31 May 2011

More confoosion

Hello Efurrybuddy!

It is I, Fuzzy Gussie.

Here to tell you that we are
somewhat incognito for
the next few days.

We are having new windows put
in our house, and the mens that are
working there are kind of afraid of doggies.

So we are going in to the office with my Dad
every day until Wednesday.

But we are very limited in how much time we
can force muzzer to use the computer, because
Dad is trying to work while all of us are piled in
his office. Soooooooo....

We will try to read and comment.
We will try to answer our emails.
And we will work hard to get the auction thing
done by Thursday.

But I ain't making any promises.
just that I will do my bestest.

kisses and apologies
Gussie D.

28 May 2011

Wrapping up the Auction - Winners and remaining items

Wooooooo HOOOOOO!
Teka Toy here.

I got on the computer this morning and
fixed this stupid blogger thing so that we could post.

Now I am going to share some important information!

The Peppy Sheppy's and Edgrrr
winners of the cookie cutters and recipes.
We hope you can get the Ma Ape to use them.

The 5 (five) Bs, winners
of the first marvelous package of treats
from Siku and the White Dog Army!

You guys should go to the button on the
right hand bar, right underneath the picture of Butchy.
You click on that, it will take you to the PayPal
account Mama Lamb set up, and you can pay for your
item. Mama Lamb will let us know when that happens
and we will take your items to the Post Office and mail them
most swiftly. note: Not on Monday, but on Tuesday for sure.
We observe all possible holidays here too!

The second treat pack from Miss Siku and the WDA ends
TODAY in just a few hours. Go bid.

The Backpack for MEDIUM doggies
(Gussie's size or slightly larger)

(insert Drumroll please)
And bidding onMiss Khyra's
very most special
dedicated Rescue Run Ends on MONDAY.
Even though it is a holiday, you can still bid.

Don't miss out.
Do it now.
Or I will sic EDGRRR on you!

Oh Yeah.

Thank you to everyone who has bid on items
for your willingness to help out our pal Butchy
Gussie made me put that part in, but I guess it is OK!

25 May 2011


We are suspending the auction for today
in order to celebrate the reunion
between my best pal Butcho
and his beautiful Sissie Miss Snickers,
which is scheduled for approximately
6:00 pm EDT today.

Butcho has been having a very hard time of it.
His Mama and Daddy have listened to his
wishes, and they will let him go to join
Miss Snickers and the others at the Bridge.

Butcho has offered to carry kisses to your loved ones
waiting for you there, and the requests have been pouring in.
So at 6:00 pm in Richmond, we will join all of you to
speed Butchy on his way with lots of kisses which he
will share with well loved pets, and with those who deserved
to be loved better while they were here with us.

So in a sense we will be the wind beneath his wings
as he soars toward the Bridge on our kisses.

Blessings on your journey Butchy
We'll all join you in our time.

Gussie n Teka

24 May 2011

Hi Y'all

The item for today is an Outward Hound Backpack that our pal Bocci sent me for winning a contest a couple of months ago. It is a medium, because I am a medium dog (except, ya know, I have a big heart, right?) and the color is called Red Clay, or for you fans of the Az. Diamondbacks, Sedona Red.

I think this is neat. But....it doesn't fit Teka and it doesn't fit the muzzer so........I am NOT carrying their lipsticks and wet wipes and sunscreen and personal fans around on my back.

But some of you lucky dogs who get to hike with your hoomans might get a kick out of this, and it is, after all, for a good cause.

Beginning Bid is $15.00, USD which is below what Amazon.com is charging for it this month, and you don't pay the shipping.

Again, we will toss in a few poop bags for good luck and good citizenship.

Place your bids by making a comment on this post, and we will tell you if you win so you can make your donation to Butchy's medicine fund.

Bidding ends at 2:00 pm EDT, May 29th of this year.

Thank you all


23 May 2011

Guest Auction - Item Siku -o2-o6

Another Guest Auction from our fabulous friends!
has donated another wonderful item
for the auction to benefit Butchy's medical fund.

