24 September 2008

Rest in Peace, Little Man

Deetz's brother Gizmo went to the bridge yestereday.

Deetzy and his mom and dad are very sad today.

If you have time, drop by and leave them some virtual hugs please.

Thank you.

22 September 2008

21 September 2008

A full report

Well, let me tell you pals, I am not really into this dog-sitter thingy.

Our dog-sitter arrived last night a little early - so he could meet us and muzzer could show him the ropes. He kind of looked like a younger version of E.Beth's pals in Azrizona, cept he was more polite, I think.

He came fully equipped

He brought his i-pod

And his mobile phone.

Muzzer provided the canned cola, chips and salsa and the remote control.

Most of the time, he watched television, or talked on the phone. But he did give great butt scritches, and he kept Teka occupied so I could nap.

He gave us the treats muzzer had set out, but he did not give in to our earnest requests and begging, so we didn't get the cookies that muzzer has hidden, or any more than the two milkbone and one dental bone allottment (each) that she had specified.

He was quite good about letting us in and out. And in and out, and in and out.

Before he left, he turned on the football game for me.

All in all, it was not unbearable, and it did keep Teka from trying to rip my ear off when she got bored.

Muzzer and dad seemed to have a good time. Capitol Steps was funny, as usual, and one of the female members of the group is almost as short as muzzer (we all have things we notice, you know that!)

Muzzer said that they were equal opportunity, non-patisan satirists, which is always a disappointment to her. Dinner was good, but she was worried about me and Teka, so she and Dad skipped dessert after and came right home. First smart decision she made all day.

Her favorite song/skits of the show were "Midnight Raid on Georgia." and "Obama Mia" which you all can listen to on the Capitol Steps very own website.

That's all from here folks. This is Gussie, whining soff!

20 September 2008

You're not gonna believe it!

Muzzer and dad are gonna leave us tonight and go to see something called The Capitol Steps in Germantown, which is not really in Germany, but is in Tennessee, not that far from us.
Aw...poor Gussie, poor Teka. All alone with no one to talk to and no one to help change channels!!
But WAIT.....I heard muzzer talking on the phone. She is hiring a DOG SITTER to co
me stay with us! Woo Hoo. What is that? Does someone really come over and sit on us? Do you think Teka will let them get by with that kind of nonsense?
Dad said there used to be a program in the UK on the Telly called "The Dog Sitter" and then he kind of laughed.
What is going on here? Find out tomorrow when Gussie Tells All!!!!

15 September 2008

Deetzy and Lil' Man

Today Deetzy let his little big brother Gizmo write the post. Gizmo has done a great job, but it is on a very sad topic, for hoomans and doggies. We think it is a beautiful tribute, and hope you will visit their blog and leave some hugs. But be warned...muzzer has been leaking now for an hour and a half, so make sure you know where your Kleenex box is located.

kisses to all

Thank you Sunny and Scooter (and their mom)

We got a box today with my name on it. Of course, it also had Teka's name on it. And this one had Muzzer's name on it too!

It sure smelled good, but we have learned to let muzzer open boxes, because sometimes we kill a stuffy or two before she even gets a picture.

So...the first thing out of the box is a book! Now, this box doesn't smell like books to me, but of course, we know muzzer and her obsessions, so what do you think she pulled out firstest?

Yup. And this is a book she hasn't read yet! That is not all that common, particularly if it has a dog on the cover! So she is looking forward to reading it tonight and tomorrow and maybe even a bit on Wednesday, depending on how much else she gets done! She says thank you thank you thank you.

But there were lots of other things too...a booda rope bone, some doggie cookies, and Sunny and Scooter's favorite brand of Bully Sticks! ymmmmmm..Cain't hardly wait to get my chompers into those!

And some neato dental chews, a whole whopping box of Jumbones, which Teka says are all hers because her picture is on the box. What do you think? Does that look like Teka? Oh, and this really cute little lambie! Kinda makes you smile just to look at her, doesn't it?

And yummy chicken chews.. there goes my diet! Muzzer has put all of them except the booda bone back in the box, and she will be passing them out for a long time. We do that mainly because Teka does not know how to share.

I think you can tell from this photo what my chances are of getting to play with this bone soon. Ach! And poor Swede William thinks she is so sweet.

11 September 2008

For Furniture Freaks only!

Y'all know that muzzer has been going crazy doin furniture shopping, yeah?
Well, some of it is being delivered. And since some of the dog-moms seem to have this Mishum sickness too, we are posting some pictures of what has come so far. This is our new rocker. We have an old rocker too, but this one was just made. I like the way it smells.

