30 November 2006

Dog Rest Ye Wire Fox Terriers

Let nothing get away
Remember that we have a rep
For making squirrels pay
And for making lots of noise
When we're let out to play

O-0h Barking at other dogs and cars
Dogs and cars
O-oh Barking at other dogs and cars

In cities and in hamlets
The news has got around
There's nothing that can match a wire
Where fun and games abound
And nothing that can look so cute
When messy piles are found

O-oh Barking at other dogs and cars
Dogs and cars
O-oh Barking at other dogs and cars

No other dog has quite our bounce
Or Photogenic looks
No other dog has ever hidden bones in
Daddy's Books

For we were made a special breed
To find small things in nooks

o-oh Barking at other dogs and cars
Dogs and cars
O-oh barking at other dogs and cars

In hamlet and in cities fine you'll find a few great wires
With owners who appreciate great art and fine cigars
But we don't care about those things, we'd rather drive their cars

o-oh barking at other dogs and cars
Dogs and cars
o-oh barking at other dogs and cars

Jingle Tags, Jingle Tags

Jingle Down the Hall
Oh what fun, it is to chase, them kit-cats up the wall

Jingle tags, Jingle Tags
Teka's in the lead
Travis Follows Close behind
And Gussie's eating seeds

A day or two ago
We chased on down the hall
Travis pushed by mom
And made her take a fall

That really made her mad
And she began to yell
It upset poor Tra - vis so much
His nose began to swell

Jingle Tags, Jingle Tags
All around the house
There is no quiet in this place
Not even for a mouse

29 November 2006

O Christmas Cards O Christmas Cards

How Many Have we Gotten?
From all of our Dog Blogger Friends
Some known and some forgotten

We've got to get
Our rears in gear
And send our cards out
NOW this Year!!

But muzzer says
"Groom Gussie First"
Because he has
Ne-ver looked worse

So off I go to Groomer Land
My Wirey Fur and Leash in hand
And now I am a Handsome Guy
A rival to the stars on high.

And in the morning we will go
To set up our new photo show
And get some copies printed up
So you can see this lovely pup.

Do not despair, we really care
And soon your cards will be right there
But until then, Much thanks to all
Whose cards through Gussie's mail slot fall.

I know it is more politically correct to call them "holiday cards", but the meter didn't work


26 November 2006

More Water Play

Dad was watering the non-lawn today. For those who do not live in AZrizona or environs, we have a summer lawn and (some people have) a winter lawn. But, even though we don't have a green lawn like most of our neighbors, we still water the dry stuff so that the little rhyzomes or whatevers don't die off completely.

So today was the day for watering the rhyzomes or whatevers.

Teka has been telling me what a good time she had last week catching the water from the bubblers. So she came over and demonstrated her technique for me, and I watched her very carefully. It looked like a lot of trouble for what amounts to a drink of water, but she insisted, and so I agreed to give it a try. I practiced for a while, and then, as you can see, achieved an unsurpassed degree of mastery.

I must report, however, that it doesn't taste any different than water from the tap. The big giggle is that it tickles your mouth something awful, and gets tangled up with your tongue and it is a very happy feeling.

Travis thinks we are very stupid. He goes into the middle of the lawn and lays there while the sprinklers run and run and run. Well Duh, Trav. Who is calling the terriers stupid????


25 November 2006

Gus and Teka's Marvelous Adventure

Tonight, muzzer was very tired when she came home from the store. Probably because I was not there today to help out, don't you think?

Anyway...she talked Dad into calling out for pizza, but they only had mushrooms and yucky stuff on it, no sausage like G-papaw gets. Oh, and muzzer had anchovies on the side, but she would not share! After dinner, she helped answer my pee-mail, and then announced that she had a headache and was taking a bath.

Muzzer and Dad have this BIG room right next to the room with the big bed, they call it the "bath room" although they take mostly showers in there. I've had showers with muzzer sometimes and E.beth comes over and gives Teka showers. I guess they are better than getting groomed, because there isn't so much brushing at the end, and no one plays with my toenails. yeesh.

But tonight I got worried about muzzer, because she did look tired. And so when she had been in the "tub" for just a couple minutes, I went to check on her. We had a nice chat while the tub filled, and then she pushed a button, and the noise started. Only, this time I didn't run away. I stayed and watched while the white stuff got bigger and bigger, and muzzer leaned back and closed her eyes, and I got very worried about her. So I growled and growled at the noise and finally it stopped. Hah!

