30 June 2009

Made it!

It takes a village to raise a child.
It takes a lot of space in the gussiemobile for dog and hooman stuff
Here is Teka playing co-pilot

And now it is my turn

Teka takes another turn

And then she takes a nap

And then I get so tired of the back and forth stuff
that I make a barrier with the pillow.
under 8 hours!
No Arkansas on this leg.
have a good evening

gussie n teka

Road Trip

Me and Teka are leaving for St. Loulis at 9:30 am
Dad has mapped a shortcut for the gussiemobile.
We expect to arrive in St. Loulis in about 16 hours or so.
Dad's shortcuts are interesting.
Ask Muzzer.
We've packed our food, some snackies for us, and a few pretzels for the hoomans

And we are taking our new dishes from Fergi and Jake, and my Cardinal dish.
Don't you think they look lovely together.

More later.
gussie n teka

22 June 2009

Flowers that bloom in my yard...tra la!

We were talkin' to Jake and JH's mom this weekend, and she requested flower pictures. Muzzer is a most accomodating person, so here we are! Front view, standing to the left and across the street
We have NO IDEA what this is!

Hi Strangers, among others

Lily with orange and yellow

Orange flowers, very cheery

A stranger amidst the orange flowers

His name is Gar Lick

Blue flowers

Russian Sage, the bees love it

Little bitty lilac flowers

Orange lily, back yard

Big bunch of orange lillies, back yard
We also have two other colors of Hi Strangers!, and some that turned out kind of fuzzy.
But in the next week or so, we will have lots of pinky flowers, so we will try to get more pix then.
gussie d

21 June 2009

Father's Day Wishes

We love you. We are sorry the D.O.M. can't remember where she put our cards for you.
We hope you have a wonderful day, and that the Cardinals win this afternoon.
Doggie kisses and play bows.
Gussie and Teka T.

17 June 2009


Happy Anniversary Muzzer and Dad!

15 June 2009

My Muzzer has been unfaithful!

She and my father snuck out this morning to meet THESE GUYS at MY SCHOOL! I wasn't invited, I wasn't informed, and I wasn't consulted. I am mad at her, and no amount of treats and scritches will get her forgiven (until dinner.)


Muzzer here: I am guilty. I left Gus and Teka at home today, and went and met Jake and Fergi, who stopped to visit on their way to Florida.

I was really worried about how Fergi might react to the two terrierists who live with us. I certainly didn't want to be the one to set back her recovery, and figured five minutes of Teka might just do that.

We had a wonderful visit. They are lovely dogs with marvelous, caring humans attached to their leashes.. They were very well behaved, let me give lots of pets and scritches, and sent some wonderful treats home for Gussie and Teka.

However, since they are not talking to me, they won't get the treats. Until dinner.


14 June 2009

When Bad things happen to Good Dogs

This is a picture of Raven, a rescued greyhound who belongs to a friend of E.Rabbit's. They live in Azrizona, near Joey and the Doofus .

Briefly, Raven and her mom were out walking earlier this week and they were attacked by an unleashed pit bull. It took Raven's mom and a couple of strong men to break the hold the pit bull had on Raven. Raven has a broken jaw and has lost a tooth, her mom has had several surgeries and a skin graft. Raven was kind enough to agree to an interview for this post. She asks that you forgive any misspelled words, because her mom is having trouble typing.

So here is my first attempt at being Bob Edwards.

So, Raven...it is great to see you looking so good after your bad experience. Thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions for my blogging friends. I hope we can all learn from your experience, and perhaps avoid similar situations.

I understand this happened at a dog walk. Is it a place you visit often?
The incident happened on the bridle path in N. Phoenix. We've walked there twice a day, ever since we moved here in October. It's a really pretty area with lots of old trees and full of people.

Do you have many friends there?
We see a lot of the same people/dogs walking, but no real friends here, Phoenix strangers aren't quite as friendly as New Orleans strangers. I have a buddy, Blake that I play with in Tempe when I'm at my grandpa and grandma's house.

Have you had any other bad experiences there?
We've never had a bad experience on the bridle path before. There are tons of dogs and runners and cyclists and everyone is pretty responsible and respectful of each other.

Did you have any warning at all that something like this could happen?
My mom used to walk with mace when we lived in New Orleans because there were lots of loose dogs, but stopped carrying it here. She REALLY regrets that decision. There is also a product called direct stop that is supposed to work for stopping aggressive dogs. Mom's going to look into this. Also, no matter how nice you think your dog is - they should never EVER be let off leash in a populated area, especially aggressive breeds like pits. I was on my leash when this happened but the pits person let it out of the car off a leash and thought it would run in the house, instead it came after us

Tell us how badly you were hurt, and how are you doing now?
I have a broken jaw and lacerations to my neck. I also lost my left fang and have stitches in my gums. I'm doing really well, I have bounced back remarkably fast. I'm definitely still afraid of other dogs though.

And we understand that your mom was also injured, and has had multiple surgeries. Is she feeling better yet?
My mom is doing better, but unfortunately, I can't live with her right now because of her hand, she can't take care of me so I'm staying with my grandpa right now

What has happened to the pit bull that attacked you? Has he/she been in jail?
Unfortunately nothing much happened to the pit bull or its owners, since it had its shots it had to be quarantined at home for 10 days and that's it. They also haven't paid for any of my vet bills or my mom's bills.

