22 March 2008

Happy Vernal Equinox etc.

Happy Spring! Happy Easter! Happy Belated Vernal Equinox! Happy, Happy, Happy.

Except...I am one sad doggy!

I am Neglected.

I am Deprived.

I am Forsaken and Forlorn.

Muzzer is not working on my blog at all!

It is all the fault of this stoopid move that is coming up. Dad is changing jobs on or around June 1, and we are moving to Memphis sometime after July 15th. Lots of things are happening at our house, all of them resulting in less time for the DOG!

Oh, I get fed. I get walked! I go to work. I get scritches. I get FAR TO MANY baths and showers.

But I don't get muzzer to help me blog much at all.

Seems I have been living in a falling down hovel and I never even realized it. Every spare moment (and a few of them that belong to ME!) gets spent "getting the house ready to go on the market." We are pruning, we are planting, we are painting, we are pitching all kinds of interesting stuff into bags for Goodwill, or St. Vinnie's or the Assistance League. WE are even talking about discarding some dog toys! I am not entering into that discussion, and have buried several under what used to the the Lysalloma Bush before the Pruner Par Excellence got her hands on it!

Anyway, I want all my friends to know that it is not my fault that we are not blogging. It is not my fault that we are not on Sunday AM chat. It is not my fault that muzzer falls asleep every night before the 10:00 o'clock news. Please don't forget me, don't forsake me, don't refuse me your forgiveness if you think I am ignoring you. Muzzer assures me that we will be back with more of my adventures shortly after April 1.

OMD! That is April Fool's Day! Do you think she is fooling me? We will just have to see, right?

We will still be reading blogs and making our usual inane and non-relevant comments. I might even pen a few songs - mostly blues. So keep us in your thoughts as we "de-clutter."

We leave you with this very fine award that Lacie, Scruffy and Baby Stan awarded me!
I am a "Totally Hip Blogger!" Which is a great honor, and one I well deserve. If only I didn't think it is somehow related to the photo of me that muzzer posted a short while ago, which seems to be some kind of "in" joke with muzzer and Lacie's mom! Sheesh. Here I am - hoomiliated again!

I would like to pass this along to my new friend Pearl, Opal's new real (not wheelie) puggy who looks awesome in Pink!

15 March 2008

Hey Yall, Paddy Carols!

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My Muzzer said "hey, Gussie!"

"There's a Party in Soulard"

Now I am just a doggie

But this puzzle is so hard

They had a march this summer

Just to celebrate Bastille

And Beer Fest in October,

Gee I wish I had been there

They had a doggie Parade

Just for Mardi Gras there too

But I have to ask you Doggies

Can you figure who is who

Are these folks French or German

Or they Cajun or from Eire

Aw heck, forget the questions

Just lets goooo and Paarty There.


O! My name is Gussie Dagger, I'm the leader of the pack

And all the blogging doggies they are marching at my back

There's Asta and Asta and Maggie and Mitch, and Tanner and Joey Too

And lovely Faya far away, and Teka who's right here

There's Butchy and Snickers and Stanley and Stella

And Ruby in the air

There's Wally and Ethel and Ivy and Jackson and lots of others there

We think there are still Barkalots and Axel's coming too

If there were many other's it would look like quite a zoo

Tra la la laaa, la la la laa laaaa, laaaa la la la laaaatra la la laaa, la la la laa laaaa, a credit to all dogdom is Gussie Dagger's pack


Oh Snickers Dear, I hear my muzzer callin'

From far away, down in the desert sand

She calls me home, to help her with the packing

So we can move, and live near to Graceland

But you are there, in cold and frozen Ioway

And I would stay, with you a little while

So do not bark, and wake up good old Butchy

I'll wait and snooze, til dawn lights up the land.

And then I'll go, and help her with the paaaacking

And you must stay, and help here with the koi

But we will know, when fall comes to this land again

That I'll be closer and I'll be your boy.

11 March 2008

For Sale

For Sale
Approximately 1.5 Sq. Miles of Territory in Tempe, AZ. Currently patrolled a minimum of two times daily by Wire Fox Terrier with assistance from JRT and humans. Diligence required to keep the cats in line and other dogs off this property.
Price is reasonable. JRT willing to stay with new owner. Trade available for similar area in Memphis, TN. Prefer area in mid-town near Rhodes college.
Relocating for Dad's job.
Also available, one large home on 1/3 of an acre, and one consignment shop. This can be a great package deal.
Respond via comment to this blog.
regulatory agencies require that full disclosure of temperature averages during summer months be included with this posting. Temperatures can reach 100 degrees in April. Temperatures exceeding 100 degrees are common in May, June, July, August, and September. October temperatures may also reach 100 degrees. But, it is a dry heat.

