29 July 2011

Goodby Grandpa

Richard Ball Dagger
requiem aeternam,
et lux perpetua luceat ei

25 July 2011

To our Dear Friends

We are having some busy times at our house, and it is interfering with our blogging.

Since we came back from our trip to St. Loulis and Mayemphis, both Aunt Marie and our Grandpa have gone to the hospital.

Aunt Marie is doing better, still in the Health Center where she lives, but we hope that her cracked pelvis heals quickly and she is ready for another visit from us by Christmas time.

Our Grandpa is not so good. His surgery went well, but he is still in the hospital after two weeks, and just this morning, our dad flew to Azrizona to see him.

We ask that you remember both Aunt Marie and Grandpa in your prayers, and hold all of us close to your hearts.

On a much lighter note, we have heard that our Sissie E.Beth is coming to visit us this week, to help keep the muzzer in line and on track. She is lots of fun.

All this is a most involved way of telling you that we are doing our best to keep up with reading and comments, but we don't have much heart for blogging. We hope you understand. We love you all.

Gussie n Teka

14 July 2011

Happy Bastille Day y'all

To All of our francophile friends

Today, I am surprising Miss Asta with a
short trip to Paris.
Where we will have a baguette or two
Some most tasty French Sausages
And some cheese and wine.

We hope everyone else has a good
time too. But keep your hands
off of our sausage.


10 July 2011

Some Notes on our vacation

We seemed to spend a lot of time
Playing Muzzer's Silly Game
"Oh look there is a Wirey Guy
doing roaches in the sky"

"And over there, five puppies"
Though I never found a one.

I cannot think why she keeps looking
For Wireys in the sky.

When on her lap
She has right here
A Pawfect

kisses from me and Teka,
We are sooooooooooooo
glad to be home!

03 July 2011

Aloha Honoroooorooooo!

Aloha my friends

Miss Asta and I will be leaving shortly
to return to the mainland.

We want to spend time with Asta's Mommi
and Daddi on the fourth of July,
and I want to catch up with
Muzzer and Dad before they
leave St. Loulis for Mayemphis.

We have had a wonderful time, and
want to thank all of those who organized this
and Asta's most talented Mommi for the
wonderful pictures.

Aloha, like Shalom, has many meanings.

I hope it means that we can return to
this beautiful spot some day soon.

02 July 2011

The Moon and you......

Group photo of us having a great time
at honorooroooooo
(any of these can be bigified by clicking on
them, but Blogger is not cooperating with me tonight!)
Asta and I are part of the welcome committee!
This is wonderful, because we can greet our friends as they
arrive. Asta has been kissing each guest and giving them a lei from
around her neck. I hope we don't run out!
Isn't she marvelous?
There is NO DANCE this
wonderful girl cannot master.
I'm thinking that a few of these
have helped her relax.

I'm also hoping that they make
my ukulele playing sound better to
the crowd. I've been hearing
murmurs that I may be furry
but I am no Elvis!
Aloha my friends, join the party
tomorrow for more fun. Right
now I am enjoying the company, the sunset
and our wonderful friends.

I would like to thank Asta's Mommi
who offered to let us use these
photos she had prepared. Please stop by
Asta's blog and tell her
what a wonderful job she did.

Affirmation is a wonderful thing.


Click here to Join in the fun
at the Honorooroo Pawty!

Me and Miss Asta are there.

Our Mommi and Muzzer are
busy this weekend, so we
took Miss Asta's plane and
zipped over.

The Music is fine and the
mai-tais are flowing like wine.

We'll all be posting pictures
and news from there, but you
should just join us!

See Ya there!