27 May 2007

Tag, we are it!

Hi all...hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day, where ever you may be.

Me 'n Teka have volunteered for this tag thing. We are each going to tell you some things you might like to know but would never guess about us. At the end, we are supposed to tag someone else. But we are pretty sure everyone has done this one. So, if you haven't, you can volunteer like we did. We think this is fun, and we have found out lots of stuff about our friends.

Being the consummate gentleman, I have agreed to let Teka take the first turn.

Well, here I am, guest ghosting again for Gussie. I'm alliterative. Bet you wouldn't have guessed that one!

Here we go.....
1. I am not named after the fellows at TKE, however fine they may be. I am named Teka because when I was tiny, I would've fit in a teacup.
2. I am a little over a year old, and this is my third family! First I belonged to a friend of E.Beth's. Then they gave me to E.Beth, and I lived with her for a while here in my house. Then Gussie and muzzer and Dad came home, and E.Beth went to live in an apartment. I stayed with her for a while there, but as I was not "legal" in her lease, I have moved back here temporarily. But, there are worse places I could have ended up, even with Gussie in my face all day!
3. Muzzer thinks I steal her bras because I don't like her. Au Contraire. I snatch them because I want to wear little white lacy caps on my head! To that end, I chew the straps off as quickly as I can. If only she understood my mission, we could save her a lot of money.
4. I really, really like Gussie. But I like his friend Travis better, and I would like to get to know Joe Stain's brother Tanner too! And maybe Butchy, and maybe Marvin, who writes beautiful poetry.....and, and, and.....
5. I would much prefer to sleep late in the mornings, but I know that if I don't get her out of bed and on the road, muzzer will never get around to walkies. So, I sacrifice for her sake and get her out of bed by 5:15 am each day. After all, I can take a nap most any time during the day....
6. The food here is pretty good, but I would like eggs and bacon for breakfast. And hot chocolate please. With whipped cream.
7. This summer, E.Beth and I are house sitting here while Gussie goes on vacation. I plan to paint my room a lovely, vibrant red. Don't tell. Muzzer has high blood pressure anyway.
1. I like stuffies, I just don't know how to play with them. So they have short and bloody lives around me.
2. I let Teka boss me around because she has had such a hard life. Can you imagine having that many families before you are one year old. She must've been hard on everybody's bra straps, not just muzzer's
3. I really love frozen vegetables. But exspecially green beans. Yummy.
4. I can't swim
5. I really like going to the groomer. But if muzzer knew, she would make me pay for it out of my allowance. So don't tell her, OK?
6. Dad and I don't really spend all day in bed. But muzzer takes a lot of pictures of us there.
7. I am really looking forward to our road trip this summer. I will have muzzer and dad to myself for more than a month. And I may get to meet Miss Snickers and Mr. Butchy. And my friends Steve and Sue may come and see me in St. Loulus, and I get to visit Aunt Re and Uncle Ray again!

25 May 2007

I'm a Yankee - Doodle Doggy
A wire fox terrier do or die
A real live rescue come from Maryland
To live 'neath the blue western sky

I've got a wirey, foxy Sweetheart
She's my doodle doggy joy
Doodle doggy loves to travel
And eat Macaroni

I am that Wirey Foxy Guy!


Here's wishing you a happy and safe Memorial Day. Those of you who have mastered the basics, remember to "shake hands" with a vet and say thank you.

For all those muzzers, sisters, Dads, bruzzers and ozzers who are interested in this kind of thing, Ancestry.Com has made US service records available at no charge through June 6 of this year. We spent a couple of hours today looking for Dad's relatives on both sides of the "War of Southern Secession" and for muzzer's relatives in their wars too.

A nice quiet way to spend the weekend....find out where the bodies are buried.

www.ancestry.com and down toward the bottom of the page click on US Military records.

Happy memorial day guys.

22 May 2007

Teka Takes a Turn

Greetings all: Gussie said on his blog the other day, like "I tag Teka to show her worst pictures." And I said "like, Gussie, if you want me to post pictures, then you've gotta, like, let me use your blog, you know." And he like said..."Teka, you can't have my blog!" And I said, "Like, whatever. Then who else will you tag? You are running out of friends, like, and I have, like dozens."