Here is how she described it!

Gift certificate for THREE 6 oz.bags of Dugan's Barkery dog treats hand-made with organic, non-allergen* ingredients so that even dogs with food allergies or diabetes can enjoy. All Treats are made with natural, allergy-free and a mix of organic ingredients processed only in the U.S. We use no preservatives, additives or meat products. Choose from Eleven flavors, shapes and sizes to choose, ranging from Bentley Bones are traditional dog bone shaped pumpkin to Dragon Snaps, the perfect bite-sized treat for small dogs with just the right balance of organic apple and banana to Siku Smiles, a blueberry treat great for small dogs or to use as training treats! (a $20.00 value).

Now, a couple of things.

Go visit Dugan's Barkery, we had not visited before and
we think it looks dogalicious.

They are having some busy times, and Siku has been
having some health problems. Tell them Gussie says
hello, and congratulate Michael, one of her Hoomans
who recently graduated.

Finally. This auction starts at $20.00 USD, and will run for five days, ending
at 2:00 pm EDT May 28th 2011.

And check out the earlier auctions that are still open...there are some great things
there too.

OH YEAH. Muzzer says I should thank all of you for helping my
pal Butchy.


22 May 2011

RR 01

Auction item RR-01

Khyra's Khanine Rescue Run - auction item - bidding to start at $30.00 - keepsake of this rescue can be shipped worldwide!

FAR the most popular auction item at previous auctions has been this wonderful to offer this wonderful item up for auction again, courtesy of one very generous hound and her mom!
This has been the most popular auction item at previous auctions. This wonderful trasport run offered by Khyra and her mom has previously caused bidding wars! We are beyond delighted to be able to offer this wonderful item up for auction again, courtesy of one very generous hound and her mom!

Each of these transports are generally around 200 miles so you can appreciate both the time and the love that goes into each one. So many pups are helped by the kindness of Khyra and her mom, with each and every transport carrying rescue dogs towards a brighter future where they have the chance to find the love and security that every dog deserves.

Sponsoring one of these transports gives you the opportunity to become part of this rescue process. You will be able to choose which transport run you sponsor which makes this an ideal and wonderfully thoughtful gift for an upcoming birthday or anniversary. You will be part of providing the joyous moment that many dogs have as they move towards a new life AS WELL as helping sweet Butchy by making it possible to pay his medical and vet bills.

If you are lucky enough to place the winning bid for this auction itemKhyra will dedicate the blog post about the rescue transport to you. You will also receive a commemorative certificate and booklet with photographs and details of the dogs that were helped as a special keepsake.

Contents Summary:-
Many doggies rescued!
A blog post dedicated to you - or a named loved one - by Khyra
Commemorative certificate
Keepsake booklet

Please leave any questions you might have about this item in the 'comments' section below for the auction item owner to respond to!



Auction ends in SEVEN (7) days instead of the usual five. That means bids must be placed by 2:00 pm on Sunday, May 30th, 2011.

Many thanks to Miss Khyra and her Mom, and also to Crossed Paws Auction site for their help with this post.
(Help HAH...the muzzer has pretty much cut and pasted the whole thingy!)

21 May 2011

Item number FOUR - Siku-01 -04

Today we have the first Guest Donation.
The very generous Siku Marie and the White
Dog Army, and their mom Susan are donating
the items described below for the Butchy fund.

We would be glad to donate two packages for the auction.

This is the first one:
Two POUNDS of oven roasted duck jerky gourmet natural dog treat. Made from premium duck breast filets. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. (A $15 value)
PLUS a gift certificate for TWO custom deluxe bandanas handmade by Bauser’s Bandanas. Any Pet, Any Size, Pick Your Pattern, or Customize (a $8.00 value each) Bauser’s Bandana’s is all about pampering your pet with our Hand Made in the USA bandanas. Choices for any occasion, season, gift, or even an event..
Siku Marie, THE White Dog,
The Mighty Quinn, The Other White Dog,
Nuka Angel, Another White Dog,
Puff The Magical, Still Another White Dog,
YoYoMa, Yet Another White Dog...Aka, The White Dog Army and Susan, the momma.

