15 June 2013

I Dun Bin Collared!

For NO REASON at all the Muzzer has put 
this ugly blue collar thing on me!

What?  My legs?  You say they look like they 
have been chewed upon?

Nah...not me
 Must've been something Teka did to me.
Maybe she chewed on my tail a bit too?

 Sneaky kind of pointy nosed Jack 
Russell Terrier you know.

Does things like this all the time.
I am going to be the laughing-stock
of the day at Impawsible Pets tomorrow.

I just know it.



11 June 2013

Teka's day at the Dentist

Teka had to go see the Dog Dentist today to get her pearly whites polished.  She sends her best, and asks whether she will qualify for the "Lambshank Gang" now?

Sigh....I miss her, but being an only dog has been pretty much fun.


04 June 2013

What is your idea of Utopia?

Well, we thought we would make a diversionary field trip on the way
home from St. Loulis.......

So we stopped at this town in Indiana where there have been
not ONE but TWO Utopian communities.

And right away...I knew that it was a UTOPIAN place for a roach
on the grass on a beautiful day in early summer.

And then  me and Teka stopped to talk to these folks, and
we decided the members of Utopian Communities must be a bit
stiff and slightly wooden.
But we did see lots of great houses
(And you know how the muzzer is about houses, right?)
And this one...which had a "for sale" sign.
And this place, which is not a house, but a place
called the Atheneum  and is most interesting in a
town full of early and mid 19th century houses.

And a main street trying hard for a revival.

And all around a great place to walk and walk and walk.

We enjoyed our overnight at the New Harmony Inn.

Muzzer and the dad had dinner at a place called The Red Geranium
which they recommend highly.

Me and Teka did not get a T-shirt.

Thanks to Lyman Tower Sargeant for teaching Mom and Dad
to love and appreciate Utopian Communities!

03 June 2013

Make way for: Ducks In St. Loulis

HAH!  We did it.

We ganged up and made the muzzer post.

Helped of course, by the fact that she leads a life of leisure on the road, and we pulled the guilt card.

Anyway.....We are in St. Loulis visiting out Aunt Marie.  She lives in a big house with lots of people.

Kind of like a dormitory at Dad's University, except:

  • There are not as many computers
  • The televisions are louder
  • The music here is largely Gershwin, Goodman and Golden Oldies
  • The folks are more willing to give us treats.
Anyway...we digress.

We see them.  We see them ducklings!
She and her "much younger" friend Miss Lorraine like to sit on the patio in Aunt Marie's building and work on their sun tans.  This time of year there is almost always a Mama Duck, who discovered the patio a few years ago and comes here to have her babies.   This is the second year we have been visiting when the ducks are in residence.  We have not been allowed to get near them!

However, muzzer took some pictures of us behind the door and the ducks, Aunt Marie and Miss Lorraine on the patio.  Enjoy!

Make way for Ducklings!
Wiggle waggle Wiggle Waggle all in a row

Aunt Marie (in the hat)  is telling a joke.  Miss Lorraine is listening so she does not miss the punch line!

Oh...I bet that was a good one!