28 March 2009

New Yawk, New Yawk

Gussie Here:

Wanted to let you know that we are about to arrive in New Yawk to attend Petey's Pawty at the Rainbow Room!

Drove the Gussiemobile to Ioway yester day, stopping on the way to pick up Swede Willyumm in Kentucky so Teka would stop whining in my ear. I even have PERMISSION to take the Gussiemobile because Miss Snickers said she would not go with me if I didn't ask first.

Butcho brought us all to New Yawk in the little yellow plane, playing chicken with the thunderstorms all the way. That boy flies the way Teka drives, and that isn't a pretty site at all.

Miss Snickers seems to be doing well, she napped on the way up, but that was probably for the best, given Butcho's flight plan. Or lack thereof.

We are looking forward to the pawty, I am trying to decide between my tuxedo and my dress kilt. Have to check on the color of Miss Snickers gown to decide.

Oh yes, we are staying at the Waldorf - AstaOria. Adjoining suites of course. Our sweet Asta arranged discounts for us. And we are having cocktails and appetizers at her house. Nummy, her Mommi is a great cook! Wonder when we will be having dinner.

Of course, Miss Snickers and I will dance the first Fox Trot together, but after that we will just see how she is feeling, and perhaps join the chaperones on the sidelines.

I am sorry that there won't be many pictures of our pawty, Teka forgot to bring muzzer's camera, and I am still learning how to operate the camera in the cell phone. Perhaps a few, if one of the more technology savvy dogs can help me out.


25 March 2009

T for Texas

Muzzer has been worrying me a bit recently.

She has been scurrying around the house saying "No Gussie, I have to finish the Texas. "

And she has been crabby and short with everyone, even DAD!

(no short jokes please!)

And I really thought Texas was finished. After all, our friends Sunny and Scooter live there. And Me and Teka came through Texas on the way to Tennessee. And I didn't think it looked much different from Azrizona or New Mexico, and I didn't understand why MY muzzer thought she had to finish it.

And I know this song...:
T for Texas,
T for Tennesee
T for Texas, T for Tennessee
T for Teka
That gal made a wreck out of me.
[Yodel]: O-de-lay-ee-a-lay-ee-o-ly-ee

Muzzer and Dad taught us that one. But I think it is even older than they are.

And the house has been messy too.....even messier than usual.

There have been piles of stuff all over the place. On the counter,

on the desk

And more on the desk

Well this morning she announced that she was through with Texas and taking it to the mail!
And then I realized that she meant TAXES....not Texas.
So we are finished with Taxes (or Texas, whatever!) and we promise to be better about blogging and visiting.
And we leave you with his version of the song:
T for Taxes,
T for Tennesee
T for Taxes,
T for Tennessee
No state Income Tax, near made a wreck out of me.
[Yodel]: O-de-lay-ee-a-lay-ee-o-ly-ee

21 March 2009

My Field Trip to Oxford (Miz'sippi

Today we finally went to Oxford Miz'sippi like muzzer has been talking about.
Remember, we postponed the trip on Thursday because it was a bit damp out? Well, today didn't look any better! Teka wanted to stay home and hug the heater vent in the kitchen. Muzzer said - "Get ready, we are going NOW!"
So, off we went.
In the gussiemobile, me and Teka both rode on muzzer's lap.
Teka was "cold" and she borrowed muzzer's scarf. Whew. Hope that one dry cleans well.

We knew Oxford was an OK place when the very first thing we saw on the square was this sign!
Me and Teka exited the Gussiemobile and were ready for our adventures.

Turned out to be an OK kind of place. Fresh water for dogs at this bank place.
But Teka thought it kinda looked like Lacie's bidet, so she wasn't having any!

And just in case you ran out of ahem "necessary" bags, the town fathers have thoughtfully provided extras! Nice ones, too!

Muzzer and Dad had lunch, and me and Teka had a snack from home. We went to this place called Rowan Oaks, where some dead white man lived. Me and Teka enjoyed the comfort of the grounds and made full use of the facilities. Good thing we had those extra bags, huh? We didn't get to go inside, but we took turns waiting with Mom and Dad while they took turns going inside.
That's it. A dog's eye view of Oxford, Miz'sippi.
I'm tired

19 March 2009


Our trip to Oxford, Miz'sippi has been postponed, because it is 'sposed to rain today. Muzzer and dad thought that muddy dog feets might make a walking tour a bit less pleasant. So we are now planning for Sattiday, which gives muzzer more time to get our treats and snacks ready.

Meanwhile...we thought we would share a few photos of our sunshine from yesterday, and show you what we do all day while Dad is workin'.

We have been spending a lot of time working on the patio deck. Here we are posing in a rare moment of rest and relaxation. We had just vetted one of the contractors who is bidding on muzzer's spring projects. The guvmint could use us to help weed out the bid proposals there.

Teka is a real sun maven. She ways she is working on her tan, she wants to be more of a match for Swede William. Muzzer tells her that it isn't gonna happen, but Teka is one appetizer short of a party, so she is persisting. Good thing Teka doesn't know that the spray on stuff is sunblock. She thinks it is a perfume. Sheesh.

The High Biscuits are looking pretty good. Lots more flowers and lots of buddies.

I'm thinking I look pretty good too, but Muzzer says I am getting shaggy. Pawsonnaly, I think I look a lot like Asta's cousin, sweet Koobus. I will admit a spring cleaning would feel right fahn.

Well, gotta go. Need to work on my lyrics today so Petey can start the dubbing.

So long.

18 March 2009

NCAA is going to the Dogs!

E.Rabbit sent me this site. This man has his dog help him fill out the NCAA tournament brackets!