This Auction will run through Noon EDT on the 26th of May.

Starting bid will be $20.00 USD

PPssssstttt: UMMM....can I bid on this one? the G-Man.

20 May 2011

Apologies to E.Rabbit

Many, Many years ago my sissie E. Rabbit gave the
muzzer a really neat present for Schmauss.

It was a box with all the instructions you need to make
doggie biscuits. Even the biscuit cutters.
And lots of recipes.
Well, the muzzer being the lazy type that she is has
NEVER used this neat pressie. It had something to do with
me and Teka being totally in love with the
Tuna Fish cookies that Jake and Fergi's mom made for
us, and so generously even included the recips.

So with apologies to E.Rabbit,
we are offering today the complete biscuit box
for hoomans who REALLY love their doggies.
The box has lots of recipes in a clever ring binder.
Muzzer says to mention that these are printed
large enough that they can be seen without the
Also part of this kit are five very professional
looking bags for if you want to give some for
a gift or take them to pawties.
And, of course the cutters for the biscuits.
One large bone shaped cutter.
One heart shaped cutter
One tree shaped cutter
One cutter shaped like a C.A.T.
And one cutter shaped like "home sweet home."

We would like to start the bidding on this
item at $5.95 USD. Bidding ends at 4:00 pm
May 25, 2011.

Tomorrow we will have the first of two packages donated by
Siku Marie - White Dog and Family. And on Sunday, Teka and
her mom are donating a Rescue Road Trip. Watch for these items.


19 May 2011

Treat Pouch item G-0002

Today's Item is:
Muzzer says it is either a really cute "bait" pouch
for training puppies and dogs, or just
another tacky coin purse to
wear on your belt.

She bought it one time when she was in "training" mode.
She thought she would put treats in there so she
isn't always running around with crumbs in her pockets.

Well, the first time she tried to use it
Me and Teka jumped her and knocked her
down so we could get to the goodies!

End of story.

Alternatively, we have used it a couple of times on
walkies, and it holds a full roll of those little baggie
things quite nicely!

In fact, we will include three rolls of black doggie do-do bags
with this offer. Just in case there are other naughty
terriers (or mastiffs) out there who would do what we did.
Pouch measures 4 x 4 inches square, and is
1.5 inches at the widest opening, tapers to the bottom.

Color is Black
Material used is leather.

That black slot thing is also about 1 1/4 inches wide.
just right for a belt to slide through....
.....as shown above. The belt shown is not included,
unless you really want it. It is an old Casual Corner belt
size small. That is your decision, not ours.

Bidding on this item starts at $1.00 USD.
Bidding ends May 24th at 2:30 pm EDT.

18 May 2011

Closed - Item number one

This item is CLOSED
Many thanks to Miss Barbara
for her generous bid.
Hi pals, it is me, Gussie here to describe the
first item in the Auction to help my good pal Butcho

Today we have a lovely scarf, for all the muzzer types out there.
Personally, I think it would make a most elegant kerchief for a dog about
my size, but muzzer says to forget it.

OK...This is a square scarf, no tags, probably ca. 1960s or early 70s.
Fabric composition is not silk, but probably a blend of poly whatever and rayon,
based on the feel and "hand" (or paw) of the fabric.
Primary colors are White, Blue and Red, with assorted
doggie colors represented. There are 52 dogs
shown two times each on the scarf, but there
are some duplicates of breed in different poses or costumes.
(Like the ever popular WFT!) You can click on the picture to bigify it,
(I hope)
Now, this is the left hand side of the right hand side shown above,
but of course, with the amma choore photographer helping me, they
look like two sides of entirely different scarfs, right. But you can see
more of the doggies represented. We tried to get close-ups, but
recognized the limitations of the cheap help around here.
The scarf measures about 20 inches square.
Muzzer says a 21 inch square is more common, so I
ask you, once again, to learn to live with her disabilities.
She says to tell you it is exactly as long as the inside of her right arm
from her thumb to her shoulder.

