27 February 2007

A Special, Special Day

Wow: Did you know that according to the Dogs with Blogs Calendar this is "Search for Bumps and Ticks" Day.

HeHeHe gotcha E.Rabbit!

E.Rabbit started reading this post thinking that I was going to say "Happy Birthday" to her. I can see her now. She is sitting there frowning at the 'puter thinking about what a stinker I am. She is
plotting ways to get back at me for not remembering the anniversary of her Natal Day.

She is going to give Teka the new password so that Teka can hack my blog again!

Well, just to make up to her for my bad joke, here is a montage of photos of me and E.Rabbit, so she can gaze fondly on her favorite terrier and think kind thoughts of me on her birthday.


Happy Spay and Neuter Day!

My friend Ivy says that today is "Spay and Neuter Day - USA"

I know there are lots of reasons to spay and neuter. My muzzer has told me about it! There are health reasons for boy and girl dogs. There are aesthetic reasons. But most important of all - Spay because it is the responsible thing to do. Too many doggies die every day because there are not enough homes for them. Too many doggies live on the street, or in substandard conditions.

I know we can't save the world. I know that we can't shut down puppy mills. But I know that we can do our best to show people that spayed/neutered dogs are happy, healthy and fulfilled. So all of you out there who have been spayed or neutered give your humans a kiss and say thanks from me, Gussie.

As for me, I am chipping in to the fund to spay Teka!


25 February 2007

More Birthday presents!

My birthday has been over for more than a week. Then, in yesterday's mail came another package!

It is from Pacco and Human, all the way from Maylasia.

It is a really cute set of cell phone charms with a dog and bones.

I have asked muzzer lots of times for my own cell phone. Maybe now she will get me one. And I can have that ringtone that sounds like a barking dog! Wow!

Actually, I figure my more realistic options are to get muzzer to put it on her cell phone, or to wear it as a collar ornament. Hmmm......

Speaking of birthdays, I am barking out a big Happy Pappy Birthday. Or is that a Pappy Happy Birthday? To my blog buddy Pappy in Maryland. That is near Dee See where my sister E.Rabbit lives, and also near my pals Carmyn and Julia and their pup Casper. I am sending virtual birthday presents to him including treats from Three Dog and a neat neckerchief from Snitchy Bug. It is the thought that counts, and I used my allowance on a valentines day present for Miss Snickers!

24 February 2007

Back in Charge

Hi there! It's me, Gussie and I have, once again, kicked Teka off my blog. I think if she wants to blog she should talk to her own muzzer and get one of her own, not always be stealing mine. Maybe she and the Doofus could share one.

Anyway....to all our friends in the mid-west and on the east coast who are once again having sleet, freezing rain, snow and all round blizzard conditions we are sending warm Azrizona thoughts your way. Stay home, stay warm, and stay together...preferably in a warm bed by the fireplace. Remember, winter usually doesn't last any later than mid-April, though muzzer says she remembers a couple of Easter Sundays in Minnesota where they wore their black patent shoes, white anklets and snow suits. (will someone tell me please what is a snowsuit? In the picture, she looks like a pink Pillsbury dough boy with braids and glasses. Must be some way that parents had of making their children laughingstocks, huh?)

My sister E.Rabbit is at a conference this weekend. She will probably get back to DeeSee in time for the next freezing rainstorm. She has complained that she hasn't seen her little blue car for several weeks, and she was hoping that when she got back to DeeSee she could drive it again. Instead, we think she will find that it resembles an icicle more than ever! Poor little blue car. Poor little E.Rabbit. (ps, she is having a birthday next week. hehehe. I may tell the world how old she is. Or I may just drop lots of hints and give a prize to the winner. Do you think Teka would like to be a prize?)

Speaking of Teka, I told you that I heard muzzer making a surprise for her. This morning, muzzer and dad gave me a dingo bone, picked up Teka and headed for the garage. I did not complain. I did not bark or whine. I knew where Teka was going. hehehe. That'll teach her to mess with my blog.

Teka made nasty faces at me over Dad's shoulder and stuck out her tongue. Ohhhh My. She would find out.

Little did she know that her trip in the car with the humans was not going to be all fun and games. She said they went to the parking lot where Petco is. She has been to Petco a couple of times and really likes it. But today, they did not go to Petco. They did not go to the Car Wash. They did not go to the grocery store. No, no, no. Right there, in the same parking lot as Petco and the car wash and the grocery store is where our Veterinarian has her office! Teka has not visited her before, because she went to another Vet when she lived with E.Beth. But today, Teka got up to date on her shots! She got blood work done for heartworms and stuff. And she got her temperature taken! She was not a happy JRT when she came home. She was muttering under her breath and promising retribution. She does not ever want to see that vet again! Surprise Teka, you have another visit coming soon, and I, Gus Dagger wft know what is going to happen.

