31 October 2007

Gussie's Scary Story

By way of introduction...Asta tagged Gus to play the "name game" some time ago. He said it was no fun, because everyone else had already done it, and no one wants to read his stuff when they've read a hundred others almost like it. I suggested he work out the names and use them in a story. It has taken him forever, probably because of interruptions caused by DWB Pawties. He has also spent the last couple of days agonizing over Janie, at one point suggesting that we see if Bussie's mom would trade us Janie for Teka. Now what good that would do, I don't know. Anyway.

Here is what he came up with...finally. And my apologies to Gus and his muse, but some of his passages were just too gorey to believe..he has caught the spirit of this holiday big time.

"It was a Dark and Stormy night," and Famous Rock star Kitty Kurve sat with her sometime boyfriend Gangster PBJ Cannoli in his nightclub on the Delmar loop where her tour of St. Louis was starting. "Peanut" she said, "Don’t you think we should hire that crooked detective, Rouge Canine to help us find the missing soap star?"

"Sweetie, you know youse can have anything you want" said PBJ . " When did your friend "NoMiNa Landham, MD go missing?"

"Right after we had dinner at White Castle" said Kitty.

Now that was a scary thought, and brought visions of a terrible fate for her friend. "And she ate six of them!"

"Wow!" said PBJ "that’s a lot of belly bombs in her tiny tummy!"

Rouge Canine met them at her office in Clayton. Looking out over the city from her 21st floor office, she carefully considered the evidence in the case. "I think this calls for assistance from my favorite robot Dag-gu" She glided gracefully to the closet on the left of the office and easily pulled the small robot out of the closet. Clapping her hands twice and twitching her nose, she activated the powerful brain living in the body that closely resembled a shaggy wire fox terrier.

"Dag-gu, we must find the missing soap opera star immediately" she said. "There is not much time to waste, and much time has already been wasted by consulting Red le Fin du Monde, the incredibly handsome, unbelievably stupid superhero ."

"Waarf" said Dag-gu. And he toodled off to the elevator, where he used a long pencil to punch in the floor for the Lobby.

"How did he know where we were going" asked PBJ?

"Aah, that’s the only floor he can really reach" said Rouge "so that’s where he always ends up!"

In the lobby, they met Ace Glennon, NASCAR driver and former fiancé of Kitty Kurve. "Hey Rouge baby" he said "I was just on my way up to see yer." "I was hopin you might help me find my old flame Kitty ."

"Here I am you speed demon" said Kitty. "Just what do you want, anyway?" I hope you are not looking for a reconciliation, because it is never going to happen."

"Aaaahhhrgh" said Ace " I think I will just go drive into a wall at high speeds."

"Well make sure you don’t damage the car " said PBJ "I happen to have a half interest in that you know, and my mother’s friends at the Fratellanza own the other half."

Ace muttered something under his breath and stormed off, leaving our intrepid quartet to make their way back to the limousine that PBJ had standing at the curb.

Their driver was none other than Red le Fin du Monde, in the very close company of stripper Muzzer Carver, whose name in the federal witness protection program is Ann Keith.

They were watching Burke Bimidji, the new weather person on KSD-TV talk about the cold front approaching the area in time to freeze all the little fairies and ballerinas while they went out to Trick or Treat.

On the side walk at the corner of DeBusschier and DeBalivier, they found aging hippie Poached Eggie Kibble Tree sitting patiently in full lotus position with a sign that said "Has Anybody seen NoMiNa?" in large psychedelic letters.

"Hey-ya" said Red le Fin du Monde, superhero noted for his verbal acuity. "What-cha lookin for NoMiNa for anyway, huh?"

"She is my long lost daughter" said Poached Eggie. "I recently inherited a fortune from my grandfather, Auggie, and would like to have her come home to live with me." "As the black sheep of my family I now have incredible wealth, but none of my friends or acquaintances are around any longer to share my good fortune. My first thought was of my darling daughter."

"If she really is your long lost daughter, tell me what her name means." said Kitty.

Why her name means NO MIddle NAme." said Poached Eggie. "I named her after a question on her birth certificate that I could not otherwise have answered, because I have no middle name."

Suddenly across the street, a car horn honked. "Hey" shouted a voice "I’m over here."

