31 January 2008

Busy Day!

Well, you all know that Butchy and Snickers arrived last night, and now we are waiting for Sam to make an appearance, but we think he may be heading for Joey and Tanner's place, because their tents are SO COOOOOL!

Sleeping last night in the Big Bed was fun, specially after muzzer got up and went into the guest bedroom for the rest of the night. Then Teka got us all up this morning, we did a bit of doggy stretching and set out on our walkies. That makes two doggies for Dad and two doggies for muzzer! Dad is now negotiating to say that whoever has Teka on the lead does not have to take another doggie. Muzzer says he is a wuss.

Then Muzzer and Dad left us at the house, and we watched some sappy movie that Snickers likes on Turner Classic Movie Channel, then switched over to the Animal Planet, and then when we knew Dad was due home, we put on PBS! That Clifford is the biggest Red Dog ever!

Then muzzer came home, and she brought the DEMON BALL!

How do I know it is a DEMON BALL you ask?

Well, when it moves, it blinks at you. Of course, no one has been able to play with it except Teka, but then, that seems appropriate, somehow.

So me and Butcho and Snickers got some of those yummy sweet potato snacks and they took their thyroid pills like the Mama told them too, and now we are helpin dad Philosphize.

Snickers is on his lap, I Gussie am draped across the back of the couch, and Butcho is on the arm of the couch. Teka, of course, is still playing with the DEMON BALL.

I hope she does not intend to bring it into the bedroom tonight.


pee-esss...we have been alerted to watch for Dory Labradory and the rest of the Aire Ruby passengers. Since they took off early this morning from Logan, I am kinda figuring they will pick up the European contingent first, and then head back over the pole to fetch Sophie, then swing down and make a few pick ups in the Midwest, then head west and South.

I expect we might see them as early as 2:00 am tomorrow morning, but realistically, I'm thinkin they will be here in time for lunch and then on to the spa or golfing.

We're ready for them.


30 January 2008

8:30 update

Whew....I was gettin' worried, but Butchy and Miss Snickers finally arrived here about half an hour ago. Seems they were delayed a bit because Butch insisted that they stop at Steak n Shake in Oklahoma City. Good thing they did, that is the last Steak n Shake on that route to Azrizona!

Butchy seems OK, but Miss Snickers said that she will NEVER go on an adventure with him again. She says that her (ahem) posterior region hurts so bad that she is not gonna sit again until it is time to go back to Iowa. Oh, and she says to ask Ruby if she can still use her return trip ticket? We will do that in a bit, but we wanted to get this posted so their mama can stop worriting.

They had some of my new kibble, it has herring in it and it smells scrumptious, then they each had a couple of my new sweet potato snacks (more about those later) They thanked muzzer for dinner, gave me kissies and went off to take a nap.

Think I will join them on the Big Bed soon. Oh yes, and we also heard that Sam is headed this way on the VW, so we are leaving the porch light on!
kissies to all, and special ones to Mama L.,

Update on Butchy Snickers

Well, we just had a call* from Aunt Re in St. Loulis. She said two little dogs came to Happy Town late last night and asked for her. The security guard called her down to the lobby, and she recognized them right away.
Yup...Butchy and Snickers were getting tired, and they decided to stop and say hello to Aunt Re, and "oh, by the way, can we spend the night?"
Well, Aunt Re thought that was a great idea, and so they all went up to her apartment and spent the night with her in her big bed. This morning, they had a great breakfast downstairs in the dining room, where they got lots of pats and pets from the residents, and ate some nice warm oatmeal, scrambled eggs and bacon, and two pieces of toast each before they climbed back on their pink chariot and headed for Azrizona.
Butchy said they decided to head straight south because the weather in their area was so bad! Despite that, and a late start, they are making good time! We expect to see them arrive here later tonight.
* Well, she is 93, and she just remembered to call muzzer to tell her about the visitors. Cut her some slack guys.

29 January 2008


We interrupt this Snooper Bowl Planning stuff for an important message.

Mama L. has reported that Butchy and Miss Snickers have left Janesille on a pink four wheeler, reportedly heading for Tempe, AZ and the Snooper Bowl Pawty!

There are several possible routes which they might choose to take. If you are in the Midwestern US, please be on the lookout for them, and report any sightings to their Mama or to me, Gussie. We are worried about them because they are having bad weather (again!) and the travel may be treacherous!

Oh My Oh My Oh My

pictures at 7:00 ('cause we are at the store and it is a dumb 'puter!)