Do you know what is going to happen to Teka at the veterinarian's office next time she goes? Watch this space and I, Gus Dagger wft will reveal all in the coming weeks. Reserve your copy of this blog before it is sold out. If Charles Dickens can write a serial mystery, then so can I.

23 February 2007


it is i, teka.

i have gus trapped in my crate. this is the place the humans keep me while they go off all day or take gus to the store. i don't get to go to the store because i "misbehave", and i don't get to be out of the crate when they're gone because i "pee on the floor". phooey!

i have commandeered the blog to make my demands known.

1. i know longer wish to be known as "teka the terrible", or referred to as a "terrierist". i find these deeply offensive and they cut to the core of my fragile being.

2. i want sweaters banished. we live in arizona. i wear a fur coat as it is. no more sweaters.

3. i want muzzer to stop treating me like the black sheep of the family. :'( it's painfully obvious that she loves gussie better... and that, also cuts to the core of my fragile being.

4. i want all organic doggy food. with homemade gravy on top that has come from the juices of organic free range kosher chickens and livestock only.

5. i want a kitten.

until these demands are met, gus dagger wft, is out of commission!!!

teka dagger, jrt.

22 February 2007

This and That, miscellany for the open minded.

I'm really just tying up loose ends and answering questions "from the peanut gallery" as Buffalo Bob * used to say:

First to my friend Boo, Happy Birthday to you, Boo! Because of the international date line, I am either early or late. I know I am not on time, because that would mean muzzer is on the ball, and we all know how likely that is to be true.

And, to Wally the corgador, who is celebrating his burpday today (and has been celebrating for almost a week now.) Wally, you are right about dogs getting meat. Our meals haven't changed a bit, except there is no meat in the leftover scraps. However, we have scored a couple of whole grain pancakes and about a third of muzzer's omelet, so it ain't all bad. Hope your birthday was a happy one, and that you can work in some nice naps to recover. Thank you for consulting on this theological question!

and finally: I was reading the post that my friend Joe Stains' brother Doofus (Tanner) made when he hijacked Joe's blog. And I was wondering what would happen if we locked Doofus and Teka in a dark room together for a while. Are they bright enough to breed? If they breed, would the result be a Tenner, a Tanka, a Tekner or a Toofus? Now, having opened that horrifying chain of thought must mean that none of you will be sleeping tonight either! Don't worry, Joe and I will be doing our best to keep them apart.

(this is where muzzer would insert a morphed picture of the two nuisance factors. If she could figure out how to morph. Help, E.Rabbit!)

* If you remember Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bill, Clarabell the clown and Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring, you are too old to be blogging!

20 February 2007

Fat Tuesday!

Last day before the forty day Lenten observance begins, so muzzer broke out the pork chops.

Me and Teka got left overs ...pork chops with wine sauce, green beans and a few potato scraps. Yummy.

Do you think she is serious about this meat thing? Does Lent include Dogs. Do we have any theology majors out there who can help me convince her that dogs get meat! Whew! I am thinking about having a panic attack.

Remember... The 22nd is Wally the corgador's birthday/adoption day and Pappy has a celebration coming soon.

Also, my sister E.Rabbit has a birthday coming up at the end of this month! I have been sworn to secrecy and shall not tell how many years old she is going to be! But Teka might tell if you ask her nicely? And send more pork chops.


18 February 2007


Mon cher petit maman, she has been in ze kitchen all day long, cooking up ze file' gumbo. All day long, we 'av been smelling ze crab and ze shrimp. Ze onions and ze garlic! Ze fishy stock and ze roux.

And all day long, le petit Teka has been saying she does not like ze smells. She does not understand why muzzer must be in ze kitchen so much, so zer is no time to play seek-a Teka. So ze dad must take us on ze morning walk. So all we can talk about is ze gumbo! She has not had a taste of ze gumbo like I, Gus Dagger wft, world traveller (well, USA anyway) and famous terrier gourmet. She does not remember ze parties in Virginia when ze muzzer cooked and ze people ate and dropped samples. She has not my sophistication and educated palate.

But me, ze Gus Dagger dog. I know how marvellous is ze gumbo. I know how delicious is ze king cake! I know how handy are ze beer mugs and ze bread plates. Ah yes, ze mardi gras party is about to begin.