It was indeed NoMiNa driving a cute little red sportscar fitted out with NASCAR symbols. "Look what my new boyfriend ACE gave me to drive!" she said elatedly. "It goes really fast."

"But where have you been?" Kitty asked.

"Oh, I really got laid low by those belly bombs" said NoMiNa. "From now on, I’m sticking to Steak n Shake!"

"Hurry up guys, we’re gonna be to late to catch my favorite cartoon Collarie Melon about a philanthropist who gives all his money to build libraries for dogs!"

"Now that sounds like a fine idea" said Poached Eggie. "I think I’ll get rid of this tainted money and live simply again."

"Well" said Kitty " I have to be on my way. My new Walkies Rainbow Tour starts this evening, and I have a couple of costume adjustments to make for NoMiNa. She lost a lot of weight on her White Castle diet, and we wouldn’t want her costumes to fall off in the middle of her dance number."

"Wait, wait" said Muzzer Carver. "Someone tell me please just what is wrong with that?"

Where our characters got their names
YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (favorite stuffie + tail characteristic)
YOUR GANGSTER NAME: (favorite kong-filler + favorite cookie)
YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color + favorite animal species)
YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name + city where you were born)
YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name + first 2 letters of your first name)
YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: ("2nd favorite color + favorite drink)NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)
STRIPPER NAME: (your favorite scent + favorite treat)
WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names
TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (your vet’narin’s last name + a major city that starts with the same letter)
CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit + article of clothing you’re wearing right now + "ie" or "y")HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast + your favorite plant)
YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: ("The" + Your favorite hobby + favorite weather element + "Tour")

On our way.

Air Ruby has landed in our yard, and Teka and I are taking off for the graveyard tour with Blue and the DWB group.

Muzzer is working on a spooky tale I dictated earlier, which she is supposed to post later today.

Teka and I have our passports and licenses at the ready, just in case we have trouble landing, but Ruby tells us that she is planning on using a military landing strip which is closer to Blue's house, so we can meet up with the Euro-doggies and start the tour.


27 October 2007

Arrrr. . ..

Hullo, dogs.

Here is Gus and Teka's Halloween video. Wait until you see what their costumes are.


They are PIRATES! I think they will be the Terrier Terrors of the Open Sea.

--E. Rabbit

Happy halloween

Muzzer here:

E.Rabbit sent a video showing Gussie and Teka in costumes she sent them. To watch it, follow the directions she provided.

1. Type http://www.bluemountain.com/?source=bma999&rr=y into your web browser
2. Locate the eCard pickup button in the upper left-hand area of the page
3. Enter the following code --> 1750307028870

Clearly my child is more savvy about this than I am.

Lift off

Muzzer here...just wanted to report that Air Ruby lifted off about an hour ago (9:51 edt) for a short hop to Scottsdale to pick up Tanner and Joe Stains. So to all the doggies on the flight path, keep an eye out for your transport plane.

Gussie left the laptop with me this weekend (gasp!) so if I hear anything from the peripetatic group, I will post updates. He has my cellphone for "emergencies" so they are not totally out of touch. I am going to head for a few hours shuteye. It will be nice to sleep in tomorrow, and my apologies to whatever doggie gets tapped to take Teka for walkies!

26 October 2007

Lacey's challenge

Lacey challenged us to write a limerick about Stanley's new sister Stella.

Here we go......

There once was a Lakey named Stella
Stan saw her and shouted "Que Bella!"

She was led by the hand
To live there with Stan

Who surely is one lucky fella.


When Stanley met his sissy Stella
She knew he was a special fella

Now she's his princess fair
And fixes his hair

In Gooberstan, 'neath the umbrella


We've waited so long to meet Stella
Cause Stanley is our favorite fella

Now she and our Stan
They rule Gooberstan

Wearing robes made of velvet so Yella!


Stanley and Stella resided
In Gooberstan, they never hide it

No streetcars were found
To run on the ground

So they share a bicycle and ride it.

don't get me started Lacey

Today we've come to celebrate
A very very special date

Cause Stella arrived
And Stanley now thrives

In Gooberstan behind the gate.

AND the last one, I promise

Stella's a princess divine
She dines upon crumpets and wine

While Stanley must hurry
And try not to worry

He's buying her jewelry so fine.