I am trying to figure out how to get my Dad to go for the bone thingy!

Bet I can do as well as this doggie!

You can too.. It is worth trying just to get the bones!

17 March 2009

My Dad and Sissie went to Graceland

And all I got was a bunch of pictures!

There are about 70 more. If anyone wants some...I'll email them!

16 March 2009

Foam on the Miss'sippi

We just had a note from Lacie, Scruff and Stan suggesting that the Mississippi River had some "effluent" problems.

We want you all to know that we have sent out our search team to check out these rumors, and will report back if there is any news worth reporting.

We think muzzer prolly put too much detergent in the dishwasher again.

gussie n teka

13 March 2009

sad again

Our Hearts and Prayers go out to Sunny and Scooter and their Mom.
Their Grandma died after a long and complicated time in the hospital.
We know they will miss her.
With support from furs, friends and family we hope they find peace and joy again.

10 March 2009

spring, daylight saving time, poor lacie and abandonment

First things first, ya know. Our Lakie pal Lacie is ill and in the hospital. Despite the calming comfort of her brothers Scruffy and Baby Stan, despite imported nursing care and all the efforts of the elite DWB nursing team, she was becoming dee High Drated and had to go to the vets again this morning. Cross your paws and send healing vibes in her direction, please along with all the other requests we've made over the last couple of weeks.

Muzzer and Mumsie talked last night about just how much poop can come out of one small dog, but though mumsie was clearly worried about Lacie, we were surprised this morning when we read on Asta (NY's) blog that Lacie had to go back to the vet.

And, this is the first time Teka Toy! has experienced daylight saving time. She is actually sleeping late (6:30 am) for the first time since I have known her. She will figure it out, but until then, muzzer and dad are REALLY enjoying the extra sleep.

It has been warm here this week, right now it is overcast and 75 degrees, but we are supposed to get rain starting sometime this evening with temperatures dropping overnight. Meanwhile, here are some photos of what is happening in our garden and front yard!

Buds!More buds Daffy Dills

More! Daffy Dills

Pink FLowers muzzer says are High Biscuits!
And lots of plants in their potties waiting to get stuck in the ground.
Alas, poor plants. They must most prolly wait until Muzzer gets back from
St. Loulis, where she is going tomorrow. But when muzzer gets back, our sissie
E.Beth will come to visit. Maybe she will help muzzer plant. Maybe she will bring us bones.
Stay tuned for updates on all of that, plus any breaking news we have on Lacie.
gus dagger, w.f.t.

04 March 2009

Muzzer's Munchkin

Well, we were so impressed by Miss Autumn's post this morning on Tiny Ted that we decided to show you Muzzer's Paddington Bear. He is slightly taller than Ted, topping out at 4.5 inches, in boots and hat. He has moved with us from Azrizona. Originally, he belonged to one of the Sissies, but muzzer has appropriated him.
He usually lives on her desk, hidden from prying doggie eyes, but we brought him into the kitchen for his photo shoot.
See his tiny tag. It says "Paddington Bear" which is not what it is supposed to say, AT ALL!
But muzzer just pretends that this is a later version, after he is established in jolly old England and replaced his heavy blue wool coat with a new slicker and hat. Of course, his wellies are black and not red, which sort of supports the story line she has developed.

Here is a profile shot, in case he should decide to run away and visit our blogging pals.

And closeup shots of his little wellies, complete with bear paws on the bottom.

We don't have too many stuffies around here, because me n Teka are hell on stuffies. But maybe we can get muzzer to show you her Mennonite stuffies some time too.

02 March 2009


we join the DWB chorus in howling our consolation to our pal Bogart and his mom LuLu on the death of their beloved Klaus.

Other doggies have said it wonderfully well.

Go and visit Petey and Khyra and Asta and Archie & Agatha and the Sun Dogs in Texas and so many other doggies who have posted beautiful words and stories.

We have a big job ahead of us holding up the vibes to help LuLu and Bogie and the Sun Dogs' grammie and others who need our healing kisses and head butts.

In sorrow
Gussie and Teka

pee ess...there is a quote that says "Lord, let me be half the man my dog thinks I am." We are sure that Klaus more than met that expectation.


01 March 2009

My Aging Pawrents

Since moving to Mayemphis, my pawrents have developed something of a social life! The last three weekends, they have abandoned us in favor of a WIDE variety of activities. They are nothing if not eclectic.

OK, Robin and Linda Williams I kind of understand. They live in VA, near Buena Vista (say Beoona Vista) which is near Lexington(big points in their favor) and they are on Prairie Home Companion a lot of Saturdays. And muzzer is a bit of an old Folkie. (not fogie!)

And last weekend was the big Mardi Gras Dinner, and while dogs were not allowed to attend, muzzer brought home a crawfish and some beads for me.

But Last Night!

Oh, the hoomiliation.

Oh, how embarrassed I was!

You will NEVER Guess where they went.

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Brothers went to a Doo Wop Concert.

And by all reports, a fine time was had by all.

Ya know Doo Wop, right? I kinda think they were trying to channel Clear Lake, IA or somethin. But since that is close to Miss S, I guess that is OK. We even had a snowfall to add to the ambiance. They got these tickets when they donated to PBS here in Mayemphis. That was my bone money, and I didn't get to go.
Two rows from the front, right on the aisle. No wonder there are no doggie treats here!
But..they saw the DRIFTERS, the CHIFFONS, the FLAMINGOS, the CRYSTALS, and the CLASSICS! Many of the people doo wopping on stage were as old as my hoomans. Pretty incredible, if ya ask me.
Anyway. They are home and all is forgiven. They recommend it to anyone who wants a bit of nostalgia.
Have a great Sunday.
Gussie n Teka