27 February 2008

What in *&^(_ did she think I am!

kinda sorta goes to "what kind of fool am I?"

What kind of dog is this, with fuzzy butt ?
With stuffy fuzzy feet
And sides and back
And fuzzy tail
What kind of dog is this, who sitting down

Fills an entire square of 12 inch tile,?

Seen from the rear

What kind of dog is this, with fluffy ears?

Who always moves his head, when muzzer snaps, a darling shot

What kind of dog is this? Are you confused?

Well so was the new lady who just finished grooming school.

She must've been asleep when terriers were taught, that's true.

Just give me half a day, to run around

I figure I'll be back to normal then, with dirty feet.

And next time I am in dire need of help

With personal hygiene, and grooming tips, I'll wash myself

And I won't fluffy be, but sleek and smooth

With lovely wirey hairs and sleek mustache and long straight beard.

But until then my friends, just please don't laugh

When I come into view, or run away, you'll know it's me.

many thanks to Faya for my lovely new kerchief, which was part of my barkday box. It was the brightest spot of my day.


25 February 2008

Hug a rescue dog!

21 February 2008

Happy Barkday Wally Tamale!

This is my friend and mentor Wally
Tomorrow is his Barkday
He is around 5 years old.
Like me, Wally is a rescue dog.
So there are things that shall forever remain a mystery about both of us.
Like when is Wally's real Barkday?
And why does Gussie not chase balls?

In honor of your Barkday we have done as you directed.

We made a contributon to a rescue organization near and dear to us,

Instead of sending you Eatables and Wearables.

Please don't look so sad...it was your idea!

happy barkday Wally Tamale

gussie and teka toy

18 February 2008

Miam, Miam!

Gus Here: Notice that I am now expressing my pleasure over treats just like Faya does. Today I had one of the cookies from Miss Snickers, and one of the bones from Faya, and they were both Deeeelish! Miam Miam to both ladies...thank you. I went to the store today with muzzer, and she finally let me get into the box where she had hidden my Barkday present from Butcho and Snickers! Look at that Wubba Kong! We took it to the store because Teka tore my last one up, and I just love these toys. I got to play three very good games of toss and fetch with my pals at the store, and then I just made lots of loud squeaks while people were trying to shop. Fortunately, they think I am cute!
Here is a good view of me in one of my new bandananas from Faya...It is a very flattering shade, don't you think? And it has COWS on it! Very Swiss!
I did my usual inspection tour today. Just checking to make sure that all the mirrors are cleaned and that the cases are neat. And I also wanted to be sure muzzer had arranged the jewelry she bought at the gift show appropriately. It lacks a certain flair, but it will suffice until I can coach her through a new arrangement on Wednesday.
And here is my cubby at the store, where I keep things I do not want Teka to Tear Up. See, I have my Snax toy and my new Wubba. My stuffie cow is still out on the floor taking inventory, but perhaps we will get a photo of him next time.

On another note...for those of you wondering where Miss Snickers has been, she is staying with us for a bit. She stowed away in my carryon while we were disembarking from Aire Ruby, and her mama says she can stay for a few days to get her bones warmed up.

I surely enjoy having her here, and of course she has muzzer wrapped around her little paw, so she is eating mostly people food and having a gay old time. She has taken over the guest bedroom, and let me tell you, I am not sleeping well. I have to make sure I spend time with her and time with muzzer, so I seem to spend most of the night walking back and forth in the halls.

We spent a lot of time today running in the back yard. Snickers got her beauty sleep while muzzer and I went off to work. I think she and Teka may have sneaked out to the big sales for President's day too, at least based on the bags in the front hallway.

I'm gonna go sneak in a nap. I expect to be walkin' the halls again tonight.

happily weary


17 February 2008

My Barkday will go on Forever!

I had a wonderful time at the ski pawty, and I am so glad that all my friends helped me clean up after the SuperBowl pawty, so I got to go this weekend. It was nice to see all of my pals again, and we all got lots of exercise, except maybe not Asta Marie, since she spent most of the time in the casino.

This morning muzzer pulled my barkday pressies down from the refridgederador, and said we could open them! I picked Faya's to open firstest, because it came such a far way! Faya and her muzzer sent it all the way from Switzerland! My dad is jealous. No one sends him pressies from Switzerland! Plus, I got more cards for the Christmas celebration holiday thingy than he did. Terriers RULE! Anyway, we took my pressies into muzzer's office, because it was sunny and bright. Here I am trying to open Faya's package all by myself.

