30 September 2009

Day 4 - Continued

Heron Cam proved far more reliable than muzzer
when it comes to taking photos. After meeting at the
train station in Dee See, muzzer and E.Rabbit went
to Chinatown for Dim Sum! Yummmmy.There was a cultural festival going on, so after Dim Sum
they sampled some of the food at the booths on the street

Watched the people

Looked at the exotic buildings

And went to visit NPR, where E. Rabbit works.
Couldn't take many pictures...but here is the main entrance.

They spent most of the next day shopping and eating Sushi.
Heron Cam proved invaluable in deciding which fish were
the freshest and finest. Muzzer was glad he came along,
even though he took those terrible pictures on the train.

Day 4 - Train to Dee See

You leave the Pennsylvania Station bout a
quarter til four
Read a Magazine and then you're in
BaltimoreBreakfast in the Diner, Nothin' could be finer

Than to read a yellow book with notes in the liner
Makin Scarey Faces
Headin' for new Places

Spot the Heron Cam and

Then you'll hide your faces.

to be continued.

Expose of Muzzer's travel adventures

Asta says: "Now that you are here, lets's go for a walk!

Asta meets a new friend.

Day Two, breakfast is yummy bread and tea out of a

Asta in her lovely collar from Eric and the Squares.
(they got it in Paris, ya know!)

They walked and walked on Day Two, and went to
Asta's dog run and lots of coooool places.
Unfortunately, muzzer and her camera ran out of juice
about the same time. They plugged the camera in, and
Muzzer took a nap. A good time was had by all.

Tomorrow...Days 4 and 5

Our Muzzer's back!

Our Muzzer's back, and she's really in Trouble
Hey Na, Hey Na, our muzzer's back
While she was gone, we reduced this place to rubble
Hey Na, Hey Na, our muzzer's back

We're makin her sorry she was ever born
Hey Na, Hey Na, our muzzer's back
If she doesn't get busy we will post some porn
Hey Na, Hey Na, our Muzzer's back

Hey She left us with the Vettie
And, we didn't get no Petties

She's been gone for such a long time
Hey na, Hey Na, our Muzzer's back
We were sad and now it's her time
Hey Na, Hey Na, our muzzer's back
She's gonna be sorry that she left us there
Hey Na, hey Na, our Muzzer's back
While she's asleep we are cuttin her hair
Hey Na, Hey Na, our Muzzer's back

Hey, she left us with the Vettie
And, we didn't get no petties

She played with Asta and with Duffy Too
Hey Na, Hey Na, our muzzer's back
For all we know she played with the whole zooooo
Hey na, hey Na, our muzzer's back
She went to New Yawk and she went to Dee Seee
Hey Na, Hey na, our muzzer's back
And she didn't bring a treat for Gussie or Meeee
Hey Na, Hey Na, our muzzer's back

Yeah, we're gonna make her sorry
And, we'll cause her lots of worry

We're thinkin' we should eat her new shoooos
Hey Na, Hey Na, our muzzer's back
Then, she'll get us some great chews
Hey na, Hey Na, our Muzzer's back
How long we're bad is gonna depend
Hey na, Hey Na, our Muzzer's back
On how much she grovels and how much she will spend
Hey Na, Hey Na, Our Muzzer's back

Yeah, she's gonna be sorry
And We're gonna make her worry
Hey Na, Hey Na, our Muzzer's back.

24 September 2009


have arrived at vet's and are waiting for Butchy to pick us up.

Muzzer says she saw where Asta lives from the airplane. Yeah, sure....

hoping Miss Snickers and the Mama do not mind that lots of our friends are joining us in Ioway.

Big Mud Wrestling event on Sattiday.


pee ess...the needles and pins are to put on the sofa so muzzer is not able to sleep, making her crabby and tired so she doesn't have a good time without me.