Muzzer still did not get up. I thought I had better check on her! So I got up on the ledge and stuck my nose against her nose to make sure she was OK. The white stuff got on my nose and made me sneeze. I got angry at it and barked at it. Then I explored the ledge, and found the rubber ducky muzzer has to play with in the tub. So I picked it up and dropped it on her lap. Well, I dropped it where her lap might have been. And she screeched at me! And that startled me. So I leaned in even farther to make sure she was OK.

She said "Gussie, you must be careful. You are going to fall into the tub, and I don't think you will like it." And variations on that theme while I snuffled and sniffed.

I'm no sissy. I knew it was up to me to save my muzzer. So I got in with her.

And she screeched again. And she yelled "D-D-D-D, help me!" And Dad come running, with Teka and Travis following close behind. And he laughed and laughed. So she said "Are there any other dogs that want to try out this Jacuzzi tonight, since I have to clean it out anyway?"

Then muzzer got out of the tub and started to dry off. Dad was still laughing. But Teka was not laughing. Teka was on the ledge. Exploring. Then she took muzzer up on the invitation to join me in the tub. She is littler than I, and she got the white stuff in her nose immediately! Dad was laughing even harder. Muzzer snapped a few pictures, and then she said to Dad
"Will you please get them out of here so I can clean this bathroom"

And Dad picked Teka up in one big hand and lifted her out of the tub.

And then he helped me get out, and we got dried off a bit, and played chase.

And muzzer started a load of wash with our doggy towels and a few other things that got wet, and then she cleaned the tub.

Now she says she still has a headache, and she is going to bed.

I think I will join her.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our marvelous adventure.

What a great weekend!

Love Gussie

24 November 2006

The morning after the night before

Well, yesterday was busy and bright, with lots of delicious surprises. But, as you can see, this morning was a bit of a different story.

Oh, Teka got us up early enough. We were on the walkie path by 6:30, a bit late for her, but she is just a young pup and needs to get her full six hours.

And breakfast was served immediately upon our return, as usual. Perhaps the portions were a bit skimpier than usual, but it was on time, and that is important.

Muzzer and Dad are both home today, so we all have our "projects" to work on. Dad worked in the yard picking up dog poop(someone's gotta do it, ya know?)

Muzzer was organizing her closet. She is quite optimistic about the change in weather, so she put all of her summer stuff away and is trying to decide which of her Virginia winter things will work in Arizona this year. Next to world peace and brain surgery, clearly critical items under consideration.

That seemed the perfect time for the canine contingent to grab a few winks. So we "assumed the position" as the pledges used to say and got to work on our project for the day.

Tonight we are having leftovers for dinner. Yummy Yummy Yummy I got Turkey in my tummy!

Affection and "abrazos" from
Gus, Teka and Travis

23 November 2006

Giving Thanks in Azrizona

This is my first Thanksgiving with my family, and my first Thanksgiving in Azrizona. I thought I would tell you some of the things I am thankful for, and share some of my thoughts with you.

Azrizona is very warm on Thanksgiving! We have had a beautiful day with temperatures in the 70s. I would love to share some of the warmth here with my friends in Virginia and my blogging pals.

I am thankful that my wft rescue foster mom let me stay with her for more than a week to wait until Muzzer and dad could drive to Maryland to pick me up! And I am thankful to my first family who gave me up to rescue when they knew they wouldn't be able to keep me.

I am thankful for a wonderful first year (almost) with this family, and all the places we saw and people we met in our travels. And I am thankful to all the hotels who let me stay with muzzer and dad, and all the friends who let me stay in their houses when we visited.

I am thankful for my sister E.Rabbit, who came to visit right after I joined the family, and made me my beautiful blue sweater! And who gives great butt scritches, and interesting treats.

I am thankful for my other sister, who is letting Teka stay with us, and who knows how to ruff house in the yard. She gives good treats too!

I am thankful for my G-Papaw and glad he is healthy again.

I am thankful for my friend Travis who is staying with us for a while. He is teaching me lots of things.

I am thankful for Teka. Most of the time.

I am thankful for muzzer, who helps me blog so I can make blogger friends.

And I am thankful for the turkey, who smells so good and looks so interesting in his little foil tent in the oven!