28 January 2008

Hello: I'm Gussie's Muzzer, and I have approved this ad.

Help Wanted

Non-Techno Muzzer seeks volunteers to assist with virtual pawty pictures.

If you do the photo editing, we will do text, or you can provide. Posted entry can be on your blog or ours, with links to help the pawty-goers find their photos.

We have photos for Saturday Dance, Grand Canyon Tour, Airport Arrival and Transport and Sleeping arrangements at our house. We have “volunteers” already for Saturday Dinner, Cheerleaders and Scottsdale shopping.

Contact Muzzer at gusdaggerwft@gmail.com if you can help.

25 January 2008

More happenin' Stuff!

Muzzer has asked that I do a brief outline of what we have planned so far for our Soooooper Bowl visitors.

Most of you will be arriving Friday afternoon, and we have planned an opportunity to play golf and relax around our house, until our friend Albert comes to fix dinner for us.

This weekend is also FBR weekend in the Valley of the Sun, and we have many golf courses. My G-papa is the only golfer in the family, so he will be your guide for a quick 9 holes at a local course. Please be sure to let Ruby know if you are planning to bring your clubs on board RubyAire, since they must be secured carefully to prevent damage.

For those who want to relax, we will be filling the dog pool and providing lounges and snacks during the afternoon and early evening. We will also have a dedicated nap space, for those who want to conserve energy for the first round of pawtying!

Saturday starts early for those who will be travelling to the Grand Canyon! We will head north through Flagstaff, stopping in Williams to see the Grand Canyon railroad! We have early reservations for the new observation walk on the south rim of the canyon, leaving in time for a late lunch in Flagstaff on the return trip.

For those who want to see more of the valley, Teka will conduct a shopping trip through Scottsdale, with stops at Gainey Ranch and the Waterfront. Lunch will be "on your own" at the food court at Fashion Square or one of many fine dining establishments in the area.

This is strictly a "bring your own plastic" outing, or you may windowshop if you prefer.

Miss Snickers and Asta are in charge of the doggy spa day at Fiore, also in Scottsdale. This is a great chance of all of us to relax and recharge in a very comfortable atmosphere. Dogs and Bitches are welcome on this outing, though there will be separate shower facilities, all treatment rooms and massage areas can be shared.

We all will end our day with a special catered event at Furio, one of the premier nightclubs in our fine metropolitan area. (and also one where we get a discount, cause E.Beth works for the management company!)

Furio serves fine wine and cocktails in an intimate lounge setting, and they will provide us with a special menu featuring many eatables. They are anxious to learn how to make Pawtinis and Pawgaritas, and have created a special drink for the occasion using WallyMelon.

Because so many doggies reacted enthusiastically to the idea of a Sentimental Journey dance, we have booked a fine swing band and they will play in our private ballroom.

Wow!!! I didn't know this was going to be so much work!
I hope our plans so far meet with your approval. Plans for Sunday later. Please let me know if you will want transportation to religous services at any time during our weekend.

More Soooooper Bowl stuff!

We are pleased to announce that Miss Asta K. (NY) has completed the Cheerleading Academy course in time to take charge of the cheerleading squad for the soooooper bowl game pawty!

Her intense training was not only physically demanding, but required great inter-species skills and tolerance. We feel that this will be extremely valuable in building a cheer team that embraces diversity and avoids favoritism. Cheerleaders will be cheering for good plays for BOTH teams, and to encourage BOTH teams to perform at their highest level in this impawtant contest.

Asta has agreed that cheerleaders may be from all breeds, sexes and species, and that they may select their own uniforms, with Asta and her Mommi maintaining veto power over uniform design.

If you are interested in being a pawty cheerleader, please contact Asta at http://astasworld.blogspot.com/ , she has a C-box where you can leave her a message.

More on our plans and schedule later today.


22 January 2008

A mystery solved!

We got up this morning, and no one could figure out what was wrong with Teka! She did not want to get out of bed. She did not want to go for walkies. She just wanted to curl up in the warm spot muzzer left and sleep and sleep.
I, Gussie, was very worried about her.
She stayed at home while we went on walkies. That has NEVER happened.
It was still dark when we went out, and we couldn't see much. On the way back, we noticed that there was a little white car parked in front of our house. Dad said "must be some of those crazy friends of E.Beth's."
We went inside for breakfast, and we turned on the laptop to check my e-mail! I found out why Teka was sleepy when I read my pal Joe's blog.