And now ze Teka dog knows that it worth ze wait. Now she knows what for is ze long day of preparations! Now she has tasted ze crab and ze shrimp. And slurped the broth out of the abandoned bowls. Now she is sleeping off ze gumbo drunk in her crate. While I, Gus Dagger, must write zis blog so my friends know what was for dinner at our house tonight. And I must go and play my zydeco accordian so all ze guests can dance the fais d0-do and ze two step.

To all our friends from Lexington, we hope you are having a party on your own tonight. And to our friends and hosts still in New Orleans, we know you are celebrating your city and heritage. And to E.Beth and E.Rabbit -- leftovers in the icebox, whoever gets the baby is the cook next year!

Laissez le bon temps roulez!


16 February 2007

Today is my bestest day ever yet!

Today is my Birthday! It is the bestest birthday I ever had, and I've had three others!

First off, since I started writing my blog, I know lots more peoples all over the world! And I love people! People are my favorite things, next to Miss Snickers and my muzzer.
Second, lots more peoples all over the world know about my birthday. So lots more people are telling me happy birthday! And so I'm having a happy one.
First thing this morning, muzzer sang my happy birthday song.
Happy Birthday Dear Gus
We're so glad you've got us
And we hope you have a good day
In your own terrier way!

And boy oh boy roy! I am having a grand time.

I got to pick the route on our walk. Usually Teka picks the route. Sometimes muzzer gets stubborn and she picks the route. When Travis was here HE picked the route. But today, Gussie got to pick the route. And we went to all my favorite alleys and trees. And we peed (well, I peed) on all the good rocks and boulders. Yippee Morning.
Then I had my usual kibble for breakfast, with a little wet food mixed in, and muzzer threw in some dried blueberries. Yummy.
Then my sister E.Rabbit called to wish me happy birthday. And she sent me an E.card. And I got wishes from my long lost bruzzer Mackie, and Bussie and Opy and Miss Fee! And an E.card from Butchy and Snickers! Whew.
And while I took a short nap, muzzer got ready to go to the store.

We left Dad and Teka at home thinking great philosophy thoughts and me and muzzer headed for the store.

But first, we went to the post office to mail a package to E.Rabbit.

And then we stopped at PetCo! woooey. And I got to pick out my birthday presents.

So I picked a BIG green cuz. And a little green dino cuz. And a stuffed thingy. And a bully stick. And then muzzer said "OK, gussie, that is about it.....you are going to break the budget." But I got a loofah dog out of the basket in front, and muzzer thought I was so cute, she couldn't stop laughing at me.
And then, we went to McDonald's and got my happy meal. "Cheeseburger, no ketchup, no mustard, hold the bun please. " And a bottle of water. And muzzer got the french fries. Well, most of them.

So we went along to the store and my friend Barb had a special treat for me, and then some of my other friends dropped in to say hello and happy birthday. And then......well, I fell asleep about 4:30 or so and napped until it was time to close the store. I need my rest.

We came right home and let Teka out of her crate and I sniffed around the kitchen table. I swear, I could smell the lovely pink scent of Miss Snickers. It was coming from a package on the table. So muzzer let me investigate it, and then she helped me open the package and unwrap the other prezzies inside.

And then.....

I opened my first package, and inside was a pack of chicken jerky tenders, and Ohhhhh, Teka is jealous. But I am a good terrier, and I let her have a sniff. Maybe I'll even let her have a bite. Later.

And there were TWO more packages to open! So muzzer let me pick which package was the first to be opened. And I picked the littler one. And guess what? Inside was the cutest little rascally racoon....and he squeeketh.
Here is a picture of me investigating the package.

And here I am scooting away from Teka to protect my package.
(I'm not the one who put the spots on the rug!)
And here is Teka trying to convince me to "share." Right. And I am four years old now, I know what that means! No more foolin' with Gussie and his birthday prezzies!
And finally, here I am investigating the racoon. That is his tail hanging out of my mouth. I think muzzer took ten pictures before she got the one with the silly tail hanging out of my mouth. So what's it supposed to be? A new tongue? Sheesh! Muzzers.
Well, I would like to open my last package, but I seem to have fallen asleep under the desk, leaving muzzer to finish transcribing this. So I will save the rest of my prezzies from Butchy and Snickers for tomorrow morning.
Wow! First a package from Joe Stains cause his humans were going to be out of town for my birthday, then valentines from Miss Snickers and Butchy, and now today is my birthday with more packages and tomorrow I will still have a package to open. Whew. I am one tired terrier.
I need to start getting some extra rest, because another of my favorite days happens Tuesday! I love Mardi Gras. " Laissez les bon temps rouler! " or "Que le fete commence!"