22 September 2009


We're big on lists around this house.
We make lists of what we are supposed to do.
We make lists of what to buy at the store.
We make lists of books we want to read.
We make lists of things to tell Dad.
We make lists of just about everything.
This week we are making lists of what we need
to do for this weekend.
Here is my list:I'm going to check with Butcho to see if I can spend the weekend
in Ioway with him and Snickers. If that won't work, I am planning a
pawty at the vet's place on Sattiday night. We can get kicked out of there
just like we got kicked out of PetSmart. There aren't that many places
in Mayemphis where muzzer will leave us. If we keep it up, we will run through that
list pretty quick, and she won't be able to take trips with dad and leave us behind.
We will let you know.
Meanwhile, muzzer is obsessing about what to take on this
expedition to the big cities of New Yawk and Dee See.
I said to her: "Look muzzer..everything you own is either black
or khaki. How difficult can this be?
Here is her list, which you can see only proves my point!
Stuff it in a bag lady, and let's get this show on the road.


20 September 2009

not much, you?

It is still being wet and wetter in Mayemphis.
Muzzer is reading a really upbeat book about the
Yellow Fever Epidemic. Today, me and Dad and
Teka decided we were going to make the best possible
use of our time. So, we all went back to bed. You can't see Teka, because she sleeps
UNDER the covers, but she is that lump behind my butt.
This was taken about 10:00 ayem. Not much sunshine for a few
days, and even muzzer gots the blues.
On a lighter note:
Yesterday morning Teka caught one of these in the back yard.
Killed it DAID! Brought it up to the back porch as a
gift for muzzer. Who did not properly express her
gratitude, but did an excellent Lacie imitation.
Dad to the rescue, gave the rat a burial in a plastic
bag in the trash can. EEEEUW.
Teka now wants Archie to come coach her
for Earth Dog competitions.

19 September 2009


Last night when the rain slowed a bit,
Dad went into the back yard to check for damage.
Look what he found!Right on the walkway where the martians left ie!
Can someone tell me why they don't believe me?

18 September 2009

Rumors confirmed!

Hiya! It's I, Gussie. I regret to inform you that certain
rumors...the ones about Muzzer going to New Yawk
without me....they are true.
AND..to make things worse, she is also going to visit
MY Sissie E.Rabbit in Dee See!
I confirmed these rumors today when I found her packing
boxes in the bedroom. She is shipping TREATS to Asta and
CLOTHES to my sissie. The nerve of this woman!When she left the room to find the tape, I ran myself through
the scanner and created......

Using his marvelous powers of observation, we have
inspected the boxes that are to be sent off.

Hmmmmmm......we are thinking.

This one looked most interesting, so I assigned
the up close observation duties to my little pal.

He says the treats look good!

He took a closer look, and he must have overbalanced.

and fallen in amid the stuffies and stuffs.
Just then, Muzzer came back to the room with
the wide packing tape. She taped up the box for
E.Rabbit, and then moved on to the box for Asta!
OH MY. He must've decided to take a nap in all that
soft stuff in there. I guess he is making the trip to
New Yawk in my place. Hope he takes lots of pictures!

17 September 2009

I ditched the cone!

Hey Guys! Notice anything missing?
Sometime this afternoon, between 2 and 3:30 pm
I ditched the cone. So far, muzzer has not figured
out where it is, so I won't tell you guys, just in case
she offers a bribe for information. Wouldn't want you to
have to choose between treats and friendship. Not me.

Anyway, it is way too much fun watching her search
all over the house, under beds, behind the couch.
We even foud my best orange cuz toy. And lots of dust.

15 September 2009

New Treats

A couple weeks ago, I got a note in my e-mail from a nice person
who asked if Me N Teka would like to try some new treats!
I ask you friends...Is Wally still the Corgador?
Are the St. Louis Cardinals still Dad's favorite team?
Am I still a bit of a substantial wire?
Some questions go without the need for an answer, right?
But this one needed a response, and I asked Muzzer if we could do this, 'cause all we
would have to do after we try the treats is to mention them in our blog.
Did I ever mention that Muzzer is a stick in the mud?
That she is too careful to cross against the light?
That she even occasionally drives the speed limit?
But I did my best terrier face for her, and she did some research,
and we wrote back and said that we would try them. So, today when we went out for walkies, there was a box on our porch.
And of course, me and Teka went right over and started sniffin' and scratchin'.
But dad picked it up, and he said "NO! not for dogs. This is for your Muzzer."
HAH! Wrong again!
It was indeed adressed to Muzzer, but inside there were two wonderful
looking bags of treats.