It seems that Joe's brother Tanner (aka Doofus) and Teka went out last night for a little midnight snack. They must've stayed out later than the last bus back, because Tanner had to scratch around for alternate transportation. Read Joey's blog for the details, but anyway

In the spirit of cooperation, the two of them worked together to drive the golf cart back to our house. Then I guess Tanner must've hooked up with one of E.Beth's friends, because he got back home OK. I told muzzer, and she told Dad, and they went out to see if they could find a phone number to call for pick up, or at least let the owners know where they could find their golf cart.

Imagine their surprise as the walked out the door! The golf cart was being driven away by

this guy and his buddy! Muzzer looked at Dad and said "Well, there goes the neighborhood! Now we have to move." He just shook his head, which is a fairly common response.


with thanks to Joe Stains, Tanner and their mom.

20 January 2008


Well, we went over to Sophie LaBrador's blog because lots of my friends have been having their humans take this test about what kind of doggie you are supposed to have.

So, muzzer is a bit of a skeptic, and it has taken some doing to convince her that she needs to check this thing out. But finally, after we got dad home, and after we got dinner over, and after she had some hot chocolate, she said, "OK Gussie, let's kill some time and take that quiz."

Let me first tell you friends, I am the PERFECT DOG FOR MY MUZZER!

I walk her, I make sure she doesn't eat too much, I keep her feet warm, I take care of customers at the store, I remind her to get my treats, I chase Teka away when she gets too pushy. In short, I am loyal, brave, honest and true, obey my muzzer at all times, and obey the Terrier Law!

Well, she took this quiz. And I figured, it would be some mix of terriers, terriers and terriers, because Muzzer has learned to love Bostons, Airedales, Welshies, Belingtons, Irish, Wires and even my friend Ralphie, who is a JRT! She is still working on Teka. Maybe even a Lab or a Newfie would be on her list. Maybe a Bernese Mountain Dog.

But NO.....Here is her list:

Number one dog for Muzzer.WHIPPETS!

Now I love the waggle , andd their servants seem nice enough.

But this is not the right dog for my muzzzer.

This dog is ELEGANT!

This dog is THIN!

This dog is SMART!

All these things make my muzzer feel inferior.

This is NOT the dog for muzzer

Number two dog.


She had one of those. His name was Nigel

He went to the bridge, and she still misses him.

But she loves me BEST!

Number Three Dog

English Cocker Spaniel

Cute, but he probably drools almost as much as a Springer.
Numbere Four Dog

Field Spaniel

Are we in a rut here folks?

Number 5 Dog

Wheaten Terrier

Close, but no cigar

Now, this is where muzzer got mad at the quiz. She went down and clicked on the why ? button next to Fox Terrier. It said she should not have a fox terrier because she said she didn't want to run with the dog every day, and because she is over 60!


We rest our case, not a valid quiz. I know she is old. But lots of bloggie moms are almost as old! And she is real small, so she doesn't look that old. And she has it in her will that E.Rabbit gets the dog and E.Beth gets the dolls, so I would be taken care of and loved. I am not happy with that quiz, and now I think muzzer was smart for not going there earlier.

See, I told you I was the perfect dog for her.


18 January 2008

Greetings Pals:

I am just beginning to straighten out some of the details for our Super Super Bowl Party ....
For those of you who are counting...we have added the official University of Phoenix Stadium Countdown clock to the sidebar. Just a way to help you keep focused, and to let you know how long you have to pack your bags before Air Ruby comes to pick you up!
Speaking of our intrepid pilot, arrangements have been made for Ruby to land at Falcon
Field in Mesa, Arizona. Right after landing, our guests will be given a tour of the Museum at the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force facility at Falcon Field. For our guests from England, a special treat. This landing field has strong ties to the RAF, and was used as a training facility during WWII. Or as G-papa says "The Big One." The 81st AF division also has a lot of memorabilia housed there, as do a number of other USAF divisions. There are also a number of restored airplanes from that era, to view pictures, go to their web page.
Falcon Field is kind of fun, they even have a big, old fashioned tower. Ruby will be talking to a real person controlling the landing order and approach patterns, just like in the old days.
Unfortunately we will miss their big social event of the year, which is not being held until March 15. You are welcome to return for this dance, called
"Sentimental Journey" if you wish, we will be happy to have you stay with us again, and would love to see you all dressed up in the 1940's duds that the folks wear to these dances. Can you imagine Stanley in a snappy pilot uniform, complete with scarf, escorting lovely Asta in her snappy dance dress, a la Ginger Rogers? Or how about the whippet fellows as Fred Astaire? Anyway, you are all welcome to come back, but muzzer says "no organizing Gussie, it will be too much work."
We think you will enjoy this chance to stretch your legs before boarding your complimentary land transport. Joey and I will be doing the driving, we promise we will not let Teka or Doofus anywhere near the controls of these vehicles.
Joey and I are ready to do a "short" tour of the Eastern part of the Valley of the Sun on the way to your accomodations. Just be sure to let us know if you have a particular spot you don't want to miss.
Muzzer will be waiting at home with your welcome gifts, and she will have snacks on hand. These will have a southwestern flair, including pup chips and sloppy salsa, Dogaritas and the requisite hot Mexican food.
More later about dinner on Friday and plans for Saturday and Game day.
For those of you who prefer to make private arrangements and just join us for the pawties, we noticed that Expedia has some special rates available. Check this Expedia site for information.

