29 January 2009

Neat Quiz

I am listening to Diane Rehm on NPR, and she has this neat guy on her program, who has written a book about people who "survive" and their profiles.

They have posted a little quiz on the website, and I took it.

If you want to take it too, here is the url: http://www.clearspring.com/widgets/49663ddbe1f1df02
Guess What...I am a THINKER! Who would have believed it!

28 January 2009

SNOW -(amost) Wordless Wednesday Walkies

All Schools in the Metro Memphis area and suburbs are closed today. There was about 1/3 of an inch of snow on the ground when we went for walkies this am. But it is an EVENT here.

No, muzzer is not trying for "artsy" photos...but two dogs, two leashes, one camera and a bit of a glaze under the snow is a challenge.

20 January 2009

YOU are there!

In the crowd on 1-20-09
President Elect Obama Enters
Vice President Biden takes the Oath of Office
President Obama takes the Oath of Office
President Obama addresses the nation
photo credits to E.Rabbit and many thanks to whoever's shoulders she was standing upon.


We just got a photo from E.Rabbit...

Thanks to our friend Harry, (Mitchell, D., AZ) she is on the mall for this marvelous day.

We are sending our non-techy muzzer to the verizon store to get a cord to download photos. She will be back shortlyso we can share.

many hugs

pee ess...it is snowing in Mayemphis!

18 January 2009

Caution Advised

My secretary has fingers that only sometimes work, and rarely work well.

That has to do with the age of the fingers, I suppose.

Recently we have been typing some transpositions like ps when we should type sp!

This has resulted in visiting spots like this one, www.blogpsot.com , when we thought we were going to visit Peanuts and Asta (NY) to name a few.

Just so y'all don't get freaky like I did, I thought we would bring it to your attentions.


14 January 2009

Eric's Exceptional idea.

Oh yes, wait a minute mr. postman
waaaiiit mr. postman...

Please Mister Postman, look and see
Oh, yeah
If there's a package in your bag for me
Please, please Mr. Postman
You know it's been a long time
Oh, yeah
Since I've heard from that blogger friend of mine

There must be some word today
from myblogfriend so far away
please mr. postman look and see
is there a package or a letter for me?

I've been standing here waiting mr. postman
sooo, so patiently
for just a card, or just a letter
Something special that she sent for me
please mr. postman,

look and see
Ooh, yeaah
If there's a pressie in your bag for me
you know it's been so long
since I heard from that blogfriend of mine

so many days you passed me by
you heard the growls comin from my mouth
you wouldnt't stop to make me feel better
by leaving me a card or a letter
please mr. postman look and see
is there a letter, oh yea
in your bag for me

wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute
please mr.postman
deliver the letter
the sooner the better
wait a minute, wait a minute
wait a minute, please mr. postman
wait a minute, wait a minute

13 January 2009

Another Khyra Khredit!

Walk me in the morning
Just before the day
We don’t really need the sun
Cause I know the way

Wasn’t it you who said that
Nothing good comes of staying in bed
And wasn’t it you who said
The exercise will be good for both
It must’ve been hard to get to work on time
Before I joined the team
I can understand you’re feeling slightly tired
But we will put it down to age
Well, I can pee as well in the cold morning light
But I can’t wait for you to zip the silly jeans
If my bladder must be strong
Don t you know that I need to get outside the door real soon?
That is unless you really want to mop the floor

Walk me in the morning
Then just close the door
Leave me as you found me,
empty like before

Wasn’t it yesterday
We used to gripe about the hot weather?
Didn’t we run away and hope
That Gussie wouldn’t try to find us D
idnt we take each other
To a the corner near the bus stop?
Didn’t I find a small dead bird and try to share?

You can watch me go
On the first big patch of grass
We’ll see if it can grow
We’ll see just how long it lasts!

Walk me in the morning...


Update on Ioway!

Me 'n Teka just got back from the snow pawty in Ioway. We sure are glad that Astarooni stopped by to pick us up on her way to Butchy and Snickers house! Can you believe that that MUZZER was not gonna let us take the Gussiemobile?! Some people just don't understant their true role in life. Do we call it the MuzzerMobile? Nooooo. So why should the Gus-ster have to ASK someone to take his car ? Never mind. We are working on that aspect of the relationship!
Thank you also to Mama and Papa for being such perfect hosts. They made sure we were all warm and well fed, and made careful introductions to the catses that live with them. Mostly I just left them catses alone, but Sylvester is quite handsome, and he and I got along just fine, thank you.
And my oh my, are we glad that Asta had that snowmobile! Those roads were a challenge, and we were all quite comfortable with her excellent technique. (is gun it and run it really a technicque?)
We no sooner arrived home than Muzzer got word that my Aunt Marie was visiting at a casino in Tama, IA, which we passed through on the way back to Mayemphis. I wonder if that was her bus that honked at AstaRooni as we zoomed by? We hope Aunt Marie has a good time, and I have sent her the telephone number for the Button Hollow Inn, just in case she gets stranded.
At not quite 95 years old, we try to look out for her a bit. She has a great time, and muzzer says she is still spunky, which is a female genetic characteristic in her family, I guess.
We want to 'pologize to Khyra, we just got your message with another song suggestion, and we will be working on it today.
Bloggie strikes again.

07 January 2009

back in bed again - by request

Khyra suggested this "song"

Back in Bed Again
Just can't wait to get back in bed again
I know I should be chasing squirrels with my friends
But I can't wait to get back in bed again

Back in Bed again
Dreamin dreams about Swede Willi-am
Wishin I could spend some time with him again
But I can't wait to get back in bed again

My Muzzer Needs a Life!

OR: Legwarmers....Continued.

