26 April 2011

to all our friends

I wanted to tell you that Muzzer is in St. Louis this week, and she is having much trouble with the internets where she is staying. She is able to read most of your posts, but often cannot get the comments to load. So far this morning, it has happened on three of the six blogs she read.

I apologize for her ineptness, and hope she can improve upon her performance soon


22 April 2011

Eartha's Earth Day Message

Hello, people and doggies. It is I, Eartha Kitteh.

Recently, I was reading the wall calendar, which I do sometimes to make sure this lady E. Rabbit is not planning to take me to the V-E-T or to get my beautiful long sharp nails trimmed.

And I saw that today said it was "Eartha Day." Except they'd left the "a" off the end by mistake.

So I said "hey, lady! What is this? Is this my birthday? I thought that was June." And she said "no, Eartha Kitteh, it is Earth Day, not Eartha Day." And she said it was a day to honor and learn about the Earth and environmentalism and things.


Personally, I think Eartha Day would be much more fun than Earth Day. We would all eat lots of tuna and people would give me toys to play with.

But since it is Earth Day and not Eartha Day, I thought I would get into the spirit of things.

Here I am saying "Hey you! You had better recycle these newspapers, or I will SWAT you! Respect the Earth and the Eartha!"

21 April 2011

Glitter Photos

My Sweet Asta asked me to share this with you.

Have you heard? Tomorrow is a party to celebrates Ronnii’s birthday and Richie’s life!

It’s gonna be quite the pawty and I hope you can make it. Even if you don’t know them, I know Ronnii and Momma Tea would enjoy meeting you. It’s gonna be going on all day so be sure to try and stop by, okay?

Oh, and if that’s not enough celebration, my Asta's friends, JD & Max, are holding a commentathon in honor of Richie.

For every comment they get until the 29th, their FH will donate 1 pound UK to the Crossed Paws Organization! That’s the organization that helped raise moneys for Richie’s vet bills so it’s a really, really good cause. They are hoping to raise 200 pounds and that means they need lots and lots of comments.

They also have a cool contest going on over there, so it would definitely be worth the trip!

Have a great Earth Day, and o not eat the chocolate bunnies (PEEPS are better anyway.)


peeee esss..thanks to Miss Asta's Mommi and Mayzie's mom for help with this post.

10 April 2011

Here we are on Sunday, after
a very busy weekend.
Of course, I went to the groomer on
Thursday so I would look good for my
most important weekend company!
My Sissie E.Rabbit came to visit us.
She and Teka get along well...
Plus, I was quite busy showing
Miss Asta around town.
Here we are at the Picasso exhibit.
In the Wirey Room...which is
not usually open for viewing, but
we were allowed to visit it.

For more pictures of the Exhibit, see Asta's
blog, where you can also see pictures of the
new puppies over at Rock Creek Scotties.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.


05 April 2011

Plans for the weekend

Hey Y'all

Gussie here....trying to finalize my plans for the weekend.

My sissie E.Rabbit is coming to visit muzzer and dad, and of course, she will bring pressies for me and Teka, too.

But....most wonderful of all, my very bestsest and sweetest doggie friend Miss Asta is coming too!

Wooooo HOOOOOO...I am gonna have a good time.

Most fortunately, my sissy and Miss Asta like to do of the same things, so I am going to be their escort extraordinaire for the weekend.

Of course, I will take them out to dinner on Friday, and I have told E.Rabbit to choose the place and time, because she is a FOODIE! And I know that she was raised to eat well (muzzer cooks stuff all the time.)
So, since that is taken care of...Saturday morning very early we will go to the Virginia Museaum of Fine Arts to see the Picasso exhibit. It is only there for one more month, and we have been having visitors who come to town to see it.

So, I signed up to be a member and I am actually recovering my membership in admission fees and discounts! Wooo HOOOO...I am a PATRON of the ARTS.
I've been to see it a couple of times, scoping out the pictures, and the one above is my most favorite. I think that is because it reminds me of Miss Asta's Mommi, who is an artist herself and truly bootiful. Plus, she lets me taste stuff before she puts it on the table!
And then I think we will head for the Valentine History Museum, because I am thinking that the ladies will enjoy this exhibit of dresses from the first ladies of our land. I took muzzer, but she just got depressed over the small waistlines on the dresses, and I know Miss Asta and E.Rabbit won't be worried about that.
Then we will take this bus back to Carytown for a late lunch and an afternoon of shopping.
How am I doing? Any suggestions for other things we should do? Let me know. I am heavily invested in this weekend, ya know?