28 October 2008


Muzzer is leaving for St. Loulis in a few minutes.

We will not be blogging (cause Dad won't help) but we will be able to check in on your blogs, at least during the day while he is at work.

We have the poodles from next door (their paws are teeny tiny!) coming to help on the keyboard.

See you all at the Holly Ween pawty.

Barkies, we will see you early that mawning

Gussie and Teka

23 October 2008

Rainy Daze


It has been very rainy here all day.
When we come in from walkies, I am very cold.
Muzzer dug in the trunk and found Gussie's very first sweater.
E.Rabbit made it for him when he was living in Virginia (I think that is near DeeSee)
Gussie said I could borrow it. It is a bit tight on him now that he has joined the substantial wires club.

However, that does not give him the right to sniff my butt. I walloped him immediately after this picture was taken.
Teka Toy.

Gussie Photos

I am posting some photos of me, requested by Stanley's girl and Lacie.

Muzzer apologizes, these are post grooming, but I am still kinda fuzzy.
Nuff Said.


Teka: Every Vet's Dream

Teka Here!

Muzzer said I could blog today to let everyone (actually Swede William) know that I am feeling better and getting along well.

Wow! Let me tell you...it has been an interesting few days. I am just sitting here thinking about all the things that have happened.

Sunday at the emergency vet place, I did not want muzzer to leave me. But then, my stomach felt sickie again and the people at the vets were so nice to me, I decided it was OK.

Muzzer called to check on me, and the vet tech said I was restless. (my tummy hurt!) Muzzer told him that dad sometimes carries me like a baby on his shoulder and sings to me. That vet tech must've been born recently, because that is what he did! And then I spent most of the rest of the night on his lap while he did paperwork. HeHeHe....I had my IV in, and he put the hook in his pocket when we were moving around. What! me? Spoiled?

Now, Monday Muzzer picked me up, and we went to see my own vets, Dr. Sally and Dr. Jeff. Lots and lots more "oh, poor babies" and I was hooked up to an IV there and muzzer took off, leaving my binkie to keep me comfortable in the cage.

Poor Binkie. The victim of yet another "accident." He did not come home with us.

I spent another night at the dog hospital, but my friend who knew about walking me and singing was not there. Fortunately, my Swede William came to keep me comfortable, and insisted that we have the private suite at the vets. sigh! He is such a hero.

Tuesday morning muzzer was there to get me, really early. And we went home. We had a special just us girls day while Gussie was at the groomer. Every time I rolled over, muzzer checked on me. I think she was worried about me.

The vet sent home some stuff for me to eat and pills and a paste for my tummy, and I am feeling much better. The Bumpass Dad, who does rescue, said that taking a doggie to an emergency vet clinic can mean "KaChing, KaChing." Muzzer says he is very right, but Dad said I am worth it. For your enjoyment, I am enclosing pictures of my food and meds.

I have Lomotil, Metronidazole, ProViable and special food for an ID dog. That stands for Incredibly Darling, ya know!

At the vets I had Ampicillian, Centrine, a vitamin B injection, Cerenia, Famotidine, Buprenex and a lot of hoomiliating tests. Sheesh.

Gotta go take a nap. Need my beauty sleep, ya know!


Teka Toy

21 October 2008

Teka Home!

Teka came home from the Vet's today.
She has medicine, special food, and a shaved spot on her leg where they put the I-vee.
She seems to be feeling better, but like the vet says, she has been pretty sleepy, so about all she has been doing is napping and eating and going outside.
Muzzer says I must be quiet and not try to play with her too much. Sheesh.
Swede William is on his way home, he says please make psghetti and he will see y'all by dinnertime.
Boring. Glad I get to go see my groomer tomorrow.
More later.

20 October 2008

update 2

The vet called and said it would be better for Teka if she stayed there overnight because even though she has taken a little food, she is also still having occasional bouts of diarrhea. (I'm embarrassed.)

Swede William has decided to stay with her, and he has booked the two of them into the Presidential Suite, because he thinks Teka will be more "bekväm " there. Mom is just hoping that means comfortable!

call from our vet

Well, if that doesn't beat all!

We just had a call from the vet place. They wanted to let us know that Teka has company!

Seems they heard scratching at the kennel door, and went back to check.