16 January 2008

Doggie Destroyer!

Today after work, me and muzzer went to our local Pet s Mart store.

We wanted to use the gift card that g-papa got me for my holiday gift. We had a great time walking up and down the aisles. We (OK, I ) sniffed a lot of toys and lots of different foods and treats.

We picked up some new treats that taste like Peanut Butter and say they are "Gooberlicious" I wrote Stanley when we got home to make sure he knows they are using the name of his country, so he can collect royalties.

We got a big bag of my favorite kibble, which is made from venison and brown rice. I got a new kind of shampoo that is s'posed to make me look whiter and brighter! I got treats from two of the people who helped us in the store. I did not make any messes. I did not pick any fights. I did not shoplift. I was a champion wire fox terrier, answering questions from people about my breed, passing out my cards and getting lots of pets.

At the end, muzzer said I had some monies left on my card. She said maybe I should use it on toys, one for me and one for Teka, and she would pay any extra money we needed from my wages at the store.

I thought that was OK, and we spent nearly half an hour in the toy aisle, checking things out and testing them. In the end though, we knew we would get a couple of different Cuz toys, cause they are the only ones that do not meet a quick and nasty end.

So I got a red good cuz, medium size for Teka, and a big Orange Dino cuz for me. And we went and checked out, and we used all my gift monies and some of muzzer's monies. We put all our goodies in the trunk and headed for home!

Teka met us at the door to the garage.

She said "Like, what did you get me? And it better be pink!" and "Give it to me now or I'll bite your ear off."

And "C'mon, c'mon...what is taking so long?"

So muzzer put the bag down and took off my leash, and then she took the two cuz toys over to the counter to cut off their tags.

Teka was very impatient. She yipped and barked.

Muzzer cut the tag off Teka's red cuz first.

Teka took it across the room and dropped it.

Then muzzer gave me my orange cuz. Before I had my teeth around it, Teka grabbed it by the tiny orange tail and took off. Out the dog door. Around the back yard. In the dog door. Through Dad's study, through the living room, down the hallway, through the bedroom, onto the big bed, off of the big bed and under the big bed. Out the door to muzzer's office, through the dining room, into the kitchen, out the dog door. Whew. Finally she took the orange cuz under the lysaloma bush and proceeded to kill it.

Here are the results of her labors.

It took her less than one hour to accomplish this.

We have only found one of the orange chunks so far.

Muzzer hopes there will be more around the house.

Otherwise, Teka is gonna be one interesting study in poop.

She will be pooping orange chunks and bits for some time I think.

See the bottom of the poor cuz?

I am planning to give him a burial with full honors, even though he was not with us very long.

I have taken the red cuz and hidden it in my favorite place.
It is in the shoe cubbies in muzzer's closed, behind her
black and white houndstooth flats.

Please do not tell Teka. She will just murder another one.

One unhappy terrier

14 January 2008

The way we take a shower

With abject apologies to the spirit of Emily Dickinson

The way we take a shower's this
First muzzer gets undressed
And then she gets the water warm
And shouts to "Bring them on!"

I must let Teka be the first
She likes it lots, you know
She comes out smelling really nice
With fur as white as snow.

And then it's my turn,
Oh, please no!
I do not like this stuff

It makes me sneeze, it makes me cry
Please muzzer, that's enough!

