03 July 2011

Aloha Honoroooorooooo!

Aloha my friends

Miss Asta and I will be leaving shortly
to return to the mainland.

We want to spend time with Asta's Mommi
and Daddi on the fourth of July,
and I want to catch up with
Muzzer and Dad before they
leave St. Loulis for Mayemphis.

We have had a wonderful time, and
want to thank all of those who organized this
and Asta's most talented Mommi for the
wonderful pictures.

Aloha, like Shalom, has many meanings.

I hope it means that we can return to
this beautiful spot some day soon.


rottrover said...

You two are lovely! Aloha!!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Aloha Gus and Asta, I am so very much sorry that you have to leave Early... butt the time you were here with us was WONDERFUL. It was soooo kind of you to play the YOU Kah Lay Lee while Asta did the hula... Well MANY HULAS..
and It was sooooo sweet of Asta to bring so many of our furends in her plane.
We will see you when we get back! Aloha my furends.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh dear Gussie...what a pawfectly lovely pic of you and dear Asta...that sunset is divine!

Did you hear about the hooooooge dust storm they had in Phoenix yesterday? Good thing you're in Virginnie...you and Teka woulda had to wear surgical masks...sheesch...


Lacie Girlie

TwoSpecialWires said...

We keep forgetting to ask. Did you see OurGirl's new beau when you were in HahWhyEeee? He was there. Right when you were there. He was the one with the nice black curls. And a little fur on his chin.

Jake (Don't tell NinaGirl I asked. She might be embarrassed)

Asta said...


youw ASta