09 March 2008

Mystery Solved!

Lots of my friends wrote to my blog and guessed who sent my beautiful bowl.

The favorite candidate and leading by a large margin is the lovely Miss Snickers.

She is a super duper wirey girl and my best and sweetest squeeze. However...she did not send me my bowl.

And neither did Joe Stains, the barkey boys, or any of the others guessed by my audience.


The person who sent my lovely bowl is my lovely sister E.Rabbit.

Thank you very much E.Rabbit. You may be getting old in people years, but you will always be a pup to me!


07 March 2008

For Butchy, with love and Affections

Butchy's "Gotcha Day,"

He is strong.

Mama and Dad will love him

his life long.

They're on his side

Oh, when the thunder storms

And Butchy hides inside

They are there for safety and comfort

Giving him some love

When he's hungry

Wants to play

When Snickers Bites his nose

Takes his toys away

They're fair and smart

When he needs to pee

Or just to go for walks

They are there for his health and comfort

Giving him some love

They are there for his health and comfort

Giving him some love

Stand up Butchy Boy

Take a bow

You are a wirey fox

You can lick them all

You make us smile

Oh, when you need some love, or just a game of Tug

We'll be there for your health and comfort

Giving you our love

We'll be there for your health and comfort

Giving you our love

Kisses from Gussie, Teka, Muzzer and Dad

05 March 2008

A Busy Day for Terriers!

We had a very busy day today. This box came in the mail! It has my name on the outside, so I said:
"Lemme see this thing? What is in here? Who can have sent it to me? Muzzer! Open this box!"
So muzzer opened it...look who has her nose in it already! I told her in no uncertain terms that bowl belongs to me. After all.....I am the Cardinal fan. She wouldn't know a baseball if it bit her! But we still don't know who sent it. There was no card inside. The return address is only for the company that made this. I pulled all the stuffing out and smelled it, and it didn't smell like anyone I know. Still......I think I know who sent it. Why don't you all guess, and I will tell you my answer on Thursday.
Then, me and muzzer went to the store. And I was helping her with the trash. Something very interesting has been in this basket recently. Let me get in here and I will find it!
See, I got the big bag out! And I took it around the counter to investigate. But mean old muzzer came over and made me give back the deeelishous candy wrapper. Sheesh. There was no chocolate left on it. Anyway. I am pretty sleepy now and I'm gonna take a nap.

04 March 2008

A Challenge from Lovely Asta

Oh, we knew it had to happen. The latest tag involves books, and muzzer is always chatting with other hoomans about books. So Asta and her Mommi tagged us to tell about our current reading matter:

Here are the RULES:

1. Grab the nearest book of 123 pages or more.
2. Open it to page 123.
3. Find the first 5 sentences and write them down.
4. Then invite 5 friends to do the same.

We chose this book for two reasons:

1. My current book is Pokey Little Puppy. It does not have 123 pages.
2. This tag was started by our hooman friend Blue, who lives in the UK. Ruth Rendell is a British writer. It seemed appropriate somehow.

So. The title of our book is Not in the Flesh, written by Ruth Rendell. It is one of a series featuring Chief Inspector Wexford and his pals at the Kingsmarkham Police Force. Here are the first five sentences from page 123

"Old and lonely, she was relishing pouring out her memories to a sympathetic ear. There could be, when he chose, something in Wexford's manner that invited confidences from those who had little opportunity to air their miseries and their grievances. During a quarrel over their respective lifestyles, his daughter Sylvia had said to him. 'You ought to have been a bloody psychotherapist.'

'Well, it looks as if you were successsful as permission was refused.' he said. 'Did anyone else go in there?' "

Muzzer says it is a great book, she highly recommends it, and if she can wrench it away from Dad, she will send it out on loan upon request, since it is currently only available in the UK. US publication is sometime early this summer.

Now, we are s'posed to tag five more people:

We tag: Scruffie, Lacey and Stan
Axel and his Mom
The Whippets and their servant
Joey and Doofus and their mom (we want to know what cook book is good!)
Ivy and BP and their humans. (hmmmm...prolly about human pups)

Thank you all

02 March 2008

Spring Fever

I found this cool site at Scruffy, Lacie and Stan's place. I couldn't resist.


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