28 February 2011

Teka helps Dad

Every Morning

Teka helps Dad with his crossword puzzle.

The amazing thing is, they always manage to finish it.

Go figger


27 February 2011


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Today (28.2.11) is E.Rabbit's Birthday

And I want to wish her a happy day and wonderful adventures



and Teka Too

25 February 2011

Oh, I am gonna be so sorry I did this!

Sometimes, I don't understand what Muzzer is saying.....Like this morning she said...

"Teka is consecrated."
It seems her poops have been confiscated
Which made muzzer seem elated
While I knew she should have waited.
Because when she got home, the problem had been Eliminated.

hehehehe....I hope the Scruff Man likes this one,

On another note, me and Teka went to the Dogma spa for a bath and brush yesterday.

There will be no more photos of me until I have defluffed myself a bit.
Why do they always make me look like a Bichon?


16 February 2011

Thank you!

Many thanks to all my friends who have wished me a Happy Birthday.

I had a wonderful pre Birthday celebration with Miss Asta, and tonight my dad took me out to dinner. Tomorrow night I think Butchy and Asta and Katie and the gang are coming for a poker pawty while Dad goes to Charlottesville. Meet us at the Cary Town Vet, me and Teka have a suite reserved.
I also want to thank Miss Asta for joining me at the Valentine's Pawty. We had a wonderful time!

15 February 2011

Status update

Muzzer is going to St. Louis this morning, so me and Teka will be reading your blogs but probably not commenting much. The thumb thing ya know?

We love you and hope you have a wonderful week.


02 February 2011

I can Go to the Museums NOW!

Y'all know, I am a cosmopolitan doggie!

When we have advenshuurs with my freinds, I love going to see museums and galleries and fine restaurants. Especially the fine restaurants!

In between advenshuurs I miss the museums and galleries. So now my pals at Google.com have made it possible for me to visit The Tate and the National Museum and lots and lots of other places.

Go to this page on your 'puter and visit some of the museums they have included in their collection.


Oh, you will find me and Miss Asta in the Metropolitan Museum looking at this picture.

Next week, perhaps the Tate.

Gustav (Miss Asta likes her beaus to have a continental flair!)