But muzzer has a mean streak too
And likes me white and sunny

She says when I am nice and beige
I also smell quite funny

She scrubs and scrubs and bubbles makes
And then she rinses off
And when it gets into my nose,
It makes me gag and cough

But at the end, we each get dried
In soft and fluffy towels.
And brushed a little, but not much
And combed on cheek and jowls.

And when it's done,
We pick our treats
From muzzer's big white bag
And Teka looks for something sweet
And I try not to brag

About how good I was today
And what a brave, big boy
I think that I should get a lovely
Snack, or just a toy!

We did this all for Stanley's mom
Who likes to see me fluffy
So here I stand all white and clean
And looking like a stuffie!

13 January 2008

Up to date

Gussie's muzzer here, doing a post to let you know that we are back from New Orleans and all is well. Also wanted to bring the blog up to date and ease the fears of those who thought Gus might be mistreated or ignored while we were gone!

While I was gone, Gussie seems to have collected a number of awards from friends and acquaintances. I am to express his most heartfelt gratitude, and give you the WFT equivalent of "Aw Shucks Folks."

Here are his awards, which we will put in the sidebar this week.
From his pals Butchy and Snickers comes the "Best Friends Award"
Gus would like to give Miss Snickers a big kissie for this (and thank Butchy also, of course) and pass the award along to Pappy, Lenny and Miss IvyPaws.
The other award this week is the "You make my Day" award, and Gus got this from Agatha and Archie and Butchy and Snickers.
The award says "whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland. and you must pass it on to 10 more people"

Many thanks to all, and special Kissies to Agatha and Miss Snickers.

Gus would like to pass this along to: Maggie and Mitch, Joe Stains, Blue, Stella and Stanley, Asta NY, Asta AU, Faya, the Whippet Waggle, Five Happy Hounds, and Wally. Most of these folks have gotten the blog already, but they are "must see" blogs for us, and they do "make our day."

Gus will be here tomorrow with a super bowl update.

09 January 2008

My Muzzer Done Left Me

My Muzzer Done Left Me
She went to New Orleans
She said that I couldn't come
She told me to stay home
And take care of Teka
And when the caring was done

She said she would come back and maybe she'd bring a Chew Bar for me

Hear old Teka barkin
See the rain a fallin
Gussie is not happy
No he is not happy

She went far away
And told me to stay
At home with the blues.

Bloggie is not letting us load pictures. We are sorry. The tune is supposed to be "Blues in the Night.")


07 January 2008

Transportation for the pawty!

Aire Ruby announced today that
reservations are now being taken
for the trip to Super Bowl exlii. (42)

Remember to let Ruby know about
any special seating needs, or your preferred
seat partners.

Bon Bonage all

05 January 2008

Tag by Mackie

My good pal Mackie (we are twins, separated at birth, if you believe our muzzers) posted a new tag challenge. And since all of us "large" and handsome terriers have to stick together, I am going to try to answer it. And then, of course.....Teka has demanded that she have a turn too.

So: Here we go:
1.) If I were another kind of animal I would be a lamb because a lot of people seem to think I look like a cuddly lamb.

2.) My most-favoritest song is Barbara Ann, by the Beach Boys. The long version. Because it drives Muzzer batty!

3.) If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live on Coronado Island in California because it is beautiful, it has a beach, it is near the mountains, San Diego is right across the Bridge and Dad can watch the St. Louis Cardinals when they come to town.

4.) If I were a famous movie star or personality, I would be Pierce Brosnan because musser thinks he is hot?

5.) I should be the spokesman for Steak 'n Shake because they are my favoritest food in the whole world!

And now, it is Teka's Turn!

Hello all, Teka here. I think this is a pretty dumb tag game, but I have been, like, dying to get on Gussie's Blog again and say hello to all of you! So I am answering these questions as completely as I can so I can stay longer and like, you can get to know me, OK?

1.) If I were another kind of animal I would be a beautiful gazelle, because I look like one. And, they like, run really fast and old "large" Gussie couldn't catch me.

2.) My most-favoritest song is Material Girl, by Madonna. C'mon, you know why!

3.) If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in Malibu, so I could hobnob with the stars and like, go to the beach every day to work on my tan. Even if Snowball says that too much sun is makin' me spotty.

4.) If I were a famous movie star or personality, I would be Hillary Clinton, because she gets her way! And I think I should get my way all the time. Like when Gussie doesn't eat his food, or when I want all the kongs, or when I want to tear up the newest stuffie.

