30 July 2009

Don't these people ever stay home?

Me and Teka were pretty worried earlier this week.

These are the suitcases that Muzzer and Dad use when they go "out of town."

And usually, the suitcases live way up above the closet in the guest bedroom. This weekend, they stayed on the bed - and one of them was OPEN!

So me n Teka figured that we might get left again.

Like last weekend . You know?

But every thing is OK Dokey. We got to come along. 'Course, we are in St. Loulis,

At the same old boring hotel. Doing the same old boring things.

Except this morning, we met some horses...But of course...NO ONE HAD A CAMERA!

Good help is really hard to find.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.


pee ess...dad is going to the ball games again. We hope this one is over earlier than the one last night.


29 July 2009


Muzzer and Dad stopped in Kentucky to visit the whippets.
They stopped BEFORE they came to pick us up.
We have forgiven them somewhat because Miss Patience, the whippet servant
sent along some toys for us to play with.
They are neat stretchy toys.
Teka has a pastel one that smells like William.
Mine is brighter in color and much smarter than hers.

Except now she has both of them .

And she does not share well like I do.

But she very much prefers the one that smells like William.

So perhaps I will get mine back someday.


26 July 2009


Oh MY! I am very embarrassed.

It is NOT Ruby Bleu's Barkday

It is the other lovely Ruby from DWB.

My Apologies to both of those lovely ladies.

Gussie d

pee ess...it was still a lovely pawty.

25 July 2009

Saturday Night Festivities

Not Sunny Here

Reporting from the Pawty Room at PetSmart

Where we are celebrating the Barkday of the lovely Miss Ruby. complete with....

Cards from the lovely Miss Asta

The participation of the handsome Jake and Just Harry

The Stirring presence of Scruffy, Stan and Lacie

Maggie and Mitch, who came to enjoy the Ice Cream

Jake and the Lovely Miss Fergie, shown coming in from the Barking Lot

The Beautiful Miss Snickers

And her handsome Brother, Mr. Butcho

Oh yes, somewhere in here are Mr. Gus and Miss Teka.

40 Double SteakBurgers, hold the buns

Cake, a Blender and a lot of doggie i-scream.

My...I didn't know the Pet Hotel could be such fun.

24 July 2009


Hey Pals....

Gotta be quick. We are staying at the Pet Smart Hotel here in Mayemphis.

This place is OK.

It has a pawty room and softserve doggie i-scream

We have a new Pal.. He looks a bit like Sunny, but with some differences. (He He He!)

He has lovely long nails and can type pretty well.

We have booked the Pawty Room for Sattiday Night.

It is Ruby Bleu's Barkday this weekend, plus we all need some fun here.

We have ordered Double Steak Burgers, no cheese, hold the buns from the Steak n Shake down the Road

We are hoping Lacie brings the Blender.

We are sure Butcho will help Ruby with the Pick ups.

HOpe to see Ya

Gussie Teka and NOT Sunny

OOOOPS, gotta go.


22 July 2009

Not a great day

Rest in Peace, Gidget. TV and Movie Star, epitomizing small but mighty, and a sterling representative for the international cuisine served by Taco Bell. She was 15 years old, which makes her older than Aunt Marie, and therefore, deserving our respect and admiration.

And, on an only slightly lighter note, Teka and I are being abandoned again!! We are leaving tomorrow for the Pet Hotel, while Muzzer and Dad enjoy themselves somewhere in KY.

Teka is upset because she is not being allowed to visit Swede William, and I am upset because blogging is difficult without hooman intervention.
So, Teka and I will be reading your blogs, and we may be able to leave brief comments. But we probably will be unable to post again until the hoomans return.
We hope you all have a nice weekend.

Gussie n Teka

20 July 2009


Happy Birthday Miss Snickers

Welcome to your Virtual Surprise Pawty!

Here are some of the guests and friends who

have sent their best wishes to you today.

Sweet Koobie from PA and Grandad
Sweet Abby

Sweet Asta Rooni

Teka Toy

Swede William representing the Waggle + 2

Jake and Just Harry

Lacie who came for Belly Dancing Lessons

Sunny and Scooter all the way from Texas.

Aggie and Archie

Stan, Scruff and Lacie

Maggie and Mitch


Miss Fergi

Sweet Stella, represnting


Lovely Khyra

Who also sent you this great pressie

Of course, Petey and Rosie send their best wishes

from their honeymoon hideaway.
Oh, and Me Too.
Kisses Gussie D


Don't forget to send me your photo for the virtual Barkday pawty for
The Lovely Miss Snickers.
It's a Surprise!
We Wanna Make her a Happy Puppy.


18 July 2009

updates from Gussie

Greetings Friends....I am sorry that I have been AWOL, but I spent some time in Ioway with my lovely Miss Snickers, and truly enjoyed relaxing with her and her extended family.