23 October 2007

Dad's Birthday

My muzzer's in the doghouse
She'll be there for a while
She missed my Daddy's birthday
In her own usual style

She says that she was thinking
Tomorrow was the day
October 23rd was due
This week, and not today

She didn't see her error
Until she got to work
When she looked at the calendar
She said "I am a jerk"

And so she got a cupcake
With lots of sprinkles on
And put it with the cards and stuff
We'd hidden from anon

I hope my Daddy likes it
And says she can come out
I'd hate to have her missing me
She would, without a doubt

'Cause I'll sleep with my Daddy
Inside our cozy house
And hope that muzzer does not see
A cat, or rat or mouse!

happy birthday Dad!

22 October 2007

Snow Ball Fight!

Hey Pals,
Somebody has started a blog snowball fight!
We got tagged by Butchy and Miss Snickers

Let it snow !
~You have just been hit with a blog snow ball!~

It's the start of..... Snow Ball Fight 2007!! & 2008!!

One rule to this game.... You can NOT hit someone who has already hit you!

Now... go out there and get as many people as you can, before they get you! I got you first! and you can't get me back!

Nanee - Nanee - Nanee!

We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. Never Be The First To Get Old!!!!!

slurpy kissies

21 October 2007

Oh Se - do - na

Oh Sedona, I love your red rocksLovely in their desert setting
Oh Sedona, I love your red rocks
Away, I'm bound away...back to home in Tempe

Oh Sedona, I love your Red Rocks

Great for long walks with my Daddy

Oh Sedona, I love your Red rocks
For time spent, with my pal Travis
Oh Sedona, I love your red rocks
Away, I'm bound away....Back home to old Tempe

I love your burbling watersStreams with cold, clear running waterI love your rocks and grassesAway, I'm bound away, heading back to Tempe
Photos of Gus and Dad and Travis taken at Forest House Resort and Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ. October 19-21, 2007

18 October 2007

Oops, missed it

Asta's Dad is a Special Guy
And I let his natal day pass me by
Asta's Dad is a Special Guy
So Happy Birthday Asta's Dad
Happy, Happy Birthday Dad
Kissies from all your pals
We hope you had a special day
And took Asta outside to run and play
We hope you had a special day
So Happy Birthday Asta's Dad
Happy, Happy Birthday Dad
Kissies from all your pals
To the tune of the Minnesota Rouser!

17 October 2007

Back to work for the Terrier!

Monday was my first day back at work in a while. When it is really hot in Azrizona, muzzer guilts out about making me get into a very hot car and ride in the back seat while the air conditioner struggles to cool it down to 96 degrees.

So on Monday, I went back to work! And muzzer said she had a surprise for me. It seems a package had come from Asta ny and her Mommi with some things for muzzer to sell at the store, and also a few surprises for me! So I was excited, and ran right back to the treat cupboard as soon as I got into the store. See what I found? THREE surprises for Gussie! And Muzzer asked which of the surpises I wanted for Monday. Did I want the cool yellow life preserver tennis ball covered thingy?
Or did I want the marvelous purple chomp toy with lots of colorful squigglies?
I sniffed both of them carefully. Hmm.. this is a conundrum! Yellow ring thing or purple phallic symbol?
I voted for the purple phallic symbol, and had a great time chomping on it all day long. Behind the counter, under the racks, in the dressing room while helping customers. Then I took it and carefully hid it in the back room so that Jewel Berning from next door couldn't find it. She is not as bad as Teka about chewing my toys, but almost!

Today when we went in, I ran back to the treat cupboard and waited a bit impatiently for muzzer to come! I was doing my little terrier bouncy dance, trying to bounce my body high enough to get into the cabinet all by myself.

Well, that didn't work out, but Muzzer did come back and give me the tennis ball ring. These toys are special because they smell like little Asta! She is a cutie, even if she is really young.

Thank you Asta and Mommi for such nice surprises! Muzzer says we are taking the bully stick with us to Sedona. Won't Travis be jealous?

15 October 2007

A longish Tag from Blue!

A quirky questionnaire!

We have been tagged by Blue with what she labeled “a quirky questionnaire!” As she explained it, the idea behind this questionnaire is to learn a few previously unknown facts about friends..She tagged me and muzzer! So we have set it up so my answers are first, and Muzzer’s answers come second.