They were greeted by "a very Sweet whippet" who came in and proceeded to charm the staff and doctors. I explained that he is a very "Swede" whippet, and outlined the relationship. They are happy to have him visiting, and they say Teka is much quieter when he is near her, so the two of them now have pretty much the run of the kennel area, and have made themselves at home.

The staff mentioned that the Swedish meatballs were delicious, but they are not sure Teka should be drinking whatever it is in that glass.


Update on Teka

Muzzer went to the Emergency place this morning and picked Teka up.

Then they went to our Vet at Pet Professionals.

The lady vet said they needed to keep Teka on IV for a while longer, and muzzer should call after 3:00 pm to see whether Teka can spend the night at home or needs to go back the the 'mergency place for overnights so she can be observed.

I will have an update this evening.

Muzzer said Teka was pretty subdued. I can hardly imagine it.


pee esss...thanks for all the good thoughts. We will show them to Teka when she gets home.


19 October 2008

Teka Sickie!

Hey Pals:
Teka is spending the night at the 'mergency vets place. She has been slightly under the weather since Friday night, not eating, not wanting to play, not making my life totally miserable.
She has always been up for walkies, and she didn't stop drinkin' water, but this morning, she let us sleep until almost 7:00 am!
Of course, she and muzzer were up and down all night last night, Teka Barfed, Teka pooped and Teka barfed again. She went outside at 2:30 am and romped a bit. I pretty much slept through the whole thing, except that muzzer always turns the lights on to clean up a mess. And boy, were there messes.
Today Teka didn't eat brekkies. Even though muzzer made us some scrambled yeggs. But she seemed OK, and Teka and I went out and played in the yard a bit. Muzzer brought us inside after a bit and told us she was going to the grocery store.
Uh Oh...whilst muzzer was gone, Teka pooped again. Except this time it was all runny and bloody, and boy! it stunk. When muzzer came home, she noticed right away! And then she cleaned it up, and then she called the neighbor to find out where the emergency vet was located. And then muzzer and Miss Mary from across the street took Teka to the vet. And I had to stay home. Boy, I missed Teka. I missed muzzer too. They were gone for a long time.
It was waaay past dinnertime when muzzer got home. She did not bring Teka home with her. The vet took some blood from Teka and some other sample, and then he said it would be better for Teka to stay at the emergency place tonight. Then they could watch her, and she could have an IV, and some meds to keep her tummy calm. He said there is no blockage, no tenderness, no bloating, no fever, so he thinks she ate something she shouldn't have, (um, maybe a frog or a toad, ya think?) and now she has "hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis." Here is a URL http://www.sniksnak.com/doghealth/hge.html for a website that talks about it. Y'all should just be glad they don't have smellovision on the CRT yet.
Well, muzzer will keep you posted when she knows more. Until then, cross paws for the little nuisance, OK.

13 October 2008

Hint hint. . .

Hi dog bloggers,

Until muzzer is able to get batteries for her camera, I thought I'd give you some clues about one of the things that is in Gus and Teka's package.

Can you guess?

Any ideas yet? What if I show you this?
You might want to click on the picture to see the bigger version if you need more details.
Hint: the answer is not "a cat."
--E. Rabbit.

12 October 2008

A note from Gus

Dear Friends and Readers:
I just want to tell you about a few things that are impeding my ability to blog.
First of all, there is Muzzer.
Yesterday we got a package from my sissie E.Rabbit. She sends GRRRREAT packages. Do you know what mean muzzer did? She put it on a high shelf in the cabinet and closed the door.
Wanna know why? Because she doesn't have any batteries for the camera that are charged up! How difficult can that be? Of course, it requires thumbs, so I can't do it myself, but even my technologically challenged muzzer should be able to plug the battery thingy into the little holes in the wall.
I think Teka could get the package down, if one of us can only open the door. We are working on it.
My second impediment is Bloglines.com . We have been happily using that little program for about 4 months to keep track of which one of our friends are posting new stuff on their blogs. All of a sudden, in the last week or so, the people at bloglines are letting us down!
We will be sitting there thinking...."hey , we haven't heard from (Butchy, Maggie, Faya, Joe S., Wally, etc.) for a while. Wonder if something is wrong?" So after about two days of this, muzzer did things the old fashioned way. She typed in the URL of some blogs that we remembered, and lo and behold....there were new posts on almost every one! Sheesh. So, is anybody else having this problem, or are they just picking on Poor, Pitiful Gussie? Muzzer says maybe next week we can try the new service that Blogger has. Yeah sure! You Betcha!
The third thing that has been problematic is that my sister E.Beth came to visit, and muzzer and Dad have been going to museums, taking her to dinner, etc. All of those things cut into my blogging time! Not fair!
So, if we haven't visited you, we apologize. And if you want to see what E.Rabbit sent us as much as we do, let muzzer know in your comments.
Until my status improves, I remain
Poor, Pitiful Gussie