And this is a lamp that muzzer is freaky about. Don't ask me why. I don't have a clue.
And this is a chair with an ottoman that matches. And it reeclinz. And dad thinks it is very comfortable, if only it had a lamp and a rug. But muzzer says to go eat grass, cause she is buying stuff when she finds it, and if he wants to help, he is welcome to come along. We gotted a sofa too, but it gots a cover over it to keep me and Teka from eating our bones and stuff on it. Someday we will put a pixure up, if we have company and the sofa gets out of the cover thingy.



Busy day around here!

Here I am early this morning, in all my fuzzy glory.

I thought for sure that I was gonna get a day off, but Muzzer had other plans.

Shortly after taking this picture, she loaded me into the Gussiemobile and took me to the Groomers! I ask you....Do I look like I need to be grrrrommmed?

There is some justice in the world, because muzzer came back to the house and gave Teka a bath in the kitchen sink. Now, this is no dog spa, but we do have a nice squirter thingy on a long stretchy hose, and if she puts towels down, Teka says it is not too bad. Muzzer used the good lavendar shampoo to see if it really has a calming effect. (NOPE!)

Bath is over, here is Teka counting spots to make sure Muzzer didn't wash any off.

And here she is - Full of vim and vigor and ready to rumble.

And here is my saddle after I was groooommmmmed. I think she did a good job!

Here Teka and I check one another out carefully to make sure there are no impostors!

And here I am doing a quality control check on the shampoo to make sure Teka still smells kinda like Teka. So if she runs into Swede William, he will recognize her. Yup.

08 September 2008

Photo updates

Hello pals, me and Teka put our heads together to get this update done!
Unfortunately, we still had to rely on muzzer to make the camera work.
So, we apologize in advance for the pictures. Gotta send that woman back to school.

Here is a photo of my leggie where it was shaved. As you can see, the fur is growing back nicely.And here is one view of the place where Rodney Resided.

Can you see the knots with the thread stuff hanging off? At first, muzzer thought those were the only stitches. But when the swelling went down, she could tell that there are six tiny stitches between the big knotty ones. And so you can all go OOH and AHH at the vets skill

Here is an alternate view. You can't see the knots as well, but you can see both drain holes.
Well, this is boring. Wagging bye-bye now.


07 September 2008

update from muzzer

I wanted to check in this evening and thank all of you who have been so supportive with the surgery, Rodney's removal, and consequent complications. And also, to give you a reality based update on Gussie's condition.

Actually, for all her other faults, Teka has been very accurate in reporting on how Gus is getting along. If anything, she has understated the improvement.

ALL of the swelling/fluid in the pocket has gone down. Rich says this is because he is the doctor in the family, and he was most diligent in applying hot packs. Seeing the state of the bathroom, I believe him.

Gus has much more pep than he did on Thursday morning when I left. My guess is that the Auntie Bye Otick has done a good job on the infection that no one but me could smell.

Rich reports NO leaking from the wound, and it has certainly dried up nicely to my uninformed eyes. My initial estimate of fourteen stitches was a bit short. With all the swelling gone, I can now count 26 on the surface. I will have to ask the Doctor if she wrote that down.

I will have pictures tomorrow, I promise.

As for miss TEKA, please do not be looking for any of my sweaters in the mail, regardless of her promises. I'm sorry...I have a feeling that this may be my first winter in many to really enjoy my winter clothes. Maybe next year doggies.

TEKA has been grounded from the computer for a week. Maybe more, I haven't had time to read all the posts, and I don't know what outrageous remarks and promises she made in comments, but I apologize/retract them. Sheesh.

Anyway, I am glad to be home. I think.


05 September 2008

Update ffom Teka

Muzzer is in St. Loulis, and I am giving you a Gussie update.

Well, dad is in charge this weekend, so the treats are cut back, there are no leftovers, and we watch every baseball game on TV! The up side of this is that I pretty much get to run the place, and today, I cleaned out muzzer's closet and made a really neat pillow case out of two sweaters that said they were cashmere, but I thing they are only angora. That will teach them to lie on their tags! HAH.

Oh, you want to know how Gussie is doing?

Gussie who?

OH! That Gussie. Well, I guess he is OK. Whatever they did to him when they made muzzer wait outside of the room must've been good for him, because his Rodney pocket is hardly swollen at all. Of course, he is sad because he misses his muzzer, but I told him that tomorrow I will make him a pillow cover out of two other sweaters that I found today. That should help, right?

I'm gonna go now and see if I can get that cell phone of Dad's to work so I can call Swede William.

