28 April 2010

In which I relate my tale of woe...

I know, I know...it has been more than a week since I posted, and then it was to tell you that muzzer would be out of town and we would be back on Sunday!

Uh Uh...Didn't happen.

You see...while muzzer was in St. Loulis, she and Dad decided that we are moving. Again!

Since I came to live with these peripatetic hoomans, we have lived in VA., AZ, NM, MO., TN., and now they tell me we are moving back to VA!

I'd like to know if they have taken my need for permanency and security into account here?

Don't they remember how nervous I was when I came to live with them? How I acted out because I was afraid of being left behind?

Clearly, they have blocked this from their selective memories.


This means that muzzer is cleaning and packing and checking out houses in Richmond and putting MY BUNGALOW! up for sale. Hey! I really like this place. And I have finally figured out the mysterious "pet door." Sheesh.

So, here we are again. Teka says she is moving to Pah Duke Her to be with Willy Yum. I think I will post a muzzer wanted ad on my blog here and take my chances. They will be sorry...yes they will.


And now, a word from the muzzer:

We do apologize to all our blogging friends for being AWOL, and we cannot promise that this will be the last time it happens. Moving is pretty stressful, and this is our second in a two year period. (oh, those "living" experiences Gussie mentioned in New Mexico and Missouri were really just "visits" for 45-60 days in the summer. He did exaggerate a bit.)

So, the story really is that Rich has accepted a position at the University of Richmond as a "Distinguished Professor in Liberal Arts and Humanities" beginning with the fall semester. And we are leaving Memphis sometime in mid July for our new home (assuming the house hunting trip goes well.) And yes, we are selling his BUNGALOW and his BACK YARD! But we hope to find a new one for him. We are hoping he will adjust and not grow up warped and resentful.

On the bright side, we did not buy cemetery plots or niches for our urns, which we did discuss. And we are staying in the USA. And we are moving closer to E.Rabbit. But Memphis has been good to us, and we will leave behind some very dear friends and places we have come to love and appreciate.

I'll be spending more time on the airplane, flying to St. Louis. But less time on HWY 55, which is quite boring. And all our friends in Blog Land will still be right where we hope to find them.

So, if you were planning to visit us in Mayemphis, now is the time. But we will welcome you to Richmond and do the Civil War battlefield tour, Monticello, and etc.

And I promise we will post at least one new picture this weekend.

"the muzzer."

15 April 2010

Until Sunday

We will be kind of MIA this weekend.

Muzzer is in St. Loulis.

Teka left yesterday to be with Swede William this weekend. I have no idea what is going on, but she said she will either be in Tucson, or eating psghettis with Mr. Bill.

I am going to IOWAY to meet Miss Katie. This is a bittersweet trip for me, but Butcho may need my support. He is good with catses, but it has been a while since he had a puppy.


Oh, he is staying at home. I hope he isn't too lonely.


pee ess...muzzer says she will do what she can about getting around to blogs and stuff, but she is gonna be busy, and the internets at Aunt Marie's were designed for 90 year olds, and they are a lot slower than ours at home.


14 April 2010

No words

We heard today that our fearless foxy leader Jackson is feeling quite poorly, and we are very concerned. We ask your prayers for Jackson and his humans...please keep them in your thoughts.

08 April 2010

See Ducky Destruction!

In which the Duck begins to guess his fate.

In which Gus attempts to save the Duck

In which Teka Takes Charge

In which muzzer attempts to take charge

In which the Duck knows his fate is sealed


pee ess...we had to change back to the old editing style to post video. Just in case anyone else gets flustered like muzzer does.

07 April 2010

The Saga of Ducky Dagger

Found on a Clearance Rack at Old Tar-shay
Who'd have thunk he would end this way
Muzzer brought him home today and
Said that we could Play...
Me and Teka sent him on his way

Ducky, Ducky Dagger
Had no time to feel fear.
Ducky, Ducky Dagger
Didn't even last one year.

Teka grabbed the duck from me and then she ran away
I think I heard her whisper "gonna teach this duck to play"
Then she destroyed him just as quick as you can say
"Poor old Duck, he didn't last a day."

Ducky, Ducky Dagger,
Died in our back yard.
Muzzer found remains of Ducky all around the yard.
Gotta tell ya buddies - didn't have to look too hard.
Teka seemed to think it funny, then she said to me
"It seems to me that what we had was just a bust canard."

Ducky, Ducky Dagger
He's spread around the yard.
Ducky, Ducky Dagger
He didn't fight too hard.

Muzzer took him back inside
But she could clearly see.
There was no hope for this Canard,
Nor ever seemed to be.
She picked up all the pieces and she said a little prayer.
And then she said to Teka, "now, you just leave it there."

Ducky, Ducky Dagger
the landfill is your fate.
Ducky, Ducky Dagger
Should have left by our back gate.
So you have heard my silly song
I guess I'll say goodnight.
We tried to load the video but something wasn't right.
If you can share some tips with us, we'd thank you politely
And you could see Old Teka Toy take Ducky back from me.

06 April 2010

My visitors


I told you earlier that my special friend Camryn
was coming to visit, right?
The picture up above is Camryn, her Mom Brenda
and her big sister Julia the last time I saw them!

This is what she looks like now!
Some change, huh?

And this is a picture of her Mom and Julia this morning.

I LOVE them all, and so does Teka Toy.

But, their Easter Break is over, so this
morning they left to go back to
MaryLand....and their dogs,
Jack and Angus, who are
kinda sorta like
 Joey and the Doofus!

Jack and Angus did not come.


Oh well, maybe next time.

kisses, Gussie and Teka

03 April 2010


Teka Toy and Gussie Boy

02 April 2010

What we did...

....while we were waiting for the puter to fix itself.

I got a bath, in the shower, with muzzer.
Hoomiliating, but refreshing.
Then I got to dry off on the sofa.

Between that,
and waiting for the denizens of
 the provider to clear up the problem,
I learned lots and lots of new HBO word. 
And it isn't even in our cable package!

Muzzer cleaned house.
She even took the cover off the sofa!
So, of course me and Teka established our favorite spots.

Then, our EASTER company arrived.
Not little bunnies or chickies.
Not a new puppiesister like Butcho gets.
But our hoo-nieces from Maryland. 

We will have pictures of them next time we post.
And also maybe more of me and Teka.