30 November 2009

Why Teka had a good time in St. Loulis

(ya know, Teka still smells like Estee Lauder!)

29 November 2009

We're Home!

Dear Pals:

We are back home from St. Loulis, had a wonderful pawty, and a (relatively) quiet trip....We have been reading blogs, but not leaving many comments, and hope you forgive us. Here is a picture to show you that all our efforts have been worthwhile.

We're Home!

25 November 2009

Dog is my Co-Pilot

We are in St. Loulis.
They couldn't have made it without our help.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Gussie n Teka

24 November 2009

Been spending a lot of time here recently,
Just watchin the squirrels go by.
Tomorrow we are going to St. Loulis to celebrate
Aunt Marie's 95th barkday. And have Thanksgiving
with my sissies.
I'll be back soon.
Please everybody...stay safe.

22 November 2009

Angel Snickers

Dear Friends:

We do not have any details, but heard the very sad news from Mama Lamb this morning.

We know about the bridge, and know that this morning, it is even more beautiful because Miss Snickers is there.


21 November 2009

The week is ending....

Last week we were all gathered together to send good vibes to Miss Snickers. We know that at least some of them reached her, because she had some good days this week.

The last couple of days though, not so good.

She went to see her Vet this morning and they are trying another medicine, hoping this may be the one to get the fever down and keep it down. She has not been sleeping too well, and neither has her poor Mama, poor Butcho and poor Dad and the Catses. It has been a long week for them, and we hope that sunrise tomorrow finds them better.


18 November 2009

Wednesday update

Here is a note from Mama Lamb about Miss Snickers:

"Not much new today. Her fever did go down though. She didn't get any sleep last night or this morning. She had the panting horrible & the bloody mucous thing running out of the nose, which makes her breathing really noisy. (even kept Butchy awake, hehehe)
Swelling is still the same as the last 2 days, one side is like quarter size, other is between dime & nickel size. Sure wish it would go down further. She still eats very slow, so I'm still wetting her kibble along with all of the soft food we're giving her. Don't think she has gained anymore weight back yet. I was telling Mumsie today, Snickers will get a few spirts where she acts pretty good. But then she is tired again. Just think she needs some good sleep. She is now on the prednisone only every other day, so we're hoping the panting will soon start going away. Only got her to walk half way around the land this morning. Now we have rain, so I know I won't get her to walk much. "

17 November 2009

Snickers Update

Well, I am sorry I am so late posting this, but muzzer just HAD to take the Doc to the Dogtor, and you know how two leggeds stick together some time.

Anyway...by the time they got back, the note in my e-mail from Mama Lamb was a gadzillion hours old. And we are a gadzillion and a half hours late posting this.

Our apologies, both for the lateness and for the fact that this is not so good news. Snickers is once again having a bloody discharge from her nose, and she has been tired and lethargic. She has a little bit of fever too. BUT..the swelling has not come back, and she is still eating and drinking.

Cross paws again guys, if you will. And go out and howl all the dog zen back in the direction of Ioway.

Thank you.


Vote for Alice, please

This is Alice
She is a friend of E.Rabbit (my sissie)
Would you please consider voting for her in
Thank you

14 November 2009


We left a little early tonight for walkies, so we could be in the peace park down the street by 5:00 pm.

It is a lovely green cathedral, where EVEN TEKA was quiet for 40 seconds...even though she quivered for half of them, waiting to do her part.

We know she started a bit early, but by 5:01 everydog in the neighborhood joined in, and we could hear some of the zoo animals too! Even muzzer barked. Well, just once, then she started happy laughing and almost choked.

Dad thought we lost our collective half a mind, but we felt the zen.

Thanks to Jake, Fergi, Ninagirl and Moma for this wonderful idea.


13 November 2009

A moment of silence, please

This special moment of silence is being organized
by our pals, Jake and Fergi.
Fergi and Jake have all the details on their bloggie.
And this includes a very clever clock thing that
translates Greenwich Mean Time into
REAL time, right here in Mayempis.
Or, wherever you are.
We love this idea. Me and Muzzer and Dad
will definitely be observing this special moment.
Teka wants to wait and see if it is in conflict with walkies.
But she will help with the noise part after.
kisses, hugs and large amounts of thank yous
to all our friends.

Tears of Joy!

OH LOOK! Another note from Miss SSSSSs.......I am so happy.


Oh my dawg, I'm alive, I'm alive!!! I'm the roughest, toughest terrier in the world!!! Everyone's prayers are working. Mama & Papa are crying with joy, they can't believe it. My temperature finally went up almost to normal by the time I went to the vet. I had a bowel movement this morning. I perked up so much the vet was in shock. My swelling is down quite a bit on one side. Mama just can't believe how I had such a horrible night and then by the time we got to the vet, I was so perky. They still decided I'm too high risk for the biopsy surgery, so, we did a bunch more chest x-rays this morning and everything looks good. SO, I still have one more hurdle to jump over. The swelling must keep going down & STAY down. If it happens to pop back up within the next 3-5 days, then it is definitely the lymphoma and then I will head to the bridge. I will be going to the vet every 2 days for awhile. They are keeping very close tabs on me because they love me so much and do not want me to suffer at all. So please please keep praying for me that the glands don't swell up again. My Butchy boy was so happy to see me come back home. We're all going to have a nice nappy now, cause none of us had any sleep last night. Thank you so much to everyone!!!!
Miss Snickers the toughest girl in the world

A letter from my love:

My dear Miss Snickers wrote to me this morning.