I will close this with photos of me and Dad and Teka helping muzzer cook earlier today. Then I am going off to look hopeful under the table!


19 November 2006

Poor Teka has a problem!

Teka has developed a terrible fondness for a certain brand of soda which shall remain un-named. She will go to any length to get her daily dose. She has taken to climbing on the table and helping herself when opened cans are left unattended!

Does she not realize that caffiene and sugar are bad for dogs? On the other hand, her love for this beverage goes a long way toward explaining her energy and zest for life. Maybe Travis and I need a slug now and then! We certainly can't keep up with her!

Gus is fooling you! We do not allow the dogs to drink Pop. Please don't report us to the ASPCA! (ed.)

Anyway, we are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. Muzzer has a new stuffing recipe to try, and Dad says at least it can't be as bad as the Cranberry jalapeno jelly sauce she made a few years ago.

Travis' mum will be home in a bit more than two weeks, but he will be spending Thanksgiving with us. I sure hope Muzzer got a big enough turkey! Travis was eyeing it today like it was a snack or something.

And in three weeks and 4 days my sister E. Rabbit will be home for her Christmas visit! I have not seen her since we left Virginia, and I miss her! She will be here for a week, and we can play, and go for walks and take naps together. Oh yes, and butt scritches. Have I mentioned she does great butt scritches! She is better than muzzer, and she doesn't complain about her fingers hurting either. Hurry home E.Rabbit!

I think we will have a lot to report in the next few weeks. When Travis' mum comes home she will take her big car home with her, and Dad will get a new car. We think he is going for another Miata! E.Rabbit and E.Beth call them the MLC cars. (mid life crisis). But I wonder if that means that E.Rabbit is having an MLC, since she has Dad's old Miata.....much to ponder.

I hope my blog pal Pappy is feeling better soon! He got injured at the bark park and had to have stitches. But he got a new red coat to protect his bandage and looks very dapper.

If you are a member of DWB, please vote for my friend Buster. He has been nominated for awesome blog of the month, and you can visit his blog at http://foxterrorist.blogspot.com

oh, I guess you have to be a dog with a blog to vote, but you should visit his blog anyway, cause he can make you smile.!



17 November 2006

Happy Birthday to Ozzie and Opy

to the tune of "Old MacDonald"

My pal Ozzie's one today
Happy Happy Day
Behaving in a wirey way
Happy Happy Day

Lots of presents lots of toys
Happy Birthday Boy
Lots of chewies Wirey Joy
Happy Birthday Boy

With a Yip Yip here
and a Yip Yip there
Here a yip, there a yip
everywhere a yip, yip
Happy Birthday Boy.

Ode to Joy ('cause Opy has more dignitiy)

Opy's Birthday is today
A Cause for some rejoicing
All the Dogs from DWB
This sweet tune now are voicing

Way down in Austral-i-a way
There's a happy pu-up
Lots of love to her today
And lots of bags for clean-up

Sing this chorus now with me
Yippee, Yippee Yi-ippeeee
Happy Birthday Opy Girl
May all your days be ha-a-py

Love from Gussie, Teka Too
yes and our pal Tra-a-vis
Love from all your blogger pals
In humble home or Pa-a-lace.

Many, Many happy returns
of this most joyous, joyous day
Someday soon we'll all show up
in your back yard and want to play!

Eatin' my Vegetables

Well gang, it is getting to be an old story. Muzzer shops for cute toys. Muzzer brings cute toys home, Teka kills toys. Gussie gets the left-overs.

Yesterday we got three new toys. One horsey (for Travis) one cow (for Teka, because it had udders too) and one carrot (for me, Gussie)

Teka decided she liked my carrot better than her cow. Tug tug growl growl, and two of his tiny appendages were gone before muzzer found the camera!

Then, and only then, she let me have my carrot back. Pretty depressing, as you can see. That carrot will never dance again! She turned her attention to Travis' horsey, and removed two legs and one ear before ripping out his throat. (the horsey throat, Mary, not Travis')

Her moo cow, you ask. Well, she hid it very well, and will not tell anyone where it is. It will show up some day when she is bored, and it will look almost as good as they day it arrived. For about 32 seconds.

Travis is hoping that happens soon, as he is hungry for steak! I tried to explain the difference, but ........