14 February 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines I would send....

To muzzer - a person to buy the store so she could stay home more with me and Teka
To dad - season tickets to the St. Louis Cardinals!
To E. Rabbit - someone else to knit sweaters for, and all that entails
To E. Beth - a quiet weekend with Erik
To G-papaw - elegant dinner with his girlfriend Dorothy
To Teka - more time with E.Beth
To my sweetie Miss Snickers - First Class tickets for her and Butchy to come visit me
To Axel and his folks - a chance to visit and enjoy warm weather in Azrizona (I already blew my allowance on Miss Snickers, sorry Axel)
To Wally the corgador - official recognition from the AKC so he could describe graphically what they can do with it.
To Miss Ivy - lots of time to geocache and lots of squirrels to chase
To Bussie - help from the trainer to get along with Romeo and stay out of the doggie house.
To Joe Stains and "the Doofus" - Dinner and a visit to the dog park when your parents come home.
To Pappy and his Fella: Better weather so you can have fun at the dog park, and a chance to find the missing glove.
To Miss Sunshade, Bogart Handsome Devil, Boo, Fu-Fu, Miss Fee and her parents, Bogie, Mackie, and all the other puppies I read so faithfully - national recognition for the great job you do blogging. It isn't easy without thumbs, right guys?

Unfortunately, my allowance doesn't cover all of that, so you all will have to trust that I will come through when muzzer wins the lottery. And remember, it is the thought that counts.

And TEKA too,

13 February 2007

Oh my, I am overwhelmed.

I haven't gotten much mail since Christmas, but today, there were two(2) things waiting in my mailbox when Dad got home!!

First: I had a valentine's day card from my most favoritest sweetie, Miss Snickers.(next to you, muzzer!)

It is BeeYooTiFull! It has a picture of Miss Snickers right on the front of the card. And it smells wonderful. I am sure she slept with it under her blankets before she sent it.

And then, there was this mysterious package from J.Stains in Arizona! That must be my friend Joey!
Teka and I examined the package carefully. Joey is quite a jokester, and we thought maybe he had put catnip in the package, or maybe something would spring out when we pulled it open.
So, I sent Teka out into the living room so she would be safe, just in case. And I got Dad to help me open this package. And inside was a wonderful surprise!
Joey must've read my earlier blogs about my friend Sqrrll, and how we had to bury him after I disemboweled him.
Because inside this package was a birthday card with a wirey fox terrier fellow on it (must be me!) and another
squirrelly character! And this one made a
noise like an angry frog. Doesn't make much noise any more though. I quickly located and dis-armed the squeker thingy, and me and Teka are having a great time torturing the squirrel trying to get him to tell us where Joey is. Because his mom and dad are out of town, and me an Teka want to make sure that he and the Doofus are having a good time.
So far, no word from the squirrel on the whereabouts of Joey and Doofus. But I have threatened to turn him over to Teka, and left them in the study together while I commandeer this laptop to write my blog.

12 February 2007

Teka's Twenty Tips (Rules) for Walkies!

Gussie is snoozing under the desk at muzzer's feet, so I am taking over the keyboard to share my experience in owner training.

Walkies are a critical part of my day. I am a Jack Russell Terrier, so I need lots of exercise and stimulation! Keeps me hoppin' all day.

So, for those of you who think it is great to go for walkies anytime, anywhere, anyhow, but are unable to control your owners at the other end of the leash, I am posting my helpful hints.

1. Morning Walkies do not count if they begin any later than 6:15 am. Be firm. Be strong. Be a pest. But get them out of their warm beds and moving as early as possible. Be steadfast. Do not give in. Do not think of your own comfort on cold mornings. It is your RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that they get sufficient exercise.

2. Do your stretches before you begin waking them up. Once they are out of bed, your attention should be focused on keeping them moving so that they do not backslide into bed. I recommend you start with downward facing dog progressing to child's pose, then on to snake and cobra. Repeat this combination at least three times before you begin the wake up call.

3. Try to make sure that the human is appropriately dressed. Morning walkies can be ruined by a human who is "cold" or who forgets to bring gloves. They tend to whine loudly, which can be distracting. Also, discourage them from trying to get by with their pajamas and a heavy sweater. This can be downright embarrassing to the gently raised dog.

