30 November 2007

Tis the Season

Me and Muzzer have decided we are doing Holiday songs this month, like we did last year, only we hope ..... better!

We will need help from our friends to do this.

Do you have a favorite holiday song? Please send us the title and, if possible a place where we can hear the music. We will do our best to produce a rendition to make you smile. And we will work your name into our version if at all possible.

So, to help out, just post a comment to my blog with as much information as possible. We will give you credit for the tune and stick your name in somewhere, we promise.

Hurry now...we already have the song for tomorrow written, and I'm not 'sposed to tell, but it is about our friend and pilot RUBY!

For today though, we post, with permission...the link to the best holiday song of this year or any other.....Pappy's version of "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

pee-ess...muzzer is in St. Loulis til Thursday, so me n Teka will be blogging by ourselves. We are slow, but we will try not to miss any posts, OK? We will catch up when muzzer returns.


Some Canadian Doggies Need your Help!

Just about the time I came to live with Muzzer and Dad, there was a lot of information on the Wire-y Message Groups about "The Blainville Wires."

Since then we have found out a lot more about them, and their case in the Canadian court system has moved slowly forward.

Two of my wirey friends have posted full information on this on their blogs.

Will you do me a favor please, and go read about these dogs? Then if you want to help out, you can use the link posted to sign the petition that some of the WFT Yahoo Group have posted, and also, please consider sending a snail mail to the Judge in the case, as requested. You can visit my pal Axel, or my buddy Bussie for information and links.

I am using one of my precious "Forever Foxed" notecards today to write to the Judge, and muzzer has already signed the petition.

Just think friends...any of us doggies who are rescues could have ended up in a similar situation, or in a less happy home than we have found. And you lucky dogs who have never known abandonment or mistreatment could easily have been on the wrong side of the kennel when a puppy mill breeder came looking for stock.

It isn't a pretty story. Please help us see that this man never gets any of these dogs back!

Thank you.

Gus Dagger WfT

29 November 2007

A little Nippy!

It is fall in Azrizona, or at least...what passes for fall.

In the mornings, Me 'n Teka are very playful.

This morning...muzzer was changing the bed linens.

I hid under the summer quilt. (it isn't THAT much fall!)

In this picture, Teka is trying to convince me to come out of hiding.

I am too smart to fall for that one, so here she is trying to tunnel

UNDER the quilt and find me. All the while, she is nipping and biting

And biting and nipping.

I finally get bored, and come out. And then the fun begins.

Here, I have Teka's foot in my mouth, and she is trying to eat my ear.

In this photo, I have pinned her, and she is screaming for mercy!

See how magnanimous I am? I am letting her think she has won.

Only to return later and bury HER under the quilt, so we can start again.

Life is hard for terriers, you know.

26 November 2007

Sunday, lovely Sunday

Me and Muzzer crawled back into bed yesterday so that we could go to DWB chat. We were hoping that we could talk to Bussie and Jackson and Asta and Snowball and lots of other doggies. Maybe even the Barkalots would come! Anyway, the discussion was just getting interesting, and we were trying to figure out a way to help Ozzie and Romeo and their Mom, 'cause their dogdad died on Thanksgiving day, and we know they are real sad.

Teka was a JEALOUS JRT! She hopped on the bed and tried to sit next to Muzzer too. She and I got into a true tussle right on top of muzzer's lap. Which meant that we were tussling on the laptop too!

Well, when the True Tussle was over, muzzer was mad at us. And then...she looked at the screen of her beloved laptop! OHOH! This picture shows what the laptop screen looked like. This gentleman does NOT look like Muzzer.

OH Dog POOP! Now she was really mad. She could not follow the chat upside down, but when she could read the chat, it was very difficult to type in any comments. Because then the computer keyboard was upside down, and it was "hunt and peck" in a primitive way.

So, she decided she would flip the screen back to where it was supposed to be. Oh....not easy. When the screen is showing upside down, then the thumb pad movements are backward too! So to go up, you pull your thumby down. And to go left, your thumby heads right. This is probably OK for some people, but muzzer is pretty hardwired into standard ways of dealing with spatial concepts. Plus, she doesn't always know left from right, when left is left and right is right. (more on that later, huh?)

We had to log out of Chat pretty fast, it was making muzzer dizzy to even think about responding to the messages, much less how to flip the screen!

