29 September 2011

Everybody Guess Again!

That is NOT our muzzer!

That picture is about 30+ years newer than our muzzer!

Plus...our muzzer is so old, teams didn't have that kind of mascot!

The Lamb family are close, no cigar yet.

Guesses will count whether you post them here or there.

And each place will count for one.



Go Cards!

Who is this small child about to be eaten
by a large and voracious bird.

The GusMeister knows!

If you know - post the answer.

We will make a donation in your honor
to the "keep Albert in the lineup" fund.

No, no.....
how did the Dad get in this blog post?

We will follow Miss Asta's good example
and make a donation in honor of our friends,
furred and otherwise,
to Miss Khyra's gasoline fund.

Then we will have a drawing and send the winner a
Cardinal T-shirt, size to be specified by the lucky dog
(or cat) who wins.

.....comments must be made before midnight on
Friday - September 30th.

...........No family members (adopted or otherwise)
of Gus Dagger WFT are eligible to win the T-shirt.
(this means you! Eartha Kitteh)

....Oh Yeah...and I will count each comment by an individual
poster, so if you have multiple email accounts, you can use each one
but if you post multiple times under a single email, I will only count it
as one.


25 September 2011

Time to Celebrate, Internet Doggies!

Good Morning, Doggies of the Internet! It is I, Eartha Kitteh.
I woke this lady E. Rabbit up early this morning, because it is a VERY IMPORTANT day. "Hey lady," I said to her. "Wake up! It is time to CELEBRATE."

Do you know what we are CELEBRATING today, doggies? No, it is not the feast of St. Ceolfrith. It is not the day the Bill of Rights was passed. It is not the birthday of William Faulkner or Phil Rizzuto or Shel Silverstein or T.I. or Frederick William II of Prussia.

All those things happened on September 25, but we are CELEBRATING today because it is my EARTHA-VERSARY!
This is what I looked like ONE YEAR AGO TODAY when I first came to live with this lady E. Rabbit. She and some of her friends came and got me out from under the house where I was living with my Dad Cat and some other stray kitties after my Mom Cat and her people moved and left me behind.

At first I did not think that living with her was going to be such a good thing. Yes, it was more comfortable than living out of doors, and the food supply was more consistent, but she also made me do stupid things like go to the VET, who gave me shots and put thermometers in undignified places. And then that vet made this lady give me medicines in my eyes and ears because I had infections, and down my gullet because I had wormies in my POOP.

But then I realized that the benefits outweighed the disadvantages. Like outside, I did not have all sorts of awesome toys that I could kill.

And I never had the chance to learn about the finer things in life, like wine smelling.
This one has an excellent bouquet.

And I would never have met my good friend, the Ornj Dog.
I like to carry him around by his scruff, like mom cats do their kittens.

On the other hand... if I'd stayed living outside, I would never have had to wear this stupid outfit at Christmas time.
But I ALSO would've never gotten a lot of TOYS from Santa Claws at Christmas (Santa Claws cannot find kitties who do not have a fixed address).
And I never would've learned to keep myself calm and centered by practicing YOGA.
This is called "Sideways Facing Cat Pose." It is very good for your core.

And I would not have learned about BASEBALL.
This is me saying "Go Nats!" I root for the Nats because Nats rhymes with cats, and because we live in DC (*and because we don't have a Cardinals helmet in cat size. --E. Rabbit).

I would probably not even have gotten a celebration for my first birthday in June...
....much less a bunch of awesome presents like the ones that dog Gus's muzzer got me.

So I talked to this lady about what we were going to do to celebrate our EARTHA-VERSARY. She said I could have a new TOY from the stash of cat toys she keeps hidden (because she thinks I already have too many toys. She is wrong, but there is no convincing her of this).

And she said she would go to the store and get a piece of SALMON that we can share for dinner. I will have mine with kibble; she will have hers with greens or pasta or something lame.

And she said she got me a PRESENT. It is blue to match my beautiful eyes, and it has pirate skulls and crossbones on it because I'm TOUGH.
I am not entirely sold on this present yet. It's very pretty, but it may not be my thing.

17 September 2011

I am pouting!

She gave me a bath!
So now I am pouting.
I dried myself on her sheets.
And now I am on her pillows.
I am not getting down
until the whole bed is damp.

Deal with that one, Muzzer!

14 September 2011

We just finished

reading this at bedtime. It is not as good as it could be. The dog (ASTA!) does not have any good lines. We will share it with you if you want. Let us know.


04 September 2011

Hurricanes and other stuffs

Teka Here!
I thought it was about time that I got busy and
let you all know that we are F.I.N.E.!
(Frantic, Insecure, Neurotic and Excitable!)

But really. The Hurricane was a non-event for me,
and mostly for Gussie too.

We had no power, so there were no lights in the house
and no cold air coming out of my vents. The humans
were upset for some reason about not having any hot
water for their beloved showers, but I am not all
that fond of showers, warm or otherwise.
(I prefer a bubble bath you know?)

What it meant was that we used up Muzzer's supply
of beeswax candles that match her "special" dishes.
And on Sunday ALL of us got to be piggies with
the shrimps that were residing in the freezer.
After the Muzzer grilled them. YUM!

BUT...on the plus side me n Gussie did not
miss even one walkie. And because the house was
dark earlier than usual, all of us climbed in the big
bed together a bit earlier than we usually do.

Gussie griped because bedtime stories were shorter
and they were almost always ones that Muzzer or Dad
knew by heart. But I like "Goodnight Moon" and "The Little
Engine that Could" and I hardly ever look at the pictures in the
books anyway. So.........

And in the mornings I made sure everyone got up a little
earlier than usual so we could get Dad ready for work on time.
There were lots of trees like this big
one that ended their distinguished arboreal
lives in this most undignified manner. And
that made me kind of sad.

But it brought the squirrels a lot closer to the ground
for at least a little while.
And out on Dad's campus, there were lots
of trees like this one. But they didn't cancel
classes, not even for one day. So all of
the Botany Buffs got to see reality close up
and personal.

And the weather stayed reasonably cool
(for Richmond in August) so even with
all of us in the big bed and no fans available
it was comfortable sleeping.

So I am counting my blessings and saying
that I hope we don't go through this again
too soon, and I hope that everyone
else has their power back and that we
all have a better week than the last one.
Gussie and Asta sure are!
They are at the Pawm, and Asta's
Sweet Mommi shared this picture
with us today. Now I know why
Gussie took Dancing Lessons instead
of obedience class like I did.

Teka Toy
over and out.