27 April 2009

Now, THIS is progress!

OK now friends, THIS is progress. See...for the hoomans, we got an inside litterbox and splashie place, for washing up in the morning.
And on the wall, there is this shower thingy, which looks suspiciously like a doggie shower!

And there, at the end of the stairs, we have a

So, maybe this project is not so bad after all.
I'm not sure about that doggie shower thingy, but
I have always wanted a Doggie Door!
reporting from Mayemphis
Gussie D.

26 April 2009

Update on our project

Hi All:

Gussie here....and I am a bit embarrassed to be posting this, considering the ongoing state of my bedroom! As you can see...progress is not visible beyond the bathroom.
Inside the bathroom however, we have added a big ladder, some paint, and a paint roller.

Also inside the bathroom is a small ladder, lots of different paint cans, and what looks like a monster vacuum cleaner!

Oh yeah, and there is still a hole in the wall where the medicine cabinet is going to be. Maybe by the time I am old, like Joe Stains.

However, the real time killer around here, and the MAIN reason I have not been blogging, is that innocent little bottle and carrying case shown above.
Now, Y'all know muzzer. She is OLD! Her eyes, which have never been good, are getting worserer. She has always worn glasses, starting in 1950! Ever since my sissie E.Rabbit got contacts (and that was a while ago!) Muzzer has been wanting them. And two summers ago, she had a practice pair, but couldn't get them into her eyes. Well, new Doctor, new methods. She brought these home on Tuesday, and since then, she has been putting them in and taking them out every day.
Now, for those of you who wear these things yourself, that may not sound like much. However...her best time so far is 23 minutes to get them in and under 4 to get them out. But OMD, the language! And, if she goes more than twenty minutes without getting them into her eyes, she is supposed to let her eyes rest for an hour.
Now, her eyes are not working. Can you guys tell me why they need the rest? Maybe her ears need the rest from those HBO words. Maybe her poor fist which she keeps slammin into the granite, but I don't see how the eyes need rest.
Anyway..she is quite happy with herself, because these correct her ass tigmatism (funny place to put something to correct a problem with your a**, isn't it?) and she doesn't need glasses for driving! Woo hoooooo...she gets to wear her favorite sunglasses again. Simple minds, simple pleasures.
Anyway, all this taking and putting and putting and taking is eating into my bloggie time. I hope she does better this week, but you know how hard it is to get good help!
for now
Kisses and hugs
gussie n teka

16 April 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Me and Teka have some home improvement projects underway, and we thought we would give you a guided tour! Just so all y'all know that we are not vegemetating or somethin'.
Here is our lovely back walkway, lined with boxes of tile and stuff.
There are also some neat ladders out there! We are hopin' that someday we might get brave enough to climb them, but mostly right now, we are busy just sniffin'.
This monster thingy makes a horrible screechy noise!
It chews up tiles and makes them smaller.
We do not understand why it likes to eat the tile.
We think the tile is pretty flavorless, actually.
This is what muzzer and Dad's bedroom looks like! Even muzzer usually keeps it neater than this.

Note the piles of STUFF on the floor!

Good thing we are not all sleeping in here, isn't it. We have moved down the hall to the guest room, which is OK, but the bed is a bit small for all of us. Muzzer usually gets up sometime in the night and goes to sleep on the living room couch. I sometimes go with her, leaving more space forTeka and Dad on the Guest Bed!

Most of the work is directed toward making the bathroom by the Muzzer and Dad Bedroom a bit more functional for hoomans who shower rather than using the tub for their ablutions. Oh yeah, and the old toilet was so short poor Dad had his knees up around his ears. Oops, wasn't supposed to share that!

Today was a big day, because the floor is now in place! I told muzzer that the tile made me dizzy, and she told me that was fine, maybe now there will be one place in the house she can go for a little peace and quiet.
I don't think that was nice of her to say that!
Anyway, this is what we are doing to support the economy.

kisses to all
gussie n teka

14 April 2009

New Game, New Game

My sissie E.Rabbit sent us the link to this game where you match the president to their White House Pet!


Hint: They don't have poor Checkers as Richard Milhouse Nixon's dog!

Our best time is just shy of one minute.

That was also our first try. Beginner's luck


ummm...either that, or muzzer is so old she remembers them all by name!

11 April 2009

I'm a Travellin' Dog

I'm a Travellin' Dog
Heading for home
Down Tennessee way
And in old Ioway
Miss Snickers would say that
She still loves me today

There's a cute Jack Russell waitin' for me
In my CRV
And she'll help me drive, if I feel the need
And make sure we stop to pee

But our Bloggin time it will be cut short
Cause muzzer is way too cheap
To subscribe to the magic wireless stuff
That works by satellite

We'll be back in touch on Monday next
till then we wish you well
We'll have adventures to share
and more silly tales to tell!

gussie n teka

Still Searching

Well, we are still in St. Loulis, and still searching for the Easter Bunny.