15 November 2006

Teka = Trouble

First of all, I want to apologize to my blogger friends for not upholding my end of the terrier plan. We have been busy running in circles here, and usually, when it is time for muzzer to help me on the 'puter, she is asleep! It is difficult to blog with NO human help whatsoever, so I offer apologies for both of us.

I blame this whole thing on Teka! She is up every morning before 5:30! She goes outside (we understand that, she is just a puppy, you know,) but then she comes back in ready to play! The parents try to hide under their covers. Travis gives up and goes to his quilt on the floor. I growl and growl and growl, but she is not to be dissuaded. She yips and bounces and tugs and nips until we all get up and go for our walk. We wake up every dog in the neighborhood. We know which fence hides the big boomers and which fence hides little yippers! We do not discriminate. We greet them all. Then we head on down the street watching for the sun to rise. We are also on cat alert, and do our best to get to those critters. They would make a nice snack for Travis before breakfast!

Sometimes Dad tries to go back to bed. Sometimes that works. But muzzer just goes into the kitchen and BAKES. So far this week we have had caramel apple bran muffins, cinnamon rolls and Swedish pancakes. Dad is upset with this too. Seems he is gaining weight, even with the extra walkies to wear Teka out. Because these great smelling things are not "good for dogs" Travis and Teka and I have to make do with our bananas. I think that is unfair, because muzzer wouldn't bake if we weren't all up at that ungodly hour, so Teka is not getting rewarded for her effort. See, true terrier logic.

On the plus side, G-papaw is still staying with us after his most recent foray into the world of Banner Health Care. This is nice because most days he likes to sit in the back yard, and we get to romp and play outside more than usual. Plus, he shares food, but don't tell the parents, OK??

Sending best wishes to my brave blogger pal Pappy, who was injured on the doggy playground but did not miss a single day of blogging. And good wishes to Axel and his parents. And kudos to Buster who is also committed to blogging every day in November. And Ivy, and Butchy & Snickers, and Fee, and Mackie, and , and, and......

Thanks for holding up your end and making my day a little brighter


09 November 2006

I Have Returned!

Whew! I was up very early yesterday hoping to hear election results, but we are still on tenterhooks here waiting to hear final results on the Mitchell-Hayworth thing. I say "Enough already, JD. Get a life, preferably somewhere far away. You lost. Live with it." But our friend Harry says that every vote deserves to be counted. Sheesh. You'd think my dad was his speechwriter or sumthin.

Anyway, I was headed back to bed for a nap when muzzer announced that it was time to go to work in the store. Boy, I was tired. And there were lots of people there. They come on Mondays and Wednesdays to see me. I have a fan club.

Muzzer's camera was still in her purse from the night before, so she snapped this photo of me at work. SHE says I was napping. I Say " Quality Control, man, Quality Control! How do you expect to get this operation ISO 2000 certified if someone doesn't do quality control?"

Anyway, since today is Thursday, I took the day off and stayed home to supervise Noni. She is entirely too dependent on the vacuum sweeper machine, and I attempt to convince her every Thursday to leave it in the closet! Man....some things belong in the closet, and vacuum cleaners are one of them!

Closer to home, my G-papaw got a good report from the doctor today about his pacemaker, and tomorrow he has a date with is lady friend Dorothy. Boy, I hope when I am the doggie equivalent of 89 I have a girlfriend! Go G-papaw Go.

Love and Kisses

08 November 2006

I'm just wild about Harry!

Hey! That guy who is a friend of my muzzer and Dad has actually won the race for the congressional district we live in! That means all of us wirey friends have a new pal in the Congress!

Here is his picture. I ask you....is that not a face that could love a wire?

We have had a very busy week, what with Teka blognapping, elections, G-papaw heading for the emergency room on Monday, and our usual activities. Muzzer and I are relieved to head for the store this morning to get some peace and quiet.

We hope that all our active wirey friends had a good experience with this campaign. Our state has come a long way in this election, with at least a couple of surprises in the way the voting went on the propositions also.

I, Gussie, think that WFTs are an asset to any political campaign. After all, who can resist us? So, choose your candidates carefully, and don't be swayed by political handouts. Together, we can make it happen! (whatever "it" is) and for today, you can join me in a chorus of that old favorite:

I'm just wild about Harry
And Harry's wild about me
His friendly face and solid background
Fill me with wirey glee.

