27 June 2008

news from the home front

The big news today is that this "innocent" little escape artist made a couple of more successful attempts to escape today, resulting in a conversation between Muzzer and Dad about electric fencing! Sheesh. What next, GPS? Working diligently, as always, yours truly has found the pawfect place for my photos of Miss Snickers.
See, in this next picture, I am pointing to my current favorite :)
And here they are in their glory...we are more limited here because most of the appliances are hiding behind wooden door thingies, so I can't tell the fridge from the bread drawer.
Other than that, it was a pretty boring day


25 June 2008

Thank you


I want to thank the Barkie Boys and their Mom and Dad for the lovely flowers. When I finish inspecting them, I'm gonna share them with muzzer.

I'm sure she can find a clean box to put them on. hehehe.


OK, the next pictures are for the Moms, Mamas, Mommis, etc. and all the girly dogs. These are the pictures Teka took when she "borrowed" the camera. Art glass window inset in swinging door to dining room
Door on the other side of the Dining room....(say Ahhh, guys!)
Light fixture in the hooman bedroom. The glass is more purpler, imho. But hey. I'm just a guy, Right?
hanging fixture in the hall. There are a few of these.
Dining room light, but Teka is about as good as muzzer with the camera, so there is more (ahem, ) opalescence to the glass globes.
That's it. If you are starting this here, you have a couple of more to go.
Heck, next time, muzzer might even take more pictures of the doggies!

photos from Mayemphiss Vol II

My corner, complete with facilities.

The view from my corner, facing the back yard.
The "cute little arch" thingy muzzer likes
My tomato plant.

The red door to my shed.


pictures from Mayemphiss vol.I

Hi Y'all
Gussie Here: Reporting from Mayemphiss. This is the first set of pictures from our new home in Mayemphiss.
We are posting a few sets with explanations for each.
Dad and Teka walking up our new street. Monday 6/23/08
This is a side view from the front -
Me and Dad and Teka waiting at the front door.
Front door. note to E.Rabbit...blot out those numbers please.
See Y'all Y'all in vol II

24 June 2008

We have met the Comcast, and he is ours!

Muzzer and dad went to visit the Comcast at his home yesterday to beg for internet connectivity. He said...."mmmm...three weeks until I can install."

Muzzer hit the sky. Dad was hoomiliated. Muzzer said to the handmaiden of the Comcast "Bring me the metal box and magic connectors. Bring me the plastic dish thingy with the coding upon it. Yea, verily, I can make the Comcast work all by myself."

Dad was hoomiliated.

The handmaiden was horrified. The senior handmaiden came with the special forms saying that if muzzer blew up the house or the planet while trying to self install, it was not the fault of the Comcast. Muzzer signed the forms. Dad was hoomiliated when they asked him to also sign that he would not bring the legal suits to bear if muzzer was injured or killed while attempting to self install. He signed the forms.

Muzzer got the box. Muzzer got the magic connectors. Muzzer got the dish thingy.

Muzzer came home and cursed the Comcast, and prayed to the gods of the IBM Training to help her.

Muzzer self installed.

Now, if she can remember where she put the camera, we will post some pixes of us in our new home. Until then, we have almost caught up with our friends.


pee ess...Teka may know where the camera is. Please tell her to let muzzer find it.

thank you

21 June 2008

We're HERE!
No incidents
No Accidents
No (major) Altercations
snoozing on the floor of the guest apartment.
More tomorrow!

20 June 2008

T for Texax

T for Texas
T for Tennessee
T for Texas, T for Tennessee
T for Teka, the dog that made a fool out of me

(jimmie rodgers) for Gussie

OOOOOOOOKlahoma looks like someplace I would like to stay
Cause the wind smells sweet, like cows and sheep and I think that I could run away
OOOOOOKlahoma every night my gussie pal and I
Find a place to sleep, and rest our feet til we're up again and on our way
And so I saaaaay, I yip I yo I yay, I yip I yo I ...you're smellin strong Oklahoma,
Oklahoma - O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, Oklahoma!

(rodgers and Hammerstein) for Teka

We're not in Kansas anymore!

