30 June 2011


Do all y'all remember when
muzzer and dad took the flats
to Dee Seee and New Yawk?

And they stayed in hotels like the
one above?
And the one above here?.

Well, we are in a hotel tonight too
And while it is OK
Baby, it ain't no Klimpton!

Teka says this is SOOOOO

And I am a bit miffed too.


22 June 2011

Many Apologies

To DogDad and DogMom
who were the creators of our Flat Selves,
and are the humans designated to serve
our Pals Jake and Just Harry.

We are sure you all know who is
at fault for this sad omission.


The Camera, which was lost, has been FOUND!

WARNING::::there are a lot of photos here!

Me and Teka went to
Dee See and New Yawk
with the Dad and the Muzzer
this weekend.

Well, our flat selves went.
All Aboard our private
located in the top compartment
of the Muzzer Suitcase.
Arriving at the DuPont Circle Hotel.
Accomodations made affordable by
Our Bed at the Hotel
Our bed at E.Rabbit's House!
Meeting Miss Eartha Kitteh
Who rules the roost there.
Our Bed in New Yawk!
View from the windows at
the Eventi hotel.
Getting Ready to Shower
before going to meet Miss Asta!
Teka samples the Prosecco.
She did not even say hello to
Mommi and Daddi first. I was
My Sweet Miss Asta with
the fuzzy toy I chose for her.
I think she likes it!
She is giving my Dad a workout!
Muzzer, Daddi, Miss Asta and Mommi
in a beoootiful park near their home.
Breakfast the next morning
at the Eventi Hotel before leaving
for Washington Square Park.
A place called EATALY where Muzzer
spent some time browing.
Teka at Washington Square Park
Gussie at the Fountain at WSP
Teka up a tree at WSP!
Obligatory Lion Shot at
the NY Public Liberry.
Which is celebrating
100 years of sharing
knowledge and wisdom
And a Bussie Shot to end it all.

Our flat selves had a wonderful time.
They would like to thank E.Rabbit, Eartha Kitteh,
the folks at the DuPont Circle Hotel, the St. Louis Cardinals,
Miss Asta, Mommi, Daddi, Duffy, Aunt Karen, the folks at
the Eventi hotel, Jon and Becka, the folks at Indochine
in NYC, the bagel bakers of New Yawk, SniqueAway and the folks
on the Amtrak train for a great trip.

I would like to thank my vet and staff for keeping me
safe and dry while they were gadding about.


14 June 2011

We are honored

The world famous, much revered
Miss Sophie la Brador
came to visit our most
humble abode.

She deigned to greet her subjects
from her personal travelling crate.
(which is why it is not solid gold,
as she is accustomed to, ya know?)
First I, Gustavus Adolphus Dagger
approached and paid my respects.

She rewarded my homage with a benevolent nod
of her magnificent head, and dismissed
me to my terrier duties.
Miss Teka, of course
was far more bold.

Venturing to put her entire brazen
head into the royal abode.

For which she was rebuked with
the cut direct and a chilling stare.
Once the minions had been dismissed,
the beautiful Miss Sophie
took a well deserved rest
from her travels.

She ventured into Carytown to see the sights,
while Teka and I pined at home. We are
not as well behaved or well socialized, you see.

We hope she enjoyed the Sweet Frog!

Gussie and Teka

A note from Muzzer: Seriously guys, this went much better than I expected. And it is all
due to Miss Sophie, who just kind of chilled and relaxed, and stunned the terrible two into
doing the same!

Thank you S&S for a fine lesson in Etty Kett.

13 June 2011

A Package!

So, we are having a quiet afternoon waiting for Miss Sophie LaBrador to arrive.

And look what the FedEx man left on the porch!

Here I am, helping the Muzzer open this box.

It is very well sealed, and smells most interesting!

Inside the box, there was ANOTHER Box, that looked a lot like this one.

And then, ANOTHER most special box that looked like THIS!

Guess who ELSE is coming to dinner?



They have come all the way from Flori Duh
so they can go with Mom and Dad this weekend while Teka and I are occupied.

(oops, the dumb muzzer forgot to rotate this picture, so tilt your head to the left a bit to see my handsome self, OK?)

Teka is checking out Flat Gussie to see if his ears taste as good as mine!

She was discouraged from this behavior when muzzer bopped her on the nose with her flat self.

I'll be no one else ever figured out that flat selves are most useful for this. Leave it to Muzzer.

I also spend much time sniffing the wrapping papers from the inside, and I can tell you that Jake and JH are having a lot of yummy smelling treats and that they have visitors at their house!!

Back to waiting for Miss LaBrador.


04 June 2011

So, in honor of Joe Stains

Okay, so we are a day late on this, but we are sure Joe Stains would understand that you take a cheeseburger whenever you can find it.

Or Fries for that matter.

This place is not as close to our house as
the Greek Festival is, but we have heard that it is yummy, and the muzzer has been wanting to try it.

So, for lunch today we sent her to
Five Guys Burger and Fries

Which is over in the
"Shops at Willow Lawn"
and not too far from our local Petsmart.

The burgers were good,
very moist and juicy.
The fries were not as good as
Steak and Shake, but we figured it was OK,
because this guy eats there sometimes.

And we think Joe would have
approved, even though we were a day late.

03 June 2011


It is Greek Festival weekend at Sts. Constantine and Helen
Greek Orthodox Cathedral just down the street
from our house. This is the 35th Annual Festival, and
it is a big deal here in the Capitol of the Commonwealth.
There were seventeen dance groups scheduled for
this evening. And a lot of impromptu dancing around
the stage and in the lines waiting for foods.
My muzzer and Dad did not pawticipate, though they
enjoyed the dancing and the costumes.
This is the line for takeout food.
There are traffic policemen directing the traffic
on our part of Cary Street Rd., and lots of
folks are trolling for parking.
Fortunately, we live close enough to walk.
Here is ONE of the food tents.
There were four lines, and eight
checkout people!

And there were smaller tents for specialties like
Gyros and Limonata and seafood
Muzzer had Souvlaki
and Rice Pilaf
And a wonderful salad.
Dad had Tiropita,
A Shrimp Skewer
And a salad.

They brought home Baklava, Ergolavi, Greek donuts,
and some wonderful fennel flavored butter cookies.


We got leftovers, and now I know that I would
enjoy a trip to the Greek Isles.

A trip to Five Guys Hamburger
in Honor of My Pal Joey.

01 June 2011

My Pal Joey

Rest in peace sweet friend
May you always be warm enough
and have enough cheeseburgers and Pizza.