Teka Toy

03 September 2008

Now that they know her:

Ahem...I prolly shouldn't be telling this.
Muzzer and gussie went to see the evil vet again today.
They didn't even invite muzzer into the treatment room!
They made her sit in the waiting room while they opened Gussie's holes again and gave him some Auntie By Otic.
Teka Toy.

Thank you Whippet Waggle and Servant

The Whippet Waggle had a contest last week, and me n muzzer put our names in for the drawing.

Well, we won. And so yesterday, the mail lady brought us this envelope, and after we said "Thank you, Ma'am" (this is Mayemphis you know!) me and Teka turned to muzzer and said "openitopenitopenit! nownownownownow!)

And, inside there were lots of really neat stuff...First there was this plasticpoopbag bag, an excellent accessory to use when walking doggies. It has a copper doggie on it, and Teka says it is definitely SwedeWilliam, not SamIAm!

Then there were two dressy collars, one for me and one for Teka Toy. This is Mayemphis you know, and we need to dress up more often than we did in Azrizona!

And Swede William sent Teka another heart to put on her collar, which we will do as soon as we wash the collar. My Teka is a dirty little doggie! We wash that pink collar about once each week. Sheesh. But she really loves it, cause it was her very firstest present from Swede William.

Then there was my ICE CREAM CONE!!!! I have been waiting and waiting for this to arrive. As soon as muzzer got it out of the wrappers, I ran for the safest place in the house......right under dad's desk, between his feet and the wall

The second picture shows a bit more of the Ice Cream cone, and why muzzer worries about me getting tangled up in cords and things when I go under there.

Here are two pretty good shots of me enjoying my cone.

You also get a pretty good shot of the rodney pocket and my stitches as a bonus prize!

And now, Teka has something to say:

The card you sent was very sweet
The collars are a special treat
I know you said the white was mine
I think the black looks very fine
The contrast is better, as you can see
And the black one makes me look SEXY!

many kisses to Swede William, and please tell him I will save the white one for my next visit.

Oh, and if the muzzer here can ever master photography, I will have better shots for his enjoyment!
xxooxxoo Teka Toy!

Something for Jackson!

OK, Jackson and his mum asked for some pictures of the torture instrument the vet gave muzzer to use on the Rodney Pocket and keep it from filling up again. So.....to the right of this paragraph is the instrument fully extended. It gets filled with warm water or hi! drujen prockside and the curvy tip gets inserted into the holes left by the drain, and then the plunger is depressed and the Rodney pocket gets flushed out.

Still with us? Ok...here is a closeup of the curvy tip,

Hanging in there? Well, we didn't take a picture of the bowl we use to catch the drainage for the first few minutes, full or empty, it isn't very pretty.

And, finally, a fairly good view of the Rodney Pocket pre flushing this morning.

Umm...scuse me guys, my stomach is doing flip flops trying to write about this....so even though I really am feeling finejustfine, I am gonna lay down for a little bit!


(FINE in our house means, Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Excitable. muzzer)

02 September 2008

ohhh my

With the exception of some pretty good news from Jackson's mom, I think I am not having a very good day. We were worried about Jackson because he wasn't feeling too well, but it seems that it may be some incompatible medicines that are causing most of the problems.

Then, my blog pal Abby was not feeling well yesterday and ended up at the vets. She is doing a little better, and gets to come home later today, but please go visit and tell her mom you are thinking of them. Moms and muzzers seem to have a hard time with sick doggies.

AND...when I woke up this morning I thought Rodney had come back to visit! Or at least a small part of him. And I got pretty excited. But muzzer had to go and freak out and take me to the vet again! And it wasn't Rodney. It was just some old fluid build up in the pocket where Rodney lived. Darn. But it was kind of amusing to watch muzzer during the process....

First of all, muzzer is not good with yucko stuff. Dad changed the diapers, cleaned up the barf, changed the bandages, and just generally gets to do this type of thing at our house. He says it isn't that he likes this kind of thing. It is just that he doesn't like having to come through and clean up after muzzer too.

So, today it turned out that the vet was crowded in the back because they have, like, FIFTY evacuee animals that they are boarding! So the vet just called in the tech person and they lanced the two holes where the drains were. And it went WHOOSH! And I said "yike"
And I heard muzzer make a funny sound, and then there was a thump from behind me! Let me tell you, the vet was not happy with muzzer. But then, muzzer was not happy with the vet when they finally got her off the floor.

And so now, we have to keep those drain holes working for a while again. And muzzer is bummed, because she is really bad at this (see my notes above) and they are supposed to use some funny looking thing to wash out the holes. Oh, I am really getting anxious to see what dad makes of this whole thing.
We might blog tomorrow.

pee ess...except for being a bit disappointed that it wasn't Rodney, I feel fine just fine, thank you.