31 August 2011

Eartha's Artistic Endeavours

Hey there, dogs and peoples. It is me again, Eartha Kitteh.

This lady E. Rabbit thought you might be missing those dogs Gus and Teka while they are still not having power in Richmond. So she said I could share with you some of the pictures she took of them the last time she visited.

She does not want you dogs to get Gus and Teka withdrawal, you see.

So here is that other dog, Teka.

She is in that guy Dad's office. She knows that this office is where that guy Dad thinks all of his important thoughts, so she is trying to have important thoughts of her own while she's there.

She is somewhat limited in her capacity to do this, if you ask me.

And here is that dog who is my uncle, Gus.
He is saying "Pbbbbblllllt to you, Dominion Power. Give me my lights and internet back!"

And here am I, Eartha Kitteh.
I am sitting in this lady E. Rabbit's underwear drawer. I know you are not having withdrawal from me, but I thought you would like to see this picture anyway, since I am very good looking.

30 August 2011

Hurricane Central

We are fine

We still do not have power.

We have hijacked the compooter at my Dad's office but it is a mastadon!

We are reading posties, but not always responding. We hope you all are OK!

Our kibble supply is still ample, but we are below 26 lbs, so we know have less kibble than we do Gussie and Teka is eyeing me strangely!

We love you all and are so happy the hurricane did not hurt any of our friends.

Gussie and Teka

28 August 2011

Eartha Gives The All-Clear

Good morning, doggies and people. It is I, Eartha Kitteh.

That dog Gus who everyone says is my uncle texted me this morning on his muzzer's cell phone and asked if I could let you all know that he and that other dog Teka and those people they live with are all OK.

They just do not have any electricity at the moment, so he cannot update his blog himself. That Irene hurricane knocked out their power down in Richmond, but didn't hurt them or their house.

We are fine here in DC, too -- we still have our power and our internet and everything, which is why I can update this blog even though that dog Gus cannot.

We also have a lot of extra cans of BEANS and CAT FOODS because this lady E. Rabbit was convinced things were going to go all catty-wampus.

I do not think catty-wampus sounds like a bad thing, especially as it results in our having a huge stockpile of canned CAT FOODS.

But to recap: every dog and cat and person affiliated with this dog Gus and his blog are OK. Further updates as they are available.

Emergency cat reporter Eartha, over and out.

03 August 2011

A milestone

The winner and still champion
at 27 minutes

The loser, at 18 minutes.

And this is post number 2000!

new toys

Me and Teka got new toys today
This is Teka's toy.
His name is Hol-ee Cuz
This is my toy
Her name is Fuzz Cuz.

Muzzer is timing their life expectancy.

We are at 15 minutes and counting.