19 June 2008

New Mexico to Texas

As you can see................... It has been a pretty uneventful day. After a fine start this morning, we made excellent time down interstate 40 heading toward Amarillo, TX
Somewhere just outside of Albuquerque, Teka made her big break of the day and promoted herself to riding in the front seat on Dad's lap. I guess that is OK, as long as she doesn't think she can ride on my muzzer!
And then just outside of Santa Rosa, we saw a whole line of cars like these driving along the freeway. Muzzer and Dad got all excited. Muzzer forgot to take photos so these are "borrowed" from a Route 66 website. This caravan happens every year, and it a real traffic stopper. Er, traffic slower, because we all had to get in line to drive around them while they waved and yelled at us. Sure were friendly folks in those funny cars
We went to the bank in Santa Rosa to sign some papers to make some money go "by wire transfer" to pay for the house in Tennessee. Me and Teka got to sit in the bank with Muzzer and Dad. Teka got us tossed out! She was very noisy. I apologized on my way out, and the tellers loved me.
Gussie on the road in Texas

18 June 2008

On The Road Again

On the road Again
Me n Teka r on the road again
There's no music playin', just old NPR
Btu we're sure glad to be on the road again Our house in AZ.
Teka's in her crate
I made sure my Father Locked the Crate
I don't care if we are heading North or South
I just wish Muzzer'd shut up Teka's Mouth
Goin' to Tennessee
Stayin where the buffet breakfast's free
Folks are nice there to Old Teka and to me
While we are on the road to Tennessee
The big truck that took my stuff away
We interrupt this blog to give a product pitch
This is a fabulous ball muzzer got at Pet Smart. It kept me busy for hours. It makes noise and dispenses treates. It is MY ball and I am NOT sharing.
posted by Gussie at 10:23 pm in Grant, NM

16 June 2008

This and That and Teka's great xcape

TADA...Muzzer and Dad and Teka and I are staying over at our Max and Ruby's house, while they are on vacation. Because Muzzer has packed so many boxes you can get lost in the maze over at our real house. We will have some photos taken today when the big truck came, but we are working at one of Dad's offices at the Unibercity. Because Max and Ruby had their internet turned off, or think maybe they did, so we are really in bad withdrawal stage.

OK, so since Dad is being nice to Muzzer and helping her through this withdrawal thing, we have been able to read blogs and e-mail.

BUT...because Dad can only be so nice and let Muzzer use his puter for (relatively) short time spans, we must rush to read and see, and we have no time left for answering or commenting, almost.

SO, we know about Tanner and the Vet, and Stella's Barkday, and maple bacon iceCream that E.Rabbit made ( and didn't share) and Lovely Cassidy beating the wykf out of her bruzzer at the dog show, and the Ice Cream that the Brat Pack got, and Maggie and Mitch and Buster and his truckies and Faya and her wonderful weekend. BUT...we haven't left messages like we usually would, hoping to get through all this doggie stuff and 150 emails for Muzzer since Saturday.

Not to mention my own pile from all you wonderful friends.

SO, we will be back on line as soon as we can, from the road, with pictures and stuff. Until then, we are one of those visitors who show up on your counter every day, and we love you lots.

NOW... on to Teka's great Xcape! This morning Muzzer went to our own house to baby sit the movers and make sure they did not take all my toys. So me and Teka stayed home and had bananannnaas with Dad. And then Me and Teka went out onto the patio and did not jump into the pool. We chased and chased. Then we went to work on the gate. Teka said she knew she could get out of there and 'splore the neighbors yards. I thought it sounded like fun, so I maybe helped a little bit.

We moved some stuff that Dad had used to block the gate and then ZIP! Teka was out of there in a flash. Oh my. I barked and barked so Dad would come and check. He thought me and Teka were playing a game with him, so he checked the pool (we cana't go in without a hooman) and he checked under the bushes and alllll over. And I stood by the gate and barked at him.

FINALLY he realized Teka was not in the yard. Sheesh! And he completely panicked, and he got in the gussiemobile and went to look for her, but he didn't take me.

He was really worried. This house backs up on South Mountain, and when you are in the BACK, you are only a golfing green away from coyotes and bobby cats and mountain lines that go GRRRRRR. And sometimes people can lose their pets, because those other not pet animals come into the yard and SNATCH the little doggies or the kitties. Chomp. A mouthful of Teka, down to the tummy.

BUT...Teka was lucky. She must have decided she was losted, because when Dad got down to the next circle he saw her go WHOOSH across the street in front of him. So he parked the gussiemobile and got out and called her. She only made him chase her for a block and a half before she turned around and came running to him. Whew. What a relief.