Got that? Good, we’re not so sure that we do, but we are game, so here goes…..

Gus: When I came to my family, my name was already GUS! For some reason, they thought it was appropriate.
Muzzer: My parents wanted to name me “Glenda” a combination of their first names. Someone convinced them to give me my own name. However, there were four of us in my kindergarten class with the same first and middle name, so the good sisters had a few days of chaos before they started calling us by our surname.

Gus: Boy dogs don’t cry, do they?
Muzzer: Sunday, the Komen walk gets me started every year.

Gus: Don’t know, I’ve only written anything on the ‘puter.
Muzzer: No.

Gus: Genoa Salami, Hammie, Turkel, Roasted Beef, Bologna, Mortadella, Capicolla, Proscuitto, spicy salami, pork roll, pastrami, corned beef……
Muzzer: I like braunschwieger, liverwurst, and all those thing Gussie mentioned.

Gus: No, I had the fixit surgery before I came to live with my family.
Muzzer: Two daughters, seven years apart!

Gus: If I were another person, I would be friends with me. If I were another dog, probably not.
Muzzer: Maybe, depending on when I met me.

Gus: I don’t have any sarcasm. Should I get muzzer to buy me some?
Muzzer: Moi? Certainly

Gus: I still gots everything I came with, except a few boy parts.
Muzzer: Yup, and I never had Chicken Pox.

Gus: No, but Teka would!
Muzzer: Not from anything higher than two feet.Never ever

Gus: Whatever is left in the bowl with the milk that day!
Muzzer: Sugar Crisp with the original Sugar Bear!

Gus: ????
Muzzer: Sneakers, no. Oxfords, yes.

Gus: I am Super Wire!
Muzzer: Not as strong as I used to be.

Gus: Lowfat Frozen sweet cream yogurt with Milk bones mixed in.
Muzzer: Amaretto with grated orange peel and Ghiardelli Chocolate Chips! (May depend on the ice cream shop)

Gus: Smell!
Muzzer: Eyes, then hair.

Gus: I’m color blind.
Muzzer: Red, except in October, then Pink!

Gus: My lack of guy parts.
Muzzer: My height.

Gus: Miss Snickers, Mr. Butcho and their Mom and Dad
Muzzer: My mother and my sister.

Gus: Every one excepting Teka Toy!
Muzzer: No, the table gets too crowded.

Gus: No shoes, no pants, just fur.
Muzzer: Khaki pants and no shoes, they are under my chair at the counter. (hey, it’s my store!)

Gus: A French fry.
Muzzer: Won Ton Soup from the Chinese Take out place.

Gus: The American League Championship Series with Dad and Teka on the Big Bed.
Muzzer: All Things Considered on NPR

Gus: Hey, did I forget to mention I am color blind? All those colors taste the same to me.
Muzzer: Burnt Sienna

Gus: My sister E.Rabbit, who calls me every week!
Muzzer: A customer calling about store hours.

Gus: Yes, Yes, Yes!
Muzzer: Yes, and I can’t wait to meet her.

Gus: Baseball with my dad.
Muzzer: I don’t do sports.

Gus: Mostly white, black saddle, some ginger
Muzzer: Dark brown with one skunk streak of grey, contributed by E.Beth!

Gus: Brown, just like Muzzer and E.Rabbit and E.Beth! (and Teka) Dad’s are hazel.
Muzzer: Brown

Gus: No, can’t get them in without opposable thumbs
Muzzer: No. Can’t get them in, but still trying!

Gus: Kibble, green beans, eggies, wally melon, asparagus, and whatever Muzzer is eating. Oh, and Steak and Shake.
Muzzer: Shrimp, crab, anchovies, pasta, good tomatoes, bread and olive oil, toasted ravioli and thin crust pizza.

Gus: Happy endings.
Muzzer: Happy endings, except for Love Story

Gus: That one with the Terriers!
Muzzer: Best in Show

Gus: I don’t do shirts, but I am wearing my bow tie, cause we are at work! It is my blue one, cause it is Monday
Muzzer: Hot pink!

Gus: SNOW!
Muzzer: Fall and Winter!

Gus: Kissies!
Muzzer: Hugs and kisses

Gus: Ice Cream!
Muzzer: One good piece of very dark chocolate.