And so Gussie the thinker sat and thought, and he went to "work" (woohoo!) with his chubby little muzzer, and when he came home, he was not happy. Because I was like, right you know. And he really needs the cred that lettin' me blog once in a while will buy him.

So mr Generous said, "OK, you can post tomorrow, but this is NOT TEKA TUESDAY. And you can't post any pictures that would embarrass me. "

So of course I said....."What-ever."

And I have looked at all the pictures on this disk, and believe me, there are a lot of them. And almost all of them are of Gussie!!!

But, I thought like, I will use this one that "muz-zer" thinks is so bad. But I think, like, it really reflects my personality, and if you can't show your true self on a blog, like, what other options do you have. And then, since Gussie posted a picture of his butt, here is one of mine!
And of course, there was that damned darned sweater picture at Christmas. Read my lips muzzer, this sweater is h.i.s.t.o.r.y as soon as I get it alone for a second.
And one of Gussie's favorites of my "bad" pictures, this one, which makes me look truly "bad." And I hope you have enjoyed this, and that Gussie the Great and Powerful will think twice before he gives me a chance at his blog again!

21 May 2007


Somedoggie asked where we get sunblock. We can't remember who it was. So for general information, here is what we know....

Muzzer says we usually get my sunblock from www.entirelypets.com. Also, maybe on line at Target one time. It's made by the folks who make doggles. She says the important thing is no para-aminobenzoic acids, 'cause lots of dogs are allergic. There is a brand from the UK that dad's friends send me once in a while. All of these are spray on. Muzzer thinks she read about one that is a shampoo, but we can't figure out how long that would be effective.

I don't like sunblock much, 'cause the one we get most often smells like lavendar or something girlie. But I know I need it in Azrizona. I'm thinkin I also need four small flipflops to protect my footsies.

Two (2) Due, Dos, count 'm 2

I've been tagged for two challenges today, and it isn't even 11:00 am here!

Now, I'm quite worried that I will confuse them, and put the wrong kind of stupid picture up under the right challenge. OK... So I'm gonna list each challenge, and then put the pictures up right behind them.
Faya, the Swiss-dale, challenged me (in English, so no excuses) to show the worst picture of me.

Well, I'll tell you, I hardly ever take a bad picture. But here are two that I wish muzzer had deleted from the disk! Me, in my travel torture unitMy fuzzy rear end.

And Asta (up over) challenged me to put up a picture of me wearing something different and/or unusual. Not hard. Muzzer has this penchant for dressing me funny! And I get into a few myself, for that matter
Me, wearing a St. Patty's day bandana and my mardi gras beads
Me, with bright pink foot.Me, in my first sweater.
Me, in yellow boot to keep pink foot dry. (see above)
Me, in pink survivor hat from the breast cancer walk, with pink beads
Me, in Cardinal Cap on Big Bed
Me, in my Cardinal Bandana. Go Big Red!
Me, in my working clothes

Me, with my head in hamburger bag.

Now, I have to think of three other people to tag. I pick Butchy/Snickers and Joe Stains for the clothing challenge. And Teka, Doofus and Romeo for the bad picture. Watch your e-mails.


20 May 2007

She liked me!

Well, I'm back from the groomer, and of course, the first thing Teka has to do when I walk through the door is give me a good sniff. Muzzer took more pictures of our joyful reunion, but this is the least embarrassing one! Anyway, as some of you know, getting groomed is hard work. So I stopped at my water
dish and got a nice long drink. Then I wandered nonchalantly over to the cabinet where muzzer keeps the treats and stuff, and scored a soft chewy treat for being a good boy.

Here is a pretty good shot of me looking directly at the camera. As you can see, no bows.
And I didn't get scalped at all, hardly. So I'm not in danger of terminal sunburn from the Azrizona sun. Of course, I will still be careful and wear my sunblock stuff, 'cause us mostly white doggies are sort of sensitive fellows, you know. And here I am, pretty much full profile. I'm not scruffy any more, but now muzzer says I am still too chubby. Sheesh. It is all a matter of nonclemanture. I am a substantial wire fox terrier, with a sturdy, muscular body. Now doesn't that sound better than Chubby Gussie?

Oh well, muzzer is my biggest fan and my greatest critic. The good news is that the new groomer loved me! She told muzzer I was a very good boy, that I have a lovely healthy coat, and I even let her clip between my pads without getting mouthy. I really wanted to chomp her fingers off at the wrist, but I contained myself.