So we tried to figure out how to make this work. And I said, "Muzzer.....if the screen is upside down, you must be upside down too." So Muzzer got out of bed, put the laptop on the floor, and did some stretchies.

Then she got ready to do a headstand from her yoga class.

Verrrry slowly, she pushed her feet off the floor and did her headstand.

Woops....this is not going to work!

She does not have any hands left to reach the keyboard! She is very afraid that if she moves her hands, she will tip over backward and go SMASH!

So, verrrry slowly she put her feet on the floor again. And now...she was really mad. She called Teka bad names. She called E.Beth bad names. She even called me Bad Dog!

It took a long, long time to make her fingers work right on the thumb pad so the screen would flip around to where it was 'sposed to be! By the time we got back to DWB chat, everybody was gone. Even Snowball got tired of waiting for us and left. deep doggy sigh

And we took so long fixing the laptop....well, we were way behind muzzer's schedule for the dinner party. So all day long, it was rush, rush, rush. And we were just barely ready when the company comed.

But dinner was a big success, so that made muzzer feel a bit better. And I made a new friend! He is from Scotland, where Marvin lives. And when he walked in the door, he saw me, and he said " Oh my! I had one of those when I was a lad." And he was looking right at me. And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and a nice end to a very busy day.

pee-ess...before anyone else gets the wrong idea...NONE of these "lady" pictures are my muzzer. She has not done an "unassisted" (i.e. without a wall) headstand since VA. She does wear glasses, she sometimes has a ponytail, and she is limber for a lady her age which we attribute to chasing Teka around the house.

22 November 2007


Hello Everybodeeee!
It is ME, Teka Toy writing my very own THX blog.
I told Gussie I didn't like that very unflattering picture of ME he posted last night,
and he said I could post today to make up for it.

So, This morning my Mom got up really early (10:00 am) to help make Chex Mix!

This is a TRADITION in our family. And she let me and Gussie Boy help.

See the Chex Mix she dropped on the floor. I scarfed that up so fast that I looked like a blur.

So,here is what the CHEX MIX looks like at our house.

Some people puts lots of other things into CHEX MIX, but we are traditionalists in this family!

My great Grannie Julie made CHEX MIX when my Grandpa was just a little boy.

Not much taller than a nickel. Now he is taller than my Mom. And she is tall. Those are her legs in the picture. See how tiny I look next to her? Gramma says Mom is 5'13". That means she is only about two or three " shorter than Grandpa! Mom says she is not 6'! De Nile is not just a river in Egypt, that is what Gramma says.

Here are me and the Gus-inator helping. Gus is wondering where the CHEX MIX went.

Let me tell you, he did not get his share! I am much faster, and I don't got no respect for his age and wisdom! In fact, to get to the CHEX MIX first, I will nip him right on his little furry ears.

I am not posting the recipe because you can find it on every box of cereal you buy, and in the Sunday papers, and I am sure if you Google it, you will find the recipe. I am just saying Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope my buddy Tanner is OK, cause the fireworks just went off again from the stadium. Oh yeah! And Gramma remembered to bring home one piece of Turkey for me and Gussie-poo from their dinner. So she is not all bad. Just wanted to mention that in case she is hiding any more Turkey.

Gotta go before Gus-Gus eats all the CHEX MIX! As If!!!!!

Muchos Besos

Teka Toy

21 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
Kissies from Gus and Teka Toy!

17 November 2007

The news from Tempe

Hi Pals, Pal-ettes and all the Ruby Air Ships at sea! Some folks have been kind enough to make enquiries about our general health, since it has been a while since Teka hijacked the blog with her demands.

Now, I could make this a really short post, and say that Teka has been spending a lot more time in here4.....

But I am sure some of you out there want to hear all the gory details.

Teka has kept to her promise to get up five minutes earlier each morning. That resulted this morning in muzzer putting Teka outside for a few minutes and then popping her into her crate. She was loud, but muzzer and I managed to go back to sleep, and we didn't leave for walkies until it was almost light (6:20 am) Score one for muzzer.

Teka has not found a pet groomer or hair dresser willing to dye her pink. She has found a hair dresser who is willing to put extensions on around her ears, and another who will cornrow her fur. But I don't think the corn rows will work as well on Teka as they would on me, so don't give her any ideas, OK?