Gus: To food, any time, any where
Muzzer: To a call from my husband or children

Gus: To the “come” command.
Muzzer: To a phone call made by a recorded voice!

Gus: We are reading Winnie the Pooh again because it is muzzer’s most favorite!
Muzzer: Re-reading Michael Dibdin’s “The Last Sherlock Holmes Story” to see if I can figure it out this time!

Gus: My secretary does the typing.
Muzzer: No mouse pad, use the laptop.

Gus: We watched the Az. Diamondbacks lose again.
Muzzer: Don’t do TV. Sometimes watch the news.

Gus: Muzzer singing Lully byes.
Muzzer: I’ll go with Blue’s answer: The sea lapping against the shore

Gus: Nope.
Muzzer: Peter, Paul and Mary

Gus: Muzzer is my home, and so it must be about 1800 miles, when she goes to St. Loulis without me
Muzzer: Australia?

Gus: I make people smile
Muzzer: I sometimes sing well

Gus: Anytime Miss Snickers says yes!
Muzzer: Anytime, as long as you are marrying the right person.

Gus: 9112 3rd St., Lanham, Md. At Esqwire Kennels
Muzzer: DePaul Hospital, St. Louis Mo.

We should tag some people, but this is a long tag, and takes some time that folks might not have. However, if you are willing, consider yourself tagged! Copy the questions and put in your own answers to save some time, and pass it on if you want to!

Gussie and Muzzer

14 October 2007

Lots of walking goin on out there!

Hello pals! Tis the season. And I promise, most solemnly, not to post another good cause for at least a week. But I am so proud of my muzzer and dad, and all my blogging pals, for putting their feet where their mouth is, that I am going to tell you about three special events. First of all, today was the big race day in Downtown Phoenix. The Komen Race for the Cure had more than 40,000 participants, thousands of volunteers, and every news team in town up early this morning for the big event. This race always seems to be right around muzzer's barkday, which I think is appropriate, 'cause she is my most favoritest breast cancer survivor. Susanna, you are second! Lots of other women and a few men wore their pink shirts proudly, and the support was tremendous. Every year this gets bigger, raises more money, and gains more support. I am sorry that I could not go with them today, but muzzer knows where my heart was. Oh yeah, me and Tena cut our walkies short this morning so that no one would be late. Wasn't that nice of us?
My friend Asta (NY) and her Mommi and Dad are in the memory walk this year, sponsored by the New York chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Here is the link to their page if you want to visit. Oh, and it has a stunning photo of the three of them on it, so go, if only because you are curious about the folks that Asta loves.
And Ivy Paws and her people are going to do the hunger walk in their home town. What a great place to walk. I am waiting to see if Linday and BP do the walk with Ivy and her Randy! Visit Ivy to get the latest update, and while you are there, see if you can guess when BP will arrive.

pee ess...Ivy's Randy has made some neat games that you can play if you visit.

You are the bestest blog readers in the whole world! Thank you

12 October 2007

Just in Case

We don't know how many of you also read Mackie's blog, but we found something of interest there the other day and thought perhaps we would cross post, just in case.

Mackie is a wirey fellow, like me, and like me, he is a rescue. So he and his mom posted this information about an antique quilt raffle that the Fox Terrier network is having! Mackie provided the story, and we got the pictues at the website above.

Mackie says"
"Just want to tell you all about a chance to help Fox Terriers in need all around the country. The Fox Terrier Network (FTN) formed a Crafters' group that is raffling off it’s first quilt to help with its work for Fox Terriers. The first quilt is a beautiful antique quilt. The design is called "Dresden Plate." The squares were found in a chest by the grandaughter of the lady in the picture. The lady lived in Arkansas andit appears the blocks were made from used flour sacks. During the depression, these flour sacks often became first clothing and then quilts. One of our members found the coordinating fabric and put the quilt together, then hand quilted it. The quilt back is muslin. The finished size of this beautiful quilt is approximately 64 inches X 80 inches. This is a great chance to get a brand-new Antique quilt just in time for Christmas! All tickets, which are $5.00 each, can be purchased from the FTN website. Click on the ad and buy your tickets! Once you have paid, your ticket and number (or tickets and numbers!) will be e-mailed to you. Ticket sales close December 10, 2007! Get your tickets now! The drawing will be on December 14, 2007.Thanks for helping FTN help our fox terriers and those that love them. "
Posted by Wired for Mackie
Anyway pals, this is an opportunity to make a contribution and possibly win a beautiful quilt.