I tried and tried, but couldn't get it opened. Muzzer offered to get the scissors to help, and I said "yes, yes!" But I wouldn't move away while she was cutting. I was helping and making it all go faster. (yeah, and risking your terrier nose too, kiddo!)
So, while she worked on the edges, I chewed on a corner.
When the top popped open, this is what happened!!!
Muzzer made me back off, and she showed me all the pressies. There were two bandanananas...I wonder if I am sposed to share? Two Stuffies, one a really neat cow that you can see me eyeing right here. Two containers of "Pralines", one tripe flavored (yummy, we tried them!) and one labelled "chicken." Then there is something called "Doggy Gum." I wonder if it will blow bubbles? And there are fishy snacks and bones that look like Dingos, in 8 different laguages.

But I decided that the cow was my most favoritest, and went right back to play with him.
Here is a picture of the fishy snacks, with the loofah doggie, and the lovely card from Faya.

I played with that cow for quite some time, and I have not made it stop squeakin' yet.

But muzzer was not her usual careful self! She left the package from Asta (NY) on the trundle bed so we could open it later and she could get pictures! He He!

I opened this one myself! Thank you Asta for your exceptionally fine packaging.

Muzzer heard me rip! and grabbed the camera, but by that time I had this super Ace of Hearts stuffie out of the paper and on the couch in the TV room. I pulled out the rubber tire too, and chewed on that quickly, but decided I would concentrate on the Ace of Hearts. So muzzer went back to her office to take this picture of the cute card Asta and her Mommi made, and pick up the pieces of envelope and paper I left lying around as incriminating evidence!

And so, now I think my Barkday will last forever, almost. I still have a supply of cookies from Miss Snickers and Mr. Butchy, including the BIG BONE! And the BEEF TENDONS! And now I have international gourmet treats from Faya too. Oh, and stingy muzzer has put all the toys away except for Ms. Cow and Mr. Ace, so she will be doling those out periodically too.

Tomorrow, we are taking my new Kong Wubba from Butchy/Snickers to work to play with and muzzer is taking the camera to take pictures.

So, tomorrow we will also make some donations for Faya and Asta and Butchy Snickers, cause that is what I said I would do. Gotta see if I can find a good Airedale rescue site for Faya, locked in to the terrier thing cause they found my muzzer. hehehe...muzzer would never let me spend my pay pal funds on treats like this, but she is OK with the donations. I think I made out on this one!



15 February 2008

Message for Gussie

Muzzer here once again:

Will Somedoggie please tell Gus
That two wonderful looking packages
Have arrived for his

Barkday. And one came all the way from Switzerland!

Be careful!

My Valentine Surprises!

Muzzer here: I have been assigned the task of reporting on Valentine's Day at our house, while Gus and Teka are off in the Pokey Noes skiing, tobaggoning, drinking hot carob drinks and who knows what else. (parental denial is a prerequisite for raising children and dogs!)

Oops, I'm not supposed to make any snide remarks, asides or sarcastic comments. Blew that one, huh? So, a fresh start.

Yesterday, right before AirRuby arrived, the postman brought a big box to our front door! Holding Teka with one hand, blocking Gussie with a knee in the chest, I brought the box through the door where it was immediately inspected by the terriers.

Fortunately, Gus realized that he could not open the box himself, even though it had his name neatly printed on the front. So I was allowed to get out the scissors and open the box.

The first things out of the box were three cards! One says Teka. One says Gus. The other is a Birthday card for Gussie, which we did not open yet (inside information from Butchy/Snickers mama.) Then, there was a layer of plastic bubble wrap, which Teka immediately ran off with, heading rapidly for the safety of the "bomb shelter" in my bedroom. Carefully folding back one layer of Valentine themed tissue paper unearthed this!
Look at those cookies! Look at that big Bone with Carob icing. Look at those beef tendons! Butchy and Snickers' mama told Gussie that he must SHARE with Teka, but she didn't mention that this bounty goes on for two more layers! Gussie says there is a "big bone" for each of them, a beef tendon for each of them, and about a hundred dozen million little heart shaped cookies, of which, Teka can have two. I sure hope that Miss Snickers helped her mama bake these. They look good enough to be people food!

This is a photo of Gussie's Dad, doing a rapid "save" when Teka started to help herself before the picture was taken. And the photo below is a shot of my messy table with Gussie and Teka's valentine basket front and center.
We had hoped to get a picture of Gussie and Teka sitting nicely for their treat, but they heard Air Ruby touch down in front of the house, and they were in a hurry to get moving. Gussie points out that he IS sitting, while Teka clearly (or fuzzily) is NOT. We packed a few of the cookies to share on the flight to the ski Pawty, and they happily left us for yet another weekend of fun and frolic.One final picture....here are their lovely cards from Miss Snickers (the big one) for Gus, and the smaller one from Butchy and Snickers for Teka. Must be a message there somewhere, but I am letting parental denial reign.Respectfully submitted on 2/15/08


