03 January 2008

Oh My!

Muzzer has been a bit frazzled lately. I think that writing all those carols over December must've shorted something in her brain.

She is working on remaining calm and collected, but I fear she may be taking it too far. I mean Yoga is one thing, but this is a bit much.

But wait...it is caucus time in Iowa! And she has always been interested in politics. From the time she was a little bitty girl she has enjoyed the theatre that politics in the US provides.

Politics gives her something to get excited about, even now that she is much older! So nostalgia got her bad today, and she started talking about how she wished she lived in Iowa so she could caucus. And then she went into the drawer in her dresser where she keeps her old dance cards and kindergarten report cards and stuff dad got her that she is sentimental about.

She found Dad's button for the 1964 campaign. He thought he was a republican then. He and mother were not dating at the time. A number of years later when they were "courting" she converted him pretty quickly, much to the relief of her whole family.

Then came the "Gene McCarthy" years. As a lover of lost causes, muzzer voted for him. Not once, not twice, but three consecutive presidential elections. And you guys gotta know how hard it is to vote 3rd party in Azrizona. Unless, of course, the party has something to do with Tequila.

But this year, she is confused. So I am helping her with her choices. And to my mind, the strongest contenders in the race this year come from IOWA! They announced their candidacy on their blog today, and I would appreciate your consideration of their qualifications and abilities when you are deciding on your candidate.

Muzzer says they have her vote. I'm not sure that is a good thing. She has only ever voted for a winner in these contests one time. Do you think that is some sort of record? Anyway. Go to visit Butchy and Snickers on their blog and see if you don't agree with me!



Peanut said...

Dog 1964? your parents are old like my grammie and pappy. They might be older haha And mom says who in the world is Gene McCarthy? oh tell Muzzer we are just teasing her.

Maya and Kena said...

We totally agree with you Gus!!
We'd vote fur Butchy and Snickers!! You may have even seen the picture we made fur them on their blog, hee hee!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Patience-please said...

Oh THANK YOU!! Finally candidates we can wholeheartedly back!

wags from the whippets

Unknown said...

These late comers are the obvious favorite in my book. Why can't dogs vote???

Harry said...

I'm sure they'd make a better job of things than the humans!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Jake of Florida said...

With all due respect to the winners in last night's CAWcus, we do believe the world would be a better place if it were run by dogs. And, with all due respect to our fellow canines of other breeds, if those dogs were terriers -- all the better.

So, we'll be happy to volunteer on Butch and Snickers' campaign. Will there be lots of paper and pencils??? And a wooden platform to chew on?

Jake and Just Harry

Koobuss said...

They are by far the best candidates, and they come as a team already! I will vote for them if I'm old enough. Is fourteen and a half months old enough in dog years?

My mom remembers 1964 well. She, like your muzzer, rarely votes for the winning candidate.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Asta said...

I just came fwom telling them they have ouw whole family's vote!
When Mommi met Daddi he had an impeach Nixon stickew on his caw,heheh....
Butchy and Snickews have the best platfowm.plus they look gweat and they awen't weligious fanatics ow idiots ow indebted to any lobby so they would be gweat!
smoochie kisses

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

B&S would certainly get MY vote! Jx

Agatha and Archie said...

Well PL1+2 are BIG political junkies also.PL2 says she voted for McCarthy the 2cd time he ran. And she is glad Muzzer converted your Dad.We fully back B+S What a terrierific platform. How could they lose??? Love A+A

Liza said...

My gramma's ma had a sparkly "I LIKE IKE" pin my mom used to play with. Cool buttons. We live near New Hampshire so the TV's have been full of ads!! We are with Muzzer - Butchy and Snickers get our vote too!


Wired for Mackie said...

Hey Gus!!

I'd vote for Butchy and Snickers-but who would be President and would would be First Lady/Man??
Anyway- We started a tag-game and YOU'RE it!!!Come visit our blog to find out more!!

Hugs- Mackie and Finnegan