And now, I am home. I must relax today and get ready to greet Dad when he gets back from Indiana. I will tell him that hair cuts aren't so bad, and that having your nails done is truly a guy sort of thing. And then we can cuddle up and watch the ball game on TV.

Love and kissies from a greatly relieved


19 May 2007

Scruffy Gussie pt. 1

Muzzer says I am Scruffy!

She has been calling me "Scruffy Gussie" for several weeks now.

I don't think I look so scruffy.

But it is a bit warm in Azrizona now. And my dog suit makes it warmer.

So...a couple of weeks ago, she called my favorite groomer in Azrizona. (I also have a favorite groomer in VA., ya know.)

But when she called, they said my groomer had retired. Let me tell you, muzzer thought that was pretty funny. My groomer did not look OLD. She looked pretty young to muzzer. So muzzer started telling my friends at work that wire foxes wore out groomers v
ery fast. "Yup," she would say. "One year of grooming Gussie and they either retire or move away!"

Well...I didn't think it was very funny. And I told muzzer so.

But she is getting even. I have an appointment tomorrow to get groomed.

It is not a new place. But it is a new (well, slightly used, but new to me!) GROOMER!

And I find it a bit unsettling. You never know about this type of thing. I really liked my old groomer! I am sure I didn't do anything to make her retire, but what if muzzer is right?

Do wirey fox fellows really take a heavy toll on groomers? I know I try to be good and cooperate. Only problem might be my feets. I am a pretty sensitive kind of fellow when it comes to feet, and sometimes I object if the groomer handles them too much. But never more than a growl. Really. Truly.

So I have left instructions with Teka about what to do if tomorrow is a real disaster and I get scalped again.

First: Do not take any pictures until I start to grow hair again. I would not want Miss Snickers or any of my other friends to see me looking nekkid.

Second: My password is written on a piece of yellow paper and hidden under the lysoloma in the back yard. Teka can take it to Dad, and they will continue my blog until I am lookin' good again.

Finally: She has agreed not to attack any strange dogs that come home with muzzer unless she sniffs them. First!

I think she will honor her promise. But why does this have to happen when Dad is away and I have no male support? Did muzzer plan this so I would be defenseless?

Oh Doggy. What if this groomer puts on a bow! I probably won't sleep tonight. I may not even eat my dinner.

No, I think I will eat my dinner, but I know I won't sleep!

Everydog be thinking good thoughts please!


15 May 2007

Teka's Turn


and all the ships at sea.

Teka here,
bringing you the latest and the greatest from Tempe, AZ.

Well, I must say we have been a mordant bunch around here for the
last couple of days! So, I have volunteered to take over the blog for
Gussie tonight. My special mission is to cheer up Tanner Stains.

Or, as his brother Joey refers to him "The Doofus." Now, I have been
reading Tanner Tuesdays quite religiously since Tanner started
contributing, and I must say Tanner, you are a man after my own heart.

You have a great attitude, some fun ideas of things to do, and the energy to
almost keep up with me. I think we should get together some time and
chase sprinklers in my back yard. How about it sweetie? Just drop me a
note care of Gussie, and we'll make a day of it.

Let's just make a list here of things that we can do together.
We can dig holes under one of the citrus trees.

We can steal Gussie's food.

We can steal muzzer's bra and bury it.

We can steal Dad's pen so he can't finish the crossword puzzle

We can borrow my mom's cell phone and make crank calls to all
of the DWB folks around the world.

We can find ways to get out of our back yard and run across the street to
tease the Rottweiler behind the fence.
While we are at it, we can chase a few cats.

Feeling better yet, bucko?

Well, just to get your motor started, here is a photo of me relaxing on the Big Bed!

See, I have my girlish figure back since my surgery, and it takes a lot of exercise
to keep me lookin' good. Gussie is a wuss. I'll bet you are gonna be lots more fun sweetie!

yours till the terriers roam

Teka Toy

14 May 2007

Ode to FuFu

This is a song that's joyous,
it’s to help us celebrate !
All the things that FuFu knew
despite his meager hamster weight.

