31 August 2010

It must be magic

Gussie here again, to tell you about
some strange things happening here!
Ever since we moved into this house,
boxes have been appearing at the door.

Muzzer drags them in, opens them up and
then the magic starts.

Teka finds this process rather boring.

Sometimes Dad helps out.
He knows magic sayings that muzzer
is not familiar with.

Muzzer just talks to herself -
things like: "all you holy men and women"
and then she answers herself!
"pray for us."

And she sings:
Songs like "Dies Irae"
and "Nobody knows the Trouble I've Seen."
and "Down to the River to Pray."
And she counts stuff like you see in this picture.
"one, two, three....OMD there are supposed to
be FOUR of these!"

But a bit later on, with help
from Dad and Teka Toy
she has built a chair!

I'nt it amazin' what a liberal arts education
can help you accomplish?

29 August 2010

Pups in the park

Today was "Pups in the Park" day
at the Dee See Ballpark.
It was also the day my dad
and my sissie E.Rabbit finally
got to celebrate Father's day.
Being great fans of the STL Cardinals,
they went to the park, and here are some
of the dogs they saw!

E.Rabbit likes the outfit on
this cutie

There were lots of water stations
for thirsty fans

Ahem. This one looks
a lot like RUFUS the new
dog now ensconced with
Wally's Ma Ape, Otus Potus and
the Peppy Sheppies

Hmm..you will have to
bigify this one to find out
who the doggies are rooting for!

OMD! Is that THE Joe E. Stains
on the Pup Cam?

And look at all the lucky Terriers
who have Sweet Sissies who
got them tickets! (hint!)

Well, there are a few more pictures,
but muzzer and bloggie are having
some problems tonight.
Plus, me and Teka gotta take the
Gussiemobile and pick up Dad
at the train station.
Believe me, he had best have
hot dogs and cracker jacks for us
or he is in TROUBLE.

25 August 2010

24 August 2010

The ongoing saga of the dog and the bed

Gussie Here

Beginning to give this bed thing
some thought.

Seems like everyone is getting
on this thing

except me.

My Friend Jakey even
sent this picture of him
taken at the Hotel Marlow.

So, last night when muzzer
went upstairs to get ready
for bed I tried it.

Not Bad.

This morning, I was even willing
to pose for some pictures.

And then muzzer obliged with a belly rug.
Not bad indeed!


23 August 2010

To answer my own (rhetorical) question

Me again!
Thinking I need to find muzzer
a job or a volunteer thingy.
At the rate she is buying stuff,
there won't be any monies in the
treat account soon.
Today she went to Costco.
Me and Teka stayed home.
We find that place underwhelming.
And she brought home this dog bed!
I have never slept in a dog bed!

But she says that I have been spending
a lot of time on the cold hard floor
under her desk in the kitchen.
And she thought this might be more
comfortable for my "old doggie bones."
I might try it.
But not until she gets in here with me!
I have a plan.
Watch for further updates.

21 August 2010

What will that woman find next?

Now, y'all know that my muzzer
has this strange disease
right? And sometimes she
brings home stuff that is OK.
But today....well, here are the
results of a couple of hours
away from the dogs.
One dishtowel, in need of
a good press. She thinks this is
"cute" and has it hanging on the
cabinet door where the kibble is kept (sheesh!)

and one truly handsome pin!

But I ask, was it really worth it?

Plus, she is now taking the Dad along and depriving us of his time too!



17 August 2010

Meet Joe and Shorty

Today we took another step forward in getting
the house to be the way muzzer wants it.

Actually..it was two steps.
We hired Joe and Shorty
and their truck to take Dad's
"office" stuff into the Univeristy.

While they were here, they helped move the small (?) red
sofa from the Den to the Bedroom,
to make room for the new
Futon style Sofa we are hoping arrives soon.
That is Joe and Dad waiting for Shorty to make magic.
Here is Shorty (not visible to the left) passing the
sofa across the great divide .
Here is Joe reaching WAAAAAY out over the
great divide to grab the sofa.

Here is dad helping.

Here is Teka looking wuite dubious about the process.

But it worked. One small step for Muzzer.
One Great step for peace in our home.


12 August 2010

OMD..what a week

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We know we have been remiss...here is a catchup posting with some photos.

My sissie E.Rabbitt visited. She unpacked, and she helped move furnitures and she brought us Guscotti's, but we didn't manage a single picture.

Our apologies to all of you and to E.Rabbitt

05 August 2010

Circle the paws

Well, we were visiting Phantom on their blog today and we think they have found a wonderful idea for all of our furends and hoomans who need support.
So we are joining up and crossing paws (those look more like Teka Toy paws, not furry enough for mine, but I am joining in too) and encourage you to do the same.
Remember, this is for Bear-Bear in Baltimore, for Miss Libby Longtail, for Jake who will miss her, for Phantom and his furfamily as they work their way through his most recent operation, for all our blogpals and buddies, their families and friends.
The power of the paw is awesome. Send it on
gussie n teka

01 August 2010


Well, the most wonderful and creative Verizon Man(who said I could call him "Chris") left here just about ten minutes to midnight yesterday.

While I am grateful for his help, I am going to go back to bed for a snooze, and wait until later to tell you about what Muzzer is calling "the move from hell."

Which has me a bit confoooosed, because I thought we were moving from Mayemphis.