4. Leashes must be firmly attached. I try to make sure that the leash is over the wrist bone, preferably wrapped around the extended hand at least one time for better control. Remember, this is not for your pleasure. The only reason to sacrifice your sleep time is to make sure that your human fully understands who is in charge.

5. Make sure the human has sufficient plastic bags for poop patrol, and has the key to the door attached to a lanyard around her/his neck. This keeps him/her from dropping the key while doing poop patrol, and will allow you to return to the house or apartment when YOU decide it is time.

6. Poop early. Poop often. This provides the human with an opportunity to encase his/her hand in a plastic bag, bend from the waist, extend the hand not engaged with the leash, and retrieve waste products with a sweeping motion.

7. Pee early. Pee often. This gives the human an opportunity to catch his/her breath. It also establishes your territory, and helps you learn bladder control for those times when you want to make a really big puddle (preferably IN the house and ON the carpet!)

8. Sniff early. Sniff often. Do not allow the human to hurry you along or interrupt your olfactory explorations. Remember. You are in charge of the walk.

9. Change the route regularly. Give yourself extra points for every new dog you get to bark at you, and two points for each cat you lunge at without truly making an effort to catch it. Catching cats can give you negative points, or get your nose scratched.

10. Refuse to respect traffic control devices. Do not stop for the red light. Do not wait for the walkie sign to come on. Lunge forward at each opportunity. Your human should react by pulling back on the lead to keep you from getting injured. Be sure you do not attempt this until your human is at least partially trained. If your human does not react quickly enough, he/she may be injured in the attempt to save your life.

11. Do not walk in a straight line. Anywhere. Anytime. You increase your control AND the exercise you provide your human companion by zigzagging from side to side, running in circles around the human companion, tightening the leash around knees or ankles, and at least once during the walk, making a 180 degree turn counterclockwise and leaping into his/her waiting arms.

12. Bark and lunge at other dogs also on walkies, but be careful of those whose humans are not attached to leashes. These dogs and humans tend to be less predictable than teams where the humans are well controlled.

13. Stop and Start when you want to. It is most effective to stop very quickly. If you do this correctly, you will jerk the lead when the human walks past you, and thereby make them stop! In certain circumstances, you can pull the human off of their two feet by making a really quick start! My beloved Travis is very effective at this. He weighs over 120 lbs, so he has something of an advantage. I have never been able to accomplish this. sigh.

14. If your human stops to greet a friend or neighbor, or read a post about a lost dog or child, immediately establish your dominance by pulling on the leash. Do not sit! Do not down! Yip around the ankles (a most tender spot) and whine.

15. If you have the opportunity to pass an eating establishment such as Dunkin Donuts, Mc Donald's, Burger King or the like, veer toward it and pull with all your might. The human should follow you and then find a sympathetic stranger to accept cash in return for purchasing a food item for you to share with the human. note: you must be the one to select the messenger human, as their sense of who among them is trustworthy is not always the best. Some food establishments have drive up windows. Do not hesitate to get in line with the cars and resist any blandishments or threats to remove you. The guy at the window will be happy to take your money. He doesn't care if you are an SUV or a JRT!

16. Do not allow stops at Starbucks. You could end up tied to a table and vulnerable to insults, and your human may only get a DRINK! Humans also tend to be very stingy with the whipped cream.

18. Do not adjust your chosen route because the human whines.

19. Return home only when you are ready.

20. Breakfast must be served immediately upon returning home. No bathroom breaks for the human until the dog food is in the bowl and available to the dog.

See, isn't that easy. Try this for twenty days and I guarantee you will be a happier, healthier dog. And your humans will thank you.


11 February 2007

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

I, Gus Dagger, am very depressed.

I am afraid that Teka (the evil one) is usurping my
place in Dad's affections.

How, I ask you, can a normal, masculine Wire Fox Terrier compete with this face? Doesn't she look cute? Doesn't she look innocent? Does she look like the one who eats most of the kibble EVERY day?

Would you pick her out of the lineup as the one who dismembers stuffed animals and chews large holes in rubber balls?

07 February 2007

Thank you Ivy!

My friend Ivy sent me an e-pretzel for Valentines Day!

Today, Muzzer printed my valentine from Ivy on the 'puter printer. She got the scissors and trimmed it very carefully. Then she said, "OK Gussie, I am taking your e-pretzel with me to the mall, and I will bring it back for you right after lunch."