Fufu was our favorite hamster
And we loved him very much
He had bright and shiny eyes
And fur that was so soft to touch

He may not have been a dog,
but He belonged on Dogs with Blogs
He always brought happy news and
Wore his cute hamsterrier shoes
FuFu we love you old friend,
we wish your life would never end
But we know that you are happy
love and kisses we do send

Your special star in the sky
Shines on us all on this sad day
Helping us to be good pets and
help Our humans smile and play
We will miss your hamster smile
And O my dog what shall we do?
How shall we honor him?
Our bright and funny friend FuFu

We'll remember all the good things
Hamster wheel, and little car
How he made us laugh and smile
And how he went the “extra mile”

We must try now to remember
How he spent his hamster days
How he never said a bad word
As he went his hamster way
Keep his legacy alive
and honor his sweet memory
That’s the best that we can do
to show our love on this sad day

Sad News

We read this morning that FuFu our hamsterrier friend from Dogs with Blogs died over the weekend.

We are trying to write a song to honor him. But our hearts are not singing.

13 May 2007

I love you Muzzer

I love you muz-zer
Oh yes I doooo
I don't love anyone
As much as Youuuu

When you're not near me
I'm Blue
Oh muz-zer I love you

Happy muzzer's day to all my bloggie pals and their moms. I hope you all had a great day, and got as much great food as we did.

Muzzer seems to have decided that Muzzer's day is best celebrated by feeding family and friends, so we have had guests for two of her favorite meals. I would tell you all about them, except that you would all be angling for invitations next year.

Oh, and happy muzzer's day also to E.Rabbit, E.Beth and all the human offspring. Without all of you, our muzzers would have only fur babies to love!

I have been assisting in the kitchen today, and I am quite tired. Good night to all of you, and let me know when the next holiday is heading my way. I may hide under the bed. Too much activity for a wirey guy.

kissies to all the muzzers

11 May 2007

I found the kong

I found the kong, I found the kong
No more darkness, write a new song
Now I'm so happy, please sing along
Praise the dogs I found the kong.

I wandered the backyard, looked here and there
If I couldn't find it, Teka would win
When muzzer came home from working so long
Praise the dogs I found the kong!


Thank you to all who offered to share
It was so great to know that you cared,
Friendships are special, now don't get me wrong, but
Praise the dogs I found the Kong.


I was a fool to let Teka chew,
I should have known she'd want my kong too
Now that the kong's back, I'll sing all night long
Praise the dogs, I found the kong


muzzer's note: Teka had taken the kong into the back yard and hidden it in a patch of weeds. So far this week, we have found one wallet, one stuffie, two bras and a kong out there. Who knows what else is out there that we haven't missed yet! Gussie thanks all of you who offered to share your kongs, or the ones belonging to dogsibs. He says it takes a while to get a kong broken in just right, so he is glad to have his own back.

10 May 2007

Has Anybody Seen My Kong?

My Kong is - Manly Blue
Teka’s got a red one too
Has anybody seen my Kong?
Stuffed with lots - Of good Stuff
Tell You I can’t get Enough
Has anybody seen my Kong?

Now if you run into
A kong of Blue
Rolling around
On the floor, by the door
Call me soon or I shall roar

Is is good? Is it fun?
Do I want Another One?
Has anybody seen my Kong?

09 May 2007

Tagged! I'm it. And other stuff.

Yup. It has started again. I have been tagged by Asta Up Over (Our Asta from the Big Apple) and the challenge is to show pictures of me sleeping on my back showing my belly.

That would be fine. Except.... Well, I don't sleep on my back. My favorite sleep position is "The Vulture" as shown below.

So, I am showing you that, and including some pictures of my belly for Miss Snickers and Miss Asta, and Dory, and Miss Sunshade, and.......
Now, I have to pick three people to tag. I will visit my victims, er, no, no...nominees and post them here tomorrow.

Also, a couple of my pals have asked how to find the Dubya stuffie Teka and I rec'd from E.Rabbit. Here is the URL for them... http://www.fatcatinc.com. And I will have muzzer put them on my links tonight too, so look for them there.

And, thanks to Liza and Dory for nominating me for the Awesome Blog Award. I am honored and humbled, and the competition is Fierce! So vote for your favorite candidate, just be sure to vote when they open the polls.

And, for Dory and Liza, here's one that even muzzer is too young to remember........