11 October 2007

This and That, Here and There, Why and Why Not?

Hey...did you notice...Butchy and Snickers gave me this cool new award. Now, the hard thing is to figure out who to give it to, since it has been popping up a lot lately! OK, we are going to write Pappy, Asta (AU), William Tell, The Five Happy Hounds, and E.Rabbit for this award. Go visit them and tell them Gus sent you!

I have been having a great time in the mornings being a terrier sort of fellow and digging under the big grapefruit tree in the back yard. This has resulted in showers with muzzer and most recently, showers with Dad when I come in muddy up to my belly. I like showers with Dad best, I am not embarrassed when I shower with him. Took them long enough to figure that out though! Anyway...tomorrow I am going to my groomer to get cleaned up. After growing my wirey hair for a long time, we went to meet two new groomers who hand strip. Both of them recommended that muzzer continue to have me scissor cut and some areas clipped. We were gonna talk to another groomer, but it is getting desperate, and I cannot see well because my eyebrows hide my eyes. So tomorrow I am going to get cleaned up a bit, and we will continue to look for someone to strip my saddle and back at least. Muzzer thinks I will be even more handsome if we can find someone to do that for me. Either that, or she is gonna start using something called "Greasion Farmula" on my dark spots. Photos at 10:00 tomorrow!

And Muzzer has asked me to thank everyone who inquired about her itchies. It seems that I am the likely culprit, according to the Doctor she consulted. I supposedly brought some kind of irritant in on my paws and belly the last time she showered with me, which made her break out in all the places I had touched on her chubby little body. (feet, legs up to mid-thigh, hands and lower arms) She got some cream to put on and now I am showering with Dad. We haven't told him about the cause of the itchies (contact dermatitis covers a lot of things) and are waiting to see if he is a hyper-reactor like muzzer. Teehee



09 October 2007

Uh Oh

My Muzzer has the itchies
I think she's blaming me
My dad,he thinks it's allergies
My muzzer says...."We'll see"

She says she's gonna make a call
To see her good old Doc
I said to her "My dad's a doc."
Her answer "Not M.D."

She says she hasn't made a change
In eating, soap or stuff
She hasn't been near plants and things
Which makes my case real tough

She said to me "Now Gussie boy,
I read your buddies blogs.
I know you waded with the koi
And played with Butchy's frog."

"I know you played in hay and stuff
with Snickers and the gals.
And if this turns out to be fleas,
You're gonna miss your pals."

I hope those pinkish blotches
Do not turn into hives
I think it's cats, not dogs you see
Who claim to have nine lives.

07 October 2007

See Yourself on a pumpkin!

Sigh: We were browsing blogs the other day, and one of my dog pals had found this neat site that shows you what you look like on a pumpkin. And of course, muzzer has forgotten where it was. So, we are sharing with our pals the pictures that we made of us as pumpkins. (I must redeem myself...it was over at Five Happy Hounds!
Here is my pumpkin picture. Gus-O-Lantern
And for those not too faint of heart to look....Here is Teka's pumpkin:

Tek - o - Lantern

And, if you want to play with your own photos, go to this fun site

05 October 2007


Well, I finally made it to Butchy's party. Actually, I made good time from St. Louis and was able to get here while it was still daylight! Here I am on the path leading up to Butchy and Snickers house. From here you can see the garage and the front of the house. The Fish house is down by the pond, and the deer watching station is out toward the back, closer to the boy scout camp. Boy, I hope nobody gets mistaken for a deer tonight! Some of those airedales are pretty big, and they are all brownish like deers, right? Oh well, Butchy and Snickers mom is a very organized type of person, and I am sure she has some extra safety vests or something to keep them all safe. Anyway, it probably isn't even deer season yet!
Anyway, I thought I would put Butchy's special Birthday song right here in this post, so you can all have the words to sing around the campfire.

Hail, Hail it's Butchy's Birthday
Hail,he's havin a pawty
Hail, Hail to Butchy he's the
Best Dog in the land!
Hail to his buddy Snickers
Hail to his mom and Daddy
All hail to Butchy he's
The bestest friend to man
Hail to his friends who came here
Hail to his family who care
Hail Hail to all of us
We'll pawty while we can
We'll have some hot dogs roasted
We'll have marshmallows toasted
We'll all tell stories bout the
scarey boogey man

I'm almost There!