Teka has also been able to make good on numbers 5 through 10. But that is not much change from her usual behaviour, so we hardly notice it.

I've been going to work with muzzer more lately, as dad is out of town and it is more fun for me to go to work than stay home and watch Teka get her crate unlatched and start on her havoc campaign. So I have been very busy, and I am tired and ready to go to bed when we get home.

BUT....last night muzzer decided I needed (yet another) bath! These are happening with increasing frequency of late. Muzzer says it is because I am digging holes and tunnels and getting muddy. I think it is part of muzzer's plan to break my terrier spirit. Last night, she even used the blow drier on me...not my favorite thing. I do look handsome, and I have included some photos for your enjoyment.

In this first one..I am eating so fast that muzzer had to change the setting on the camera because I kept coming out a blur! She also screwed up the lighting, so I look quite beige and not very white.

You know, she really should stick to cooking, cause she does it pretty well. For dinner tonight we had venison kibble, leftover salmon bits and green beans. You can just see dinner in my bowl, as I came up for air about this time.

Here I am very shortly after that, getting a refreshing drink of Tempe Tap Water! Not the elixir of the gods, but muzzer sometimes forgets to give me the filtered stuff from the pitcher, which is much tastier. And I very seldom get my very favorite water, San Pellegrino. Muzzer says I only like it because it reminds me of the cheese I get on top of my psghettis (Pecorino) but I really like the bubbles! hehehehe. Reminds me of kissing certain wirey girls of my acquaintance, who shall remain nameless because I am a true gentleman. Ahem.

Well, I am listening to American Roots, and just about to sign off now by saying:

"And that's all the news from Tempe Lake, where the muzzers are strong, the dads are good lookin and all the dogs and children are above average. " thank you Garrison Keillor


12 November 2007

Teka Takes her Turn

This is clearly not me, but a great example of my breed.
Hello all you doggies, hamsterriers and coyotes! Also E.Rabbit, Blue and all the ships at sea!

Gussie suggested that I blog today (can you believe that!) so I can thank everyone who has welcomed me so warmly and bring you all up to date on my campaign to get my own blog.

As you might imagine, the biggest obstacle here is Muzzer!

She has said she will not let me start blogging until one of two things happens:

a. Either my mom (E.Beth) or my aunt (E.Rabbit) publicly agrees to lend support in this endeavour of mine. ( I am learning to spell from Blue!)

b. Hell freezes over.

Muzzer says she is not always up to date on Gussie's blog, and if she had two of us to blog for, she would fall farther and farther and farther behind, until she was buried under her own procrastinations. I think that might be fun to watch, but Gussie has developed a spine and is on her side. As a concession, he says he will let me blog "occasionally."

Muzzer is adamant. So I have started my campaign.

First...from here on she is my Grandma, and I shall address her as such. She is old enough to be a Grandma, and I kind of like the sound of it.

Second...I am getting up five minutes earlier every morning, effective tomorrow (Tanner Tuesday) This is a stealth move, so don't tell her. I want to see how long it takes her to realize what is going on. This will also effect Dad, so maybe he will join my side of the argument.

Third...All of you who have so kindly said that you will read my blog and enjoy it should just keep mentioning it whenever I write, OK?

Fourth...I am going to see a hair dresser and have myself died pink.

Fifth...I am going to unlock my crate every day (I can do it, it is a lot of trouble, but this is worth it. )

Sixth...While out of my crate, I will wreak havoc on the house! That way, I will have fun, fun, fun while the folks are away.

Seventh...I am going to eat all Gussie's food and steal all his treats

Eighth...I am no longer going to let Gussie win our tussles. His ego can suffer.

Ninth...I am NEVER walking in a straight line on my leash. I will make every effort to trip her at least once a walkie.

Tenth...I will begin using her hardwood floors and carpet instead of the grass ! (ahem, nicely put, huh?)

I hope to report success on some front soon.

I will keep you posted


Teka Toy

08 November 2007

We Answer Blue's Questions

My Blogger friend BLUE was the interviewee for both Pippa and Katherine earlier this week. At the end of that post, she asked if anyone would be willing to be the interviewee for her questions. Well, she is one of our favorite human bloggers (a big pool composed of Blue and my sister E.Rabbit) so we thought we should help her out!