And they have sweet potatoes and some Omega stuff, but we will tell
you more about them after we try them. Oh, and after Muzzer reads us the
insert and the back of the package.

Reporting Live

Gussie n Teka

14 September 2009

I update

I went to see the Dogtor this morning.

Muzzer said my eyelid looked thick.

This morning we saw Dr. Jeff, who is one of my favorites.

He looked at my eye, prodded at it, and made some pussy stuff come out.

He also found the hole that was the original wound, and says it was most probably a spider bite.

But --- I gotta wear the cone a while longer, get my ointment and take my pills.

the GOOD NEWS! I have not gained any weight.


pee ess...One of the reasons I like Dr. Jeff is that he is a "substantial" fellow too.

12 September 2009

UK Fox Terrier Walkies

My Pal Jackson has posted this announcement on his blog.
We hope if you are able to join him, you give him a good butt sniff for me.

10 September 2009


Here is a very fine montage of photos of my owie eye. Well, fine when you consider the photographer.
You will notice that there is still slight swelling on the top of the eyelid, but it is very much improved, and it has stopped making yucko crusty stuff.
When we saw my DogTor, she said that we should be seeing improvement by the end of this week, which just shows that I am still superior to most dogs, even in my dotage.
She said there was no evidence of a bite from another animal (thus letting Teka off the hook) but that it might have been a spider, or I might have rubbed or scraped it against something, and then irritated it with my (filthy) paw. Muzzer is leaning toward the rubbed or scraped option, since I am still in the process of discovering my inner terrier, and have done more digging and squirming this summer than I remember ever doing before. Lots of good sniffs in this Mayemphis dirt.
Teka has been a pretty good nursie, though she can't figure out how to get her hat on. If she tries again, we will take pictures.
The only difficulty we have had is that she wants to grab Muzzer's cough drops out of muzzer's mouth, which gets muzzer coughing lots, and then the cough drop has been known to eject from Muzzer's mouth, and most of the time, I SCORE! because Teka is still up by the mouth and the cough drop is by the feet.
Muzzer is trying to learn to cough with her teeth clenched, because cough drops are not for puppies, but that is a whole other comedy routine.

09 September 2009

Muzzer sicko

Muzzer not feeling well.
Dad was sick first.
Sniffles. Achies. Cough.
Y'all know the drill.
We don't know if she has this stuffOr this kind of stuff.

Or maybe this kind of flu.
Which we understand you can only catch in:
Las Vegas
and Parts of Atlantic City.
Anyway...we taking good care of her.
We be back soon.
Gussie n Teka

06 September 2009

Occupational injury!

Y'all remember yesterday what a good job me n' Teka Toy were
doin', keeping the varmints out of our back yard?
Well, last night at dinner, Muzzer says to me....... "OMD! GUSSIE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR EYE!"
and from then on, I kinda felt like I was starring in a TV show.

Me and Muzzer and Dad piled into the GussieMobile and headed for the Emergency Vet Clinic.

They were very busy. We had to wait almost an hour, because some of the animals who came were "Class A" emergencies. Translation? They were bleeding on the floor or had been hit by a car and were unconscious.

Me...I just had an eye that was pretty messy looking.

We got to see the Dr. He didn't look anything like the one in this TV show.

He and the vet techs put me to sleep. Shaved my eye! (yucko) and put some medicines in it.

This is what I looked like this morning!

And this is where I am spending my time, mostly, today.

I also got lots of pills and medicines to take while I am home. And Tuesday, I have to check in with Dr. Jeff at my vet place to see how I am doing. One of those medicines makes me really sleepy, so that is all for now.



05 September 2009


Hello Friends:
We are having a holiday here in the U S of A!
We borrowed this one from our friends in Canada
(Thank you Sophie LaB!)
We call it "Labor Day" but hardly anyone goes to work.
Me and Teka are working though.

We are busy guarding our house from intruders.

Can you see how intently we are searching
the leaves and branches for those varmints?

Can't you just hear me barking loud?

And Teka can do a good Beagle imitation when needed.

(Gratuitous Butt shot)

Don't I look f'rocious?

Wouldn't you be scared?

I am considering climbing the Acacia tree.

But I will just do a few Wirey Barks to scare it off.

See...I told you it was a scarey varmint. But I knew Wirey Barks would work!