31 October 2009

Looky.... It's Me!

Thank you Scruffy, Lacie and Baby Stan
for the absolutely most handsome card I have ever seen,
except maybe the ones from Jackson's Momma.
Yappy Wallow Heen! I am such a good dog that muzzer says I can wear my
Orange Bow Tie and don't have to dress up silly.
Teka, however, makes quite a handsome witch.
She is a natural in the role.

Here is what she will look like AFTER the pawty!

And here is what she looks like when her
control collar goes off!
Oops, I am in trouble.
She is talkin to Dad.
She can get him to do ANYTHING!
So much for promises.

28 October 2009


I am helping Dad watch the World Series Game

And Teka is watching NCIS reruns with Muzzer.
Hmmm...maybe I'll trade her tomorrow night.

21 October 2009

Thank you E.Rabbit

Heheheh...Me and Teka don't watch this show
but clearly E.Rabbit does.
Thank you E.Rabbit for making this up for us.

19 October 2009

We have been in St. Loulis since Sattiday.
There are no pictures of my cuteness on our walks in the nature preserve.
There are no pictures of my being cute at the hotel,
or with Aunt Marie, or at Friendship Village.
There are no pictures of Teka charming the crowd in her
Halloween Witch hat!
Because D.O.M. (hereafter, Dumb old Mum)
forgot the camera.
Enough said?
I hope so. On to the box from miss Asta.HEY! What is that guy doing with my box?
Maybe I can get it from here?
Here is the lovely Forever Foxed card that miss Asta sent.
And a pin thing that muzzer immediately glommed.

Here are some cookies from her Barkday Pawtie that Miss Asta sent
for us to share. She knows how deprived we are here.

And here is my very most favoritest thing that came in
the whole box. And there were a lot of favorite type things,
let me tell you. Asta says she has a monkey much like this one.
She loves hers too.
Me and Teka had a few words about who got to play with this.
I won. First time ever!
Muzzer says I am finally ass-hurting myself.
I hope not.
kisses to all, but most especially to Miss Snickers and Miss Asta
My beautiful wirey friends.

16 October 2009

Happy Birthday (plural)

What do these people have in common?
Two are tall, one is short
Two are wearing Black clothes
Hmmm...all of them have on Khaki......
All of these people have a Barkday this week.
My Muzzer and Asta's Daddi have their barkdays tomorrow.
Their combined ages equals approximately the square root of the national debt.
And my Dad..he is the baby of the group.
His Barkday is next Friday.
So he and muzzer were born six days (and [cough] a couple of years) apart.


And thank you E.Rabbit for the lovely flowers and candy.



15 October 2009

A new career for Joey and Mango?

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

Me, Teka, Dad and the balloons

We have some other things to show you...but this is our first video! Yeah, yeah...we know.

The story is that the balloons were for Night Out, then muzzer brought them inside.

Teka liked them, and you can see how interested I was. And then....the battery went dead.


oh, and can someone tell us a faster way to download these things. Bloggie takes forever!

g n t

13 October 2009

Night In

Well, we were supposed to have "Night Out" at our house
tonight. Me and Teka heard rumors that there might be Hot Dogs! Wahooooo!
We even stole a bag of hot dog buns while muzzer was out this morning.
But.....we had lots of rain today. This is pretty much
what it looked like out the back door
just about when the pawty was supposed to start.Muzzer said "Phooey! the house is clean, we are going to have
So we got some of the psghetti sauce out of the freezer,
cut up some veggies, baked some brownies and
Wa Lah
It was pretty tasty. And we had quite a few folks
in the kitchen talkin' and eatin'
And Teka watched it all from Dad's lap.

Neighbors at the table. This is our pal Dave.
He gives good scritchies.

And my friend Mary, who slipped me some pasta,
and our next door neightbor.

So it was not too bad.
Headin' for bed. Pawties is a lot of work.
Gussie n Teka
pee ess...at my next pawty, we
are havin

10 October 2009

change in the weather

Teka Here!We are having a climate change
Wooh! It is getting chilly here

Do you think it is warmer where Willy Yum lives?

I might have to find out!

Looks like a long winter to me!

08 October 2009


I spent the day at the groomer's place.
Suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
and many indignities unknown to man (or woman)
just so I could get to open this package from sweet Miss Asta.
It came in the mail yesterday.
And stingy Muzzer wouldn't let us open it our sniff it.
Ya know why?
Because she said we were grungy and smelly
from the Mud Wrasslin and poker game at
Butchy and Miss Snicker's place!! Maybe Teka was.
But not me, uhuh. No way!
But, muzzer rules.
So today I went to see Miss Yolanda,
my favorite Groomer

As you can see

She did her usual, sterling job
This one's for you Barkies!

And she made my eyebrows match.
But not quite.

And she fluffed my whiskers.

And made me look pretty good.
OK, not as good as Duffy.
But he lives in New Yawk.
He MUST look pawfect and
Cosmo - paw- litan.

I mean, after all....
He and Petey are seen often in
the company of Miss Asta - rooni
Fashionista Extraordinaire!!
And I live in Mayemphis.
And I don't look bad,
for a Houn' Dawg.

No Comment from the peanut gallery please!

06 October 2009

a new friend

Hey Pals..... we just found another wirey fellow who blogs.
His name is Tucker and this is his blog address.

We gotta warn you...sit with your hoomans when they read the bloggie. See, Tucker just recently found out that he has cancer, and they are gonna be upset when they read about it.

But if you can, let him know we will support him. Power of the paw, ya know.