31 March 2011

Opening Day

Happy Opening Day to all my Buddies, regardless of team affection or affiliation.

Here is an oldie but goodie, with my sissie E.Rabbitt, her friend from before birth, Robbie and their friend Fredbird! We can't tell you how long ago this was taken, because then you would know how truly old the Abbott-Rabbitt is!


20 March 2011


Look, internet doggies. I, Eartha Kitteh, am here to speak with you about this game called basketball (which, as far as I can tell, is not as fun as the game called fetch).

The lady I live with, E. Rabbit, says this dog named Gus that she says is my uncle is all sorts of bummed because both teams called "Terriers" are out of the Basketball Tournament.

I would like to point out that by contrast, TWO teams called "Cats" are still in the tournament: the Cats of Kentucky and the Cats of Arizona.

She says these teams are both "Wild Cats," which I thought meant cats who live in the out of doors, as I used to before I moved in with her. But she says they are actually BIG MEAN CATS who live in the mountains and eat smaller cats and dogs and bunnies and things.

I think that sounds like a pretty sweet gig, if you ask me.

She also says that SHE is one of the Wild Cats from Arizona. And then she sings a song called "Bear Down, Arizona" to prove this.

Let us review the evidence, internet doggies and people:

1) She thinks a dog called Gus is my uncle.
2) She thinks another dog called Teka is my cousin.
3) She thinks she is a Wild Cat.
4) She thinks that a song about bears is evidence.

Clearly, this lady is not so bright. But regardless: Go Cats!

Oh Yeah

My dad says we are not burning the TV yet, because the University of Richmond Spiders (Arachnid, Arachnid, trap them in your web?) are still in the playoffs.

And since they pay for the kibble bill around here, I guess they get equal time.

And, if they make it to the big dance (what - EVER) Dad says he will get me a new leash with spiders on it.

Oh Yay


19 March 2011

Terriers Eliminated from NCAA tournament!

Dad can burn the TV now.

There will be no more College Basketball for me until next year. BOTH teams (Boston College and Wofford) that have terriers as a mascot have been eliminated from the Tournament in the first round.

The mascot for both teams looks like my pal Joe Stains, shown to the right.
Joey is looking a little glum here. I guess he was looking forward to a bit more fame and lots of good shots of him at courtside as "his" teams advanced in the dance.

But I think Joey would have found it a bit too cold for his liking if his teams made the final four in Houston. So I hope he stays warm and happy in Azrizona and enjoys the sunshine.

(which I miss, just a bit.)


07 March 2011

Take me to the Mardi Gras!

Me and Miss Asta are in New Orleans for a bit of pre Mardi Gras pawtying!

After some difficulty with the crabs for the gumbo escaping from their boxes at JFK in New York, we have officially arrived and met up with some of our pals.....

Here we are with Jake and Miss Fergi having Big Nets at the Cafe Du Monde! Miss Asta and Miss Fergi had that chicory coffee stuff. Me and Jake stuck with the CoCola (see, I can talk Southrin!) A most Welcome Side Effect is that CoCola is quite simpatico with Terrier Vibes, so we should be able to stay awake until early Wednesday morning, which is what Asta and Fergie have in mind anyway!Asta and I had to stop and eat some crawfish (or crayfish, whichever you prefer) and so we picked up a half a basket of crabs to replace the ones we had to abandon at the airport.

C'mon take me to the Mardi Gras
Where the people sing and play
Where the dancing is elite
And there's music in the street
Both night and day

Hurry take me to the Mardi Gras
In the city of my dreams
You can legalize your lows
You can wear your summer clothes
In the New Orleans

And I will lay my burden down
Rest my head upon that shore
And when I wear that starry crown
I won't be wanting anymore

Take your burdens to the Mardi Gras
Let the music wash your soul
You can mingle in the street
You can jingle to the beat
Of Jelly Roll

Nobody says it like Paul Simon

06 March 2011

ze Gumbo - reprised

Mon cher petit maman, she has been in ze kitchen all day long, cooking up ze file' gumbo. All day long, we 'av been smelling ze crab and ze shrimp. Ze onions and ze garlic! Ze fishy stock and ze roux.

And all day long, le petit Teka has been saying she does not like ze smells. She does not understand why muzzer must be in ze kitchen so much, so zer is no time to play seek-a Teka. So ze dad must take us on ze morning walk. So all we can talk about is ze gumbo! She has not had a taste of ze gumbo like I, Gus Dagger wft, world traveller (well, USA anyway) and famous terrier gourmet. She does not remember ze parties in Virginia when ze muzzer cooked and ze people ate and dropped samples. She has not my sophistication and educated palate.

But me, ze Gus Dagger dog. I know how marvellous is ze gumbo. I know how delicious is ze king cake! I know how handy are ze beer mugs and ze bread plates. Ah yes, ze mardi gras party is about to begin.

And now ze Teka dog knows that it worth ze wait. Now she knows what for is ze long day of preparations! Now she has tasted ze crab and ze shrimp. And slurped the broth out of the abandoned bowls. Now she is sleeping off ze gumbo drunk in her crate. While I, Gus Dagger, must write zis blog so my friends know what was for dinner at our house tonight. And I must go and play my zydeco accordian so all ze guests can dance the fais d0-do and ze two step.

To all our friends from Lexington, we hope you are having a party on your own tonight. And to our friends and hosts still in New Orleans, we know you are celebrating your city and heritage. !

Laissez le bon temps roulez!


05 March 2011

Happy Birthday E.Beth!

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Have a wonderful day

Hello again, doggies of the internet

It is I, Eartha Kitteh.

This lady I live with, E. Rabbit, keeps trying to convince me that I have lots of things in common with this dog named Gus she thinks is my uncle, and this other dog she thinks is my cousin, Teka.

So the other day she saw that this dog named Gus had posted a picture of this other dog Teka helping this guy she calls "Dad" with his crossword puzzles.

"Look, Eartha Kitteh," she said to me. "This dog Teka, who is your cousin, is helping Dad with his crossword puzzles. Just like you help me with my puzzles in the morning."

And this is true. I help her with the crossword puzzles AND the sudoku puzzles every morning, because I am a genius with both words and numbers.

So she said I could put up a picture of how I help her with her puzzles:

Here I am saying "no, lady! That word is wrong! Give me that pen! I will fix it for you!"

I think that is much more helpful than that other dog, Teka, who seems to just be sitting there.

04 March 2011

Muzzer hires an expert

I kinda volunteered muzzer to make the gumbo for a special event I am attending.

She said she did not have time to make the fish stock from scratch, so we hired this expert.


Teka thinks he sounds kinda like Sweet Willy Yum.


02 March 2011


So, my friend Fred, who is a handsome Bichon dude, took umbrage because I said the groomer made me look like a Bichon.

And I really wouldn't have any problems looking like Fred.

So what I should have said was "the groomer made me look like a square, fat Bichon."

As you can see.
Rear view

From the side
Full Gussie

So, maybe next time they make me look like a schnauzer Muzzer will be grateful?

(this was not my usual groomer, just some stranger who did a bath and brush, because the first available terrier grooming is April 3."