13 February 2008

Excuses, Excuses

Well, here I am again, asking your forgiveness for being such a lazy blogger.
I blame the whole thing on muzzer, of course.
And she says, she has been very busy.I mean, she only has the store to run, me and Teka to walk, feed, bathe and brush (well, occasionally, when we let her.) Dad to feed and take care of, Aunt Marie to worry about, E.Beth to nag, and a few other things to do. That isn't much, compared to what some Moms do.
So this week, her big story has been....Called for Jury Duty!Yesterday she had to go down to the Maricopa county court house and report for possible jury duty. Muzzer and Dad are big on Civic Responsibility, so she buckled her chin strap and headed on down. I thought it sounded like fun. Muzzer worried about what would happen to me, Teka, Dad, E.Beth, Aunt Marie, the store and all those other things.
Luckily, they did not pick her, but she had a pretty full day of getting lost, waiting around, schlepping miles to the jury room, and getting rejected (twice) for whatever reason. Probably because she is old, opinionated, mouthy, pushy, and a cross between a dictionary and Emily Post. Maybe because she was too short to see over the top of the jury box. And maybe because I wrote letters to all the judges and promised she would bake them cookies if they would let her come back to me right away. Who knows?

The result of all this busy-ness is that
1. I need a bath
2. My valentines have not been sent out to my friends.
3. Dad has contracted a cold and needs extra care.

4. My birthday cake has not been baked or ordered.

But seriously, inspired by Wally's post today, I would appreciate it if my friends would not send me pressies but instead donate to their favorite doggy charity. If by some chance pressies are on the way, thank you very much. I will make the donations in your name to MY favorite charity.

I hope that muzzer is not so busy soon. I need some love and 'fection. I need my teethies brushed! And I need some rest!



10 February 2008

My new Ball!

Muzzer brought home a new ball today for me n Teka.
Muzzer and the ball arrived at our house at about 2:10 pm.
The ball spent a short time outside in the sun.

The ball died at 2:17 pm.

Rest in peace.

08 February 2008

Getting Ready for Next Weekend

I have been very busy this week catching up on my sleep. After partying virtually non-stop (hehehe...partying virtually...get it?) from Thursday til Sunday, I needed to catch up on my beauty sleep. Fortunately we were a pretty neat bunch of doggies, so muzzer did not have a whole lot of cleaning up after the pawty. I did help, but when I fell asleep between the kitchen and the trash can, she let me go to be and take a nap. That was a two and a half day nap. But, I am well rested and looking forward to the coming wedding, when we will be heading to Koobie's pawty and to the wedding of Husky Boy and Baby Yea.

And then I realized! Koobie's pawty is in the Poconos! At a ski resort! And I haven't skied since we lived in Virginia. O my. I need to get some practice so I can impress Miss Snickers.

So, I concealed myself and my laptop in E.Beth's little car, and I am spending my weekend in Northern Azrizona, brushing up on my skills.

Lots of people think Azrizona is all desert. That is not true. Northern Azrizona, up near Flagstaff and the Four Corners area (Azrizona, Colorado, Utalk and New Mexico come together there!) can be quite cold. Not Iowa cold, but cold enough for those who dwell in the desert. And this year they are having a great year for snowfall, with a solid base and lots of powder. Now, when we were in Va, and a long, long time ago when the hoomans lived in Minny Soda, the only ski-ing they did was cross country. So that is what I know how to do, and that is the equipment I have. This weekend I am practicing around Lake Mary and staying at a nice little lodge near there. I got a new set of bindings for my skis and a pretty nice sweater, and all my old skills are coming back to me.

Do you think Miss Snickers will be impressed?


Go...Go quick. You will luv it

Me and muzzer were gonna post tonight, because we know that we have been remiss, but we have been working and Dad is in Memphis and E.Beth has gone to Fragstuff.

But we just got a picture from my sissy E.Rabbit, and she told us about this new blog site!

And you just gotta go see it.

It is called ihasahotdog , and it is like Icanhazcheezburger , only it STARS DOGS!




more tonight, we is at work and cannot post pictures!


04 February 2008

Things I missed this weekend

This business of being co-host to lots of doggies is more work than I thought. Plus, you miss a lot of important things......Like:
Gaucho's Birthday....I didn't even know they left Azrizona....Feliz Cumpleanos Gaucho! Sorry I missed the whole thing!

And, I didn't see Jake and JH arrive on the Egret! So I missed asking how Harry managed to hold on to the football through the whole long ride!
And I didn't see Lacie like this before she left for the game. Or I swear, I would've made her change into that outfit her mom liked better.
I missed seeing all the cheerleaders together
I missed seeing the pyramid!
And I missed seeing Asta take the field to help win the game, cause I passed out when she changed right on the sidelines!

And I missed seeing the recognition Asta got on Times Square today.

Now for stuff I didn't miss:

Breakfast, lunch or dinner. No matter how many times we ate, I was there.

The fabulous Sentimental Journey Dance

Hot dogs at Joey's, about 6 times, I think.

Having a fabulous time.

Saying thank you to all my friends and their humans for making this a weekend to remember!