17 November 2006

Eatin' my Vegetables

Well gang, it is getting to be an old story. Muzzer shops for cute toys. Muzzer brings cute toys home, Teka kills toys. Gussie gets the left-overs.

Yesterday we got three new toys. One horsey (for Travis) one cow (for Teka, because it had udders too) and one carrot (for me, Gussie)

Teka decided she liked my carrot better than her cow. Tug tug growl growl, and two of his tiny appendages were gone before muzzer found the camera!

Then, and only then, she let me have my carrot back. Pretty depressing, as you can see. That carrot will never dance again! She turned her attention to Travis' horsey, and removed two legs and one ear before ripping out his throat. (the horsey throat, Mary, not Travis')

Her moo cow, you ask. Well, she hid it very well, and will not tell anyone where it is. It will show up some day when she is bored, and it will look almost as good as they day it arrived. For about 32 seconds.

Travis is hoping that happens soon, as he is hungry for steak! I tried to explain the difference, but ........



E. Rabbit said...

Teka clearly needs to learn some manners and let people kill their own toys.

Anonymous said...

Teka has amazing jaws.

Bussie Kissies

Joe Stains said...

I swear Teka and Tanner were separated at birth. I had all the best toys before Tanner got here and he killed ALL of them :(