02 April 2012

gone ORANGE!

We have gone orange for April.

Thanks to Miss Asta and our pals who suggested
we take part in this campaign.

It was lots easier than trying
to join a blog hop. But
there may still
be hope
for that.


01 April 2012

Most wonderful weekend.

Actually...it didn't start out so great.
Because on Friday I went and got groomed.

And while they are nice folk at Dogma, that is not
my favorite way to spend a Friday, ya know.

But Miss Asta and I BOTH go groomed on Friday,
so we decided to celebrate a bit.

Luckily my sissie E.Rabbit was visiting, and she said
I could borrow her little blue car, which is quite speedy.

If you would like to see all the photos of our adventure
Asta's Mommi made us a smilebox, which you can see

Now I got to figure out a way to turn this bloggie ORANGE
for April.