30 January 2010

We were Cheated!

Sigh....we are not happy with our snowstorm.

We want to return it as soon as possible so we can shop for a replacement.

The snow we showed ya yesterday. That was it.

Oh, yeah. There is about 3/4 of an inch of snizzle on top of it. And walkies were more of an adventure this morning than they were last night.

But this is not something we can play in. Ummm...unless you call sliding down the ice into the back yard "playing."

Me and Teka are bummed.

We hope your weather is more fun than ours turned out to be.

29 January 2010

walkies....5:30 pm

She who must be obeyed is back from Pa Duke Her
So off we go into the snizzle for walkies

Look at the poor pansies.
They were fooled by the nice weather we've had
and had their little faces turning toward the sun.
Muzzer told me they might be OK.
Pansies are resiliant.

Hmmm....no one has been here since the snow started

Guess I will christen this layer

Here we are...home at last

Reminds me of a song I once knew

Some folks like the summertime,
When they can stroll about.
Strolling through the meadow green,
It’s pleasure there no doubt,
But give me the wintertime--
The snow is on the ground--
For I found her when the snow was on the ground.

Chorus: I traced her little footprints in the snow;
I traced her little footprints in the snow.
‘Member the day that Nellie lost her way,
For I found her when the snow was on the ground.

Went one night to see her;
It was a big round moon.
Her mother said she stepped out,
Would be returning soon.
I traced her little footprints,
And I found ‘em in the snow.
Found her when the snow was on the ground.


Now she’s up in Heaven;
She’s with the angel band.
Someday I’ll go and see her
In that happy land.
Every time the snow falls,
It brings back memories,
For I found her when the snow was on the ground.


Drying our sweaters and coats

Drying the big pair of Bean Boots

Fire is waiting and we are in for the night.

4:40 pm update

We have had sleety rain most of the time since my last post. If you think I am going out in that...you are crazy!

What?! Walkies?! Let's go...


10:30 am.....Mayemphis

We have a snowstorm in Mayemphis. There is supposed to be enough for it to be fun. It started with icy rain, and changed to a very fine mix about an hour ago. Now it is mostly snow!

Me and Teka went out! We will keep you posted, as long as we have power!


Gussie n Teka

25 January 2010

Celebrate the big 1000 with Joe Stains

My Pal Joe Stains is celebrating today
He has posted 1000 blog entries!
Please go visit him and tell him
How much you have enjoyed reading
His blog.
Thank you
Gussie and Teka

23 January 2010


I have heard that the Mean Old Muzzer
will be on her way home in about an hour,
so I am getting ready to go and rescue
My Sweet Willy Yum, who is being persecuted
horribly by his hooman.
She does not understand how lonely he is when
she leaves to go care for her patients in
the hooman vet place.
So, I vill go and be of comfort to him

Butcho and his pretty yellow plane will be here in about
ten minutes. He will drop me off in Paducah and then take
Gussie back to Ioway with him to visit with the Mama and
the catses. Now that is going to be one exciting weekend.
Thank you Butcho!
Hold on Willy Yum, I am coming!
Teka Toy
ahem....I have mastered the photo thing on this machine.
Next time the M.O.M. leaves town, I will work on the camera

21 January 2010


Teka here!

We are not gone, butthe muzzer person is....

so I am in charge of this blog!

BUT. I am handicapped by the lack of thumbs.

SO. We will not post much until muzzer gets back!

BUT. We still love you all ('specially you Willy Yum)

AND. We will catch up when the M.O.M>. (mean old muzzer)
gets back.


18 January 2010

Why Muzzer doesn't clean more often

My muzzer does this twice a week
I really think it's keen
But Teka recently has said
"I hate that d*%n machine."

So now when it is time to clean
Miss Teka comes out fightin"
The way she growls and screetches at it
Really can be frightenin'

"Come and get me, mean machine
I do not find you scarey
You may be big, you may be blue
But I am mean and hairy

Attack the machine first head on
Then go against the corners
Be very loud, be very brave
When muzzer laughs, just warn her

The score is in MY favor
'cause I know where this plugs in
If all else fails, I'll eat the cord
Tomorrow for din-din."

She must be doing something right
Ya gotta give her that
The score is now fifteen to naught
The monster's score is flat.

16 January 2010

We made the NEW YORKER!

I ask you, my friends
"Is that not a wirey fellow in the basket?"
I think he is taking those flowers to Miss Asta
and her Mommi!
I wonder who the model was?

09 January 2010

When Santa came to Graceland

When Santa Came to Graceland
For the party yesterday
He made a stop at our house
We were right along the way.
He had a talk with Teka
He told her to be good
She said that she would really try
To do the things she should

She sent her love to Mrs. Claus
And thanked her for the coat
Teka loved that it was pink!
Just like the note she wrote.

Santa said the reindeer
were waiting just outside
Teka said she smelled them there
She didn't want a ride
And then it was my turn to talk
I had a lot to say.
As soon as muzzer pulled me off
Old Santa went away

I really do not understand
Why he was mad at me
I sniffed his beard and told him that
He smelled just like a tree.

Muzzer said she really thinks
That Santa will forgive
My terrier enthusiasm
And maybe where we live.

I surely hope by next year
We can be friends again
I'd hate to miss his visits
He makes me want to grin!

08 January 2010

It's a Crazy Week in Mayemphis

It's a pretty strange week around here folks.
City of Memphis Sanitation workers, the
group of folks responsible for bringing
Dr. Martin Luther King to town in
the spring of 1968, today

refused to work because of the temperature,

Meanwhile....at Graceland

The Grandchildren of Elvis Presley

cut a cake commemorating the 75th anniversary of his birth

And over 3000 people were waiting at the gates of
Graceland at 9:00 am to begin the celebration. However...

If you read the story below, you will realize that most of them
are from out of town and don't realize that
it is too cold to collect garbage.


Stay warm friends.

06 January 2010


Epiphany - traditionally the 12th day after Christmas, and the day the astrologers brought gifts to the Christian Jesus.
But, there are lots of other neat things about Epiphany. There is a yummy cake, quite similar to the kings cake people in New Orleans bake, but without all the purple and green icing.
And there is La Befana...the good witch, who brings presents to good children (and dogs) in Italian villages.

And there are songs and carols, like this one:

"On January 6th, a long time ago

The old folks danced the doe-si-doe

Christmas time has come and gone

Breaking up Christmas, right or wrong"
At our house, it means muzzer should get busy and put away the
Christmas decorations. And the Christmas China goes into the dishwasher
before it gets packed away for another 11 months!
But it also means "An illuminating realization or discovery,
often resulting in a personal feeling of
elation, awe or wonder."
So, when muzzer left us this morning to go read on the
radio, me and Teka talked this over.
We got Chewnola bars from La Befana, and while we
were munching on them and thinking how grateful
we are for special treats..we realized that we are
also blessed with hoomans who love us, and
with our many blogging pals.
So, we are in awe of all of you,
and you fill our hearts with happiness.
Muzzer takes care of filling our tummies
with treats and kibble.
Gussie n Teka