5.) I should be the spokesman for Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner. Because, if I didn't belong to E.Beth, my last name would prolly be Stains, like Joey. Hey...a girl has to leave her mark in this world, right?

Now, Gussie was 'sposed to tag three more people, but y'know, he is kind of, like, shy and he cops out on this part. So I tag Tanner, because Tuesday is my favoritest day, and Princess Snowball, because she and I have a lot in common, and Girl-Girl, because she is also a spoiled, beautiful female with a great future ahead of her, kind of like me and Snowball, but in a very hamsterrier kind of way.

04 January 2008


You are cordially invited to join the Tempe Terrierists
for a stupendous Super Bowl Weekend !!!

Double the venue, Double the fun

Pawties and accomodations at Joey's and Gussies houses.

Entertainment provided by Teka and Tanner,

the hottest duo since Ike and Tina!

When: Starting Friday, Feb. 1 at 6:30 pm

Transportation proved by Aire Ruby

See the blog that follows for details.

Hello Bloggie Buds:

February 3 is Super Bowl Sunday!

This year, the Super Bowl (number 42) is being held in bootiful AZrizona.

Me and Joey and Teka and Tanner are hosting a BIG party for Super Bowl.

How Big? you ask.

Well, we got Janet N, our Governator, to join us in inviting all our Buds and Budettes to come to our Beautiful State (AZrizona) for a few days of playtime, partytime, and gametime.

The Pawty Starts Friday around 6:30 pm (MST), and goes through takeoff Monday.

All transportation arrangements have been made through Aire Ruby, and for you doggies, kitties, hamsterriers and others who don't want to be away from home for such a long time, she will also make a pickup on Saturday. But we gotta tell ya! You are gonna miss out on a bunch of fun things if you don't join us as early as you can.

Me and Teka and Joey and the Doofus live pretty close to one another, so we are both providing bunking space for those interested. With homes in our neighborhood renting for $1000. a night(well, that's what the signs say!) you will be getting a great value. We will make every effort to honor all requests for sleeping arrangements.

Both Joey's Mom and My Muzzer are providing the food, and will do their very best to meet special dietary needs/requests. If you prefer to bring a pawsonal chef, Ruby will accomodate them in the luggage compartment. Please be sure they pack food and water in their own crates, and you may want to get them a tranquilizer from their physician so they do not suffer too much in the dark and cold.

Saturday we will fly to the Grand Canyon, with a stop in Flagstaff to Ski. Pawty arrangements Saturday night through Teka's mom, E.Beth. She has made arrangements for us to have the party room at Furio in downtown Scottsdale, and a band she knows will provide music.

Sunday AM is breakfast in bed, served by muzzer. Eggs a la Nouvelle Orleans, Creole Cream Cheese with raspberries, Bananas Foster and Mimosas. Yummy. Then lunch at Joeys and it is GAME TIME.

May the best team win!

More details later.

03 January 2008

Oh My!

Muzzer has been a bit frazzled lately. I think that writing all those carols over December must've shorted something in her brain.

She is working on remaining calm and collected, but I fear she may be taking it too far. I mean Yoga is one thing, but this is a bit much.

But wait...it is caucus time in Iowa! And she has always been interested in politics. From the time she was a little bitty girl she has enjoyed the theatre that politics in the US provides.

Politics gives her something to get excited about, even now that she is much older! So nostalgia got her bad today, and she started talking about how she wished she lived in Iowa so she could caucus. And then she went into the drawer in her dresser where she keeps her old dance cards and kindergarten report cards and stuff dad got her that she is sentimental about.

She found Dad's button for the 1964 campaign. He thought he was a republican then. He and mother were not dating at the time. A number of years later when they were "courting" she converted him pretty quickly, much to the relief of her whole family.

Then came the "Gene McCarthy" years. As a lover of lost causes, muzzer voted for him. Not once, not twice, but three consecutive presidential elections. And you guys gotta know how hard it is to vote 3rd party in Azrizona. Unless, of course, the party has something to do with Tequila.

But this year, she is confused. So I am helping her with her choices. And to my mind, the strongest contenders in the race this year come from IOWA! They announced their candidacy on their blog today, and I would appreciate your consideration of their qualifications and abilities when you are deciding on your candidate.

Muzzer says they have her vote. I'm not sure that is a good thing. She has only ever voted for a winner in these contests one time. Do you think that is some sort of record? Anyway. Go to visit Butchy and Snickers on their blog and see if you don't agree with me!