Well, I made it to St. Loulis in record time. This takes so much less time than driving. And the stewardess was so nice to me.
Here is the view from my seat in business class. I found that my disguise was not effective almost as soon as I got to the airport in Phoenix. The man at the TSA counter wanted to see my photo ID. Well, fortunately he accepted one of my business cards and the number from my dog license, but he did tell me to be careful and not take any dog biscuits from strangers.

Then, wouldn't you know it....my tags set off the metal detector and I had to get help from the nice little girl in line behind me to get my collar off and back on at the end of the line. Whew.

Muzzer packed me a snack pack, because she said the food was not good for doggies on the airplane. But I must confess that I found the pretzels in the little bag quite tasty! And the stewardess brought my water in a little cup, which was difficult, but she also brought extra napkins. I hope I did not make too much of a mess.

It was a long flight, and I had been a long time without a pit stop, so I was in a bit of a hurry at St. Loulis to get outside and find a comfort bush.

I did stop long enough to snap a photo of this the cute little plane they had hanging from the ceiling. Muzzer told me the story about Charles Lindbergh, a man who flew this plane to France, all by himself. No co-pilot, no stewardness, not even a little dog to keep him warm. I think he must have been brave, if misguided. After all, he should have just asked his muzzer for her frequent flyer miles.

I had to wait a little while for my cousin Scott to come pick me up. He is loaning me the truck and trailer to pull to Butcho's. He and his family live in St. Peter's Mo., which is pretty much on the way to Iowa, I think.

Anyway, I stopped at his house for another snack, borrowed his vehicles and took off for my first stop. Friendship Village and the Gussie Fan club! Everyone was glad to see me, Aunt Re had been fretting because she thinks I am to small to fly by myself, and also too young for overnight parties. But I calmed her down, and then cuddled with her last night. She misses Uncle Ray, and Muzzer said I should be very nice to her.

I checked my e-mail this morning at the St. Louis County Public Library. I had a nice note from Wally, who is looking forward to the party tonight too. Wally mentioned that he was hoping we wouldn't be over-run by presidential candidates while in Iowa. HA! Even last summer when we went to Miss Snickers' pawty, the candidates were all over the place. You could pretty much take your pick of parties and Candidates. There was the guy in the picture above, who represents my state in the Senate, and who was wisely wearing his ball cap, not because Iowa is big on ball caps, but because he has had some problems with skin cancer, and has learned caution in his old age. Despite that, muzzer says she does not endorse this candidate or any other candidate in the race at this time. Dad my have his button that says "If I were 21 I'd vote for Barry." That does not reflect our current politics any more than Mom's collection of "Clean Gene" T-shirts.

And of course, this fellow. Muzzer says his family is either very brave, or very crazy. His wife Elizabeth is having a recurrence of breast cancer, and they are still campaigning. Muzzer feels some solidarity with his wife, but does not necessarily endorse this candidate either.

I know that Barack Obama is in Iowa this summer. My Uncle Ray was very excited about him before he died. He told Dad one day that if he was still alive when it is time to vote, he was gonna vote for that "Italian fella with the Democrats." And Dad was confused, he said "Rudy Guliani?" And Uncle Ray said, "No, NO, he is a Republican now anyway. You know, that Italian fella whose name ends in an A!" And he got pretty mad at dad when dad couldn't figure out who he was talking about. Finally muzzer came through the living room. She said "I think he means Barack Obama." Uncle Ray said, "Yeah, that's him. Good lookin fella, looks like Marie's relatives." And muzzer just rolled her eyes. And Dad had a coughing fit. And Aunt Marie said "TCH, RAYMOND!" Sometimes with Uncle Ray, you weren't quite sure whether he was pulling your leg or having a bout of dementia when he said things like that.