Looks like we are in for another gloomy day here in Mayemphis.

So, we thought we would share some photos.

No. MUZZER decided to share some photos.

That thing on my head and er......

Other parts is.....................

One of the leg warmers E.Rabbit made for Teka.

This is one for the back legs. Made to accomodate her muscular little thighs. Which she works out every day pulling at her lead!

Nuff said.

06 January 2009

It has been a very gloomy day today. Folks from around here tell me that this is a fairly typical winter weather period for Mayemphis.

Oh well.

At least I have a chance to catch up with my beauty rest.

Today while I was resting, muzzer came in and waked me up!

"Gussie" she said "I cannot find Teka"

So, I got up, I did a few stretchies, and we went off lookin for the little sprite.

Now, muzzer keeps her sweaters in a BIG box that fits under her side of the BIG BED!

And today, she has been refolding and rearranging them. But then it got to be time for lunchies, and she had promised me and Teka that she would make soup for our lunchies.

And she just went off and left the box on top of the big bed. TchTch. Naughty muzzer

So we went in to the bedroom, and this is what we found there:

And in case you have aging eyes like muzzer, I am providing a close up.

No wonder the dry cleaner gives Teka two bones when we go to visit him.

Street Gang

For those Sesame Street fans who are joining us in a year long celebration of the 40th anniversary of the show (see our post earlier this month):

Diane Reahm will feature the author of a recent book Street Gang on her show this morning. This will be the 11:00 am (et) segment, and the author Michael Davis will join her to talk about the development of the program. Check your local PBS station, or dial in to www.wamu.org and listen to it live.

Oh, and DON'T FORGET support your local NPR/PBS station. They are not all commie pinko bleeding heart liberals there. Oscar the Grouch lives there too.


05 January 2009


Or, the feast of three kings, used to be celebrated on January 6. Twelve days after Christmas. Somehow, in their wisdom, the church fathers have decided that this year is is January 4. Muzzer tends to be a traditionalist in these things. But I have convinced her to compromise, not an easy task. We are writing the last carol for the year tonight. Warning...this may be a bit long!

We three wire fox terriers are
Travelling cross the country by car
Me and Bussie, my bro Mackie
Ozzie and Romeo.

First we pick up Barkie Boys
Jakey and Just Harry, oh joy!
Head for New Yawk, pick up Asta
Go skating in the pawk.

Pick up Petey - he's at home
Pick up Koobie, don't let her roam
Mitch and Maggie. Archie and Aggie
Lacey, Scruffy, Baby Stanley, everyone says hello

Backtrack just a little bit
Wally and the wild teens will fit
Willy and Terry, can't forget 'em
My that's a lot of snow

Boy this car is carrying a crowd.
Lenny's playing music too loud
All the whippets fill the backseat
Teka has faked a swoon

All twelve of the Bumpass hounds fit
Khyra needs a soft place to sit
Pick up Ivy, Rudy and Ralphy
Leave Benjamin at home.

Butchy and the lovely miss S.
She is wearing my favorite dress
Stanley and Stella, Asta's sweet fella
Heading for Texas now.

Scooter and Miss Sunny can go,
Pick up Scooter's Twinny and Joe
Pick up Bogart and Ruby and go
To the Beach to see the ocean
My we have driven far.

Ruby Aire has picked up the rest
Flying east and then to the west
Opy, Charlie, Snowball, Bae Bae
Faya, Dyos and then

Stopping over in London for Lunch
She picked up the British Bunch
Jackson, Eric, Molly, Taffy
Marvin from Scotland too

Quite a crowd of our doggie pals
Doggie guys and doggie gals
Celebrate a lovely new year
Best wishes to you all!

03 January 2009

This n That and a few other things

Here is Teka in her new coat, getting ready to visit ReRe in St. Loulis. We each got a new coat from Snitchybug Designs, And here I am in my new coat, getting ready to go see Aunt Marie

And here is a photo of Teka in the BACK SEAT of the GussieMobile!

And here is Aunt Marie opening some of her presents. She got a lot of stuff!

And here I am with my Lobster from the Barkies!

And here is Teka killing her lobster from the Barkies!
And here we are making E.Rabbit laugh at us!
And here is E.Rabbit putting leg warmers on Teka! E.Rabbit maded them all by herself, and there is another pair for Teka's back legs. BUT....
Teka does not like them, and so far muzzer and E.Rabbit have only been able to get the two front ones on Teka. And then Teka takes them off immediately! This despite fashion coaching from Miss Asta NY and her mommi!
And here we are with E.Rabbit and that statue at Dad's school. This guy doesn't have enough sense to come in out of the cold. He is always just standing there. Pretty soon after this, E.Rabbit went back to DeeSee and now I only have Teka to play with.

01 January 2009

we interrupt

The seemingly endless flow of Christmas Carols and other seasonal songs to make an important announcement.





Now, this is very important to me for a couple of reasons.

First: My Sissies were raised by Mr. Hooper, Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster. And I think they did a great job! Oh, my parents were around, ya know. But Sesame Street gets most of the credit.

Second: When my dad reads to me and teka he likes to read the old Sesame Street books that the sissies had. The man does a GREAT Big Bird voice, and is passing fair on Elmo and Cookie. Me and Teka roll around laughing and chortling. Muzzer does the Grouchy voice.

So, thank you Sesame Street for many things. Have a marvelous anniversary. Muzzer says she hopes that by the time you turn 50, she has a grandbaby to share you with. Truly, she hopes that when she is old and senile, someone turns on your show to make her smile.

This announcement is brought to you by the letter E and the number 40!

And to honor the guy in the sweater, who introduced my sissies to Opera! (no, not OPRAH!)