30 May 2009


Me n' Teka were helping Muzzer in the Garden today. We were helping her get Al Jay off the fence and cobblestones. We barked a lot. We tried to grab the scrub brushes out of her hand. We grabbed that water that was comin' out of the hose. We generally were a big nuisance. It was a great time.

In the process, we got wet. We got muddy. Muzzer said we had Al Jay between our toes! Doesn't that sound like great fun to you?

My friends, let me tell you it was mawvelous.
Then I heard muzzer mutter "OK you two, you played, now you pay."
What followed was the most hoomiliating moments of my life.

Here are pictures of Muzzer and Teka

She bathed us outside.

Here is Teka in the rinse cycle

Here she is starting the spin cycle.

Gussie in spin cycle

Fluff and Fold and final spin.

This...after a week of not blogging for me, and cutting back on my treats again, and I am seriously considering of getting a new secretary. Sobered by my friend Koobuss' unsuccessful efforts, I plan to play the guilt card on E.Rabbit and see if she will help me. Don't tell her, OK?


19 May 2009

Off to Ioway

This morning I read on Butchy and Snickers' Blog that my Lovely Miss Snickers had another series of seizures yesterday. So I have packed up the Gussiemobile and printed my Google Map and I was ready to go. But muzzer said I had to wait and go to see the Groomer, or I would frighten the beautiful Miss Snickers into a bad relapse.
So I went and saw my friend Yolanda at the salon, and she gave me a lovely bath, trimmed my toenails, and did a few other things related to hygiene and appearance, and here I am - listening to Muzzer give me a lecture about safety and speed limits, itching to leave.

Yeah, Yeah, I know!

Here I come Miss Snickers.

11 May 2009

Weekend Happenings.

Muzzer and Dad finally got home yesterday. Boy, were they surprised to see me here waiting for them. Of course, Dad just assumed muzzer had forgotten to take me to the vet place, and I didn't tell him any differently.

Muzzer was kind of surprised to see that the house was quite neat, and the small bathroom was sparkling. Many thanks to Asta and Rosie for their help in picking up the place and getting the plumber to come get Stan out of the drain.

Ummmmm...the only problem is that Teka has gone missing.

Some of the guys brought along this magazine, and it was getting passed around pretty fast and furiously! I thought it was pretty funny.

Then Sweet Willy arrived (aka Swede William, a member of the waggle)

He played a few hands at the poker table (usually used for dining in our house!) and then got a glimpse of the magazine. He snatched Teka up by her pretty pink collar and rushed out of here. I heard him tell our neighbor that Teka was too sweet to stay for the rest of this party, and he was taking her home with him. His Limousine was just driving down Parkway, and the two of them were helped aboard by his chauffeur. I hope Miss Patience and Mr. Bill don't mind feeding her for a couple of days. I think Muzzer will probably miss her soon.


Gussie d

06 May 2009

We are being ABANDONED!

by Gussie and Teka Dagger
Me and Teka have discovered that Muzzer and Dad are BOTH leaving us this weekend. They are going to New Orleans! And they are not taking us along.
Instead, we are going to be BOARDED at the VET's place.
Now I ask you my friends:
New Orleans
Street Cars named Desire
Or This
So in honor of the terrible thing they are doing to us, I have composed this tune.
I shared it first with my friends the Barkies.
But the message to my muzzer bears repetition.
Way down yonder in New Orleans
Where the terriers teeth all gleam
There's a funky old conference
You know what I mean
Dad will ponder and pundit there
Mom will wander on Jackson SquareS
Side trips to Magazine street
I'll bet that is neatt.
Doggies going to board 3 nights
Not a very impressive sight
Understand there's one TV
Might get in a fight
No sleep numbers on those dog
bedsNo down pillows for doggie heads
It may take them a life time
To pay back for this
Takin' Teka just for the ride
She'll be stickin close by my side
No computer to blog with,
Send Heron cam quick
Maybe we can escape from there
Join the circus or join the fair
Do you wanna go with us?
We'll certainly share
Then the hoomans can worry some
Pace the floor and chew bubble gum
Post our faces on lamposts
Boy they will be glum
We'll come back when we think it's time
They will treat all of us so fine
Is it worth all the effort?
Nah, let us just whine
with apologies to Mr. Louis Armstrong

05 May 2009

Doggie Survivors

Sapphire is a Survivor!

"On March 11, just hours after a devastating kennel fire at the Fairfax Hunt in Leesburg, Barbara Hutcherson of the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation was given a choice: Accept responsibility for six badly burned foxhounds or allow them to be put to sleep.

Sapphire, Ranger, Reckon, Duchess, Rascal and Ramey faced extensive treatment for burns, smoke inhalation and blood loss. Two would require a month of hospitalization, with an overall cost exceeding $15,000. But as Hutcherson looked around the room, watching dogs labor for breath while technicians applied salve, administered transfusions and fashioned makeshift oxygen masks, there was really no choice at all, she said. "

To read the rest of this story from the Washington Post, please go to the link below.

thank you
gussie n Teka

02 May 2009

The Big Day for Myrna

This weekend we boarded Aire Ruby and jetted off to attend the wedding of our friends Myrna and Gilbert Wheelie-Kroonz-Kreit in Salzburg, Austria. I was proud to escort my lovely Miss Snickers, shown standing next to me in the photo above. She looked lovely, if a bit slimmer than usual, in her pink frock, a special number from Snitchybug Designs.
Teka attended with her own Swede Willie Yum, and they made a handsome couple, even if it did get a bit troublesome dragging that stepladder everywhere so that Teka could be seen in photos! But we didn't regret a minute of it when Willum became interpreter for many of us as we toured the beautiful city both before and after the ceremony. He is gifted in languages, and speaks almost as many as the beautiful Miss Faya. His assistance was extremely valuable. (particularly useful in getting Lacie out of a few scrapes.)
I am glad that Miss Snickers and I were able to attend before she starts her new regime of feeno Barbie Doll next week. I understand it might make her crabby, and I surely do not want her to get angry with me.
kisses to all
Thanks to Asta and her Mommi for the photos.
Gussie d