03 October 2007

Gettin' ready for Butcho Boy's pawty

Well, I think I have gotten through the worst part of getting ready for Mr. Butcho's big birthday bash. Muzzer said last night "Gussie....You cannot go to Iowa looking like that! Why, there is something stuck in your fur from the last party, and your feets are filthy!" I knew what was coming....yes, I did. A Shower! Muzzer took Teka into the shower and washed her first. Teka is good, she is a girl and she wants to smell good for the pawty. I spent the whole time she was in the shower trying to convince Dad that I should not have to take a shower wth muzzer any longer. I mean, guys it is embarrassing! She washes EVERYTHING, tail, feets, earses and, well, you know. And I think I should be able to shower with Dad. But he didn't go for it, and into the shower I went.

Now, this is probably a pretty nice shower. It is big. But not so big I can get away from Muzzer and the hand held shower! It has glass all around it, so I can see what is going on in the bathroom. But the door shuts really tight, so I can't get out unless muzzer or dad helps. It has a cute little bench thingy under the window. But I don't shave my legs like muzzer, so it isn't much good to me. And it has lots of warm water. Sheesh. I'm a guy dog. I don't need warm water. I'd rather wade in the koi pond at Butcho's. But muzzer won the battle, and I got my shower.

Then Dad came in with a couple of nice big towels and helped me dry off before I went on my run through the house. And Muzzer was gonna make me change my collar for the pawty, but I said "NO NO NO, I want to wear my Cardinal collar that I got from Miss Snickers" And Dad came in on my side of the argument, so at least the guys got one point.

So here is my picture right after my shower. We are letting my fur grow so that muzzer can have one of the local groomers who does hand stripping do my saddle and then trim up the rest of me, so I look like a wft (no Tanner, not a wtf!)

I am quite furry, but not quite the 2 and a half inches that the groomer wants. So I've got a pretty good 'stache and beard, and lots of little tiny curls. AND....My tail is really fluffy. So Dad grumbles that it looks like he is walking a little lambie in the mornings. And I just hope we get this taken care of before I go to Sedona with my pal Travis later this month! He is gonna laugh at me, I just know it.

Anyway, tomorrow morning I am gonna get on the plane and fly to St. Loulis. Muzzer let me use her Frequent Flyer miles, so I will fly business class. That means I have to wear my bow tie on the plane, I guess. But I will just keep my laptop open in front of my face and hope the stewardess is distracted. When I get to St. Loulis, I will stay overnight with my Aunt Marie, and make sure she is feeling OK.

Teka is flying air Ruby, I guess, so I am taking her sleeping bag

MY sleeping bag
And renting a truck at the airport to pull the trailer with the rest of my camping stuff and a few extra things.

I will leave St. Loulis very early Friday Morning, and get to Butchy's in the early afternoon. Looking forward to seeing all you doggies and hamsterriers at the doggie campgrounds



01 October 2007

Response to a tag from lovely Asta NY

Harry's Song

Harry is a lucky puppy

He has got a great new home

Oscar's mum and Oscar's daddy

We know he will never roam

He will have kids there to play with

Time now to stay and Sing along

Soon he will have Cassidy
and they can sing this happy song

Thank you Oscar, Thank you Katy

Thank you for the cool new home

Here the trees are nice and shady

Here I have my brush and comb

Thank you Martin for the rubbing

Of my furry airedale ears

I will even stand a tubbing

No more crying, no more tears

I will give you lots of loving

Sloppy Airedale kisses too

I will be a real good doggy

Help with Cassidy the new

I will help to train him in many

Doggie tricks and human ways

When he comes to live here also

And we start our doggy play.

Thank you Asta, and the doggies

Who have welcomed me anew

Thank you Joe, Snowball and Maggie

For your happy welcome too.

Watch this spot to learn my story

Watch to see my pictures too

Watch for all our new arrivals

That we now will share with you.

Now I must say goodnight
to Oscar

In his shady glen

Come and visit me tomorrow

Come back now and then again.

our apologies to Mr. Beethoven!

muzzer here, cannot figure out how to put the music on from U.Tube. Here is the URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wod-MudLNPA


OK....I gotta get this out so Wally can go look at it.

Yahoo.com is showing a preview clip of a new Pixar (think Finding Nemo) movie due out next summer.

If you go to http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809902253/photo/970445428 you can click on the trailer and information about the movie.

I watched the trailer. I think it looks like Wally, to some extent. Teka, whose mom is a real movie freak, says it looks like ET around the eyes. I hope it gets to the drive in soon.
Do you think the sequel might be Gus-E?