You know, it is amazing how that rabbit gets around.

Me and Dad went back here to search again

But the only thing we saw was Albert Pujols hitting a grand slam, and this funny looking fellow, who is clearly not a rabbit.

We have pictures of him with E.Rabbit, and with E.Beth, and I am quite surprised that a bird his age is still working at the ball park. But dad said something about 401Ks not being so good anymore for anybody, and after all, this guy does have a seasonal job. Maybe he isn't even eligible for Social Scurity.

Muzzer made the ultimate sacrifice, and took me to the mall to see

if we could find the Easter Bunny there. We found lots of cards and candies, and some stuffies that I felt were quite interesting. However, I was not allowed to 'splore their potential for 'splosions.

We also found this guy. The one with the shifty eyes. I knew right away that HE was not the Easter Bunny. But I did not tell any of the little children waiting in line to get their photos taken with him.

note to self: Explore possible Mall Terrier photo booths. We are cuter than that raggedy looking rabbit.

So, I am prevailing upon Teka to take up the flag and fly with it. I have enlisted
the help of my pal Butchy to fly her in his little yellow plane, and Scooter and Tanner Doofus are sharing the burden.

Teka is still not happy about this. She says she will not be responsible for broken eggs or melted chocolate, and if Butcho doesn't straighten up and fly right, he is in for trouble.

Me? Oh, I am spending the weekend in Ioway with my special cuddle bunny, the lovely miss Snickers. And I suggest that if you see a small yellow plane flying below the radar and off track, duck! Duck Fast and pray she doesn't open the bomb doors.


09 April 2009

In search of the Easter Bunny.

Me n Teka are in St. Loulis to help Aunt Marie and the other folks who live at FV West County celebrate Easter.

It is raining here, but we had a safe, if slightly damp trip.

Stopped at Steak n Shake (of course) and muzzer shared her burger with us. We are such good customers, and they get so much publicity here on my blog, but they still make me n Teka wait in the car for our burgers.

Ah well.....

One of my jobs while I am here is to track down the Easter Bunny and make sure that (s)he makes it to FV for the egg hunt on Sattiday.

Remember, I am a terrier. My specialty is not Rabbits. My specialty is rats and voles and other stuff that lives in holes under the ground.

But, a gentleman always and willing to do my part, I brought my detecative kit with me, and cheerfully donned my deerstalker cap, waterproof macintosh, and my wellies, and went off on the hunt, dragging poor dad along behind me.

We were somewhat distracted by the Cardinal game, which was going on in Busch Stadium about the time we arrived in town. We stayed to watch the last few innings in the rain, and got to see the Cards win the game by one point. Whew! I am confident that there were no Bunny Rabbits running around the stadium.

We looked around the Arch, we looked around the Art Museum, we went through the zoo in Forest Park, we checked out all the clubs in the Central West End, to no avail.

We headed back to report to Muzzer and confess that we had failed in our mission.

Look what we found waiting for us at Aunt Marie's!

Did all y'all know that Teka is the Easter Bunny?

News to me.

Happy Hunting.

Gussie n Teka

08 April 2009

Maybe a couple of smiles here?

First, from the dog side of the cheeseburger factory

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

That, my friends is one cute wirey puppy!

And, my sissie E.Rabbit sent this URl for anydog interested in an indoor dog park.

With WiFi!

06 April 2009

Hold Him in Your Hearts

Giacomino, beloved patriarch and wise old man of the whippet waggle, left us today to play at the Bridge. Join us in sending warm and loving thoughts to Patience and Bill and the other members of the waggle to support them in their loss.

Gussie and Teka

05 April 2009

Spring is here, and winter is coming!

Spring arrived a few days ago, and things have been blooming and flowering and budding all over the place!

But...do you read Butchy and Miss Snicker's blog? They have snow! And I heard the weather person on TV saying we might get some snow here tonight too! And FREEZING TEMPERATURES!
What will happen to all my plants? Oh my.
So I thought I should post some more pictures to show all y'all what they look like now. (except, they aren't fuzzy..that is muzzer and her camera)
And then, if it does snow, I will try to get pictures tomorrow.
Meanwhile, you can enjoy these.
We will have pictures of the ball game as soon as my Uncle Steve (the other Uncle Steve, not the Montana Uncle Steve) shares his photos with us. Seems Muzzer had her usual technical difficulties with the camera. And tomorrow I get groomed, and I will model my new pressie from Jake and JH.
And we are going to St. Loulis for Easter. Probably snow there too.
Oh my.

03 April 2009