Muzzer and I agreed to be interviewed...and Teka positively jumped with joy at the idea of being an interviewee. So, for the morbidly curious among you, our answers appear below. We are letting Teka go first 'cause she is the youngest in our group. Also, because she always has to be first! on walkies! at dinner! in the tub! You name it ...Teka is FIRST.

Teka here! Now, take it easy on me, OK. I am new at this, you know. Sort of. So, Blue's questions show up first and then my answers, OK?
1.) Have you ever wished, you were born the opposite sex or a different animal/breed & explain your reasons? Well, to be completely truthful, NO. I mean, what could be better than being a young and beautiful Jack Russell Terrier?
2.) Tell me a true tale about a favourite personal celebration or holiday - i.e. Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Summer etc ? Walkies! Walkies is my favorite celebration. I love Walkies. I get up early every morning and then I get the rest of these lazies up and then we go for walkies. My favorite walkie was when I tripped muzzer and she fell down splat and I ran away!
3.) If you could just up sticks & go some where new, where would it be and who would you choose as your travel companion & why? I would go with my mom just about anywhere. I think next year we are going to move to Flagstaff. So long Gussie! Yahoo.
4.) What is your favourite game/sport to play & watch? I love to play chase Gussie. I chase Gussie in the back yard. I chase Gussie in the family room. I chase Gussie all through the house.
5.) If you were to write a book, play, poem about your-self, what would you call it, and quote the opening line? I would call my novel Teka Takes Tulsa. Early one morning, Teka woke up in Tulsa.
Well, what do you expect? I'm a Jack Russell, OK? If you want deep thoughts, read the books Dad writes.
Now it is Gussie's Turn! hahahaha
Hi Pals..Now you see what you have to look forward to, Stanley? And this goes on Day after Day after Day! Sheesh. My turn. Let's see....
1.) Have you ever wished, you were born the opposite sex or a different animal/breed & explain your reasons? Hmm, I thought about this one most of the day. And then I had a talk with my Dad. And he asked "Gussie, what do you like most about yourself now?" And I said..." I make people smile." And Dad said..."If you were a different animal or a person, would you be any better at making people smile?" And I knew...I wouldn't wish to be anything or anyone other than Gussie, because I am so good at my favorite thing right now!
2.) Tell me a true tale about a favourite personal celebration or holiday - i.e. Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Summer etc ? Easy one...my favorite holiday is Christmas. And my favorite Christmas is the first one that I spent with Muzzer and Dad and E.Rabbit in Virginia.
3.) If you could just up sticks & go some where new, where would it be and who would you choose as your travel companion & why? Oh...goodness. I love to go and see and do new things. I would like to go back to Virginia. I would like to go to England, 'cause if Dad likes it, it must be good. I just want to make sure that my family comes with me.
4.) What is your favourite game/sport to play & watch? I LOVE watching Baseball with Dad. CARDINALS baseball! I wanna go to a game at the ball park sometime.
5.) If you were to write a book, play, poem about your-self, what would you call it, and quote the opening line?
On the Go with Gus. The adventures of a Wire Fox Terrier Once, there was a charming wirey fellow named Gus.
OK Muzzer, your turn!
Wow, you guys are a really tough act to follow!
1.) Have you ever wished, you were born the opposite sex or a different animal/breed & explain your reasons? When I was much younger I wished that I had been born a boy so I could be an altar boy and a Boy Scout. I got over it.
2.) Tell me a true tale about a favourite personal celebration or holiday - i.e. Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Summer etc ? My favorite celebration is Thanksgiving, and my favorite memory of Thanksgiving comes from the first year I was married. Graduate students learned quickly to live frugally in those days, but we had many great friends, and most of them were not going home for Thanksgiving, preferring to save funds for a longer trip at Christmas time. We were living in a one bedroom apartment with an "open plan" kitchen and living room, small bedroom and bath. We had one couch, four chairs and a table and a couple of bar stools. I had only been cooking since July of that year. Somehow we invited A LOT of people to join us for Thanksgiving dinner, and some of those people invited a few more each. But everyone brought something, my aunt and uncle sent a great ham from St. Louis, and turkey was not expensive. We had enough dishes and silverware for eight, so we ate in shifts. People sat all over the place, including along the edge of the bathtub. Somehow, there was enough food for everyone, and leftovers for the bachelors to take home. And we had a wonderful, wonderful time, starting a tradition that we still continue.
3.) If you could just up sticks & go some where new, where would it be and who would you choose as your travel companion & why? Oh, I would take Gus and Rich and go live in Coronado, CA. close to the beach. Or Bellingham, WA., or Minnesota, or Wisconsin, or Virginia, or just about anywhere, as long as we are together.
4.) What is your favourite game/sport to play & watch? I don't do sports, thank you.
5.) If you were to write a book, play, poem about your-self, what would you call it, and quote the opening line? Short Person in a Tall World "Short people don't get no respect!"
Thank you all for letting us vent. If you want to be interviewed, leave us a message. We will send Teka as soon as we can to interview you!
hehehe...gussie made me say that!