I am sharing it with you because you have been so supportive with prayers and kind words.

I will tell you not to weep, for she will be happy and without pain.

I cannot follow my own advice.


Dearest Gussie,
Mama is helping me write this to you. I wanted to tell you how much I love you. My miracle didn't happen. I'm so miserable. I didn't sleep last night. Mama told me she is taking me for a ride in a few short minutes & that my pain will soon end. I'm wearing my kisses & hugs collar that you gave me & it will stay with me on my journey. I have a suitcase packed to take with me. I have plenty of clothes, an extra collar & some of my favorite toys, especially my squirrellie. I'll be waiting for you to join me someday & look forward to playing in the sunshine with you.
Luv always,
Miss Snickers

12 November 2009

bad news

Muzzer just read me a note from Mama Lamb. Snickers is not doing well at all, she has not had a good day at all and is not making progress like we had hoped. She has an appointment with the vet in the morning, and at that time her Mama and Dad may have to make the decision to let her go to the bridge.

We know you all are praying and holding her in your hearts, and we can feel the energy coming from all of you. Thank you so much for your love and support.


brief update

We spoke to Mama Lamb today and she said the Snickers fever is down and she is eating kibble!

Not much change in the visible swelling, but she seemed to be chewing and swallowing.

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and paw power.


11 November 2009

Miss Snickers


My Dear Friends:

I write today to ask your prayers for my Beautiful Miss Snickers. She is so ill, and it isn't the seizure monster that is bothering her now.

You may have read on her bloggie that she has had bad swelling in her throat and neck. For a while, we thought she was doing much better, that her Mama and the vet had found the problem and taken care of it.

Now the swelling has come back, and she is most uncomfortable. She is not eating and does not even want to drink water. Her Mama is worried, and Butchy and her cats are in distress. I am devastated, and worried, and I cannot think what to do to help her.

Her Mama took her to the vet this morning, and he says it may be lymphoma, a cancer that doggies can get that makes them very sick. They are trying Prednisone to bring the swelling down, and she will see the vet again on Friday. I hope they have some better news then, but I must tell you, I am a bit of a Pessimist about this.

So I am asking you once again to pray for a furfriend, keep her in your hearts, send up the prayer flags, cross paws and ask your humans for their help also.

This is making me feel much worse than when my first family chose to let me be rehomed. Please help me find hope.


10 November 2009


Our dad has students over tonight for a study session.
We have veggies and dips
And lots of pizza.
Me and Teka are taking the rest to Butchy and
Snickers place. We are leaving NOW.
Y'all come, ya hear?

07 November 2009

The Horror!

Some of you might have heard that I have spent a couple of days in Ioway with Miss Snickers,
who is not feeling well. I took my laptop, and the gussiemobile,
and some snacks for the road, and a hostess gift for Mama Lamb,
who needed the chocolate.
Muzzer knew where I was. I think Snickers' Mama Snitched!
So, this morning early someone "hinted" that my muzzer needed to see me.
Being the exceptionally good wirey fellow that I am, I headed for home immediately.
No one told me that muzzer was angry.
And no one told me she had the Torture Chamber ready!
Complete with Torture Juice.

And my welcome home consisted of A BATH!

Here is the Result.

The result from the side.

And from (ahem) the rear.
I am leaving to go back to Ioway.
This time I am taking all the plastic cards with me.

04 November 2009

My Very First Christmas Catalog!

I got my very first ever Mail Order Catalog today!
It doesn't have my name on it...it has my Dad's name
on the back. but I know it is for me. After all, there are ONLY two dogs in this house.
And he is clearly not one of them.

AND, it seems they had a contest to see who was gonna
be on the cover. And I asked my muzzer "WHY" I had not been entered.
And of course, she had no answer.

But there is another contest for next year, and ALL my DWB friends should be entered. Here is where you can find out more: www.orvis.com/coverdog

Inside, they have some pretty cool toys and stuff

(and I really don't approve of dog beds, ya know?)

AND, they are making donations with Eukanuba to
the Canine Cancer Foundation. Go to www.orvis.com/coverdog
You have to pay to vote, but each $1.00 you donate (by voting) will be matched
vby Orvis. Or, they have a direct donation page at www.orvis.com/caninecancer

Moving on...they have Dog Proof Bedding for the big bed. I
turned the corner down so muzzer can put this on HER wish list.

A paw washer

And lots of coats and stuff.

Man....I think I like this catalog thingy!
gussie (AND Teka Toy!)
Shameless puppy dog division.

03 November 2009

Inner Terrier II

These are some videos that Muzzer took today in the back yard. I promised Koobie that I would show her the trench I dug, and these are some pretty good photos.

Hope we can get these to move for the next couple. We think they are in order, but also we are pretty sure it doesn't Matter Much in the Scheme of things.

We hope you enjoy them.

We Sure had a great time digging our trench/

Now Muzzer says she is going to look for a guy to fix

the wall before it falls down.

Oh, and she is mad at me because I didn't know what to do with all the dirt, so I ate it, and then I threw up! All over two rugs and a yellow duvet cover.