31 May 2010

Bis Scotties

My sissie E.Rabbit was dog sitting last week for some PUG named George! There are pictures of him on her bloggie and Efurry thing.


But, all was not lost....

George guilted her into baking treats for him.

And then, when she posted pictures on her blog, I guilted her into sending half of them to me n teka.

So, here are the pictures from her bloggie of the Bis Scotties when she took them out of the oven.

And this picture shows what they looked like when she sentthem to us...one bag for us, one for George.

(hah, we should have gotten two bags, there are two of us!)

Alas.....when they got here, muzzer had a non functioning camera, and by the time the DOM figure out what was wrong, me and Teka had eaten all the Bis Scotties except for a few crumbs.

But they were mightily delicious and we do gratefully thank our wonderful sissie for sending them.

Just think....one of the great things about living in Virginia is that Me n Teka will be close enough to take the train up to Dee See and have sleepovers with E.Rabbit!



29 May 2010

thank you Katie:

Katie is Tucker's sister, and she gave us this award on her bloggie!
Y'all know how lazy muzzer is, so we don't usually do this stuff, but we thought since it was Katie's very first award, we would Thank Her and pass this along.
The very first thing to do when you get this award it THANK the person who gave it to ya, so we will say Thank You again to Katie for sharing this.
Then you are supposed to tell 7 (seven!) things about yourself, so since me and Teka are sharing this, we will tell you 7 things about our relationship.
1. Teka is the Alpha Dog around here, except for muzzer. Not a surprise, huh?
2. I, Gussie, am probably the world's mellowest Wire Fox Terrier. Well, actually I am just too lazy to get excited, but it freaks some folks out.
3. Teka likes to figure out new ways to get me in trouble. Right now, she is manipulating me over our food dishes.
4. Both of us sleep on the Big Bed, and we share it with Dad and Muzzer.
5. We love our walkies, and we MUST got at least twice a day, or we can make the hoomans missssserablllle.
6. Teka can leap tall walls in a single bound, but inside the house, she has managed to convince muzzer and Dad that she cannot get up on the big bed by herself.
7. We are moving to Virginia in August.
Now, we are supposed to pass this along to fifteen (OMD) friends ..but we are taking the easy way out and telling ALL of you that if you haven't gotten this one yet, take it with you and follow the instructions. This one was easy.
Gussie n Teka.

thank you Katie:

24 May 2010

I think it is gonna happen

Y'all know this move thing we have been talking about?

Well, I didn't really think it was gonna happen. I didn't think muzzer was gonna want to leave her Bungalow. I didn't think she was gonna want to leave our neighbors, or her job at the liberry, or ......

But then they went and left me and Teka in that boarding place. (boos and hisses please)

And they made an offer on this house in that Richmond town.

And ....well this morning I knew it was for real.

First...she cleaned out the dog closet.

Then she hand washed all our bandannnannnaas
Yup, they are hanging on the porch to dry even as we speak.

So, it must be OFFICIAL!

21 May 2010

Uh oh!

Not only did we not have our own TV show last week.

But me and Teka gots "kennel cough"

We is taking medicines so we are OK

Muzzer is mad!

Nuff Said?


pee ess...Bloggie is not sending all your comments to our mail box.
So we 'pologize, and we is working on it.

Double Pee esss...to all our good buddies who have mentioned that nasal spray they give us so we are "safe" from Bortadella...what the vettie said is that it doesn't prevent it, just keeps it from being a "serious" illness by lessening the efffffeeeects!


19 May 2010

Muzzer's Day

This morning I was relaxing on the couch,
Thinking Deep ThoughtsAnd I was very comfortable too.
Despite what muzzer thought

When my friend CeCe brought this :
And inside, there was all kinds of stuff
From E.Rabbit for Muzzer's day.
This is the kind of thing she send Muzzer
And this package is for me n Teka, because
we have a muzzer, ya know?
Look at what we got!
Bones that taste like Psghetti sauce
But with no noodles to maneuver
And Muzzer got Chocolate Pretzels
And Chocolate Bath stuff.
And lots of other chocolate stuff
that didn't like having the flashie beast
going off in his/her faces, but looks yummy.

You might ask why muzzer got more stuff
than me and Teka did?

Why, because without our Muzzer
We wouldn't have anything to CELEBRATE!

18 May 2010

Too Many Friends

Sally and her Sweet Mommy helped Mack
Cross the Rainbow Bridge because he was in
pain and was getting weaker. We know it was
Very Hard for them to do, but
We know it was the best possible thing for Mack.
Please go visit and give them your love.

And, in memory of Mack, and
for all doggies everywhere,
Please consider voting in the Shelter challenge.

Click on the link above, and follow the instructions the Bumpass Dad wrote..which we have copied below.

The above link will take you to the Animal Rescue Site where you will get to click to donate a free bowl of food to homeless animals. After you do that you will be presented with a "Thank You" page; at the top center of that page please click on the "VOTE TODAY" button. That will then take you directly to the voting page. The only information that you need to enter is to select "WV" as the State from the drop down menu and enter "Capon" for the City. Then click on "Search." The page will then do its' thing and will end up showing "Almost heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. Capon Bridge, WV 26714." A "VOTE" button will also appear. Click on that "VOTE" button. After you vote you will see a confirmation page that requires you to identify a photo; this eliminates illegal machine voting. The answer is simply the type of animal that you see; dog, cat, turtle, fish, cow, etc. - not a specific breed. You can cast one vote everyday from as many different computers to which you have access. Voting will run from May 17th until August 22, 2010. The more friends you can rally to vote the better our chances of winning. Every vote, every day counts.