09 October 2008

Halloween Pawty!

Hi: Me and Teka are going to a Halloween Pawty
at the Tower of London, with Asta, Eric and Lacie,
and lots of other doggles.

I haven't thought much about my costume, but here is my latest candidate for Teka to consider!

I think she should go as Anne Boleyn.

And I have the picture and the music to help her out.

She wants to be a ballerina, or a bride, or a princess! (watch out William!)

I think this is much more interesting, and I have volunteered to help her re-create the "look" in an authentic, period correct manner.

Now to get the full flavor of this, and to see why I think it is so appropriate, you should play the music that I have provided.

See? I knew you would be on my side.

(Muzzer remembers having this song on a 78 rpm record, and says she used to sing along with this Stanley Holloway fellow! My muzzer! Sweet little old lady? I guess she got her wild streak out in her very young days.)

07 October 2008

Press Release

Teka Toy Dagger, of Memphis, TN, today demonstrated her ability to reach the kitchen counter, in the vicinity of the place mats.

It is assumed that she accomplished this using the (relatively) new stools, one of which was not returned to the appropriate position under the counter.

In conjunction with her adventure, Teka consumed half a bowl of campbell's low sodium chicken noodle soup, and one cracker, partially buttered.

The person responsible for leaving the stool out of place was reportedly answering a Dial America call soliciting funds for the Memphis Police Dept. benevolent fund, but was not available for further comment.

Teka's companion and sometime partner in her adventures, Gus Dagger w.f.t., had declined to participate in this effort, citing his fear of heights.


03 October 2008

Teka's Halloween Costume

My sister E.Rabbit sent this suggestion for a Halloween costume for Teka.

I think she meant it as a joke.

Muzzer says..."It better have been a joke."

Teka thinks it is a great idea.

Will someone tell me what we are going to do with that doggie

Yet Another Suggestion from the peanut gallery!!

Not to be outdone, my sister E.Beth has made this suggestion.
You can see the URL for this costume in the comments.
What do you all think?

02 October 2008

This is not who you think it is!

dogMe and muzzer saw this on lol dogs this morning, and we wanted to share it with you. Because this happens in our bed EVERY MORNING!

BUT that is not my dad. He is better looking.

AND that is not Teka. She has more spots (just ask Swede William)

BUT at first glance, it could be. We laughed and laughed. LOL!

see more puppies

01 October 2008

My Obamannanna came

Today a package came for me and muzzer from My Pal Lenny and his Mom!

Lenny's Mom has been busy sewing her fingers bloody making Obamannannas. This is mine! (I was being difficult so muzzer is holding me in place. )

I wore it on my walkie tonight and got lots of compliments. I think my Dad wants one too, but he wears boring neckties, so this might not be comfortable on him. I told him he could borrow it ONE DAY between now and the election though. He seemed appropriately grateful.

Here I am trying to explain this election thing to my Lambie. I'm not sure she understood, but then, who knows with sheep?

Here are the buttons that Lenny's Mom sent for me and muzzer to share. There are six buttons here. My favorite is the one with the whole family, in the upper left hand corner. I think Senator Obamama's little girls are cute. I know Wally threw his hat in the ring long ago, but I think it is time a Wire Fox Terrier lived in the White House!

Anyway, me and Teka counted up the days until the Election.
The Election happens on November 4, that makes 33 days from now until then, if you don't count today and Election Day. There are six buttons. I can wear each button five times. I can wear my most favorite three buttons six times each. Or, I can wear my 3 most favorite buttons 11 times each. I will let you know my decision soon.