And I figured, yeah sure muzzer, you can turn that piece of 'puter paper into an e-pretzel! Maybe Ivy's dad can do that, maybe Butchy and Snickers mom can do that, maybe Pappy's fella can do that, maybe my sister E.Rabbit can do that, but muzzzzer....you are not very technically savvy. You cannot turn that piece of paper into a pretzel from Ivy.

So Teka went into her crate, and I went into the study to watch the walk in front of the house, and muzzer went to the mall. Ho Hum.
Well, I waited, and waited. And all the while I was wondering what an e-pretzel would taste like. I wondered so hard that I fell asleep, and then I dreamed about e-pretzels.

But what I dreamed did not even come close to the treat that Ivy sent.

When muzzer came home she put down her packages and went running for the camera. Then she let me see my e-pretzels. It was not twisted like the one Ivy and her mom backed in the oven. It was a package of little short stubby pretzel sticks. And they were delicious. mmmm yummy.

I ate them up pretty quickly. I only let Teka have ONE stick and I ate all the rest of them. (well, it WAS MY valentine!)
Teka was very unhappy when I took the last stick under the big table in the dining room place. But I was very happy, and I want to say one last time....
Thank you Ivy for the wonderful, wonderful e-pretzel!!

04 February 2007

Dad's Back and just in time for the Stupor Bowl

Yesterday my muzzer came home early from the store and said "OK Gussie, you be a good boy. I'm going to pick up Dad at the airport." And she left us again!

But when she came back, she had my Dad with her! And he had his suitcase. And it didn't smell like anyplace familiar. And even Teka didn't recognize where he had been.

So I waited and waited. I waited through dinner. I waited through the power outage that SRP didn't know about. I waited through a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit. (for Dad, not for Dogs)

And I waited until Dad and muzzer were getting settled in the Big Bed. And I did the Terrier Mind Meld on Dad to find out where he had been. And why he couldn't take me, Gussie along.

Turns out it wasn't so exciting. He went to St. Louis. But he didn't see Aunt Marie and Uncle Ray. And he didn't see a baseball game. He took the airplane all the way to St. Loulus just to talk to some other professor folk. So I asked him why he needed to go and leave me all alone to take care of muzzer and Teka, when he could just get a blog like mine and then he could talk to EVERYBODY!

And I'm not sure I understood the answer, but it was something about not really believing in the computer. And this from a man who still believes in Santa Claus. But, he isn't very big on technical stuff, so I guess he just has to believe in the airplane and fly there.

But I think I will have to help him learn to blog. It is a lot less 'spensive than flying. But maybe the food is not so good?

Well, I'm glad to have him home, 'cause Muzzer cooked up some Bratwurst and us guys watched TV and passed gas!

Here are some pictures of us doing guy stuff.

02 February 2007

What's going on around here?

Yesterday morning my Dad took me and Teka for walkies in the morning! I worried that Muzzer was sick. I worried that me and Teka would have to play nursemaid like my pal Wally did earlier this week. I don't like nursing humans. They are so undignified!

But when we got back to the house, Muzzer was OK. She was in the shower, so Teka and me, we went and watched. It is fun to watch the humans shower. Muzzer and Dad have totally different approaches to this human ritual. Someday I will write a blog about it.

We had breakfast munchies, and the Dad went into the big closet place and pulled out "his" suitcase! OH BOY! at trip. I went and got my favorite bone and dropped it in. Dad said, "No gussie, you can't go this time." And he took out my favorite bone. He put really nice clothes in the suitcase. He put in his blue jacket with the shiny buttons. He put in his favorite sweater with the big squares on the front. He put in his George and Bob tie! He put in clean underwear. He put in his sleeping shorts with the springer spaniels on them (note to self: get him new ones with terriers.) He took out my favorite bone. He put in his toothbrushing stuff and his hairbrushing stuff. He put in a BIG pair of Dad shoes. He took out my favorite bone. By this time, I sort of figured that I wasn't going to go on this trip.

My only consolation was that Muzzer didn't seem to be getting ready to go on this trip either. No suitcase, no clothes, no hairbrushing stuff.

Noni came, and Muzzer and Dad left. But they still only had ONE suitcase, and muzzer can't go hardly anywhere with ONE suitcase. So I knew muzzer would be back. And Teka and I helped Noni clean.

Today I went to work with Muzzer and we left Teka toy here. But Dad is still not back.

I only remember one other time when Dad went away and left me and Muzzer. That was right after I came to live with them, and it was the first time we all stayed in a hotel together. And the first time I had Room Service!

Ohh....maybe we will go to a hotel tomorrow! Maybe I will have Room Service again!

More later