28 February 2009

More Snow

OK, Let's go
No special effects, this is what the light was when we left the house.

Gussie makes yellow snow

Teka, Dad and Gussie

Yellow house

Across the street

I'm ready for dinner

Poor flower
Muzzer, Gussie and Teka
My poor feets

Alright, open the door!

Weather Alert!

What? Us? Outside?
Crazy Muzzer

24 February 2009

Mardi Gras

Hi all y'all.
Teka T. here, bringing you Mardi Gras pictures.

Ya know why? Because Gussie is being a pill.

Mr. Straight Arrow, never misbehaves, ya know him?

Well, he has taken it into his block shaped little head that boys don't wear beads.

And he refuses to let muzzer put any on him, so he has no pictures to share.

But I do.

Ta Da!

So Muzzer said I could do this post. And I am sending out apologetic vibes to my Sweet Willy Um because I hurt his feelings yesterday. Mmmmmmwaaaah.

Teka T. Dagger

23 February 2009

The Bath Bug hits!

Earlier this week Maggie and Mitch had a blog entry talking about how the bath bug seems to have recently bit the hoomans, resulting in baths for THE DOGS! I have a rhetorical question for all y'all: If the hoomans get bitten by the bath bug, why must THE DOGS take the bath? I really don't expect an answer. It seems to be a universal hooman truth.

Muzzer got bitten last week.

Ergo...Me n Teka got baths.

Teka takes her baths in the kitchen sink.

She says she likes the view out the window. Muzzer says it is slightly more difficult for Teka to escape from there.

Here is a clean Teka!

Here is a clean Gussie!

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras!

Laissez les bon temps roulez!!!!!

18 February 2009

Bogart's Dad and the Sun Dog's Gramma

My friend Bogart is very worried about his dad. We are asking all our friends to cross paws, light candles and send much positive energies in his direction. You can read about the problems on Bogart's blog, just click on Bogie's name in the first line.

Bogart was instrumental in convincing muzzer to let me have a Blog! He has been a DWB member, like...Forever!

Asta's Mommi made that picture box in my sidebar so you could be reminded when you visit.

Also, please remember that the Sun Dog's are still worried about their Gramma, who has been in hospital and quite ill for some time now. Visit them at their blog and tell them you are still crossing paws for them too.

Join us in hoping for a positive outcome.

Kiss Your Hoomans (sorry Patience, we borrowed it!)


16 February 2009

All About Me!

Hi! It's me, Gussie. And yes...today is my Barkday!

Many thanks to all my pals who have stopped by already to say Happy Day! And to Miss Snickers and Miss Asta who sent Beeeeyooootiful Cards. Miss Snickers even posted a video on her blog of her talking right to me. I am heading to Ioway as soon as I finish here. WoooooHooooo, that is one Xrated bloggie tonight!

I thought I would tell you a bit about myself, 'cause I don't know if we ever posted all this stuff before together in the same place under my picture!

I was born on 16 February of 2003 at Esqwire Kennels in Lanham, MD. We don't know about my parents, 'cause that information didn't come with me, but I am one handsome wirey fellow.
In May of that year, I went to live in Walkersville, Md. with my new hoomans. Walkersville is about 50 miles from Dee See, where my sissie lives. I had a nice home and a nice vet, and I was quite happy. The vet seemed to think I was a bit large for my size, and put me on a diet!

In late 2005 some changes happened to my hoomans, and I went to stay with a nice rescue lady and her dogs . My muzzer and Dad were sabbaticallying in VA, and muzzer was lonely without a dog. She found me on Fox the Terrier Rescue site, and of course, it was love at first sight. She and Dad came to visit me, and I went home with them right before Christmas of that year.

We stayed in VA and had a great time getting to know one another and finding out the best places for walkies. I went with muzzer when she did her volunteer thingies for Habitat, and I got to be quite the dog about town. The ladies in the bank loved me. The ladies at the food co-op loved me. The ladies at the library did not. We did some travellin, visited my sissie E.Rabbit in DeeSee and some friends in the Carolinas. My Grandpa and Uncle Steevie and Aunt Jane came to visit, and we went to see Thomas Jefferson's house.

Time flew by, and before we knew it, we were heading back to Azrizona to meet my sissie E.Beth and her dog Teka. We spent some time with them, and then took a month off to go to Santa Fe, NM. When we got back to Tempe, my Dad went back to teachin' at ASU and muzzer and I started working most days at her store. Life was great, but there was no winter and no snow.

When that school year was over, we got back in the car and went to Ioway for Miss Snicker's barkday. Then we stayed a month in St. Loulis in a furnished apartment, and I got to visit my Aunt Marie and Uncle Ray almost every day. Bumpity Bumpity back to Azrizona, where we started the school and work thing again! One time Dad went off on a trip to Tennesseeee. He talked to the people at Rhodes, and he liked them lots. They liked him lots too, so now we live in Tennesseeeee.

So, I am six years old today. I have been doggie licensed in MD, VA, AZ and TN. I have been neutered, micro chipped, vaccinated and groomed. I love my muzzer and Dad. I am even starting to like Teka. I love my bloggie friends, and their hoomans are fine folk. I hope muzzer gets back on the stick and gets my Delta certification finished, so I can go visit old folks and kids. But if not, I hope Teka learns to walk better on a leash so we can take longer walkies.