While I was away, Teka was in charge of the Back Yard Project, and I must say she did a great job. Tree is in, sod is well established, and the only casualties were muzzer's funny almost-slacks. But they made her look fat anyway.

Me and Teka and Butcho and Miss Snickers are currently in Scotland for the Wedding of the Year, uniting the lovely Rosie and our handsome pal Petey. We hope to see many of you there, go to Petey's blog and others for full coverage. When we return, we will be celebrating Miss Snickers' Barkday on Monday in Ioway! You are all invited to join us for a virtual pawty. If you send me your photos, we will post a collage of good wishes Monday evening, cdt. My pee mail address is: gusdaggerwft at gmail.com.

12 July 2009

See My Sissie

Oh, I am going to be in so much trouble for this one.

gotta go
Teka Toy

10 July 2009

Someone Please Tell me

Why I am in trouble?
I went out this morning and helped
muzzer with watering the new sod.
That is what Gussie asked me to do.
I think I was doing a good job.
At one time, I had the whole sprinkler head thingy
in my tiny, delicate mouth.
And I stayed busy telling muzzer
where she should point the thing and
when she should move the hose and
how long to hold it in one place.
I am telling you. It was exhausting!
So why am I in trouble? I think it has something to do with the way
muzzer's little khaki not-quite-slacks looked.

Pawsonally, I think the design is charming.
And at least it blends with the overall
boring khaki effect of her wardrobe.


Teka Toy

09 July 2009


Hey Y'all
I sure am glad that Gussie is up in IOWAY or OHIOWAY
or whatever with Miss Snickers.
That means you and I can get to know one another a lot better!
And I think we will have a great time.
Now, one thing you might not know about me is that I am a great reader.
I read the New Yawker, I read Cosmopawlitan, and I read Real Simple.
Well, I started reading that because I thought it was a story about Gussie,
but it turns out to be quite interesting.
This month, the issue is big on articles about saving money.
And the frontspiece of the mag (page 7) is this rather handsome fellow: Now, I don't know for sure if he is an airedale or a welshie
or a lakie or a wirey guy, but he looks good in soapsuds, no?
Muzzer thinks the article is full of schmuttz.
She tried to groom Gussie one time herself.
In addition to the special knives and stuff,
there was the vet bill (I think she pulled a bit too hard one time)
and the People Dogtor co-pay (Gussie thought she was pullin a little too hard also.)
So her advice on this one is "don't try these directions at home."
Plus, ya know, they are using clippers on this fellow,
and we think he may be a breed that shouldn't be clipped.
But then, what do we know?
So, while Gussie is gone, me and muzzer went to Target together.
She got this bug thingy. She says she will report on it later, but she is hopeful.
The 'skeeters here still think she is a real treat to eat,
and even the soap made out of goat milk is not helpin'.
I think she smells pretty good myself,
but she does attract some strange looks in crowds.

We also got some of these Chewnola thingies.

Muzzer has been bringing home one package at a time for about a month now.

I convinced her we need to buy in bulk.

There are three layers, one with seeds and stuff,

one hard and chewy, and then a yummy middle part.

Me and Gussie both like them lots. I can eat one faster than he can!

And then, what did I see but this lovely green label.

It says "The Waggle" and I thought someone was marketing my Swede Willy Yum.

But it turns out to just be the chewie toy also colored bright green, with holes and stuff. Muzzer puts good food type stuff in the holes, and when me and Gussie tug and toss it, the treats come out. Yumm. Not my Sweetie, but OK by me.

It is bone shaped, and we apologize, we think bloggie losted the picture.

No work on the garden to report. See ya later.

Teka Toy

08 July 2009

This, that, and the other things.

My friend Butcho came to pick me up yesterday so I can spend a few days with
my sweet Miss Snickers. Until then, I have put Teka in charge of our project, and
so I turn this posting over to her. Fasten those seatbelts.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...like he is the only one who can handle a
landscaping project. Right? Ok. Here are some pictures of
what Muzzer insists are grapes growing in our back yard.

They are pretty small, and very hard.
So far, even the birds and critters are not eating them.
Please do not order this particular vintage. We do not
have a great track record growing comestibles of any kind.
Here is what I have finished on the project to date:
This morning I helped Pedro water the ground before the
BIG truck got here with the sod. Then I made sure
that all the sod pieces fit together at the edges, and ran and ran and ran and ran
making sure they were all pushed firmly into place. Then I helped Dad water them
one more time. We will water tomorrow morning also,
and again every morning and evening until Monday,
when we will check to see if they are growing rootses.
HAH. Just wait til that tree comes on Friday. I am digging a great big
hole, covering it in water and mud, and having a grand old time.
Kisses to Miss Snickers and all the other doggies who need them.
Teka Toy on the job in Mayemphis