I asked her why she did not wait for me, Gussie so I could gbark at the not pet animals and scare them away. She said I was too fat to get through the gate, so she didn't wait for me. Some gratitude, I may have knocked over the flower pot, but does she say thank you. NOOOO

We thought she had gotten away with her adventure, but , this afternoon, both of us had to go to PetDumb and get a bath and brush and stuff. I think this is not fair, because I did not run away, she did, and even if I maybe helped a little, I didn't leave and I barked at Dad to get him to know she was gone.

Life is so unfair.

Kisses to all

PLEASE excuse our

09 June 2008

M Day -9

Here we are...9 days from now we leave Azrizona for Tennessee. Today has been pretty boring...eat, bark, play, sleep, play, eat, bark....you know the routine.

Muzzer, in her infinite wisdom, had forgotten how to upload pictures from the camera to the new puter. I had to come and help her. Woops, she forgot to plug the camera into the 'puter. So, here we go:

First of all, she went off and left us this morning, even though it is Monday and I know the store is closed! She went to PetSmart. She brought back this blue thing for Teka. It is going to be her Travel Crate! Teka, not muzzer.

I don't know, if you ask me she is gonna be in some trouble as soon as Teka remembers that Tanner ate his way out of one of these things. But, to paraphrase my friend Ivy "Nobody ever listens to Gussie."

Today our project was to take down and box up the pictures on the walls. Here is what we had accomplished by the time we decided to blog.

And of course, here is what the walls look like now:

Pretty exciting, huh?

Oh, and the other thing we wanted to share with you is this video.

http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=70LDoRY4- YU

I am telling you, this dog looks a lot like Teka. I wonder if I could earn some money by teaching her to do this trick?


08 June 2008

M - 10 and counting!

Well, we thought we should let you look around and see what kind of progress muzzer is making on packing for the move! Here I am inspecting the cabinet in the study. Not much left in there. No bones or dog toys remaining.
This is a view of the corner by the window. We have piles like these in almost every room.
The Dining Room is partially packed. Muzzer is doing the easy stuff. She will wait for the professionals to pack the china and her Christmas dishes.
Here is a view of the room where dad has been stacking boxes. We haven't got a final count, but he has more at his offices.
That's what my life has been recently. Boxes, Boxes, Boxes. Wrestle with Teka. More boxes. I think I will be glad to be "on the go" again.
kisses to all

06 June 2008

Dog Wars: Return of the JRT-i

Hi, Dog Bloggers.

Before any more of you send me any more hate mail, I thought I should clarify things.

Gus is confused. I did, in fact, tell him that I was going back to D.C. However, he wasn't paying attention to me.

What was he doing instead, you ask? Oh, just this:

I should point out that a friend of mine, who is one of Gus's biggest fans, says that he does not believe that Gus and Teka are fighting in this video. He thinks they're making out.

E. Rabbit

03 June 2008

They've gone and done it now!

The human parents were gone for a long while yesterday. And they didn't take us!

First, they took E.Rabbit somewhere and left her! She was not with them when they dashed in and out, and I have not sniffed her since. She did not sing in the shower this morning either!

They say that she went home. NONO. This is her home. Where did they put her? I have checked all the boxes in all the rooms and sniffed the closets. She is not at HOME. So where is she? Did she go back to DeeSee? I remember her saying something about that a few days ago. But I think she would have sent me an e-mail by now. And I have checked several times, and she has not left word.

So..that is one BAD thing they did yesterday.

But the WORST thing they did yesterday was

They have gotten rid of BOTH of my Gussiemobiles. There is a stanger parked in my Garage! It does not look like either of my Gussiemobiles, even though it says its name is HONDA like my green Gussiemobile does. And it is not white like the Gussiemobile we took
to St. Loulis.

They say that it is for "THE MOVE" and that Teka and I will have more room. I guess you know what I said to that, right?

So, in one day, they managed to lose E.Rabbit and both Gussimobiles. I have to think and think to figure out what to do about this.

I will be contemplating my navel today. Oh my. I don't seem to have one. In deep thought anyway.


01 June 2008

Dog Wars: The M Wire Strikes Back

Hello, Dog Bloggers.

Because every summer film deserves a sequel (or 5), here is another movie of Gus and Teka "playing." This one features a little less conversation and a little more action, as they tussle silently.

After Gus emerges victorious, Teka retreats to her fort to plot her awful revenge. . .