Thank you all for being my friends, and thanks to the Barkalot's Mom for taking the picture of me at the top of the blog.


Passing it on:

We just came back from a visit to the BRAT PACK!

They have this neat-o cartoon. We are passing it on.

13 February 2009

Happy Valentine's day!

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An Award from the Bumpass'

The Bumpass Hounds have very kindly given us the "Love Ya" award. We appreciate it very much, and will now pass it on, as requested, to eight other lovely blogs. Now, we know y'all may have gotten this from others already, but we get to choose, and you get to say "Thank You."

You're Welcome.

Our First lovely blog belongs to our sweetheart Miss Snickers and her brother Butcho. And all them cats. We enjoy their antics, and we are very glad we don't have their weather! They make us laugh and cry. So we send them this award as a small token of thanks.

And then, there are the Barkalot Boys! Two of the wiriest terrierists we have ever met. They visited us at Christmas time, and they are ST. LOUIS CARDINALS FANS! just like we are.

And of course, the lovely Miss Asta, who takes us by the hand and leads us through the wonderland that is New Yawk. Unfailingly sweet, most generous and kind, a lovely blogger for sure.

Oh yes, and Lacie, Scruffy and Baby Stan, who kindly share their misdaventures, making muzzer thankful that there are only two of us. We think Lacie is a work of art. Or is that a "piece of work?" I get my metaphors mixed sometimes.

ya know, we are halfway there, and we have about 50 more to give this award to:


Wally, Ivykins, Eduardo, Maggie and Mitch, Agatha and Archie, Ozzie, Buster, Axel, Asta DU, Faya and Dyos, Willie and Terry, Stanley and Stellllllaaaa, George and Sophie, Harry and Cassidy, Lenny, William Tell, Eric, Petey, the Brat Pack, Jordan, Jackson, Sally, Blue, Liza, Ralphie, Joey and the Doofus, Khyra, Koobus, Mango, Ruby, Harry and Cassidy, Deetzy, The Bumpass' themselves, Moco, Mackie my Bruzzer, The Texas Sun Dogs

and, lastest but not leastest


The award criteria for the "LOVE YA" award winner... These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

We hope that you go and visit at least ten of these wonderful blogs. And tell them we love them and shared them with you.

Gussie n Teka


Groucho Marx sent the following wire to a Hollywood club he had joined: "Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.”

That is kind of the way I feel about FACEBOOK now. I got de-activated!

ME! So now we have friends on that site who might be looking for us and can't find us.

So, I figure this is muzzer's fault. And she can't figure out how to fix it. So if you are lookin for us there, visit us here until we get it figured out please?

Thank you

Gus Dagger w.f.t.

10 February 2009

I know a seecrud!

The day we got our ORANGE bow ties, we had another package in the mail.

It was from DOGWALKERS
and it is pink and kind of cute. Muzzer ordered it because Teka likes pink collars, and hers always get worn out and yucky lookin'.

And Teka is pretty happy with it, as you can see. Not only is it her favorite color, but it looks smashin' with her new tag with our Mayemphis phone number on it.

But what Teka doesn't know (but I do, cause I am older and I know to hang around until the envelope gets thrown away) is that in that same package was her Ballantyne pressie from Sweet WillyUm.

Sweet Dreams Teka. You have a Bone- A - Fido admirer!

07 February 2009

update on bowties

Wow! Talk about Rapid Response! We came back and checked our email, and there was a note from "E" who said "one end slides through the little opening!"

Sure enough...there is an opening between two layers, and you can insert tab A into slot B and it is perfect.

Teka thinks it makes a nice ear warmer too! and her ears are always cold.

So, tomorrow when we go walk-about, we will give these a try.

Thank you E! You are a clever lady. Just remember...muzzer ALWAYS needs instructions.

disclaimer: my friend E is not the same person as my sissie E.Rabbit, who is also a very good knitter.

These are my friends Willie and Terry who live in Maine! Don't they look cute in their bow ties?

Muzzer certainly thought so.

She told their human "E." how cute she thought they looked. And E. sent me and Teka each a loverly neckatie of our own.

Now, to me, this looks like a very simple proposition.

End A over End B, under up and around. Perk it up a bit by pulling on both ends. Right? Remember, I am the wire who wears "real" bowties, that muzzer ties for me all by herself.

Well, first of all...Teka is having none of this. She just got a new pink collar and she doesn't want to wear this neckatie
It clashes with her new collar. OK.

Next muzzer puts one on me...

I ask you

"Does this even vaguely resemble the perky bows that Willie and Terry have around their necks?"

"Does it enchance my natural wirey cuteness?"

"Does it make me look dapper and debonair?"


We are working on it.

We promise pictures of Teka in her new collar tomorrow.


03 February 2009

The Day the Music Died

Well it was fifty years ago today
That the music would no longer play
They were comin' into their own style
And we thought they'd be with us a while
So we'd like to introduce to you......

To paraphrase another great group.

see, I told ya the parents were aged.


01 February 2009

Muzzer has abandoned us!

Once again, muzzer has flown off to St. Loulis and left us with Dad


We are going to a super bowl pawty without her (all of us!)

And we have BBQ!

We may not be able to blog much, but we are gonna make sure there are NO LEFTOVERS when she comes home.

until then
gussie n teka