It is in very good condition, no stains or pulls or tears
EXCEPT for the little snaggy place shown above.
Muzzer says it can either be overcast or hand rolled one
more turn and basted. I told her to keep her paws off of it.

The starting bid on this item is $2.50 USD
Shipping is paid for by the muzzer, and will most likely
be via Yak train or something like that. If you want it in
time for Memorial day, you will have to chip in the addl. postage.

Now, $2.50 does not buy a lot of Pheeno Barbie Doll, so remember
what we are bidding for.

This auction will close at 12:00 pm EDT on May 23. 2011
Have a good time!


17 May 2011

Y'all might know that my pal Butchy in Ioway is having far too many visits from the mean old nasty ugly despicable Seizure Monster. His Momma and his Vet are doing everything they can to make the nasty monster stay away, and I want to help, because Butchy is my pal, and he is also Miss Snickers' brother, and I do not think this is fair.

So Me n' Teka put our heads together (briefly) and we thought up a way to maybe help out with his bills for the Pheno Barbie Doll, the Potassium Bromide, and the Prednisone stuff that he has to take now!

And the muzzer is committed to helping us out.

So, here is our idea.

We have some "dog related" items and also some brand new doggie items that we are not using. Some of them we won from other great blog contests and just haven't put to use yet. Others are "finds" that muzzer will let us have for this auction. Most of them are "dog related" and have pictures of dogs or look like dogs.

Starting tomorrow (if she can find the cord for the camera again!) we will post one item a day on my blog. You can bid on that item by leaving a comment. We will make sure comments show up immediately for a while. You can click the thingy box that lets you know if comments have been left after yours if you want to get notified of a higher bid. Each item will be posted for five days. You will be notified by email if you are the winner, and we will remind you at that time of Butchy's donation site. We will also ask you to send us your physical address thing. Like, snail mail. When Mama Lamb tells us you have made the appropriate "donation", then muzzer will pay the postage to send the item to you and we will notify you when it has been sent.

I am getting quite near 1000 posts. I hope I can get the muzzer to keep this going for about 27 more days, and then I can celebrate and Butchy can celebrate too.

kisses to all


no animals or hoomans were injured in the making of this post. There is no reserve on any item beyond the minimum amount shown as the opening bid.

12 May 2011


No, not the muzzer.

Blogger is not letting me leave any comments today, so to all my fur and other friends, consider yourself commented upon.


02 May 2011

Belated May Day

Gussie here
I apologize for the delay in posting these pictures
of flowers in Virginia on the first day of May.

The muzzer (old person that she is) was unable to find
the cord that makes the photos move from the camera to
the computer. I found the thing under the bed this morning.
Her excuse was that she took it to St. Loulis, and it must've
fallen out when she was unpacking her many trunks and cases.

We hope you enjoy the flowers.
It has been a lovely spring here.
I wanted to show Mama Lamb that
our Hostas are thriving, thanks to
tips she gave me while we visited.
These are a bit past prime, but we like the color.
These are Teka Toy's favorites.

And that is our May Basket which we now virtually hang on your door knob.

Gussie n Teka

from the muzzer

As you may know, I spent last week in St. Loulis. While there, I took some photos of the damage at the airport (see below) but also discovered how Gussie is funding these trips to New Yawk and across the big pee.

The little devil has a thriving pretzel business in St. Loulis! As I think back, I remember seeing some evidence of this the summer we spent visiting there. I hope he is doing well enough to take care of me in my old age.

Also, here are two (bad) photos of the airport taken a week ago when I arrived.
In the photo above, you can see some of the plywood squares along the front portion of the airport, but you can also see the cracks in the window that I shot the picture through.
And here is the same shot, through another window, without the cracks. By the time I left Friday afternoon, plywood was visible in more places, including the cracked window. I would estimate 70% of the arched windows were damaged. St. Louis was so fortunate that there was no loss of life in the tornado there.

the muzzer, reporting.