His grin's as good as dog candy

His handshake's firm and friendleee.

Oh, I'm just wild about Harry, and Harry's wild about, cannot live without, He's just wild about me..


05 November 2006

Greetings! Teka here! I have, like, captured Gussie's blog to deliver a MOST important message. Like, you know, Gussie is sort of a "Good Boy." And, he, um like, probably wouldn't want to tell you about this.

You know, Like, this morning we went for our usual walkies. BOR-RING. Like, how many butts do you want to sniff at five ay-yem? Yup, like, that's my thought too.

But, like, this morning I had a real ADVENTURE! You know, we were, like walking along with Travis (studly) in the lead as always. (You gotta let them think they are the alpha dogs, right dolls?)

And, like, anyway, like he walked right by this real TREASURE just lying on the ground! And I thought, like, "well, duh-uh!" I mean, like, what kind of mighty hunter walks right by prey ? Got an answer for that one, huh?

So I like, stretched my little pink lead ALL the way. And , sort of, you know, like stretched my terrier neck too? And I grabbed that DEAD BIRD right off the lawn! And I went right up to Travis and stuffed it under his big, black, shiny nose. And like, of course, he makes a big lunge for me to try to take it away.

And all the time, "Good Boy Gussie" is in his too cute little down sit looking like a poster child for obedience training. And my Grandma (she hates it when I call her that...tehehehehehe!) is like saying things like "EEEUW" and "drop that Teka" (yeah, right lady) and "oooh Rich, make them stop chewing on it."

So the big fella, who obviously knows who bakes the bread around here, pulls poor Travis off the bird and uses BRUTE FORCE to pull it from my little tiny terrier jaws!

Does Gussie make a move? NOOOOO! The fuzzy little fellow actually had the nerve to yawn as I watched my trophy bird put into a garbage can!

I ask you, is that the way a gentleman is supposed to act? Like, at least Travis, bless his big black head, at least he growled!

Boy, if I had my brains and guts and his size I would, like, you know, be the female ruler of the world!

Anyway, I thought like, I really, really should tell you about this, since you all probably think Gussie is cute and all that stuff. What he really is .... you know, like those Stief dogs that just sit there, and like, don't do anything? Well, like that is Gussie, except someone got him a battery!

I'm asking you, what's a girl to do?

Like, Ciao all, gotta run.

ohmy, like, this blogging stuff is great fun, but I need to find those, like, hearts and stars and stuff on the keyboard, or else, like, how is a girl to emote?

01 November 2006

Halloween - the day after

We had a pretty busy evening yesterday watching the trick-r-treaters come and go. Muzzer sat outside by the front door and passed out candy. Teka and Travis and I barked and barked. Based on the number of candy bars left over this morning, muzzer thinks we had about 40 visitors. Teka and Travis and I barked and average of ten times per visitor, which means there were at least 1200 barks, just at our house! Of course, every other neighborhood canine barked just as much, so it was a pretty impressive symphony from 6-9 pm last night.

Teka had so much fun, she was still watching out the front window this morning, to see if there were going to be more visitors. Silly Teka.

But....the best part of Halloween (besides tricking Muzzer out of making us wear costumes) was the walk this morning. Do you guys know how many kids eat some or all of their candy before they get home? Neither do I, but based on the limited sampling we took on our walk this morning, LOTS of kids eat while out on Halloween night, and MOST of them drop the wrappers on the ground.

We took our regular route this morning, but it took a bit longer. We must've sniffed 100 candy wrappers, and we didn't get to all of them. There were KitKat wrappers, Rolo wrappers, Milky Way wrappers, Snickers wrappers and Heath Bar wrappers. And that was just in our front yard. Quite a few of them not only smelled delicious, but had enough crumbs left that they tasted good. At one point, Teka decided she was going to bring some of this good stuff home with her. She looked pretty funny trotting along behind Travis with a bunch of candy wrappers sticking out of her mouth! Wish Muzzer would take the camera on walkies like I've suggested. We'd have some pretty great photos to post. Dad and muzzer wouldn't let any of us eat the wrappers or even many of the crumbs. But they did think Teka was pretty funny - even if they wouldn't let her bring them into the house.

Muzzer and I have got to get ready to go to work, so we will check back later this evening. Happy post-Halloween hunting to all of you