15 February 2008

My Valentine Surprises!

Muzzer here: I have been assigned the task of reporting on Valentine's Day at our house, while Gus and Teka are off in the Pokey Noes skiing, tobaggoning, drinking hot carob drinks and who knows what else. (parental denial is a prerequisite for raising children and dogs!)

Oops, I'm not supposed to make any snide remarks, asides or sarcastic comments. Blew that one, huh? So, a fresh start.

Yesterday, right before AirRuby arrived, the postman brought a big box to our front door! Holding Teka with one hand, blocking Gussie with a knee in the chest, I brought the box through the door where it was immediately inspected by the terriers.

Fortunately, Gus realized that he could not open the box himself, even though it had his name neatly printed on the front. So I was allowed to get out the scissors and open the box.

The first things out of the box were three cards! One says Teka. One says Gus. The other is a Birthday card for Gussie, which we did not open yet (inside information from Butchy/Snickers mama.) Then, there was a layer of plastic bubble wrap, which Teka immediately ran off with, heading rapidly for the safety of the "bomb shelter" in my bedroom. Carefully folding back one layer of Valentine themed tissue paper unearthed this!
Look at those cookies! Look at that big Bone with Carob icing. Look at those beef tendons! Butchy and Snickers' mama told Gussie that he must SHARE with Teka, but she didn't mention that this bounty goes on for two more layers! Gussie says there is a "big bone" for each of them, a beef tendon for each of them, and about a hundred dozen million little heart shaped cookies, of which, Teka can have two. I sure hope that Miss Snickers helped her mama bake these. They look good enough to be people food!

This is a photo of Gussie's Dad, doing a rapid "save" when Teka started to help herself before the picture was taken. And the photo below is a shot of my messy table with Gussie and Teka's valentine basket front and center.
We had hoped to get a picture of Gussie and Teka sitting nicely for their treat, but they heard Air Ruby touch down in front of the house, and they were in a hurry to get moving. Gussie points out that he IS sitting, while Teka clearly (or fuzzily) is NOT. We packed a few of the cookies to share on the flight to the ski Pawty, and they happily left us for yet another weekend of fun and frolic.One final picture....here are their lovely cards from Miss Snickers (the big one) for Gus, and the smaller one from Butchy and Snickers for Teka. Must be a message there somewhere, but I am letting parental denial reign.Respectfully submitted on 2/15/08



Duke said...

OMG, check out all of those yummy and very pretty treats! Don't eat them all in one sitting, guys!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lenny said...

Wow, what a haul!
I think I need to get a girlfriend.

Your friend, Lenny

Jake of Florida said...

Dear Muzzer,

As Mom to two wire fox terriers -- who are blissfully snoozing, thereby allowing me a moment to respond to your parental post -- I can testify to the calisthenics required to answer the door once a vehicle stopping at the curb or, heaven forbid, a loud knock has aroused their intense terrier interest. A knee to the chest barely captures it. If there's not enough time to pick up Dog A and throw him into the bathroom -- the only room that has a door downstairs -- and restrain Dog B by the harness while answering the door, then it's Plan B -- trying to make myself heard over the ruckus and screaming please leave what you have and GO AWAY!!!

Mostly they do.

Do you think Gussie will take time out from snuggling with Miss Snickers to let us bark Happpy Barkday to him tomorrow???


Jake and Just Harry's Mom

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Happy Barkday Gussie - hope you have a wonderful day buddy. Save some cake for me :-)


The Brat Pack said...

WOW! Look at that haul!

Happy Early Barkday!!!

The Brat Pack

Joe Stains said...

HOLY CRAP That is a lot of treats, how lucky are those pups!! If gus has any trouble finishing them, I could always hop on the bus and head on over...

Anne said...

Those cookies looks delicious! Can I have a few pieces, please?


Peanut said...

What great presents. :)