books have we packed?

09 July 2010

Crossed paws and prayers for the Barkie's DogDag

We are asking all of you to cross paws and
pray for the Barkie's DogDad.

He has had some problems recently and is
spending time in the Horse Piddle so
they can find out what is wrong.

I say, if he puts up with Teka,
He deserves the very BEST

I am asking you to help him
with your pawsitive dog vibes and all.
Thank you

04 July 2010

T-12 aka July 4!

This is a photo of the Central Staging Area
formerly know as the living room
Here I am helping Muzzer keep track of
which paintings she has packed so far.
One of these boxes says "Renzulli, Bill."
Teka knows that is one of the whippet servants
so she is hoping that if she finds the box

with "Renzulli, Bill" in it, she can get a
ride to Pah Duke Her to visit Swede William
and the gang and get out of helping to pack.
Good luck Teka.
Happy Holiday to all our friends in the US of A
where we are celebrating Independence Day.
Big BBQ across the street in about an hour.
Y'all Come, ya hear?

01 July 2010

Down! Stay! Heal!

(many thanks to Ellen for the title!)

My dad is doing OK I think. Today he hollered at me for getting tree bits all over the bed. Ah...it sounded nice.

Plus, he got up and took a shower and ate an egg and olive sandwich for lunch.

I'm not sure he is completely safe from Muzzer yet.