Thanks from your nominee
I’m honored and I’m awed and muzzer is slack jawed
We promise we will do our best to pass this awesome test
How lovely of you

Thanks from your nominee
I’ll work on lots of tunes, to pass the afternoon
And tell about my favorite trips and where I’ll be in June
How lovely of you

And thanks from your nominee
I’m just a wirey terrier and nothing could be scarier
Than lines that rhyme and double time and mis-placing my muse
So thank you so much.

08 May 2007


Well Friends, it has been a day of surprises!

First, muzzer was working on my blog to try to put up a link for Snitchybug Designs! Well, she finally accomplished that, with much help from Miss Snicker's mom, my sister E.Rabbit and me.

But, in the process, she wiped out all the other links to my blogger pals that we have put up since we switched to the Beta Blogger! So tonight I had to supervise while she put about half of them back in place.

She complains a lot when she has to do that aitch-teemul stuff. But she eventually gets there. We will try to finish tomorrow, if we have some extra time at the store.

But, the best surprise of all was a box from my sister E.Rabbit with toys and treats inside for me and Teka. Because I am such a Baseball Fan she put this nifty baseball into the package. It sure tastes good, and muzzer says it smells like peppermint, whatever that is. Teka likes it too. Today I let her chew on it for a little while, but then when the game came on, I took it away and went to sit under Dad's desk where I could hear the game.
Then, there was this stuffy! Does he look familiar? I think I saw him on the front page this morning, only he was dressed even funnier than he is here.
I think he is kind of cute. But he looks so worried. I thought that maybe I could help him adjust his attitude by chewing on him.
Nope, didn't work. He still looked unhappy. Now friends, I do not tolerate unhappy stuffies. So I ripped a hole in his back and pulled out a lot of his stuffing. Muzzer says maybe I shouldn't show his "after" picture here, because she thinks the FBI will come for me! Hmmm. FBI? Fox Terrier Brethren Inc.? Foxies Biting Innards? I don't think they will come for me. I am just a foxterrierist after all.

Anyway, mucho thanks to E.Rabbit for sending me that wonderful box for Mother's Day. Except, I am not her Mother, so it must be Bruzzer's day, right?

Night all.


07 May 2007

Eating well, thank you!

A number of my bestest friends have enquired politely about my health and whereabouts. That is because I have not been blogging lately. Why? Well, mostly because muzzer is lazy. But also, we have been experimenting with new foods, and I am in charge of taste testing and quality control. I have been quite busy!

Muzzer is a wuss. She has been hearing a lot of stuff and reading a lot of stuff about the pet food recalls. And she is naturally a worry-wart. And she became convinced that this was some sort of a plot to bring Americans to their knees out of grief for their beloved pets. So she has started cooking most of our food! This is OK by me, muzzer is a pretty good cook, and I enjoy leftovers and doggy bags, so I thought...."well, I can handle portabello ravioli in lobster sauce and I really like bracciole, and chinese takeout isn't bad, but I'm not fond of the really hot stuff from the Thai place." All in all, I figured we would make out like small, smart bandits.

OOPS. She wasn't talking about increasing the number of portions from the human dinner and serving that to me 'n Teka. NOOOO. She is cooking dog food! Do you know how many thing dogs are "not supposed to have?" Lots. I was pretty sure it was going to be not much better than kibble.

Wrong Gussie! Now, the picture below shows the meal for this evening. We have ground turkey, rice, some brewer's yeast, carrots and peas, and a little left over rissotto. It may not photograph well, but

As you can see from Teka's picture, we have learned to look forward to eating muzzer's most recent creation.

It is pretty good stuff, and for variety we have chicken with sweet potatoes and that vegetable that is named after me (asparaGUS!) and some kind of fishy (not Koi) with green beans and barley, and a couple other pretty good things.
Since I am in charge of product development, quality control and taste testing, Teka helps out with the cleanup. She is very thorough, and sometimes actually crawls into the basket to make sure she has not missed anything. She has done this a couple of times, and each time her weight makes the basket thingy roll to the back of the dish cleaner thing, and she gets very upset. But, she is only just a year old, and not as wise as I, Gus Dagger w.f.t.!

Thank you all for asking about us. We are fine, and now that muzzer is helping blog again, I will try to keep us up to date.

Have a wonderful week, and special thanks to Nanook and his mom, who posted the Delicious recipe for doggy frozen treats on his website! Yummy.