27 December 2011


Thinking about the past year
Wonderful and sad
All the places we have been
And all the fun we've had.

Missing all the pals who've gone
To the Rainbow Bridge.
Missing Grandpa Ace but know
He's up there raiding the fridge.

Thinking 'bout the year to come
And the changes there will be
Already missing my Asta Sweet
Wish she could stay with me.

Thankful I have my family
And even Teka Toy
May be sad and pensive now
But I'm a lucky boy!

Hope that all my doggie pals
Will have some time today
To think about the happy times
And the good things on the way.

Sending love to all the world
And lots of kisses too.
Oh, and Teka sends her best
To every one of you.

20 December 2011

Happy Howlly Dayz

Teka joins me in wishing you a most happy of holidays.

but first: a disclaimer...

It is really not us in the picture, but muzzer could not resist this card.

Wonder Why.

kisses to all

Gussie n Teka

11 December 2011

Teka has been banned from Stony Point!

OK. Yesterday while I was at the dog spa getting clipped, dipped and squeezed, my no good human parents took Teka to Stony Point.

Stony Point is not far from our house. Both of my Sissies have been there, and Mom and Dad go there every once in a while to look for "stuff." Plus, there is a Three Dog Bakery there, so every time they go we get treats and goodies. (Three Dog is on the left hand side of this photo, it has the dog out front.) Stony Point is "animal friendly" which means that most stores which do not sell human food let dogs come inside, and there are water bowls and treat stops.

AnyWay! Their excuse for abandoning me and taking Teka on this outing was " so we can see how well her socialization training is working!"

YEAH. Right.

So off they went like the naive and trusting humans they are, and they were feeling pretty good about their experiment. Got past a Great Dane without Teka attacking. Walked past a couple of Bernese with no ill effects. Had a bit of a moment when she spotted the Westie and the Westie spotted her, but hey...they are terriers after all.

So, they were supposed to be Christmas shopping for the sissies. And they went into Dillards and back to the pajama department, because it is kind of a "thing" for the muzzer to get the children pajamas for Christmas. So. ..... Teka takes one look around, sees there are no pajamas with Jack Russells on them, and takes a BIG (I mean Gussie sized!) poop dump on the carpet.

Now, y'all don't know the parents around here. But they are pretty uptight, and look very Republican and proper. (Even though they are not either, but that is another story and maybe Emily will help me type it at Christmas time.) Can people in their 60s still Blush? Ummmm Yeah Shur, you Betcha!

So, as Teka tells the end of this, Dad picked her up, Muzzer picked up the poop in her handy dandy bio degradable environmentally proper baggie, and they both left the store by the nearest exit. Wish I had been there to take a photo ;)

Hehehehe...Teka spent the rest of the visit in the car. Did the sissies ever get their pajamas? Only time will tell, but muzzer and dad did come home with little umbrellas from their drinks at Starbucks. (and I know they don't put umbrellas in the drinks there, because Miss Lacie told me!)

See. They took the wrong doggie. But I get to go next time, Muzzer said.

kisses to all

04 December 2011

Kicking off the season

My Pal Bussie reminded us today of this wonderful video (see below) that Pappy and his dad made - lo those many years ago, when DWB was young and new, we were all younger than we are now, and I still got the occasional chicken jerky treat. (don't ask, it is not a pretty story)

Sigh...but this is worth sharing. Maybe you want to pass it along too?

If you are a sad type of human and given to overflowing, you might want to skip this.
None of us are as young as we used to be, and some of us have crossed the bridge. The spirit still lives and we are all better for that.

Blessings to all.

Gussie n Teka