17 October 2011

Eartha's Birth-a-day Wishes

Good Morning, Dogs of the Blogosphere. It is I, Eartha Kitteh.

This lady I live with E. Rabbit says it is a very important day today. At first I thought she was still just happy from watching those Cardinals from St. Louis win the baseball game last night, but it turns out she was talking about it being that lady named Muzzer's birthday.

Here is a picture of that lady named Muzzer with that dog who is my cousin, Teka.

(I am not sure if that dog Teka is in disguise now, or if she is usually in disguise, and this picture reveals her secret identity)

I have only met this lady called Muzzer once, and it was on MY Eartha Birth-a-day. And she bought me all kinds of presents -- anchovies and sardines and caviar!

So I have to work on finding a good present for her. To that end, I am watching the area that MOUSE I gave E. Rabbit came out of, in the hopes of catching one for that Muzzer.

She can either have it stuffed and mounted as a decoration, or enjoy it as a side dish with her birth-a-day cake.

Until I catch her a mouse, though, I thought I'd enlist all of you doggies in helping me and that dog who is my uncle, Gus, and that other dog who is my cousin (and maybe a witch), Teka, and E. Rabbit and E. Beth and that guy they call dad in wishing her a HAPPY BIRTH-A-DAY.

13 October 2011

Eartha's Welcome Home Present

Hello, Dogs of the Internet. It is I, Eartha Kitteh.

All you dogs who read this blog know that that dog who is my uncle, Gus, and that other dog who is my cousin, Teka, are in St. Louis for awhile because they went on a ROAD TRIP.

But did you know that this lady I live with, E. Rabbit, went WITH THEM???

And that while she was on this road trip with those dogs, she left ME, Eartha Kitteh, at home in our apartment? ALONE? With only some dude to come in and feed me and cuddle me a few times a day?

Now, it is not that I object to having the apartment to myself for awhile. As long as some dude shows up to feed me once in awhile and clean my box, and as long as I have plenty of cat toys to play with, I am ok on my own. In fact, I stayed on my own for a whole WEEK last year while that lady went to Italy.

But I cannot have her running off to travel with D-O-G-Ses all the time. She was gone for five and a half days and came back with terrier hairs all over her clothes! Only MY hairs are supposed to be all over her clothes.

So when she got back last night, I gave her a PRESENT. Can you guess what it was?

It was a MOUSE. I killed it for her, and left it right in the middle of the kitchen floor, where she would be sure to find it.

I must say, she did not seem terribly impressed with this present. She just sighed, got a paper napkin, picked him up by the tail and dropped him in the trash with my most recent poops and some spinach that had gone bad while she was away.

I will have to think of some better presents for next time. Perhaps she would prefer a small lizard?

08 October 2011

From Lexington, KY

Teka Toy here
Reporting from Lexington KY

Did you know that there are
these really big dogs that are
called horses? Taller even
than Miss Honey!!

And they have their own trailers
that their humans drive for them
that are called "horse trailers"

And did you know that in Lexington KY
at this time of year there are LOTS
of them


Teka Toy

07 October 2011

On the Road Again!

Me and Teka on the way to St. Loulis
photo courtesy of E.Rabbit.

Have a great weekend.

Gussie and Teka

01 October 2011

All is revealed.

Ok, so we had 28 comments on the two posts combined.
We will be making a slightly larger than that donation to
the Gas Fund over at Khyra's Rescue Wagon.

Now we will tell you who you are seeing in the photo(s)

This is Aunt Marie holding E.Beth.
Neither of them is the small child about to become bird food.
This is the muzzer with Aunt Marie.

The muzzer thanks all of you who guessed
that the photo was of her. UhUh.
She is MUUUUUCHO Older.
see photo above.
This is the Photo in Question.

Did you Guess it was E.Rabbit?

She is saying hello to Fred Bird
the OFFICIAL mascot of the
St. Louis Cardinals.

They are very close to the same age, ya know?

And it is not my dad inside the Fred Bird Suit.

Though for a long time the muzzer believed that
FredBird was really their friend from St. Louis.
I think it was the nose that convinced her.

Drumrollllllll Please!

The following friends guessed correctly:

Miss Asta
Miss Koobus (she was the first)
The Lamb Family
Scruffy, Stan and what's her name?
Two (very) Special Wires.

Early next week, we will put those names into a dog food bowl
and I will select the winner.

Congratulations to the correct Guessers
Thank you for coming along to help us raise some
moneys and cheer for the Cardinals.