Vote Today!

16 May 2010

This, That, and a couple of other things.

Well, the muzzer came back and rescued us, but not before we had a great time at the BBQ fest. Thanks to all our pals who came and enjoyed Beale Street with us...and to Miss Asta's sweet Mommi who traded the police chief here one of her paintings so we could be bailed out.

Nuff Said.

That Dr. Fellow at the boarding place apologies to all of you who tried to visit and couldn't. When muzzer was finished with him, he was apologizing all over the place. She told him what was wrong with his site, and offered to help him and the programmer make it better. They did something she called bartering, and since she offered to help, we didn't have to pay for half of our boarding fees, and we also didn't have to pay to fill in the tunnel that Miss Agatha dug to help us get out. Too bad Remington got stuck in there and we had to pull him out...without that, I don't think that wall would've collapsed.

Well, while we were languishing in the boarding place, Muzzer and Dad went to Richmond.

Here are some of the pictures they took at the campus.

But, there was one picture she brought back that made me think this was all gonna be OK:

13 May 2010

A Gem from E.Rabbit

Y'all know my muzzer is ... um, well...SHORT!

So we have a rule in our family about making "short jokes."

But E.Rabbit sent this to muzzer, so at least if I get into trouble sharing with you, I think she will come and bail me out.

So, for all of you who are short (like muzzer and Teka) or who love someone who is short ( like me and Dad and E.Rabbit) here is the latest gem from the NPR archives.

The Short List: 5 Advantages To Being Diminutive : NPR


pee ess...I think we are getting sprung tomorrow so tonight we are pawtying on Beale St. Join us.


11 May 2010

Sad Days

Yesterday our fearless leader Jackson died.

We are very sad.

It is not helped by the fact that muzzer and dad have left us in this terrible place, with barely enough money to visit Beale Street while they are gone.

If you want to see where they left us (this time!), go to:


and click on the doggy cam link in the right sidebar. Then you have to click again where it says something about "view my dog."

You can find us on cameras 5 and 6.

Gussie n teka

(maybe now they will come get us instead of playing around in Richmond when we need them here!)

09 May 2010

Open House

Hey there, Y'all
Teka Toy here!
Today we had an "Open House."
That was so that people could come and visit
our "fully renovated and restored Craftsman
Bungalow in the heart of the Evergreen
Historic District" without having US visited
upon THEM!

So, we went to Dad's office to just chill and
hang out for a while!Gussie explored the wastebasket.
I explored a bunch of stuff in the corner.
Gussie explored the wastebasket some more.
Then muzzer looked around the walls and gave a deep sigh!

Well, actually, this is what she said:

And of course...I agreed with her. This being Muzzer's day and all.


06 May 2010

We love NPR!

We posted this link on Facebook too! Our apologies to our friends who visit us both places!

Thank you E.Rabbit...we love you even if you were raised by Garrison Keillor and Guy Noir!

gussie n teka

Hurry to the post office!

These Stamps have been on sale for several days now, but muzzer just got out to buy them this morning. Two of the Post Offices she went to were OUT! and the third one only had a few sheets left. (not any more...hehehe)
To find out more about the stamps and the pet food company sponsoring them, go here.
And many thanks to our pal Remington the Newfie for reminding us to get muzzer off her chair and out to the PO!


Now I know how Teka gets to Paducah!

01 May 2010


OMD! This morning about four ayem the muzzer woke us all up. She said "can't ANY of you hear the sirens? We must go down to the basement."

Well, once she got us awake, we could all hear the sirens. Even the Dad could hear the sirens.

The muzzer started grabbing blankets and cell phones, and the dad went and turned off the alarm thingy. It makes MUCH more noise than the sirens, which the muzzer insisted had been going on for at least 15 minutes.
So, the muzzer marched us all down the basement stairs. Be careful! You must duck your head as you come down the stairs. EVEN the muzzer must duck her head a little bit.
And then we opened the latch hook thingy, and went through the door, into the basement.

Our Tornado shelter place is fortuitously placed at the far end of the wine cellar. Fortuitously for the hoomans, anyway. And the people who owned our house before we did put in the racks and shelves, and installed something called "french drains" to keep the basement dry.

But it had been raining and raining and raining...so there was some dampness in the corner where the drain holes come in, but the room was fairly dry. We stayed in the room until the sirens sounded all clear, then came out to see what else had happened.

And the water was flowing, as it is supposed to, right into the drain by the (old) wash tubs.
(the Muzzer does not use those, she has her wash tubs upstairs.)

So, we stayed warm and fairly dry, and no wine bottles were broken to write this blog.
Teka Toy Dagger
note: of course, the muzzer was too sleepy to grab the camera, so all the photos were taken in daylight. TT
Muzzer says: "We were very lucky that no tornados actually touched down near us, but there are lots of trees down, and there have been some close sightings. The rain is supposed to continue all day today and through the night into tomorrow. Total accumulation may be as much as 10 inches. I am thinking of building an ark.