Will you go back to the dog park?
My mom already didn't let me go to the dog park, this is the second time I've been attacked. There's something about greyhounds that seem to bring out the worst in other dogs. Mom's friend Jack says its because I'm tall and skinny and the other dogs are haters. I play with my greyhound friends, Ziggy and Lucy, and my friend Blake the Jack Russell but otherwise I just socialize with my family and my [feline] brother, Armano.

Do you have anything else you would like to tell my blog readers?

Well that covers it, if you take anything from this, please please please keep your dog on their leash

Please keep Raven and her mom in your thoughts and prayers, and keep safe on walkies.

gussie n teka

09 June 2009

Extraspecial pressies, part 2

Cool Man Gus here!
Just wanted to show you the rest
of the good stuff E.rabbit brought with her
from Dee See this weekend.
Like my shades? I am really diggin' them.
Just the thing a travellin dog like me needs.
Teka wants to show you her shades too.
Here she is on the couch with the newspaper,
lookin' kinda sweet and coy
And here she is in her favorite sun spot
Lookin buff and beauteous (she paid me to say that)
and workin' on her tan.
Lest my pals think I am totally a mercenary dog, the real reason we love E.Rabbit is
that she gives the worlds bestest butt scritchies, and she tells us how wonderful we are.
We think truthtelling is a good thing in hoomans, and we appreciate her candor. Also, she lets
us give face kissies, and hardly ever says "EEEUUUUUW" like muzzer does.
gussie n teka

08 June 2009

wonderful pressies, installment 1

I told you my sissie E.Rabbit brought us pressies when she came to visit?
Did I forget to mention that some of them were Christmas presents?
From 2008!

Here we are modelling our Christmas sweaters
Each of us has our own monogram
And the sweaters were made just for us.

I am just glad it was a (relatively) cool day in June!
gussie d

backyard visitor

Me and Teka went into the back yard on Saturday to (ahem) do our business.
Several minutes later muzzer realized we were barking and barking, and Teka was making funny noises deep in her little tiny chest.
Muzzer was afraid that Teka had gone beyond the dogwatch fence line and was stuck.
When she came out to investigate, she found both of us under the arbor, on full alert and making a miserable racket. Many of the other neighborhood dogs had joined us in the wahhooooling.
Look what she finally saw above us in the tree!
Oh my. We did not have this type of wild life in Azrizona. Frogs and Toads and Racoons and Ducks and little snakies. What next?
Still on Alert in Tennessee
Gussie and Teka

07 June 2009

Thank you Abby

Hey All Y'all....sorry we are so scarce this weekend, but my sissie E. Rabbit is visiting, and I spend much of my time cuddling her and showing her around my neighborhood. She leaves tomorrow, and I will try to get muzzer to help me catch up.

But I did want to say THANK YOU! to my pal (crabby) Abby, and to let her know that my prizes arrived in good shape and I love them.

Here is my sissie holding up the envelope and the Flamingo that was part of the prize. We love the Flamingo, and muzzer promises we can have it back when E.Rabbit leaves and maybe we can get some shots of us playing with it, but not videos. (muzzer is low tech) Cute Fellow. Always wanted a small version of the famous Gooberstanian Flamingoes, and this one is a pawfect size.
The other part of the prize was a bag of Beggin' Strips, which are among my all time favorite snackies. MMMMYMMMMMMY. And a sweet note from Abby saying congratulations on my good guessing skills.

Thank you Abby, you are very generous with your contest prizes. 'Specially since it was a pretty easy contest. Muzzer didn't have to take a picture, so I could enter all by myself.

Sissie leaves in the afternoon. I hope to be back to tell you about our backyard visitor and the neat stuff my sissie brought us.

Gussie d

05 June 2009

Out and About

Me n Teka have been to St. Loulis with Dad and Mom
and E.Rabbit. Here we are in the hotel room waiting
for the luggage guy so we could pack up the car and
go home!
And here are a couple of Awwwwww pictures
Taken in the car on the way home.

More later about our back yard adventures
gussie d

03 June 2009

Happy Birthday Grammmmmaaa

This beautiful lady is my friend Bussie's Grrrrammmma. She is having her 90th barkday on Sunday, and I wanna wish her the happiest of days. And, because making up songs is what I do kinda good, I have made a song in honor of her Barkday:

Let Me Call you Grrrammma, I'm in Love with You

I don't have a Grrrammma, could you be mine too?

You're a lovely lady with your eyes so Blue

Let me call you Grrrammmaaa, I'm in Love with you.

I would like a Grrammma who would come to stay

Take me out for walkies and then watch me play

Cuddle up for nappies, in the nicest way

Let me call you Grrrammma, I'll be on my way.

Have a happy Barkday, and the next day tooo

Call and say you love me and I'll come to you.

Bussie is my good pal, I know he loves you

Could you be my Grrrrammmma, I'm in love with you.

Grammmmaaa...I tried to get Bing Crosby to sing this for you, but he was not available.
Happiest of Barkdays

Gussie D