07 November 2007

Look what I got! Look what Gussie got!

Hey Guys, it is me...Teka!

I got my own gmail account! And Gussie said I can write my own stuff and don't have to wait for muzzer!

Wahoo. This is quite a surprise...I didn't think it would ever happen. I think there is a trick of some kind here, but muzzer is quite devious, so it may take a while to figure it out!

Anyway...today a guest, tomorrow MY OWN BLOG!

Maybe not tomorrow, huh. But soon, yeah? I hope so.

Anyway...I thought that I would post some pictures of Gussie and the final installment of his package from his sweetie, Miss Snickers!

When Gussie's big yellow envelope came last week there were the scrumptious pictures of Miss Snickers that he has put up on the 'fridge. But you all know about those, huh. Any-way!
There was also a plastic baggie thing with a new banananana in it, also from Miss Snickers.
It is red, and has baby terriers all over it! Kinda cute, if you like that sorta thing.

But Muzzer said to Gussie..."No no, you cannot try it on. You are all dirty. First you must have a BATH!"

In case you haven't guessed, Gussie hates baths.

But last night, he agreed to take a shower. And I must admit. He smells much nicer now, and he is gray and white and some tan, instead of shades of gray.

So, first thing this morning he has to have his banana on and get his picture taken!

I ask you, isn't he just too cute? And too smug? And too full of himself? And too much!??

But hey..he is the only Uncle I got. So I kinda like him. But don't tell him that. OK?

Wow...I gotta go to bed now and dream up some mighty fine posts, fer sure, fer sure.

Teka Toy

04 November 2007

Honor, Duty, Dogdom

We got Trouble my friends
Right here in Doggie Blogland

And that starts with T
and that rhymes with P
and that stands for

About a month ago, I nominated DWB for "Best Online Community" in this Award contest.

And while I was at it, I also nominated Butchy and Snickers for "Best Pet Blog" because....well, lets just say I enjoy looking at the pictures, OK?

So, for some totally unkown reason, DWB did not make the finalist list! I must have filled out the form wrong on that one, because we all KNOW we are the best, right?

But, Butchy and Snickers made the final cut, and so did Boo Casanova, and our own intrepid pilot Ruby!

And with all that quality, wit and natural beauty, can you believe that a HORSE is winning in this contest!

C'MON pals. All you doggies, hamsterriers and best friends of other species click on the url up there and VOTE.

Now, I am not tellin' you who to vote for, OK? Except...do not vote for the HORSE. Do not vote for any of the candidates except one of our DWB members.

Vote early, vote often. The rules say you can only vote once every twenty four hours, so we need to gather all our computer buddies and all of our laptops, desk tops and other internet connected devices and each of these friends and their machines may vote one time each day. Even machines that live in work places and liberrys can vote. Even machines in airport terminals where it will cost some plastic money, if you have it. Even friends who do not have dogs...even friends who have CATS need to vote. Sisters need to vote. Muzzers need to vote. Dads, Bruzzers and significant others need to vote. Grammies need to vote. BLUE NEEDS TO VOTE!





ok. nuff said

kissies to all


03 November 2007

A Package from Miss Snickers!

I have been telling Miss Snickers how much I like her Halloween costumes. She finally took pity on me. A BIG envelope arrived yesterday, with my name on it!
There was a lovely card in it that smelled like Miss Snickers. (Well, and a little like my pal Butcho too!)There are two pictures.
One of Miss Snickers in her harem girl costume.
One of Miss Snickers in the saloon girl costume.
They have magnets on the back.
Muzzer put them right at dog height
on the refrigerator so I could look at them.

Hmm....I think this one is my favorite

Thank you very much Miss Snickers!